Top 10 Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities

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1 Double Trouble - Noob Saibot

The part where the Noob clone breaks through the body is the best part because of how swift and elegant the stance is as well as the finesse coupled with the meticulous tearing makes it one of the best in the game.

2 You're Next - Scorpion

This is one of my favorites because it is swift and that's the way I like it, the way of the ninja, the way of the samurai, and the way of the warrior in general are depicted by this maneuver as opponent meets the sharp edge of the blade and the slice that leaves them incapacitated. This along with Sub-Zero's Ice-Cutioner are my favorites as they are swift and deadly as opposed to being lame and over-done.

This one appeared in the trailer

3 Chain Reaction - Scorpion
4 Who Hired This Guy? - Johnny Cage
5 Ice-Cutioner - Sub-Zero
6 Food for Thought - Baraka
7 Last Dance - Kano
8 Frozen in Time - Sub Zero
9 New Species - D' Vorah

This looks like a reference to The Thing movie

10 The Cyber Initiative - Frost
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11 Ice Sculpture - Frost
12 Bow Before Me - Jade
13 Back Blown Out - Shao Khan
14 Split Decision - Noob Saibot
15 Meat Slicer - Kung Lao
16 Coming in Hot - Jax
17 Nothing but Neck - Jacqui Briggs
18 Gore-Nado - Kitana
19 Road Rash - Kabal
20 Burn Out - Liu Kang
21 Belly of the Beast - Liu Kang
22 Bloody Mess - Skarlet
23 Headed Nowhere - Kung Lao
24 Face Like a Dropped Pie - Kano
25 Phasing Through Time - Geras
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