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1 Technoblade

Technoblade is smart when it comes to pvp he has strategies that make him so good at the game. he is a very quick thinker he even beat dream at his own game. Technoblade has won several Minecraft Mondays and has incredible games sense. Of course, PvP does not play into every game, and oftentimes, this is the downfall of many great players who base their time on combat. Technoblade is an exception, he knows how to see how to play a game, and play it thoroughly. Throughout his videos it is easy to think that he is pitted up against players who joined the game yesterday, but that is only because his funny, calm personality leads us to think he's not really trying.

He is the best pvper I know . He won against dream in the 100,000 duel between dream and techno conducted by Mrbeast . There is no anyone could defeat technoblade who is 8n full netherite. He defeated quackity with a mere pickaxe , this act proves his skill and training all other players lack.

Many people forget that pvp stands for Player vs Player. Combat is just one type of pvp. Technoblade is skilled in combat and other versions of pvp. Think about Minecraft Monday and MCC. In Minecraft Monday he was consistently winning and doing very well in the games. He has won the event 4 times which is more than anyone else. In MCC he was also amazing at the games. Although he couldn't dominate in 1 or 2 specific games, he could do decently well at ALL the games. Finally, why I think Techno is the best at pvp, his adaptation. He started out as a Blitz SG boy and destroyed his opponent. In Skywars, he learned the game quickly and mastered it. Same for Bedwars.

Not only is he undoubtedly a master of PvP, but he's a fast thinker. This combination of knowledge puts him at the top of many huge competitive events. Of course, PvP does not play into every game, and oftentimes, this is the downfall of many great players who base their time on combat. Technoblade is an exception, he knows how to see how to play a game, and play it thoroughly. Throughout his videos it is easy to think that he is pitted up against players who joined the game yesterday, but that is only because his funny, calm personality leads us to think he's not really trying. The man was on the leaderboards in Skywars ranked, top 10!

2 Huahwi

Huahwi is insane he put up a fight against Cxlvxn. Although I think he deserves to be 5th or above. Because against XNestorio he lost, and against suchspeed he lost. He has lost against many people on this board that are ranked behind him. Huahwi is only good when he left and came back. Because he continued using the same pvp method and clicking method. Huahwi might have good aim but he is only good against, "Normal Players." That are not professional YouTubers. That play as much as him although keep in mind. I do still agree that Huahwi is good. Only at certain things.

Why is Huahwi 3rd? He should be top 2! How come bajancanadian is above this great player? Bajan doesn't use any of his secondaries, calls strafing "the circle strat" and complains of hacks when he dies. I don't know who is tragik dude is, but if he's better than huahwi id like to see him 1v1 hoohowee the legend.

Obviously Hawaii is the greatest pvper, he is really good at using the rod not just for fishing but also for pvp. Also, he is a god at Katnissing people and Peta rushing when he needs to.

I love Technoblade's videos, and he's great at pvp, but I have to agree, Huahwi is definitely better. He's still great at pvp even after leaving Minecraft for a while.

3 xNestorio

Just watch him play. Techno is overrated and for those who think techno was super good in minecraft monday, do you realize that lots of the best pvpers weren't in there, because it went mostly by popularity. He got second with Ninja... with NINJA.

He's a monster he like never loses his UHC events. Even though he hosts them and is the best player on there, people team up against him and he destroys. Techno is even afraid of going up against him in a 1v1

Ngla definitely deserves top three on this list, maybe top two, considering Huahwi has quit. He is definitely no match for Tylarzz, who should be above him, but still, he can kill anyone on this list besides for Huahwi and Tylarzz.

He's amazing with the bow and can easily kill people with better gear than him, and if you see him with a horse and a bow in hand running straight at you, welp better hide!

4 Stimpay

Marcel / Stimpay deserves to be higher he is insane he is a god at duels. UHC and a lot of game modes has beaten. Danteh also demolished a lot of players.

Stimpay is the best.. It's been proven multiple times. He can beat everyone above. Those are just UHC players. huahwi is plain trash, he's terrible at aiming and clicking. never plays potpvp cause he's terrible at it. only plays survival games.

Marcel has been playing since old kohi so he has much experience.He also plays Overwatch competitively the only reason I won't give him 1st place is he is slowly moving away from the game.

I've beat him in a duel once around a year and a half ago but he should be #1 honestly, he's been consistently at the top more than any other player from what I've seen

5 tylarzz

This is guy is way better than everyone that's above him or even near him. He is equal to Danteh in pvp. The man left to become a fortnie pro for over a year, came back in 2019 and still destroys everyone that he fights. He should be #2 or #3 behind Jdegoederen and Danteh.

He should be #1 he can beat almost anyone that has more gear than him. In United UHC Season 6 he was wrecking everyone. He almost won against a 2v1 against hannahxxrose and ZMCNikolai

Tylar is a god he might have moved to Fortnite but he still has a lot of PVP skill he is worthy of being higher on the list.

This boy is a fast clicker he just dominates.

6 Grapeapplesauce

I really love Grapes videos but he's on my top 9 on PVP. He Risk his life to kill Zyper (on of the most stacked) in United Uhc Season 6, but he got killed by Tylarzz (his teammate). And I want grape to upload a 1.8 video...

Grapeapplesauce has won many insane UHC's with insane players also has fought a ton of insane players. Also has mostly won all of them.

Mr. Applesauce is fairly overrated because, although he was credited for making the rod technique famous, it was really Hawaii who invented the fishing rod and grapeapplesauce stole it and acts like he is good with it but he doesn't win cube uhcs so he is trash

I think grapeapplesauce is the best pvper cause he is great with a rocket rod he 1v5 people and won 2 of them were hackers. He 360 no scoped a guy and killed him. Grape applesauce definitely the best.

7 Dream

I will admit that dream was never going to make it into first place, but in no way am I going to say he is bad at pvp. In the $100,000 duel with technoblade, when he was down 3 : 1, he didn't give up. Instead he brought it straight back up to 3 all in the next two rounds. And despite not winning the whole thing, he only came one point away from a tie, and his confidence throughout the whole thing was amazing. So anyone saying dream is bad at pvp, can shut up.

Oh my god! I thought Dream would come 1st or 2nd but wow I guessed wrong! He should be first. Oh yeah one thing I've dine other ones like who is the best minecraft player but whoever made this must hate Dream or be jealous. Maybe.

Great at a lot including his manhunt videos and destroying the hunters during pvp! He's great at a lot so my vote goes to him for it.

This man is really good at minecraft in general and I know he did pretty well at the techno duel but I think he should be lower by a bit. Not because he's not good but because this list is bad, there are some people way better than the top few so that bumps down dream.

8 Danteh

Danteh is easily a top 3 PvPer of all time, if not the best. First to reach 2700 elo on Badlion Build UHC and the only one to reach 2800 elo back in 2016 when he was 17. When later asked, Tylarzz (the second person to reach 2700) said he thought Danteh was probably better than him in their primes. Danteh was also pretty competitive in pot PvP too and was rank 1 overall (including rank 1 on archery) on Kohi back before it combined with Badlion. But he didn't stop at Minecraft.

Today, he's on the Houston Outlaws, a professional Overwatch League team. Many consider his Sombra to be the best there is, "the best Western Tracer player" (quote by former player/now analysis Custa), and currently one of the best at the new hero, Echo. Minecraft PvP was only his introduction, yet he was still one of the greatest of all time.

He is literally the best. Only a few people in this websites top 10 can have a CHANCE at beating him. He even destroyed #1 Huahwi easily, right after he beat Grape and 3 other people IN A ROW. He beat ALL 5 OF THEM. Only a few people on this list stand a chance, those people being xNestorio, Huahwi, Stimpay, Cayden, ApacheBlitz, TewChaynz, and only a few more. He was rank #1 global on Badlion last season and had 2700 ELO ON BUILD. IT IS UNHEARD OF.

Bro he is such a god, he is even better than huahwi. Too bad he and others stopped playing minecraft.

Danteh is an insane player. Danteh has beaten lots of amazing players. Danteh has proved to be great at PVP overall.

9 Cayden
10 Prestonplayz

Why is he even on this list, I used to watch him a lot but honestly there are just so many people that can do better. Top 100 is more realistic in my opinion, I don't know why but I feel like comparing him to skeppy XD

I def should be higher on the list.
He is very skilled at pvp in general.
Ok he's not as good as dream or techno but he deserves to be higher up.

Why is he even No 10? He is terrible, and just does stupid prison escapes for children. If you think he's good, that was only 5 years ago, when everyone was bad.

He is decent but in my opinion definentely not top ten. He should be in the top 10000 because so much people play minecraft and is better than him. I am not saying he is bad and all, but he is not the best

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? Doly

He beat dream and clown

? Intel_i7 / Intel Edits
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11 ZMCNikolai

I haven't watch this guy sense like a few years ago and he was not up here. I'm impressed he got this far and I hope he stopped cussing

Smart and good aim duh should be higher stop voting nubs like techno who has subs

12 BANJerboa
13 TapL

TapL has gotten worse at 1.8 pvp but became a WHOLE LOT BETTER at 1.9+. He's like dream but less good at 1.9+ (Pvp wise). He also has strategy and although isn't a master mind or 300 combo s tapper he still is smarter than a large percentage of players.

Tapl should be a little lower on this list since he doesn't really use strategy to fight, instead he rushes in whatever the situation is and heavily relies on his heals to win a fight. Without his shiny armor, Tapl can't win.

This man is INSANE and I'm not just saying that because he's one of my favorite YouTubers. I'm saying it because he's a literal pvp master he has all the strats down is MASTER with combos and you want proof? Just watch his UHCs (United UHC is the one that I watch) but still he's pretty good

TapL is better than Technoblade at pvp, but people saw more Technoblade pvp vids and that's why they think he's better. Also TapL became a little worse than in 2018, but he's still a god at 1.8 pvp

14 iRaZzoR
15 DeatoDreameZ
16 jdegoederen

My number 1 top pvper. In United Uhc Season 5, Tylarzz ask for a 1v1 with jde, he destroys him even tho jde had no gaps and Tylarzz had 6.

17 FeiTJinxy
18 Cxlvxn

He is the best minecraft pvper. Taught and won in pvp against techno, dream and so many other big names. He is truly the best pvper. Period.

He is litterally the number one pvper no doubt he taught technoblade and as we see in his clips one most games. He is insane at all types of pvper and can get infinite combos and beat hackers. He should be number one then techno

He is just a god. He beat technoblade, dream, fruitberries, and tapl at pvp. He also beat hacks and got hacksuated by the hacker. He is too good, whenever you see him running at you with a rod, you are dead!

Cxlvxn should be WAY higher on the leader board, is technoblade is #2 then he should be #1 he can beat techno and is much better at pvp

19 ProF/ProFlame
20 Vikkstar123

You don't think he's that good, but trust me, he almost killed TheBestGinger13, he did it in Cube UHC Season 20 Ginger was really stacked and had OP loot but he got wrecked by Vick.

He can destroy techno.

Vikkstar is overall a great pvper. He wrecks people in MC Tournaments

21 BajanCanadian

The Other people or Haters says Mitch (BajanCanadian) is Bad at PVP And Most People says Mitch is one of the Pvp God in Minecraft so this is my Opinion.Mitch's skills like Flawless and Though guy to deal with it
and he's goal is to "Win".I know He lose sometimes because he's is showing the truth that what skill he has.
And someone says that XNestrio Defeat Mitch,that was impossible,that video is not Mitch at all.
XNestrio is trying to filmed Mitch to get killed and showing that who he is.

BajanCanadian is just ghe best he has a good time and doesn't have a bad time when he's losing. I don't know why every one thinks the best are the ones that only post wins, the best are the ones who have a great time either winning or losing. Just a little something for all of u grapeapplesauce fans.

Bajancanadian is a NOOB he belongs in worst 10 pvpers. I've watched most of the people on this list and benja is TRASH compared to these guys.

I feel like Bajan Canadian shouldn't be this low because Xnestorio killed him 1 time in pvp and that makes him a better pvper? See it doesn't make sense loads of other people that killed Bajan aren't on here just because Xnestorio is a YouTuber and killed him doesn't mean he is THAT much better than Bajan.

22 Solrflare

He drops a 3 kill game in United season 6 even tho he was rusty.

Season 3 he destroyed so many teams with bigboy uhc. Dude he is so calm I think he might win vs nikoli

23 gravey4rd
24 Elmayor30
25 BiboyQG

"This is the Game".

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