Top Ten Most Misunderstood Types of People


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21 Gays/Lesbians

The bible says it is wrong but they are people too

They can stay in their closets instead of trying to force their agenda upon all of society.

Watch modern family they are two types of people

22 LaVeyan Satanists
23 Blondes

I am blonde and one of the smartest in my grade

I just don't get why people automatically assume that someone is dumb just because they are blonde. As a blonde, I take huge offense to that. I have a 140 IQ which is not in any way dumb.

I know countless intelligent and nice blondes. - Lunala

24 Mormons
25 Conservatives

I mean we have serial killers on this list, so we might as well have Conservatives right?... As a Conservative I am nowhere near as hateful or as crazy as the media says I am, and without a doubt people judge me before they even meet me. Even you reading this right now, you're probably judging me. Everyone here saying that they are misunderstood should know exactly how I feel. Even if I disagree with you, I'll still defend to my death that you have a right to say it. Not everyone gets along or agrees, I understand that, and that's why life is so amazing...we should appreciate our different opinions instead of trying to shut each other out. I feel like this is going to fall on deaf ears but I'll always be me.

26 Bi-polar
27 Satanists
28 Hipsters
29 Rock/Metal Musicians

People keep calling my favorite rock/metal artists "satanic". Especially Marilyn Manson. He's never claimed to be satanic! He's just a normal person like everyone else.

30 Gang Members
31 Transgenders V 1 Comment
32 Gamers
33 African Americans
34 Redheads
35 Sensitive
36 Christians
37 Furries
38 Extroverts
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