Top Ten Silliest Things to Have a Crush On

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1 A Chair

I cherish my crush with all of my hearth, I promise to cushion her falls, and wooden give her up for the world. It's a magical hikea.

Too bad Mrs. Chair is married, I kinda had feelings for her.

Look at that chair. She's hot.

2 A Rock

Why would you do this? Roclo proves to you that rocks are just silly to have a crush on.

I have a crush on my pet rock named We Will Rock You! :D
Hmm... maybe I should name him Rocky Raccoon instead. What do you think?

Nah...won't help

3 A Glass of Milk

When I was a toddler, I LOVED my bottles.

4 A Door
5 A Box
6 A Book

You may kiss the women who's kissing a man in the book.

I dare you insult my LIFE! I love my books dearly =)!

They're love itself.

7 A Bar of Soap

Don't drop the soap!

8 A Fictional Character

This it not silly!
Do you guys ever have crushes on movie or book characters!!!
I do it all the time. When I was 8 I have a serious crush on Nico Di Angelo in Percy Jackson, Umber in Wings of fire, then Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, Legolas in lord of the rings.
Omg! This happens to me all the time, I can't help it!

But I've pretty much only ever liked fictional characters since I was 3 years old! Right now I have a crush on Luke Skywalker. If that's so silly, I must be qUiRcKy

No, just no. He's an abomination to the entire universe!

9 Dirt

Haha I don't know why this is so funny to me

*dies of laughing*

10 A Pop Singer

Like anyone likes him, if they do they are ages 6-12, deaf, blind, and don't know good music, right

Everyone has likes a singer before, I like Gerard way

This list is hilarious

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11 A Loaf of Bread

Soldier: How is this silly? I teleported bread and she LOVED it!

12 Yourself

Me: Me, will you marry me?
Me: I'm sorry, it's not you, er me, me, it's just me.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry myself.
Me: *Comes back to sanity from taking LSD.*
Me: Oh, hi me.
Me: We're married, me.
Me: Oh.

I don't know what that was.

I don't have a crush on myself, not because I am ugly, but because I'm just not my type

Why would I have a crush on myself? Nothing about me is attractive at all. Lol

13 An Ironing Board

This is the funniest list eve

14 Mud

Ha ha! Cool list!

15 A Pizza Crust

The nuttiest crush!

I love the WHOLE pizza!

16 A Shoe

That would be very weird.

17 Your Mom
18 Your Sibling

If you are trying to be Cletus from the Simpsons don't go for it

Actually Albert Einstein marry his cousin his second wife

Luke Skywalker entered the chat

19 One of Your Parents
20 A U.S. President
21 A Used Tampon
22 A Celebrity's Butt
23 A Bottle of Shampoo
24 Your Reflection
25 Poop
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