Top 10 Reasons to Hate Bronies

No offense for those who are but You guys are so annoying! I mean look at my list and then you will see why I hate you guys.
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1 Every Pic On Everything On the Internet Has a Pony Character On It

Okay, as someone who is a pegasister, but at the same time likes other shows other than MLP:FIM, I can see both sides. I will admit that there can be too many images of MLP fanart or characters, but if you compare it to the Star Wars fandom, MLP:FIM is super underrated in terms of fanbase and images. I understand if you don't like MLP, but you shouldn't insult people who are a fan of the show. Not all bronies are bad. People should respect opinions on the bronies.

Excuse me, but this is false. MLP:FiM may have the worst fanbase ever, but not every image on the internet has a pony character on it. How this point is in first place is beyond me. If you really think EVERY image on the internet has ponies in it you're only looking out for ponies. There are MUCH more images on the internet without ponies than with, a LOT more. Saying every image on the internet has a pony on makes you an obnoxious and ignorant fool. It's like saying "everything is ponyfied", while much is a lot more isn't. I've searched for so many things and got no ponyfied result for most of it.

I know a lot of bronies and pegasisters and they are some of the nicest people ever. People should not judge them for what they like, I personally do not like this show, but I do not call the fans gay. People hate this fandom because of the fanart. But most of the fans are nice though and respect opinions. I am here to defend these people, and this is coming from an anti brony. I am not a fan of the show, but I know many people that like this show that are nice.

I was image searching for the Xenomorph from Alien, and came across a Pony version of it. The alien series is supposed to be Scary. It's such a shame that it will never be anymore.

Same with Godzilla. It's supposed to a Giant awesome Kaiju, but Someone has to turn it into a Horse.

Why would people do that? I feel like it's shoving the Brony culture down my throat and I absolutely hate that. I know a girl who is one, and she is obnoxious as heck. Not only that, but Bronies and the Fandom are as toxic as botulism. They think their opinion is best and mine is wrong, They make Pron and other fetishes of Cartoon Horses, and funny enough, the show is supposed to teach friendship and loving one another. They cannot do that.

I know I'm going to get comments saying something like,
"Not all of us are like that! "

My response is: Do you think I would be writing this lengthy post if "Not all of us are like that"? There's too many toxic people that do that kind of ...more

2 They Like a Crappy Show

The show was a boring mess of 90% filler in which the characters are standing around and doing nothing but talk and exhibit their immature stereotypes without any intelligence and maturity.

Then in season 2 the show got written by executive Mike Vogel who proceeded to implement brony traits into the show: parody, obnoxious randumb humour, complete lack of original content, anti-fun, corruption, hypocrism, vapidness, blatant unapologetic imbecility typical of autistic asses, characters so badly written they make Peter Griffin from Family Guy look like a genius actor who's just pretending to be dumb for the cameras.

This comment is opinionated, making it an invalid argument. Hmm, lets see, the title of this top ten is, reasons to hate bronies ah yes, well this isn't even a reason for disliking a person, let alone hating them, besides if you judge people for watching a T.V. show that you don't like the you probably wouldn't have a lot of friends. Not saying you don't have friends, but what I'm saying is if you have a lot of friends that watch a show that you dislike and you're judging people for watching MLP because it is a show that you dislike, then they really aren't friends. Or are you just hating on the fandom because you are seeing a lot of people hate on it and you're judging the community with the basic knowledge of the false stereotypes, if you are that's wrong, you should never do that, never judge something without having true knowledge about the subject/Don't judge a book by it cover. Last thing, why would you hate people just because they like a T.V. show? That is just showing ...more

You know, the show isn't the WORST in the world, but it's definitely not the greatest. I, personally, think it's kind of cute. And keep in mind it is for kids, it's not exactly created for the enjoyment of teens. I find the animation really neat, and compared to other child T.V. shows, this is definitely tolerable. But bronies are awful. First the show is made for kids, and bronies are normally teens. And second, it's made for girls. Bronies are really strange, especially since there are a lot of awesome shows out there.

It's true, we already know basic social skills so why do we need a show on it? I mean I think it's fine for younger girls to like the show, but not grown men. I really used to like this show, but now the fanbase is exploding with lots of offensive things about people who don't like the show. It's a good show for little girls, but I just don't think that grown men need to watch it and collect all of the toys. I have no hate against this show, just the fanbase disgusts me.

3 They Can't Respect Other People's Opinions

This is so true and should really be in first place. I used to be a fan but never considered myself a Brony, I quit this fandom because most Bronies were hypocrites and very cruel is you liked the underrated things within the show and felt the show was unfair. My favorite was Applejack and I was constantly attacked when I expressed my feelings about it being unfair how she was treated, she got less quality episodes and very few that's actually about HER. How would they feel if the other mane six was treated that way? They're selfish, spoiled, rude, arrogant and immature hypocrites. And when something is negatively done with their favorite characters on such rare occasions they complain, but when they express their feelings about something that's unfair it's fine? Applejack episodes is always hated and I feel like a complete outcast about it, but if lets say Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy or Twilight Sparkle gets a commonly hated episode they do exactly the same. At least they're lucky, they ...more

The one thing that infuriates me about these people is this. I like Sailor Moon, and I am a boy. I'm trying to create my own manga/anime club (I'm not posting this for that reason). When I told a brony about this they said I needed to be a brony. I didn't know what the heck a brony was back then. But that person also had called me a pervert in the past for liking Sailor Moon. When I found out a brony was a dude who like MLP. I was furious. So you're going to tell me to start a MANGA/ANIME club I have to like MLP which isn't even a manga or anime IN THE FIRST PLACE, but for watching Sailor Moon I'm a dirty gay pervert. Oh the irony...

Why are Bronies so cruel to Applejack fans? Why are the WRITERS of all people being UNFAIR to Applejack fans. No wonder why so many Applejack fans left the fandom, neither the Bronies or the actual writers do anything to keep them. And Bronies are SO close minded! They say there's nothing that can be done with Applejack and they are blind to her potential. In my next work I'm going to base a character on Applejack and PROVE them wrong! I have no respect for Bronies or the creators of the show anymore, the evil bastards drove my sister to suicide.

Yep. And Bronies are especially divided on the Royal Sisters. I'm aware that both of them have awful fans and rabid haters. I love both Luna and Celestia, but I'm distancing myself from the fandom because of the more harsh fans. First, the "Solar Empire" extremists push their love of Celestia down people's throats and get into fights with Luna fans. The "New Lunar Republic" people were just as extremist. (I support the royal diarchy, by the way.) The latter is harsher, but don't forget that some of Celestia's fans were horrible.

I mean, they're just fictional characters. And the fact that some people elevate them to "god" status? It doesn't make sense, as they're not perfect. If they were God, they would never make any mistakes. And we wouldn't have much of a show anyways (which the Bronies ruined for me). Don't get me wrong, I still love MLP. I just don't like the toxic hatred that the fans tend to spew to each other. It's just not nice at all.

There are opinionated ...more

4 They're Like a Virus

I can't go anywhere without at least 10 MLP pics! They're everywhere. It's annoying. Dear god, just when we thought spiders were bad! But seriously to all Bronies reading this yall need to make yalls own website and stop invading other websites and ponifying is. It's annoying. So make a MLP website all for you bronies

They spread and take people from other fandoms, like my warriors fandom. I used to be a die hard brony, but left after I lost interest. Plus, it's stupid and othe peeps watch it. Spreads like when you drop a match on a gasoline pile in the forest. Really fast, and really bad.

A virus is something that is contagious to others and can cause you to get sick. And a virus is incurable meaning you basically said that we are here to stay, you sir or mam have just complimented us! Thank you.

They try to make every person of the world watch the show, quite literally. But I think the
Bronies V. S Anti-Bronies war has to end, They all look immature as hell.

5 They're Immature

I'm an ex-brony, but hate how selfish, immature and spoiled most of them are and I seriously felt out of place and lonely within the fandom. They don't get how I feel about Applejack always getting the short end of the stick and goes against me every time I expressed how unfair the show is. They're such cruel asses who doesn't understand the feelings of others and gets everything they want themselves. They're a bunch of hypocrites, you can't reason with them and they're the most disrespectful bunch I've ever seen. In a fandom like this it's definitely NOT easy being an Applejack fan at all and neither the show or the merch makes it any better. It has UNFAIR written all over it. I hate these immature bastards.

I have anxiety. Even in this fandom I do. I never speak or chat with other Bronies, seeing how my opinions are bashed as well as my favorite pony when I 'stalk' discussions I don't even dare to take part. I'm scared of other Bronies, it's one of the worst fandoms I'm in and only a few others I dare express myself a little in. I can even watch or talk about MLP with my own brother, because I don't want to express how lucky he is and how he always talk about his favorite make me feel jealous. The show is just unfair and I'll never be able to share it with my brother as long as it's like that. This fandom is depressing, especially how Bronies with popular favorites are misunderstanding and unfair to those with unpopular ones.

You can't simply make a generalization like this. Perhaps you have met some immature Bronies out there and they do exist, but making such a broad statement is not only discrimination, but shows that you in fact are the one who is immature. By starting an entire forum saying that someone should stop watching something that they have complete rights to is suppression of free expression. Please contact me when you have a rational argument instead of biased and offensive opinions. Thank you for your time.

Why are Bronies cruel to Applejack fans? As her fan they killed the show for me, I can no longer enjoy it because they ruin everything and the writers gives them fan service and gives Applejack the short end of the stick just because she's not popular. The writers are cruel too as they're making the show incredibly unfair.

6 Cloppers

This is the only part of this show of a forum that I can agree with. Indeed the act of "clopping" is highly disturbing, but just because some people do it doesn't mean that all people do it. Generalization is just not something that can be applied something as complex as society. I find that all of that generalization stuff can be applied to almost every post. I think people should just accept that different people have different beliefs, but I'm afraid that some people are too driven by confirmation bias that they are unwilling to see other peoples points of view and for that I feel sad that they will never see the views of other people. FYI: I'm taking courses on social engineering so I hope that I can knock some sense into everybody here. Thank you for your time.

Stop Bronies, Cloppers wouldn't exist if Bronies existed. My Little Pony came from a toy originally called My Pretty Pony then changed to My Little Pony and then they made a cartoon, the only thing that changed is the animation. You don't see blokes enjoying other girly things.

It's completely immoral. There is no justification for this. Every other reason to hate bronies can be absolved by other people one way or another, but there is no excuse for this. Even many bronies will agree, and that says something. And who knows what might come of it.

The sad part about it is they make pony porn and masturbate to it. Did I mention they also did this with a background character that was made for a little girl who has cancer, even though the people who made the show said NOT TO?

7 They Give Internet Culture a Bad Name

It is only the most vocal and preachy ones who give the culture a bad name. the majority of the bronies couldn't care less. I am a brony and you can like or dislike the show. It is just like how there are people starting up entire forums to talk about how one specific sub-culture being inferior to another and that is discrimination. Would you say that Christians give religion a bad rep simply because some want to ban gay marriage or that Islams give it a bed name because some are members of the Taliban? NO. So why would you do the same for us?

Internet culture was already bad with trolls and dicks. If anything they boosted internet culture by creating a new community that can discuss and commune about a topic. I will admit, however, that the brony preachers are what all these the stereotypes of bronies come from but the majority of the bronies are pretty tame.

Blame FOX News for making that so because they found a few cloppers and interviewed them and ignored the normal ones.

The internet is bad not because of ponies but because of cussing, phonography, and bad fandoms.

8 They Turn People Into Bronies

Being a brony isn't bad. The fandom has amazing art and music. MLP isn't my FAVORITE show, but it's on the list. I think you "Anti-Bronies" are just grabbing random crap about the fandom's dark side (every fandom has one) and throwing it all together thinking it's a valid argument. Bronies have cloppers and porn, anime has fappers and porn. Bronies have haters, anime has haters. Not everyone likes MLP, not everyone likes anime. Yet, I love both. If you haven't noticed, you simpletons, everyone has different likes and dislikes. If you think it makes you more mature to build a (metaphorical) treehouse where bronies aren't allowed, you're sadly mistaken.

I've been resisting this crap for a long time... like one said once before me, they are like zombies, spreading their putrid fandom anywhere. And before anyone gives me that "Let people have their opinion and accept people with different beliefs", that's not what most of the Brony fandom believes. Say you don't like the show? Most of them will try and FORCE you to like the show. Refuse? They'll go ape. There is NO GOOD to the Brony fandom.

Really?! We strap you down in front of a T.V. and make you watch a show?
Sorry bub, but that point conflicts with your 10th reason! Watch out! Pokemon will turn everybody into Dittos, or maybe we already are dittos!
If you you like the show, then you like the show nobody forced you to watch it.. And if you like the show and are a man then, yes, you are a brony, but only by your own choosing! They didn't force you!

I once liked My Little Pony when I was younger because my sister forced me into watching that crap, but a few years later, I started wondering why I was watching a show for 6 year olds, and I stopped.
Now I hate it.

9 They Bully Non-Bronies

Actually, it's more the other way around. when I admitted to my friends that I liked the show they told their friends and progressed through the school. by the end of the month everybody in my school was taunting me and calling me names. Note that I had never hurt anyone or insulted anyone and they started hating on me for no reason other than I like a show about ponies. There were some people who stuck up for me and I even met some other bronies, but eventually I was considering switching schools. It died down, but my point is that idiots and bullies are on the other side.

They bully fellow bronies with unpopular opinions too. They were so mean I tried to commit suicide. They are awful and I had to leave the random. The writers must even support these bullies since they keep making the show unfair. Both the bronies and the show's writers are evil and this is proof.

They even bully fellow bronies who are actually really cool, it's too bad there's so few of these bronies because if the good bronies were the majority it'd be an easier fandom to belong in. I'm a former brony, but how terrible bronies are and how the creators of the show gives them fanservice and not people like me made me quit.

Why do I feel like these kind of statements are coming from a 20 year old ignorant man who's just bandwagon on the hate of bronies but is just making up ridiculous things to say against us.

10 It's for Girls

Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon are about action. My Little Pony originated from a toy in the 80s that became a cartoon in the 80s, they made new cartoons later on. Every My Little Pony show from the 80s to friendship is magic does have action but every My Little Pony show from the 80s to friendship is magic also has girly girl cutie stuff that blokes would hate. Just Google it. All the My Little Pony cartoons are the same since the 80s except for the animation. Its just too girly girl for blokes, weird.

It's for corporate suck ups which buy repainted plastic for 20x times their price.
There is no value for adults or children. It's a soulless toy commercial promoting the worst made "toys" in existence. You might as well give you daughter a kinder egg surprise for a toy.
Hasbro is a sexist, child-hating company that projects their hatred of little girls through this horribly made cashgrab flash commercial.

Transformers drones have suffered toy mandates and poor toy quality immensly out of Hasbro since the 80s.
Except that Transformers was directed by a talented person all these years when it comes to Beast Wars at least. Even the movie where Optimus dies is made with taste and care, unlike MLP's Magical Mistery Cure, the alicorn Twilight episode.

This is the thing that baffles me more than anything. If, when I was a kid, one of my friends was caught watching My Little Pony, he would have got his ass kicked. It's weird for adult males to so avidly watch, and angrily defend, a show for six-year-old girls. I'm sorry. Wait.. No. I'm not.

Boys usually hate everything for girls. The pop music we have nowadays, boy bands, girl bands, romance novels, chick flicks, dolls. So what makes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic any different? My Little Pony is the same as everything else a girls toy which it started as and became a cartoon.

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11 They Never Shut Up

I hate when people say that everybody of a certain group acts this way because of a very vocal minority. The majority of Bronies couldn't care less about if you watched the show or not. It's just the few that decide to get all preachy about it that we hear about. I personally hate those who want everybody to "join the herd" but each to themselves I guess. Also, by telling people not to talk about somthing is a violation of the right of free speech. I just want to encourage civilized conversation. Thank you for your time.

Not to mention that they compare me, an almost grown man, to "Fluttershy" for hell knows why. Some bronies I know (not all) talk about if they were in the MLP universe, how they'd be and even pull in normies such as me into their vortex of a conversation. They'll ask which pony I like best or which one belongs where or who they'd be compared to. I'm not even a brony and they harass me non stop. Again, this does not pertain to all of them but people like these do exist.

Some don't, most know when to stop, it's just when you keep aggravating us that we don't give up the argument because we know that we shouldn't be hated, yet people like almost everyone on this site just can't let people be because all they want to do is cause pain to others.

The thing with bronies is when you start a war with them via the YouTube comments, they will keep replying to your post until you stop. They are the worst fandom of the internet, even worse than the FNaF fandom (I'm a part of the more normal fnaf fans).

12 MLP FIM Is the Only Thing They Watch

They have absolutely no interests in reading good books, watching good non-commercial movies, T.V. series, cartoon series. Educating themselves on the world they live in. They are zombies and aliens to planet earth. They're not into animation, games, music, etc. They are merely pretending. In their view it needs a G4 pony in it in order for them to be interested about it.

They don't watch FIM for the writing, they're here for the fanbase that promised to accept their bull with "love and tolerance" despite the cartoon show actively kicking and bad mouthing personalities like Gilda and Trixie.

Why are every Anti Brony in this world an utter retard? Seriously leave us alone we have done NOTHING to you all, if you see a Pony video then don't click on it, if you see a Brony user/comment then ignore them, let us be us and you be you, you don't have to like the show, but we do and there's nothing you can do to change that, sorry but its true, we are proud to be Bronies, you can't stop that... Now let me awnser some of your "statements"...1: We don't all watch nothing but MLP, me and my 9 other brony friends enjoy watching The Walking Dead, Dexter, Doctor Who, Pokemon and NCIS. 2: No, it doesn't, you must need glasses sir. 3: Really? We kill people and make people sick? Get help if you actually belive that. 4: No we don't and if one is bugging you then tell then nicely to stop, god. 5: I served in the Armed Forces for 3 years, I protected people like you. 6: I don't but most bronies do and that's ok, a lot of fandoms do. 7: Dude... No... Just no... 8: I don't hate them but I ...more

There are so many awesome classic cartoons like (1920's to 1940's and beyond) Mickey Mouse, Popeye The Sailor, Looney Tunes (+ Bosko from the 1930's), Betty Boop, Felix The Cat, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Krazy Kat and so much more.

They might be a bit Racist (Which I disagree with as I am a Black dude) but compared to how racist this cartoon is, then I shall stick to the classics which are way more entertaining and actually make you laugh. All my little pony does is confuse you.

I used to be a brony and I'm not a huge fan anymore. But that is not all I watch. I love puns puppies ( when I was 8 ) and I love Big Bang theory. Sienfield, and things like Garfield. So that's not the only thing they watch maybe some.

13 They Are Likely Pedophiles.

Did you hear Barney the Dinosaur is now a Brony.

Bronies are pedophiles

Bronies probably are.

14 They Basically Want the Show's Creators to Cater to Them Non-Stop

The show ever since season 5's finale has just been a brony panderfest, considering how you can also tell the staff plays favorites with certain overrated characters the fanbase praises like goddesses.

Did Lauren really say it was a mistake though?

It's sad when they harass the people who make the show, and the voice actors nonstop in a sad attempt to pander to them. Why.

I feel sad for people who work on the show, the creator must not like the fanbase and what people do to ruin the show.

This is getting boring

15 They Created My Little Pony Porn

Look up any type of porn on Tumblr, you have to scroll past all that disgusting bestiality and pony porn. These guys are truly disgusting. But remember guys, just hold on to the happy thought they will die out eventually. I don't mind normal fans, but the sickos heavily outweigh the cool guys, it's no wonder the fanbase is generalized so much.

My Little Pony Porn is so gross! Why? I'll tell you why!
Number 1: This has too many Pornography videos, which is everywhere!
Number 2: It is not good for you at all, it will make all of us sick and vomit!
Number 3: People are saying that Pornography is good, which is not! It's bad!
Number 4: Stop saying "No, porn is good! " It's for Pornography fans!
And number 5: It's overrated!

This is the only thing I don't like. It's a disgrace to the show and it hurts a little to see something so perfectly innocent turned into something so not innocent and horrid

Porn nowadays has gone too far.
In the early days, it was just regular porn. Now they have FNAF porn, Minecraft porn, and now MLP porn?!
Please... just stop...

16 Ponies Are Stupid

Uh, Dude? They are cartoon characters, and they are funny even if they are silly or lacking brain matter! They are a hell of a lot better then Family Guy! Odie from Garfield is one of the dumbest cartoon characters and I think he is funny! Give the bronies a break!

And how are the ponies stupid? Their actresses are better than most other cartoon actresses and they are originally because technically My Little Pony wasn't based on anything else besides itself

The characters are racist stereotypes is nobody has noticed. I don't find it offensive because I don't care about that, but I can see someone getting offended in the future

The characters are super annoying. They even make the male characters sound like idiots.

17 They're Wimps

Generalization at it's finest. Seriously, I'm pretty sure a show won't make you a wimp (rarely, it will). Being a wimp is apart of someone's original character. Stop saying a T.V. show causes that. I stand up for myself whenever I need to. We're constantly being told that we need to stand up for ourselves. See? "OURSELVES". It's all about OURSELVES. ME, MYSELF, and I. The show teaches us to put our friends in front of OURSELVES.

I be Arnold, Anrold is strong! Arnold can't understand what humor is not enough brain cells! Arnold don't watch show, because Arnold is too dumb to grasp humor! _--- Grow up and understand that weather or not you like a T.V. show doesn't determine your physical strength... Yes, I am an ass who likes watching ponies have mental breakdowns, but that doesn't make me a wimp!

I'm not talking about the bronies who can actually stand up for themselves (kudos to them), I'm talking about the ones who make a big deal over anything fictional and unable to take criticism!

How can you make statements like this when they are far from true. Even if it's an opinion it's way off. I'm about to get shipped to Boot camp for the Marines since schools finally out. There are many other military bronies

18 They Play With Pony Toys

And your point is? There are girls who play with toy soldiers and play First Person Shooters and they don't get nearly as much hate as us. Just think about it for a second. I'm not saying to start hating towards these people. I'm just saying to stop hating on us. At least try to use valid arguments instead of pieces of crap like this.

Alright, search my entire house. If you can find a single MLP toy, I won't argue with you here.
Also, most of the bronies that do own toys just have them as collectibles.

That is gay. I can imagine a 20-year old man playing with a pink, sparkly, colorful little horse, or brushing it's hair. Wow. That thought really creeps me out.

Meanwhile Bronies defend playing with Ponies, but hate Barbie and Bratz dolls...wait a second weren't the Ponies for girls too?

19 They Are Spoiled Brats

Excuse you! I am not a spoiled brat. I make my own money by babysitting and lots of other stuff, and not to mention I'm only 13. I make my own money to buy my own merchandise with. I am disciplined quite well and have supportive loving parents who make me do crap my self thank you very much good sir.

According to a study, around 75% or all bronies still live with their parents. I'm pretty sure the fathers don't want to even leave the house.

Robby Rotten: Don't let your kids watch this show!
Me: For once I have to agree with him on this one.

Plus, they are undisciplined!

20 They Make Other Characters Into Ponies

I hate too when people turn characters from other T.V. shows into ponies it's irritating and everywhere. It also ruins the characters for other people, sometimes it's poorly drawn, and it's horrible when it's one of the first pictures you see when you're searching up images of the character.

I like this one the most out of all of the reasons, I'm tired of seeing ponies as my favorite characters from T.V. shows, video games, and movies. It's not cute whatsoever, frankly it's annoying. No one wants to see a pony version of their favorite character, it's weird.

I propose that we take all of the other fandoms and take on the bronies together! Just imagine it! 90% of the internet united against a common enemy! I call it "Operation: Take Back The Internet"!

I HATE going onto Google images only to see characters from actually good shows turned into stupid ass ponies. Stop trying to force your show onto other people.

21 They Think That Friendship Is Magic

It's complicated. Friendship is a good thing to have and we all need friends to avoid going to the nut house. It's simply hat bronies live by a different motto. Many bronies were depressed at one point and needed someplace to turn to. Many bronies have a dark deep side.

Are you cereal yes I meant to say that but that is the poorest opinion I have seen yet even the youngest bronie know friendship is not magic it is just apart of the name and is used to 1.separate from the other ones explain the primus of the show.

Magic does not exist in this world.
If magic did, there wouldn't be child-killing clowns, rapists, starvation, extreme torture, beheadings, getting cheated on, suicide, war, and much more.

Well it really is I have traveled through dimensions and found out that our universe called universe 1 is by far the least magic and you know how because there is a portal in my school basement this is not a lie friendship is magic in other universes people there really is a multiverse.

22 Brony Artists Turn Everything We Know and Love into Ponies

I saw Harry Potter transformed into ponies. As much as I am okay with people liking My Little Pony, I sometimes can't stand ponified characters unrelated to My Little Pony. How would you feel if Harry Potter fans "Potterfied" My Little Pony characters.

I've seen Ed Edd n Eddy, SpongeBob, Sonic, Gravity Falls, and so much more ponified. Honestly, I can't look up ANYTHING without seeing a pony of it. I'm sick of it. Even Minecraft Story Mode was ponified. UGH. So dang annoying!

23 They Hate Similar Shows Like Winx Club

Yeah. Winx Club has a more in-depth plot, and it carries on through episodes, unlike MPL. So far, I haven't seen any pr0n art of the Winx, and I don't see every video game, cartoon, or T.V. show character Winx-ified.
Winx should not be compared to MLP. The age rating of the show is actually tween (11 to 13), but only on season 7 did the drop the age rating.
When Aisha's boyfriend died, it taught viewers real lessons on how to handle the death of a loved one. Bloom and Daphne showed us a beautiful sisterly bond, as Daphne gave up her physical life to save her sister. Stella taught us how to handle divorce, and her boyfriend Brandon still loved her even after she was bewitched into and ugly frog. Helia (Flora's boyfriend) taught us what true love is, and shows viewers what a real, loving relationship looks like. Winx Club is a TV show that has great ife lessons that we truly need. I know "always share" is a good life lesson, but that has been done to death and doesn't really ...more

MLP ripped off BIG TIME Winx Club. I started watching Winx Club in summer (2017) and I LOVED it! And then I found out that They copied the characters by copying Helia by naming another character the EXACT SAME NAME. Then Bloom by using apple bloom. And then QUEEN LUNA (Stella's mother) by using PRINCESS LUNA! You can't just make a character by copying an already existing character and changing ONE. SINGLE. WORD. The main 6 rips off of the Winx. Just look at this.
Rainbow Dash rips off of Aisha
Applejack rips off of also Aisha
Fluttershy rips off of Flora
Rarity rips off of Stella
Twilight Sparkle rips off of Bloom & Tecna (Bloom is a better leader than twilight spurkl)
Pinky pi rips off of Musa
And they copy the first episode: one girl meets five girls and they become friends and save the world. And they copy The Trix by using dazzlings. What kind of name is that? And it's not just Winx Club MLP rips off of. They also rip off of a LOT of anime with the big eyes, ...more

I'm kind of a pegasister and I hate Winx Club. Not because It's similar. But because the Winx Club girls clothing are too mid riff. And One time, they were going to an Ice Dimension or whatever(the Winx) and Stella(the blond one that sends the inappropriate clothing message more than the others. I mean, In one season, she wore a top that looks exactly like a bra and a short mini skirt) Gave them a special outfit for the cold. And It's a strapless bra, a mini skirt and high heels. Wear a jacket or a scarf at least(except they want to freeze themselves to death)

I hate you Looren Foost. You were jealous of Iginio Straffi's Winx Club, so you decided to STEAL Winx's fans by making his show that became the cancer of the internet! Plus Winx was my FAVORITE show (and still is, I'm 10, and I watch World of Winx too). Do you know how angry you feel when your favorite show gets RIPPED OFF OF by a dumb show? Well listen to your heart it's begging you to get rid of the show. Oh wait I forgot. YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! Because your heart was so cold it froze. I finally know why your hair is red! Because when your EVIL PLAN finally is a success (your plan is to make MLP take over the world), then you'll take fire from your RED hair, and SET Iginio Straffi and Winx Club and the other shows on FIRE so MLP will be the only show remaining! At least Winx fangirls have more sanity than your BRONIES. You turned my brother (he is cool) into an UNCOOL BRONY! (Well he hates it now so it's okay) You turned normal people into FREAKS. EDUCATION FREAKS. you changed the ...more

24 They Hate Other Hub Shows

Nope, I don't hate the other shows on the hub. And just because I don't watch them doesn't mean I hate it, it just means I don't particularly enjoy watching them

Not true. I think the other shows are cute and good, they just don't catch my eye the way ponies do. The other shows are great and o don't hate on them, I Just sy have other interests and not enough time

And they'll even bash you if you like another MLP generation other than the current one!

They have no taste in other better cartoons from every other channels.

25 They Insult Little Girls Who Watch The Show

While first targeted a young girls, brownies are beginning to believe that the show is for teen and adult males. They will flat out punch a child that watches it and commands that they watch Family Guy or Drawn Together or something.

Well this just goes to show how stupid they are. The show was meant for girls anyway, so it should be the little girls making fun of those dummies.

Its for little girls and your geting mad at what the age rateing is so you think this show that for 5 year old girls is for aduits and teens you then you ask them to watch family gay? what is wornght with you!?!

Sadly bronies have taken the show from the true target audience...

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