Top 10 Worst Things About Coronavirus

Everyone hates the coronavirus,but here are the worst things about it.
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The Top Ten
1 No cure/vaccine as of right now
2 Lots of people are/will lose their jobs

I highly doubt that here would be a recession.

Those people have the similar personality to Chicken-Licken!

which is why the pressure to enforce artificial intelligence is internationally/globally/planetary & economically self-sustainable/efficient for all life in/on this world

3 People spreading misinformation

There are some sites (usually the media) that say that dangerous chemicals (Ex: Carbon monoxide mixed with Cyanide mixed with Bleach) help cure covid.

People need to stop creating panic towards one another. It is hateful.

4 Can't go out as much

I suffered depression in September because of loneliness. I found it so hard to fall asleep and constantly wanted my mom to sleep with me. I also cried a lot and had fun in activities but soon grew unhappy thinking about what it would be like if I were doing the activities with my friends.

I can't do much and it sucks you need the vaccine and mask to go to places, I can't wear masks because of asthma it sucks

5 No one knows when it will get better

It sucks that there is no knowing when it will get better, hopefully soon, so everything is back to normal when we don't need masks or vaccines to go to places

6 Politicians trying to block important bills
7 It will change our quality of life
8 You could have symptoms/spread it and not even know

I personally believe this is the worst and overshadows the rest because this is likely the biggest reason for its rapid spread. If people just knew they had the virus straight up, they would be more careful and it wouldn't nearly as significant.

9 It's unpredictable
10 The economy has taken a hit