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1 Los Angeles

Galaxy are definitely the best MLS team.

All the good players retired. Seattle should be number 1.

Galaxy has the best players

Just because Steven Gerrad opted it.

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2 Seattle

They got Martin's, Dempsy, Alonso, Evans, Gonzalez and they have teamwork so that's what makes them the best

Seattle was the most talented team in the league even before signing Clint Dempsey. Dempsey just seals the deal for anyone who may have been unsure.

Without Becham for Galaxy, there is a very good chance Seattle will be

They are a very good team and they have an extremely good American soccer player Clint Dempsey and martins is an amazing striker and Dempsey is my most favorite soccer player

Seattle is the best because they have the best soccer players in the world

Seattle was the most talented team in the league even before signing Clint Dempsey. Dempsey just seals the deal for anyone who may have been unsure.

They are a very good team and they have an extremely good American soccer player Clint Dempsey and martins is an amazing striker and Dempsey is my most favorite soccer player

Seattle is definitely number 1 they are way better than LA Galaxy even when the had Beckam.

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3 New York

No one knows what they are talking about on this site. Half of the players mentioned have long since retired. New York is a great team without major stars that other teams such as the Galaxy have. As a NYRB fan I think they are the best though I am biased.

I'm from New york and they are the best they have great players like Theiery Henry.

They have got one of England's greatest players of all time! Frank Lampard!

Love this team

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4 D.C. United

Great team keep on fighting you got my vote

5 Toronto

Jolly great team but can they keep it up and beat Sporting Kansas

Jermaine Defoe and Bradley are gonna brig home the title!

Funny how Canada has to join our professional sports leagues! Why don't you all just create your own and mess it up just like your football league!

2017 season, the team created history and broke many records and also the first MLS team to win treble. Most consistent MLS team in recent times.

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6 Kansas City

People hate on KC for everything. Whether it's the chiefs royals or sporting. It doesn't matter how good we are we will never get the recognition we deserve because we aren't a "big market." We are the heart of America and people just look at us as flyover country.

Look at the records, look at the stats, it is a joke Sporting isn't on this list.

What is wrong with you guys it should be at least 3 or 1 it won the cup there amazing and I'm not just saying this because I'm from Kansas city

The killa city torpedoes

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7 Salt Lake

Olay! Olay! Olay! Olay! Real! Salt! Lake! This team set the all time record for best home streak. They are the funnest to watch by far. Way better than LA Galaxy! Enough said!

I grew up in salt lake and I rely like soccer and my favorite team is Real

When talking about the best "TEAM" Salt Lake is definitely number 1! They have a terrific coach in Jason Kreis, a terrific goal keeper in Nick Rimando, and great team chemistry.

Nick Rimando is just awesome!

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8 La Galaxy

Best team ever - MLS Fans

9 New York City FC New York City FC

Villa and pirlo are the 2 best players in the mls - 😜

10 Orlando City S.C.

Orlando City is awesome because they have the 2007 world player of the year (Kaka).Also because they are beating Kansas City without Kaka

Best Eastern confederation soccer team so far! They keep getting better and better. And today, they beat Portland Timbers. WAY TO GO ORLANDO CITY!

Orlando Has been doing good as well with their couple wins they could be going to the playoffs but we don't know.

Orlando is the best team because thanks to Orlando city new fortress Orlando are keep on winning is a good thing so Orlando can reach to playoffs because of Spector Larin Kaka Rivas And Barnes Orlando is the best team

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11 Montreal Impact Montreal Impact

Montreal isn't the best team but it clearly deserves a spot in the top 5. All you haters in the comments get out.

I think Montreal is a strong team now that they got drogba they should at least be second place

Montreal sucks,

Let take a poll, how long do you think before montreal looses this team, like those whom have gone in the past.

What disgrace low attendance at the world juniors hockey/

I don't like the team, but I like the logo.

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12 Portland

The greatest fanbase in USA soccer

Always a stable team and top 3 in their conference

They have the best Goalkeeper and the best fans

Honestly has the best fan base in the MLS, and for good reason

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13 San Jose

They are very collaborative. This year, they have 6 all star players.

They have a very good soccer player Chris wonolowaski and Chris wonolowaski plays for the U.S. national soccer team

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14 Los Angeles F.C.

Why are they on this list? They're not even an MLS team yet!

15 Columbus


Best team in the world should be top ten

I love Columbus Crew! Go Crew

Columbus has a new crew!

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16 Sporting Kansas City Sporting Kansas City
17 Houston

Won championships in their first two years. They've never had a high paid superstar player. Always playoff contenders even if they have a bad season. Great coach and awesome players over the years. Forever orange!

They always make the playoffs no matter what

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18 Colorado

Colorado has gotten so much better over the past few years, I need to see this ranked higher.

Beat Toronto again!

Very good team

Best team ever.

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19 Vancouver

Whitecaps r awesome they scored 5 goals in one game the 5 goals they scored only took 4 minutes

Vancouver is the best they r so good this season we destroyed every team this season

They're a good team. And I rate the footballer darren mattocks.

Vancouver Whitecaps is a leader in young talent. Alphonso Davies was subbed in at around the 80th minute at because Place, a 14 year old, that showed great talent. In a 4 to 10 years I could see Whitecaps being the best team of all time.

They also have the one and only Great Dane - David Ousted.

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20 San Jose Earthquakes San Jose Earthquakes
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