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21 Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail . Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her friends' calls that they want more.
22 Mint Aizawa - Tokyo Mew Mew
23 Sailor Jupiter (Makoto) - Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter (Makoto) - Sailor Moon

Why she wasn't on the list all the time? She very strong.

24 Zakuro Fujiwara - Tokyo Mew Mew
25 Momo - Magical Princess Minky Momo
26 Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail . Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world . She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing more.

Lucy Heartfilia is amazing and she doesn't deserve the hate she gets

27 Rias Gremory - High School DxD Rias Gremory - High School DxD

Rias gremory is very pretty! Her crimson hair is so awesome! If wanna look at her beauty watch high school dxd

28 Ayaka Kagari - Witch Craft Works
29 Pudding Fong - Tokyo Mew Mew
30 Tsukikage Yuri - Pretty Cure
31 Ultear Milkovich - Fairy Tail Ultear Milkovich - Fairy Tail

My favourite Fairy Tail female. - Goku02

32 Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail Mirajane, the sister of Lisanna and Elfman, uses the power takeover and can transforms into a few forms. Mirajane is also a s-classed wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlett when she was young. While she was young(before Lisanna's pseudo death) she was criminal-alike and work Gothic clothing she was more.
33 Alice Seno - Alice 19th
34 Mana - Yugioh
35 Mirai Asahina - Maho Girls PreCure!
36 Mana Aida - DokiDoki! PreCure
37 Love Momozono - Fresh PreCure!
38 Miku Munakata - Happy Seven
39 Rias Gremory Rias Gremory
40 Sailor Mercury - Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury - Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury, or Ami Mizuno, being very popular in Japan, is probably my favorite anime character (I admit I had a crush on her when I first saw her, and her hair is pretty too). She's cute, calm, mature, kind, caring, motherly and even goofy and silly at times! I even have some of her traits, blue is my favorite color, I was good at studying at school and got good grades (not straight As though), I like sandwiches and reading, I love swimming, and I admittedly get nervous and a bit shy when talking about love, and sometimes put my hands to my chin when thinking about something.

Also her water attacks are very beautiful and cool. Sure her Shabon Spray may be "weak", but it still serves as a distraction to enemies and chills them, she grows stronger once she gets her "Shine Aqua Illusion" and "Mercury Star Power" power-up. She is also very intelligent and is the strategist of the Sailor Team, using a pair of goggles and a little computer to determine enemy locations, find weak ...more - SailorSedna

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