Best Moe Szyslak Centered Episodes In the Simpsons

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Flaming Moe's (Season 3)

Homer invents a drink called Flaming Homer, Moe steals this and renames it Flaming Moe, this makes Moe's Tavern very successful, and strains Homer and Moe's Friendship. - RickyReeves

Moe was cool in this Classic one.

I like the Aerosmith part and when Moe sings Walk This Way with Steven Tyler!

Moe Baby Blues (Season 14)

Best episode ever

When Moe attempts suicide, he inadvertently saves Maggie after she falls out of The Simpson's car. Maggie takes a liking to Moe and her takes a liking to her, but becomes obsessed with her to the extent, Homer and Marge ban Moe from seeing Maggie. - RickyReeves

Dumbbell Indemnity (Season 9)

Moe falls for a woman called Renee, they start dating, but Moe becomes broke and he and Homer hatch a scheme to get $5,000, from the insurance for his car, Homer steals it, but the plan backfires landing Homer in the slammer and Moe gets the money.

Homer: Must kill Moe, WHEEE! - RickyReeves

The Homer They Fall (Season 8)

After witnessing that Homer can withstand damage, without getting hurt, Moe pushes Homer to become a boxer and becomes his manager, but when Drederick Tatum decides to face Homer, Marge urges Moe to pull Homer out of the match. - RickyReeves

Simpson Tide (Season 9)

Homer decides to join the Navy, Moe, Barney and Apu decides to join Homer. But when the captain goes missing, Homer is put in charge. - RickyReeves

Bart Sells his Soul (Season 7)

And of course Moe's family restaurant doesn't last long after he finally snaps and screams at a little girl. - egnomac

(B Plot) Moe decides to turn Moe's into a family restaurant. - RickyReeves

Homer the Moe (Season 13)

Moe makes his bar more modern, Homer opens his own bar in his garage. - RickyReeves

Pygmoelian (Season 11)

Moe decides to get a facelift after being rejected by Duff. Moe becomes handsome and becomes a soap opera star, but finds out the writers are planning to Kill his character off. - RickyReeves

Mommie Beerest (Season 16)

Moe's is shut down by a health inspector, Homer uses a part of his mortgage to reopen the bar, and Marge becomes his business partner. Homer becomes jealous that they are spending too much time together. - RickyReeves

Whiskey Business (Season 24)

I only voted for this cause Lenny and Carl held hands through the limo moonroof

The Contenders

Moe Letter Blues (Season 21)

Its Mother's Day and after witnessing how Homer, Apu and Lovejoy mistreat their wives, Moe writes a letter threatening them that he'll leave Springfield with either Marge, Helen or Manjula when they return from camp with the children. - RickyReeves

Flaming Moe (Season 22)

Yas! Moe x Smithers forever!


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