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1 Technoblade

Technoblade is Technoblade, he is a fast thinker. Technoblade has won many Minecraft Mondays and he has an amazing game sense. If Technoblade did fight any good player it would be a good fair and amazing fight. Also, he has destroyed people on the Dream SMP to add on even more Technoblade has beaten Dream in his own game mode / 1.16 so this shows he is great at both versions and deserves to be 1#.

Technoblade never dies. He is good and clever. Got a 1400 winstreak and is a god. Better than most and did pretty good against calvin which is really good. I think he should the best because he also beat dream at his version. He can punch anyone of the map with his insane pig fists. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!

Not only is he undoubtedly a master of PvP, but he's a fast thinker. This combination of knowledge puts him at the top of many huge competitive events. Of course, PvP does not play into every game, and oftentimes, this is the downfall of many great players who base their time on combat. Technoblade is an exception, he knows how to see how to play a game, and play it thoroughly. Throughout his videos it is easy to think that he is pitted up against players who joined the game yesterday, but that is only because his funny, calm personality leads us to think he's not really trying. The man was on the leaderboards in Skywars ranked, top 10!

Technoblade is no doubt the best pvper of all time. We all doubted that he would win vs dream, but he managed to win and therefore I think that he should be #1 on this list.

2 Huahwi

Huahwi is insane he put up a fight against Cxlvxn. Although I think he deserves to be 5th or above. Because against XNestorio he lost, and against suchspeed he lost. He has lost against many people on this board that are ranked behind him. Huahwi is only good when he left and came back. Because he continued using the same pvp method and clicking method. Huahwi might have good aim but he is only good against, "Normal Players." That are not professional YouTubers. That play as much as him although keep in mind. I do still agree that Huahwi is good. Only at certain things.

Why is Huahwi 3rd? He should be top 2! How come bajancanadian is above this great player? Bajan doesn't use any of his secondaries, calls strafing "the circle strat" and complains of hacks when he dies. I don't know who is tragik dude is, but if he's better than huahwi id like to see him 1v1 hoohowee the legend.

I love Technoblade's videos, and he's great at pvp, but I have to agree, Huahwi is definitely better. He's still great at pvp even after leaving Minecraft for a while.

Watched his video, his good, better then most. Someone my friend would love to fight.

(Friend gets accused for hacking in multiple servers)

3 xNestorio

Amazing at the bow, and he has won hundreds of uhcs, has also beaten huawhi multiple times, and won the whole united uhc s2 as the mole with all his teammates dead and with no healing. Truly a really good a pvper, along with until now, still giving amazing pvp content in his UHCs, along with his new series, mc manhunt but ____

xNestorio has beaten the best hypixel pvper Cxlvxn. Nestor deserves more credit he is. Als, an amazing pvper who can beat Technoblade.

He’s amazing with the bow and can easily kill people with better gear than him, and if you see him with a horse and a bow in hand running straight at you, welp better hide!

Just watch him play. Techno is overrated and for those who think techno was super good in minecraft monday, do you realize that lots of the best pvpers weren't in there, because it went mostly by popularity. He got second with Ninja... with NINJA.

4 Stimpay

Marcel / Stimpay deserves to be higher he is insane he is a god at duels. UHC and a lot of game modes has beaten. Danteh also demolished a lot of players.

I've beat him in a duel once around a year and a half ago but he should be #1 honestly, he's been consistently at the top more than any other player from what I've seen

Stimpay is the best.. It's been proven multiple times. He can beat everyone above. Those are just UHC players. huahwi is plain trash, he's terrible at aiming and clicking. never plays potpvp cause he's terrible at it. only plays survival games.

Lol stimpy is the best there is no question about it listener hacks; his skill is unrivaled in potion pvp and got auto banned from badlion in 30 minutes so yeah...

5 Grapeapplesauce

I really love Grapes videos but he's on my top 9 on PVP. He Risk his life to kill Zyper (on of the most stacked) in United Uhc Season 6, but he got killed by Tylarzz (his teammate). And I want grape to upload a 1.8 video...

Grapeapplesauce has won many insane UHC's with insane players also has fought a ton of insane players. Also has mostly won all of them.

How is Bajancandian better than Grapeapplesauce he is way better with a fishing rod and he always has a good strategy.

I don't know why Grape isn't in second he is way better than the people that are above him. Except he might not be better than Huahwi.

6 tylarzz

This is guy is way better than everyone that's above him or even near him. He is equal to Danteh in pvp. The man left to become a fortnie pro for over a year, came back in 2019 and still destroys everyone that he fights. He should be #2 or #3 behind Jdegoederen and Danteh.

He should be #1 he can beat almost anyone that has more gear than him. In United UHC Season 6 he was wrecking everyone. He almost won against a 2v1 against hannahxxrose and ZMCNikolai

My man quit for fortnite, though he should be top3, he 2v1ed Hannah and Nikolai and nearly won

Why is Tylarzz 25
He's better than most of the people ranked higher

7 Danteh

Can people just please go on youtube and search uhc mundinal and don't click on the most tecent one the ones that go back 3 years ago. He 2v1edd dux and itsendeer

He is literally the best. Only a few people in this websites top 10 can have a CHANCE at beating him. He even destroyed #1 Huahwi easily, right after he beat Grape and 3 other people IN A ROW. He beat ALL 5 OF THEM. Only a few people on this list stand a chance, those people being xNestorio, Huahwi, Stimpay, Cayden, ApacheBlitz, TewChaynz, and only a few more. He was rank #1 global on Badlion last season and had 2700 ELO ON BUILD. IT IS UNHEARD OF.

Danteh is an insane player. Danteh has beaten lots of amazing players. Danteh has proved to be great at PVP overall.

I think their needs to be a top 10 PvP battle I'm just saying Danteh has it in the bag

8 Cayden

He is the reason why it's hard to touch people in pvp nowadays

He's the only one who could actually perform a combo /

Cayden circle strafe means pray for the opponent

Godly Killed 100 people as good as meezoid

9 ZMCNikolai

In Winner Takes all Season 4 in the ending... my mind was blown, after what he did to.
Wins both Love at First Sight with Izeeee and Hannahxxrose

Smart and good aim duh should be higher stop voting nubs like techno who has subs

Nice at taking advantage of other items/environment

Pretty good, has a good history winning many UHCs.

10 Prestonplayz

Why is he even No 10? He is terrible, and just does stupid prison escapes for children. If you think he's good, that was only 5 years ago, when everyone was bad.

He is decent but in my opinion definentely not top ten. He should be in the top 10000 because so much people play minecraft and is better than him. I am not saying he is bad and all, but he is not the best

I say preston should be higher up. I say that because he can combo peope like crazy but yeah he should be higher up in the leaderboard

He is very skilled At PVP, Bedwars, Skybase, And etc because he's a GOD. Plus he's good at pranks and trolls. And does who hate him sucks at everything. Because I'm a FAN OF PRESTON!

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11 Dream

The only person better than dream on this whole list is technoblade and even that is a little questionable how the freak is hahah Canadian and preston better then dream he has won manhunts against 4 very good papers including George not found sapnap bad boy halo and ant frost. ITS DREAM he has hit 18 million subs for his pvp skills he is the best 1.16 pvper period and pretty good at 1.8. He recks mc championship and is the smartest mc player. Dream should be at LEAST 2nd and techno should be first

Honestly, dream isn't the best pvper, instead he focuses on a wide variety of strategies and tactics. His most powerful tool is that he can observe any situation and get away unscathed, whereas other players would give up. So just for this list, dream would be about fifth for me because pvp isn't his main strat.

Okay Dream is a great minecraft player everyone knows that but I just want to talk about his stans. Dream stans just stop you don't need to harass people who does not like dream you don't need to say bad things about them I have been seeing very bad dream stans comments on dream haters and I seen so much haters so just please dream stans just stop.

Pretty much everyone above Dream doesn't deserve to be on this effing list. How in the world is he 19 he only lost to techno by like two matches and THAT IS ALREADY REALLY GOOD! He should be in the top five not here with noobs. Whoever made this list ate dungs for breakfast.

12 BANJerboa
13 TapL

Tapl should be a little lower on this list since he doesn't really use strategy to fight, instead he rushes in whatever the situation is and heavily relies on his heals to win a fight. Without his shiny armor, Tapl can't win.

TapL is better than Technoblade at pvp, but people saw more Technoblade pvp vids and that's why they think he's better. Also TapL became a little worse than in 2018, but he's still a god at 1.8 pvp

amazing pvper his videos have soooo much energy and that's why I subbed to him he loses in his vids somtimes because people target him and he still destroyes them but he normally loses to stacked very good pvpers he gets top 5 every single time

Tall isn't all that great I mean he can beat pretty much anyone but he isn't a god or anything

14 iRaZzoR
15 DeatoDreameZ

Deato is playing PC TOO

What nestorio is better LMAO

16 jdegoederen

I don't know where he went but best EU

My number 1 top pvper. In United Uhc Season 5, Tylarzz ask for a 1v1 with jde, he destroys him even tho jde had no gaps and Tylarzz had 6.

He won most the uhcs he played like eu elite and mundial

He won like 5 uhc mundinals

17 FeiTJinxy
18 BajanCanadian

Bajancanadian is a NOOB he belongs in worst 10 pvpers. I've watched most of the people on this list and benja is TRASH compared to these guys.

BajanCanadian is the biggest noob in Minecraft he belongs in the top 1 worst pvpers

BAJAN SUCKS he's not even good in general he trash he should be like 27 he sucks its not like he was ever good so go! @#$ urself because he sucks

Mitch (bajancanadian is way too good but still can be beaten by but tragic

19 ProF/ProFlame
20 Vikkstar123

You don’t think he’s that good, but trust me, he almost killed TheBestGinger13, he did it in Cube UHC Season 20 Ginger was really stacked and had OP loot but he got wrecked by Vick.

Vikkstar is overall a great pvper. He wrecks people in MC Tournaments

Vikk has always been above average if not top 10 but he hasn't shown a ton

He can destroy techno.

21 Solrflare

He drops a 3 kill game in United season 6 even tho he was rusty.

Season 3 he destroyed so many teams with bigboy uhc. Dude he is so calm I think he might win vs nikoli

Okay, he killed xNestorio, he died to ZMCNikolai & hannahxxrose but that’s reasonable he killed many teams too (I’m talking about United UHC 6)

22 Cxlvxn

He is litterally the number one pvper no doubt he taught technoblade and as we see in his clips one most games. He is insane at all types of pvper and can get infinite combos and beat hackers. He should be number one then techno

He is just a god. He beat technoblade, dream, fruitberries, and tapl at pvp. He also beat hacks and got hacksuated by the hacker. He is too good, whenever you see him running at you with a rod, you are dead!

Cxlvxn should be WAY higher on the leader board, is technoblade is #2 then he should be #1 he can beat techno and is much better at pvp

At pure pvp, he can probably only be beaten by stimpy, danteh, and a few others. He should honestly be 5th or 6th.

23 AciDicBlitzz

People don't know what actual skill is. People vote on other people because they're popular. Acidic, on the other hand, has been good all the way though. His strafes are some of the best, and his rod combos are godly. His bow skills are super good, and he's just a god in my opinion. Should in the top 4.

I agree people probably didn't vote he cause he isn't popular he is balanced he is good

I think AciDicBlitz is good because of his clean Strafes. Also, he is amazing at the rod and snowballs.

Yep he rod combos u up better be prepared if your pvping him

24 BiboyQG

"This is the Game".

Have no idea why he is here top 5 clearly people don't watch uhc enough go watch cynical or united montage

Actually good

No particular order I've played against most of these and there good top 10 should be xnestorio zmcnikoli tylazz suchspeed huahwi biboy bestginger mentally grapeapplesauce shutupbrick that should be it most people will think no but that is

25 gravey4rd
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