Top 10 Things That Make People Smart

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1 Imagination

My imagination is crazy, mostly full of my original characters, which include humans, dragons, etc. I base them on real issues I have. For example, I hate the dark web, so I created a character who is a good hacker, and his job is to stop pedophiles and illegal activities on the dark web. It's a shame that my characters aren't real, but in my imagination, they are real, breathe, and have emotions.

Imagination is one of the best things ever.

It's hard to choose between this and personal experience. If you don't have an imagination, things like writing and inventing would never take off in the first place. And with personal experience, you have to make mistakes in order to learn. A smart person learns not to repeat those mistakes.

Imagination really does make people quite intelligent. If you have a creative imagination, you're likely to be more intelligent than most people. Reading is important, too, because it helps with your imagination.

2 Reading Books
3 Meditation

Meditation is key, in my opinion. If you argue, I don't care. I'll prove that we Buddhists are good. It is used to calm the mind and to comfortably melt all bad thoughts away from our minds, and to enhance the good ones. A few months ago, I was really depressed because I was brainwashed by this so-called Magic Club, which is sort of a religion of five young girls. I can't believe I listened. Then I discovered meditation from my grandparents. My life is a whole lot better now. I think there is a bit of heaven or nirvana in everything. Peace is the way. As a Buddhist and a hippie, that was my opinion. What's your opinion? I'd like to know.

4 Personal Experience
5 Learning From Others

You will learn more.

6 Philosophy

I think philosophically about a lot of things, but "smart" doesn't fit my personal description.

7 Exploration
8 Analysis
9 Focus

Haha, yeah, one thing I'll never have.

10 Research

Without research, our greatest minds would be in a rut they couldn't escape from.

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11 Knowledge
12 Memorization

When you're reading or watching something repeat it every 4 times

13 Science
14 History
15 Logic
16 Formal Education

I have ADHD, which makes it nearly impossible for me to pay attention to anything, especially in school. About two-thirds of everything I know, I taught myself. I never allow my ADHD to barricade, postpone, or cease my being successful. I would not classify myself as a "genius" by any means, but intelligence is definitely my favorite quality about myself.

17 Video Games
18 Honesty
19 Maturity
20 Dignity
21 Trivia
22 Exercising
23 Healthy Food
24 Engineering
25 Mathematics
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