Best Eugene Delacroix Paintings

The Top Ten
1 Liberty Leading the People
2 A Young Tiger Playing with Its Mother
3 The Massacre at Chios
4 Hamlet and Horatio in the Cemetery
5 The Death of Sardanapalus
6 The Death of Desdemona
7 The Barque of Dante
8 Women of Algiers
9 Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi
10 Ovid Among the Scythians, 1859
The Contenders
11 Lion Hunt
12 Orphan Girl at the Cemetery
13 Horse Frightened by a Thunderstorm
14 Convulsionists of Tangiers
15 Medea About to Kill Her Children
16 Christ on the Sea at Galilee
17 Saint George Fighting the Dragon
18 The Bride of Abydos
19 Desdemona Cursed by Her Father
20 Christopher Columbus and his Son at La Rábida
21 The Abduction of Rebecca
22 Christ on the Cross
23 Romeo and Juliet at the Tomb of the Capulets
24 Hamlet and His Mother
25 Paganini
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