Top 10 Best Teams of the 2010 World Cup

The 2010 World Cup was packed with unforgettable moments, from surprising upsets to thrilling last-minute victories.

Sure, Spain lifted the trophy in stunning fashion, but is that victory alone enough to mark them as the absolute best? What about the grit and determination of a team like Uruguay, who fought their way to the semi-finals? Or the electrifying play of teams like Germany and the Netherlands?

This list isn't just about the winner. It's about the teams that captured our imaginations, played with passion, and left their hearts on the pitch.
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1 Germany

Questions of their ability were raised. Many predicted a last-16 exit against England. Their all-around skill and pace on the break raised concerns about fatigue. But Germany answered the questions of critics with authority, scoring four goals in three different games, beating "better" teams of the tournament. Unlucky against Spain, they deserved a penalty, which could have changed the game.

They should have won. They beat England 4-1 and Argentina 4-0. Spain beat all their knockout opponents 1-0. Plus, Germany got to third place without captain Ballack and star keeper Rene Adler.

2 Spain

They won the 2010 FIFA World Cup for heaven's sake! Torres and Villa were amazing. Puyol and Ramos are the best defenders. Xavi played well. Casillas, champion goalkeeper, and Iniesta scored the winning goal that led Spain to victory in the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

What a midfield! Xavi, Alonso, Iniesta. They maintain possession like gods with Villa and Torres to finish. Topped off by an incredible defense, especially in versatile Ramos, this is one of the best teams of all time.

They really deserved to win, and they did it. Look at Germany - this team looked the most powerful among them all, but they looked like nothing in the match Spain: Germany.

3 Netherlands

The Netherlands is the only country that has won all matches until now in this 2010 World Cup competition. That says enough. Germany scores a lot, but like Vin Diesel said, "It doesn't matter whether you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning." And at last, Brazil got defeated by the Netherlands, while they were 1-0 ahead. No further comment.

I like the Netherlands because they play very well but don't have that arrogant attitude like lame Brazil has.

Holland is playing great this year, especially with Sneijder, Van Persie, and Robben. They haven't won it yet, and I believe they should this year.

4 Argentina

Many great players like Messi. Although some of the footballers are old, this is still the best World Cup team.

Argentina is the best baby! Tevez and Messi omg they're the bomb.

5 Uruguay

They have to be higher on this list. First of all, they finished in fourth. Also, they played excellently to get there, knocking off teams such as Mexico, South Korea, and Ghana. Finally, they were led by the Golden Ball winner, Diego Forlan.

I'm Italian and support Italy, but I'm going to have to say Uruguay. They made a turnaround. They didn't even qualify for the last World Cup, and in this one, they made it to the quarter-finals.

Uruguay has great quality in attacking as it has one of the best strikers in the world! Love Uruguay!

6 Brazil

Brazil is and always will be the best team in the world (in my opinion). They fought well against the Netherlands but couldn't pull it off, sadly.

Brazil played well, but the Netherlands played better. What can I say?

Although Brazil lost to the Netherlands, it doesn't matter. With respect to strategy and individual performance, Brazil is still the best! GO Brazil! The way this country plays is what you call real football!

Their flair, technique, and passing game open holes in any team's defense, not to mention their superior positioning and improvisation plays.

7 Ghana
8 England

Better than France and Italy... going out in the group stages!

9 United States

They may not have played with the sophistication of Spain, the counter-attacking symmetry of Germany, or the pressing skills of Uruguay, but they were pleasant on the eye, extremely fair, and did not represent the usual cynical approach in today's game. Well done... (I'm Irish, so no bias!)

Things could have changed, but the referees sucked this World Cup!

10 Mexico

They could have beaten Argentina, but the referee was against them.

The Contenders
11 Portugal

They played first-ranked Brazil and tied, even though the Brazilian side should have been down a man for an intentional last-man handball. Then they played second-ranked Spain and lost to an offside goal, plus got no calls in their favor, especially Ronaldo, who was knocked around.

Portugal rules, and Ronaldo didn't play well because he was too busy thinking about the baby...

Portugal got robbed by Spain. Villa got lucky the ball came back to him after he hit the crossbar.

12 Italy

Italy should have gone to the last 16 because when they were 2-1 down against Slovakia, Fabio Quagliarella scored a goal which was given offside when it was clearly onside.

Still had a great performance even though a little bit sloppy.

13 Australia
14 New Zealand

The only team that didn't lose. They went into it 78th in the world and are now 54th. The best in my view.

15 South Korea
16 South Africa
17 Serbia
18 Japan
19 Slovakia
20 Chile
21 Denmark
22 Greece
23 Switzerland
24 Korea DPR (North Korea)
25 Slovenia
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