Top 10 Habitable Exoplanets/Exomoons

These are exoplanets that could possibly have life on them. That, or they have potential moons around them that could be habitable.
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The Top Ten
1 Kepler-442b

It orbits a yellow dwarf star at the right distance from it. Though it's 1.34 x Earth's diameter so gravity there is ~30% stronger than Earth's. Looks like a good place for life though we don't know everything about it.

2 Kepler-22b

The mass is unknown, so we have no idea what life exists there if it has any. It's the right distance from its star, but the mass is unknown, so we have no clue what life forms exist there.

3 Proxima Centauri b

It's unlikely to be habitable for the most part due to the extreme flares its star produces while the planet's so close to its star at the same time. It's more likely to resemble Mars but bigger.

4 Teegarden b

It's among the best candidates for life outside Earth.

5 Kepler-440b

Its radius is 1.86x Earth's, meaning the gravity there is far stronger than Earth's, meaning you would feel some pretty crushing forces.

6 Kepler-296e

Given that it's 1 of the planets orbiting a binary star system (with 1 orange & 1 red dwarf), the planet receives a considerable amount of radiation to the point that habitability is uncertain.

7 Kepler-296f

It could be habitable, but its farther from its star meaning it's colder.

8 Ross 128b

Since it orbits close to its red dwarf in a highly elliptical orbit, the rotation's short of tidally locked & it's subject to crazy weather patterns.

9 Luyten b

It's believed to be habitable to exotic lifeforms unlike any we're familiar with. Musical signals were found, indicating there might be life, but unlike what we're familiar with.

10 Gliese 667c c

It's likely not so certain that life exists there. It's high in geology & it experiences some considerable amount of radiation from its star which's part of a star system. It's likely to be a volcanically active desert with only moderate amounts of liquid (including water) & noxious acids.