Top 10 Grossest Things

Dog poo? Vomit? I have personally taken the liberty to delve into these gross abominations just 2 give u the necessary info
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1 Dirty public toilets

When ever I see this I have to use so much toilet paper to just clean the seat but the floor is just Disgusting! I wish people could just clean after themselves!

So I was just walking into my local Target bathroom (I was with my mom) and we walk in and we nearly scream due to the nastiness. There is a baby coughing, a woman with her kids running around, (CaN I SpEaK To tHe mAnAgEr? ) period pads and blood are everywhere, a bloody tissue, poop marks on the seat, pee on the floor, ice, (I don't know why) and just more crap. A few stalls away I hear my mom shaking in cringe. Than I realize when I get up from the seat, I was sitting right next to some sticky poop stuck to the bowl. I scream, but quietly. We were going to meet up with my cousin at the store, so when we walk out, she says, "I have to pee." We look at her and just say, "HEY LOOK IT'S THAT MAKEUP YOU WERE LOOKING FOR! " Thank goodness she didn't go in there.

2 Fat people in skimpy clothes

My Mom is over 200 pounds and thinks it's attractive to walk around in a sports bra with her massive gut hanging over her pants. When I ask her to put a shirt on she yells that she's pretty and smiles at my dad with her double chin. He says ooh mama and I literally want to puke my guts out.

Look, if you're gonna be fat, at least get a license first, and then consult your fashion stylist. You've got to be aware of your current body state. Also, please refrain from McDonalds or Burger King. Wendy's is also not acceptable...

I'm fat but I think that is ridiculous disgusting when you're walking in the street and you see that skinny girls are almost undress and you think that they are insane. Now imagine what I feel when fat woman do this. Just sad.

3 Vomit

This is good for your body, but it's super gross. It just gets whatever is hurting your stomach out of it. It is just gross to vomit, or to even look at someone else vomit. Whenever I see someone vomit, it makes me nauseous. Eww...

Nutella and peanut butter shouldn't be on here! Those taste good. And burnt popcorn is not gross! It tastes bad, but not to the point of being sickening.

What about the "Who Wants Chowder" scene off of Family Guy where they all started puking? And, oh... it was reversed in Yug Ylimaf!

4 People not flushing the toilet

Oftentimes I see at school some poo in a toilet, and I know it was from someone else but they don't flush. It's etiquette to flush the toilet, but I guess some people think it's ok not to. It grosses me out, especially with a lot of TP in it; I think people should flush their waste.

Sometimes I see a piece of poop at school and sometimes I see a lot of toilet paper in the toilet. To prevent clogging the toilet, use one piece of toilet paper per wiping and if you can't do it the first time, use two pieces.

Grim. I once tried to flush it for the good of others but it was stuck! Make an effort can't you to just flush your waste!

5 Justin Bieber

True that, mate. No one, not even Queen Elizabeth II, has the right to do anything this little turd does. So what the heck makes him think that he can because he's famous. The Queen is famous too, mate! Don't see her going around spitting on people and calling people she doesn't know, and even people she does know, beached whales.

Let's all not forget that one moment where him and his friend Khalil were once caught at a local club licking the bear naked breasts of a stripper! And boy was Justin loving it when he was sucking hard on that left tit.

Probably the grossest thing he's ever done in his life was when he went to Germany and visited the Anne frank house and wrote this in the guestbook.

"truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a belieber."

There's dead silence for a reason.

6 People spitting on you when they're talking

There is this gross boy in another class (thank god! ) and when I saw him once he had snot coming out of his nose (I don't mean the kid the other guy is talking about here) and in my mind I said "GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME! " And ran away as far as I could from that disgusting 7 year old. I was 10 at the time and at least I didn't throw up and make it worse.

Say it, don't spray it, we want the news not the weather!

That's so gross. Imagine the germs multiplying on your face.

7 2 Girls 1 Cup video

Who the heck wants to each this?! At first I thought it was a music video I looked it up. And I almost vomited in the van. I dared my friend to watch it and write an essay about it. She didn't write the essay but as I got on the bus her first words were EWWW! She didn't write the essay though. Her name is Mackenzie Wagoner.

... Sick... Disgusting... Many words don't come close to describing what that video is, it's not worth voting for, but if it gets it to the #1 grossest, I'll do it. Please check out this video so we can win your vote, because I promise, you won't vote for anything else. Laugh out loud

Why are so many of these things about poo? Any way, this video is the most disgusting video I've ever seen. I felt sick after I watched it. Dispite that, I've still watched it about 5 times just because I was bored to be honest, laugh out loud.

8 Snotty-nosed little kids

A girl who I went to school with CONSTANTLY walked around in dirty clothes and had a snotty nose while my face was COVERED in makeup and I had super-cute outfits. BIG difference.

When I was in Kindergarten, I was nicknamed "Nosey Boy" as Snot simply drooled out of my nose when I was small.

Ew I have to watch my cousins sometimes, and I REFUSE to blow their nose for them. The thought of fheir warm mucus in a tissue I'm holding... EEWWW!

9 Maggots

Not the worst things, I just squish with a shoe. The only thing that could be gross is when one of those things get on your food!

I went to this restaurant once and I ordered a bottled drink. they gave it to me and as I was gonna pour it in my glass I saw a maggot climbing to the top of it! My sis almost puked

Like 4 where in my burger once I swallowed and just ew I can't stand to be near any bugs any more I'm terrified of them now!

10 Dog poo on the sidewalk

People need to clean up after their dogs, it is getting so bad that the government where I'm from made it illegal to leave the dog poo alone.

I hate it. I once stepped in it while going to school with my new vans. I couldn't get it off because it sticks in the deep threads. It smells gross and kids laughed at me in class. The smell was unbearable. A pair of new vans ended up in the bin because of some inconsiderate dog ownera.

I also hate those damn morons who pick up pieces of poo on the sidewalk, put them in paper bags, set them on the front porch and burn them, and people go out and stomp them until their shoes get all messy.

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11 Bloody crap

It is poop with blood on it. I remember seeing this in a outhouse on a farm. GROSS!

On a typical day, I add blood to my crap afterwards.

If this happens... Please see a doctor

12 Poop

Ewww poop just grosses me out like I don't think it should be seen at all. I hate changing pampers although I can handle it I feel like the sick emoji (green ) and I feel as if I am going to pass out but I live. This is just ridiculous any time I like see it somewhere I just want to die

The comment on smoking is vile, bigoted and so so innacurate, Stupid people are the ones that believe everything they read about passive smoke or hate people just because they smoke. Its not low life and trashy infact its popular amongst classy people through pipes

To me it's just crazy and I have to watch my 8 year old cousin do it I want to say o my gosh!

13 Worms inside one's body

I think I'm gonna be sick hold on...

14 B.O.

If your gonna be around people do a smell check before leaving home...

I live with 3 other guy room mates so it's my job to make sure they smell nice and fresh because 2 of them have girlfriends and we all play sports and are on teams so after practice this is the grossest thing I know I vomited in the car once because of it by the way SHOWER!

I have this friend and I don't want to be rude to her so I don't say anything but P. you

15 "Brian Griffin's House of Payne" Family Guy episode

The entire episode has a baby (stewie) with his head cracked open.

16 Porn

Porn needs to burn! Porn is sick and disgusting! Kids could see lewd and sexiest naked women etc . Porn is destroying the real life purpose of sex. Sex is a special and beautiful gift god gave between a man and a women to make children for a beautiful family. Sex should only be done in private between a man and women showing the beauty of the gift sex gives us. Exposing sex porn is mistreating the gift of sex god gave us. When people say crap like I'ts not bad NO! sex is a spiritual gift and these people saying I'ts not bad and are looking at it ruining their outlooks and will impact the way they look at sex .

Too much sex, vaginas, penises, and naked people shoving those in their mouths, or up their butts.

Hold up... Isn't it illegal to put that kind of stuff on the internet? I think it is.

I've literally posted 6 (now 7) comments about this.
Hints: they are Warning, Too much sex, I'm not having kids, crossed the line, basically, and the comments from my account. (I'm not lying about this! )

17 Babies constantly spewing

One of my little cousins used to puke nearly several times a month up until he was 4 or 5. It was so nasty. My other cousins and I nicknamed him "The King of Puke" because of it. He is now 7 and thank goodness he no longer does this anymore.

I hate it when babies keep throwing up, but I guess that's how they were made...?

Eww, when you want to pick these piles of joy they just puke into your mouth!? Seriously, what?

18 Parasites
19 Porky Minch

Can't help but laugh my ass of at this...
Maybe because the game 'stinks'.

20 The Buzz On How Maggie Got Fondled By Flecko
21 Human Amoeba from Akira

I saw a bunch of human amoeba from akira and he did the antarctica stinky dance

22 Bugs

I like ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars, moths, grasshoppers, praying mantises, and crickets

I hate cockroaches, bees, wasps, ants, flies, earwigs, etc.

Ants, moths, dragonflies, and others I'm fine with.

But god forbid a spider or a bee/wasp is right next to me or I'll run about a mile.

I hate cockroaches. I am not really a bug person. I'm even scared of butterflies sometimes.

23 People peeing in pools

People wonder why I want my own pool. It's because of this and people's saliva.

That's why I'm careful about where I go swimming. Kiddie Pool=Lots of Pee

Did anyone know that your eyes turn red after being in a pool more because of all the pee, not just chlorine

24 Girl Eating Her Own Bloody Tampon Video

Oh my God! Seriously? I avoid those type of sites; I just think that's... Ugh! Really bad! Why someone would do that AND VIDEO it is beyond me.

Oh my gosh I'm going to be sick! Ughhh! I'm never going to be able to eat again! Oh my goodness I have a headache! Why any sane woman would ever do that is beyond my level of comprehension!

Talk about SICK! Don't eat tampons! They are good for one reason! And eating them is NOT one of them

25 "Down The Hatch" episode from Rocko's Modern Life
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