Best Moe Szyslak Centered Episodes In the Simpsons


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1 Flaming Moe's (Season 3)

Homer invents a drink called Flaming Homer, Moe steals this and renames it Flaming Moe, this makes Moe's Tavern very successful, and strains Homer and Moe's Friendship. - RickyReeves

Moe was cool in this Classic one.

I like the Aerosmith part and when Moe sings Walk This Way with Steven Tyler!

2 Moe Baby Blues (Season 14)

Best episode ever

When Moe attempts suicide, he inadvertently saves Maggie after she falls out of The Simpson's car. Maggie takes a liking to Moe and her takes a liking to her, but becomes obsessed with her to the extent, Homer and Marge ban Moe from seeing Maggie. - RickyReeves

3 Dumbbell Indemnity (Season 9)

Moe falls for a woman called Renee, they start dating, but Moe becomes broke and he and Homer hatch a scheme to get $5,000, from the insurance for his car, Homer steals it, but the plan backfires landing Homer in the slammer and Moe gets the money.

Homer: Must kill Moe, WHEEE! - RickyReeves

4 The Homer They Fall (Season 8)

After witnessing that Homer can withstand damage, without getting hurt, Moe pushes Homer to become a boxer and becomes his manager, but when Drederick Tatum decides to face Homer, Marge urges Moe to pull Homer out of the match. - RickyReeves

5 Simpson Tide (Season 9)

Homer decides to join the Navy, Moe, Barney and Apu decides to join Homer. But when the captain goes missing, Homer is put in charge. - RickyReeves

6 Bart Sells his Soul (Season 7)

And of course Moe's family restaurant doesn't last long after he finally snaps and screams at a little girl. - egnomac

(B Plot) Moe decides to turn Moe's into a family restaurant. - RickyReeves

7 Homer the Moe (Season 13)

Moe makes his bar more modern, Homer opens his own bar in his garage. - RickyReeves

8 Pygmoelian (Season 11)

Moe decides to get a facelift after being rejected by Duff. Moe becomes handsome and becomes a soap opera star, but finds out the writers are planning to Kill his character off. - RickyReeves

9 Mommie Beerest (Season 16)

Moe's is shut down by a health inspector, Homer uses a part of his mortgage to reopen the bar, and Marge becomes his business partner. Homer becomes jealous that they are spending too much time together. - RickyReeves

10 Moe Letter Blues (Season 21)

Its Mother's Day and after witnessing how Homer, Apu and Lovejoy mistreat their wives, Moe writes a letter threatening them that he'll leave Springfield with either Marge, Helen or Manjula when they return from camp with the children. - RickyReeves

The Contenders

11 Whiskey Business (Season 24)
12 Flaming Moe (Season 22)


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