Top Ten Most Misunderstood Types of People


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21 Autistic
22 Blondes

I am blonde and one of the smartest in my grade

I just don't get why people automatically assume that someone is dumb just because they are blonde. As a blonde, I take huge offense to that. I have a 140 IQ which is not in any way dumb.

23 Mormons
24 Conservatives

I mean we have serial killers on this list, so we might as well have Conservatives right?... As a Conservative I am nowhere near as hateful or as crazy as the media says I am, and without a doubt people judge me before they even meet me. Even you reading this right now, you're probably judging me. Everyone here saying that they are misunderstood should know exactly how I feel. Even if I disagree with you, I'll still defend to my death that you have a right to say it. Not everyone gets along or agrees, I understand that, and that's why life is so amazing...we should appreciate our different opinions instead of trying to shut each other out. I feel like this is going to fall on deaf ears but I'll always be me.

25 Bi-polar
26 Satanists
27 Hipsters
28 Rock/Metal Musicians

People keep calling my favorite rock/metal artists "satanic". Especially Marilyn Manson. He's never claimed to be satanic! He's just a normal person like everyone else.

29 Gang Members
30 LaVeyan Satanists
31 Transgenders V 1 Comment
32 Gamers
33 African Americans
34 Redheads
35 Sensitive
36 Christians
37 Furries
38 Extroverts
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