Most Annoying Fan Bases

Let's face it, some fanbases are incredibly annoying. Whether it's music, sports, games, movies, shows whatever. Some just absolutely need to shut up.

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1 Beliebers Beliebers

This would have been number one if it weren't for the few percentage of actual fans. All I can say is who can worship a total jerk (seriously read some of the accounts of JB's actions). He is an idiot. So are the fan girls. Now if you excuse me I'll go listen to Roadhouse Blues for the 100, 000th time to drown out "Boyfriend" - dudesterravensfan

I have never seen a single "Belieber" be okay with somebody not liking Justin Bieber.

Beliebers are one of the main reasons why I hate so much Justin Bieber. I can't stand the fact that every time someone says something "bad" about Justin Bieber they bully them and diss them. Everyone has the right to have an opinion and if I want to be a hater of Justin Bieber, I have every right to be.
Those girls are so immature and even when Justin Bieber acts like a complete jerk they support him! What? They are all crazy.

Yaoi shippers/fan base

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2 One Directioners

I am a Directioner. I am here to personally vouch for these things.
They're obsessed with sexual fantasies that will never happen.
Most, are between 11-14.
They are incredibly rude to anyone who lays a hand on their precious boys and anyone who disagrees with their opinion.
The worst fight I've ever seen in the One Direction fandom is the fact half of them believe two members are gay together, and think his girlfriend is fake, and the rest don't.
They hate other fandoms for defending themselves.
They can't handle change
They're too gullible. (look up Mr. X)
Some of them belong in a mental hospital (look up Zux fanfic)

I am none of these things, and some of us are generally good people, we're just not the ones who annoy everyone, because us real fans get annoyed by them too. - unicorndoll

Okay, 1D isn't the worst band ever. They're absolutely abysmal but not the worst. But one thing that brings them down are they're fans. THEY ARE RABID. If you complain about one thing (no pun intended), they go absolute Ape @#$% on you. One example: there were a bunch of directioners on minecraft saying the usual ignorant stuff they say and I say "the beatles are better". Boy did they go crazy. They are absolute idiots and when this 1D fad ends they will really regret this. - dudesterravensfan

I am a fan of One Direction but I'm so embarrassed by directioners that don't even like claiming them. Directioners are some of the most evil, rude, cocky, hypocritical people to step foot on the Earth. As soon as one person makes a comment about the boys that isn't worshiping the ground they walk on, directioners hit them with hate. They think One Direction is the best music the world has ever heard. They are super quick to jump conclusions about something without even taking the time to look into it. Now did I mention how mad they get when someone talks about one direction but they are the first ones to send hate to other people. Half of the time they don't even have a valid reason for anything they do. To be honest directioners don't even like each other, trust me I see it myself. Everyone is always fighting with each other over who the hell they think are screwing. Yes, they have fights with each other over the guys's relationships. If that doesn't spell out immature I don't know ...more

Wasn't the last time this fanbase was popular 2015? - Himalayansalt

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3 Bronies

These guys have been gnawing on my butt telling me that "You don't understand the true genius of My Little Pony" Gimme a break. - MitchellAdkins

This is true, just like you can't hate a book before you know what inside it. - fazwe

A lot of the art, music, and animations that the fandom make are actually really nice. Trust me, I'm not hating because boys like ponies. Gender roles suck and it's nice that guys are getting into feminine things, but the way the majority of the fandom acts is awful. They mostly act as if they are better than everyone else or act like they are allowed to insult little girls who enjoy the show too. I feel sorry for any little girl who attends the pony cons or Google searches her favorite pony, only to see a clop-load of porn.

This fanbase is just out of control. The fans of this show get extremely offended if anyone says they don't like this show. I have seen some episodes of it and I can say that the animation is no big deal, the art is no big deal, the characters are overwhelmingly annoying, and the fans are just plain creepy. This show was intended for young girls but when you realize that the fans are grown men, it just becomes odd and strange. And plus, the fans of this show decide to create inappropriate pictures of these characters. And it doesn't matter what you look up on the Internet, you will always find a picture of one of those deformed donkeys somewhere. I honestly can't wait until this fanbase dies down cause it's just too much.

This fandom is complicated.

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4 Frozen Fangirls

Sing" let it go" one more time I dare you. Disney and people in general took a good movie and ruined it, after it came out even radio stations were playing the song, their are so many people on YouTube singing this song trying to get fame off of someone else's work and they won't take any criticism of the movie itself. It's just the same princess bull crap with a different skin now their is a whole episode on once upon a time about it cash grab much Disney. If frozen was a cow it would be milked bone dry.

There's only a small percentage of people who hate Frozen. I agree that it makes boys look like a throwaway thing and in my opinion, those who are fangirls for this movie are complete idiots who don't know the meaning of the word "art". When I saw how popular it was I was like, "sure the girls love it, but the boys?! " Plus the songs annoy me so much I literally wanted to attack the next person who sang them.

Frozen's become the Sword Art Online (and Sword Art Online is WAY BETTER THAN FROZEN) of Disney nowadays. Come to think of it, at least there's a reasonable amount of hate for SAO in the anime community. For Frozen, however, it's even worse. Guess what? ALMOST LITTLE HATE AT ALL. It's treated like a religion and the fan girls love incest. SAO fans can be kind of obnoxious sometimes, but you really don't see much of those rabid fans on this website and most fans just "like" the series and know its flaws. Frozen Fangirls, however, are SO DEFENSIVE AND THINK THAT NO ONE SHOULD HATE IT AT ALL AND THAT IT'S THE BEST Disney MOVIE OF ALL TIME. AND THEY THINK IT'S FLAWLESS AND NO ONE SHOULD HARM THEIR FAVORITE CHARACTERS THAT ARE SO ANNOYING.

Sincerely, an anonymous Sword Art Online fan.
P.S Frozen is more overrated than Sword Art Online.

Wasn't the last time this was popular 2015? - Himalayansalt

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5 Five Nights At Freddy's Fans

I shall not comment on the quality of the game itself, but the fan-base for this game is Simply awful. A horrible army of twelve year olds, they become single-mindedly obsessed with the game. They love talking about what night they can get to,the Easter eggs, their horrible theories about the game's lore they ripped off somebody on the internet, and what robots they ship. They emulate fnaf in every way they can, changing their profile names and pictures on various websites to match characters in the game, and go to comment sections and/or message boards to roleplay as their favorite animatronics. They worship Scott as a god made manifest, and are extremely hostile against dissenters. The moment anyone says anything even somewhat negative about the game or scott, they immediately begin irrationally attacking that person, then go jack off to the ridiculous amount of fnaf porn on Google. I have a friend who took a personality test to see what animatromic they where. Seriously, that ...more

The game is only cheap animal jump scares. It isn't scary, but many adults scream their pants off and run out of their houses. But, if anyone exposes that truth, they get flamed. By five year olds. Since when are five year olds allowed to post stuff on the Internet, or even look up horror games, even if they aren't scary? I bet people are going to flame this and down vote this and dismiss me for a troll, but I'm not. The games may not be scary, but they are fun. The fan base ruins it. DErp 101 out!

The five nights at freddy's fandom is without a doubt the worst fandom I have ever seen in my entire life. The game itself is pretty boring and repetitive. It's the same thing over and over and over again. It's the same game, 1-4 is all the same just slight changes. Now they're making a new one... and I guarantee you it will be the same as the last 4 games. Enough of the games let's talk about the fandom. The fnaf fandom blew up around fnaf 2 or fnaf 3 and ever since then there has been non stop kids that ship robots with each other and not only robots but kids but not only kids DEAD kids stuffed in robot suits. In the games the animatronics have absolutely no personality and no sign of any feelings. So how do people make things so bizarre? Like just for a joke I would go on a fnaf roleplay on that some cringey site like roblox and I'm not joking when I say everyone was just "foxy loves chica but doesn't want to tell" in their bio. But no big deal right? Just some cringe who ...more

Fnaf+r34=kill me

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6 PewDiePie's Fans

It's not even that he's bad, per se. It's just when his fans start shoving it down non-watcher's throats that they get really, really annoying. If I have to hear about "Barrels, bro! " one more time, someone's getting punched.

I swear to god, If I need to be subjected to these children one more time I will die. It's a testament to how horrid someone truly is when all the fans can do is shove his content down your throat in hopes of converting some poor sap of to "Pewdies" side. It's like no one on YouTube to state their opinion against on YouTube without getting attacked by this poorly tempered 9 year olds.

Okay, I am gonna get real. Pewdiepie, he used to be great. I watched him a couple years ago and loved him, he was funny, had a cool accent, and was renowned for HORROR GAMES. What wasn't there to like? He could always make you laugh. The problem is that lately, he went down the tubes. He choses to appeal to a younger audience, which in turn makes this fandom one of the most cancerous there is. These kids obsess over him, idolize him, give him millions of views, and it fuels him to go lower and lower. Now he just uses bad click-bait. No real HORROR GAMES. No content that is actually worth-while. All

How Can’t They Defend Him For Making Fun Of Demi Lavato’s OD

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7 Call of Duty Lovers/Haters

Since I am one of the only neutral people when it comes to Call of Duty I'd say both are annoying.

For you lovers: please stop saying "Call of Duty is the absolute best game of all time! "
For you haters: please stop saying "Call of Duty is the worst game ever, TROLOLOLOLOL! "

Seriously Call of Duty is an okay series. It doesn't deserve 25 million copies sold every year. But it doesn't deserve all the trolls. - dudesterravensfan

Just a bunch of whiny kids who think they have done something meaningful in life by getting a 20 kill streak... Whats more is they play Only Call of Duty and think that makes them a gamer..

Since everyone is talking about the fanboys I'll be the first to say that the Haters are even worse! Seriously if you say you like Call of Duty you will most likely be ATTACKED by several whining haters yet they never give any reasons why they hate it! (Except for it being the same game every time but that still isn't a excuse to act like a toddler! ) Seriously go on to metacritic and look at the reviews for Modern Warfare 2 & 3 and look at all of the Zeros given yet almost none of them list good reasons for hating the game! For more examples of how annoying these people can be look in the comment section for any video on YouTube that praises Call of Duty. Seriously people, don't be complaining about Call of Duty Fanboys when the Haters are even Worse!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Call of Duty fan base, I love the game and I like most of the players, but sometimes, especially in zombies, the players and the game kind of sucks, I already have payed enough for the game, why do I need to pay for dlc all the time? since when has Call of Duty ever released free dlc? like can't there be an option to get free dlc camos? or camos from zombies like the camos you get by pack-a-punching weapons? or maybe a free zombies map from previous Call of Duty games like call of the dead? not to be cheap but seriously, I don't know why there needs to be separate payable dlc when I just spent 50 to 70 bucks on the game itself already, now enough ranting on the game, now the playerbase, Call of Duty is known for it's fair share of screaming children constantly complaining about dying over and over again, and yelling at other players because they asked the kid to stop screaming or they did something he didn't like, who cares if you're dying so ...more

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8 Donald Trump Supporters Donald Trump Supporters

If Trump wants to build a wall so badly, maybe he should build one around himself and his supporters.

I'm a Trump supporter and even I'll admit that many Trump supporters are brain dead morons. Look past the fact that he could be a racist and a little bit obnoxious at times. There are very little Trump supporters out there like myself that actually support him for his policies. Many Trump supporters just hear Trump say things like building a wall on the Mexican border and putting a ban on the Muslim religion and boom he's got a vote. Most of them don't really care much for his stances on economics or healthcare or social issues. Donald Trump tends to look WORSE as a canidate based on his supporters saying that he's going to "Make America Great Again" and that he's good as a candidate because he's not politically correct.

Don't get me wrong. It works both ways too. There are dumbass supporters for pretty much anything. Like how Bernie supporters tend to care more about free college than they do about how he's going to handle it economically and actually fund it and how Hillary ...more

Gosh! People can't understand supporting politicians anymore, I am a trump hater, and I'm even canadian. So supporting runners of the election is liking what they want to do, and respecting their decisions, not shoving Donald Trump into others faces! Jeez! I also never even seen any trump lover accept anyone else liking something different, all trump supporters are arrogant, boasters, rub everything in, and just is rude!

I don't exactly follow politics, nor exactly a Trump supporter, but my family DID choose Trump over Hillary. Why, you might ask? Because we hated Hillary. Although I admit building a wall is kind of pointless, due to the fact he's starting some issues himself. At least our country still stands, right? - Qryzx

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9 90s Fans

I don't hate people who were born in the 90s as long as they accept the fact that the world is different than how it was in the 90s and that their favourite cartoon from the 90s has to end at some point or it will continue on and run itself into the ground (modern SpongeBob). I do however hate people who were born in the 90s and act like it's a special thing that they happened to be born in the 90s I especially hate those people who say kids today don't have a childhood because in the 90s kids watched shows like the Amanda show, Clarissa explains it all, rugrats and old SpongeBob while today kids watch shows like icarly, good luck Charlie and modern SpongeBob not saying I like these shows but how does watching a 90s show when you were a kid determine weather you have a childhood or not.

Here is a list of things that I and many others think are good and are from the 2000s/2010s
.invader zim
.adventure time
.regular show
.fullmetal alchemist
.soul ...more - Gamer4life

God, I hate 90s kids so much. They claim that EVERYONE in the 90s were happy and that there was no war or sadness, when in actuality, there WAS war and sadness in the 90s and NOT everyone was happy back then either! Also, the only 90s things I hear 90s kids ever talk about is old cartoons and toys. They're so annoying and my little sister is like that, too and she was only born in 1999.

If the 90s was all happiness then Columbine would've never happened.

Like all of humanity's recent decades, there were actually very few things created in the 90s that made the decade worth existing.

Four examples:

Nicktoons (while I do agree that the Rocko's Modern Life series is secretly one of the most underrated, innovative, godly and brilliant works of art ever created by humanity, other Nicktoons were generally mediocre)

Music (was mostly mediocre, except for Pearl Jam and the like)

Video games (mostly Nintendo, although there were a few others like Half-Life for example)

Other cartoons - xandermartin98

90s is my heart nowadays everyone was alive and happy

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10 Pokemon Genwunners

Ok here I go, I'm actually going against the people that hate "Genwunners" because they're more annoying than the people they describe, Genwunners and the kids that'll take anything as long as the effects are more flashy and there are more things added in the newer games, I'm actually in the middle, I like all the games, but let's face it, a lot of the newer Pokemon are just uncreative, they really are, a lot of them are just clones of what we've seen before in earlier titles, they make a good point of people being blinded by nostalgia, but why of all things against Pokemon, where the old games were actually good and can still stand on their own, tell the nostalgia thing to people who say Batman 89 is better than the Dark Knight, who say Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is better than Grand Theft Auto 5, things like that, back to the main topic, all you guys saying "Genwunners are always being annoying saying the new ones aren't creative enough" that's because they're ...more

This fan base always nags on and on about the newer Pokemon games being some of the worst ever made and that they can't even compare to the originals. "The new Pokemon suck! They're un creative as hell and can't even compare to the godly Charizard! " As a die-hard Pokemon fan, this pisses me off to no end. "What's this!? An ice-cream cone Pokemon? That's lame! And Garbodor is so gross"! Okay, so there's an ice cream cone, and even cotton-candy. I'm actually surprised that there aren't more food-based Pokemon. Also, how is a bag of garbage more disgusting than feces. No, I'm dead serious, for those who don't know, Grimer and Muk are feces Pokemon. The only Pokemon Generation besides 1 & 2 that I don't see torn apart by this fan base, is Generation 6 and I think I can see why. Mega Evolutions! So, you take a Pokemon that everyone loves, give it a slightly altered design, maybe change its type, AND INCREASE ITS STAT TOTAL BY 100! Ok, ok, whatever. But what does this ...more

What has been said about these guys in the Pokemon Fanbase, has been said a thousand times over.

Inflexible, Stubborn, Rude, and Inconsiderate. These guys do nothing but complain about how the first, bug-ridden, balance-devoid, incompletely-coded pair of games, is the single greatest thing devised by mankind. Some of these nuts even go so far as to say that there are ONLY 150 Pokemon, nevermind the fact that Mew, the 151st, was completely and officially advertised and endorsed by both creatures AND Nintendo.

I'll admit, Pokemon Games have had their ups, and downs. But there are indeed good and noteworthy titles beyond Red and Blue.

Not all of us are like that. I'm only a small fan, because some things a about Pokemon I don't like. If you are calling us rude, stubborn, etc, etc, go and do your research. THEN come back. - FennikenFan9

They suck

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11 Sonic Fanbase

I'm not taking about the fans that like sonic for his games, I'm talking about creeps that draw and write creepy fan fiction.

It's like these so called 'fans' never played a classic sonic game, they just watch the godawful sonic x T.V. show or just know the characters and use them for their disgusting fetishes. They disrespect the character and his games in so many levels.

People like this are awful and should stay the hell away from writing and drawing.

They also keep on bashing Mario and Nintendo for no reason, especially after Mario and Sonic got along!
Guys, it's already over! Nintendo and Sega have joined forces because of Microsoft and Sony!

I'm a huge Sonic fan myself, but I say I have done a good job being that I have never interacted with one of... THOSE... Sonic fans. There are fans who are attracted to Sonic in a romantic way. This sickens me to the core. There are also others drawing these awkward pictures that contradict every character in the series. Ew.

Then the final type. The austere "fans" that rebuke everything Sonic Team produces. These aren't fans. They just think they are fans. I appreciate many games and merchandise in this series, with very few items being on my bad side. These fans do not appreciate anything. I wouldn't be surprised if some fans burn what they believe isn't quality Sonic content. These people don't see the positives in the Sonic series anymore (like they ever did).

Look at Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). This is surely a terrible game, but I only saw positives. My rating was higher than others because of my 17/10 soundtrack rating. Do these other people see the positives? No! ...more

Most sonic fans can't even take a joke, either (they are a bunch of idiots)

And worst of all...

THEY WON'T EVEN STOP MAKING DISGUSTING VORE ART AND VORE VIDEOS (I swear, these people need to be washed with Holy Water) - GamerBoyMike

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12 Undertale fans Undertale fans

Holy did this fanbase get horrible. The game itself is amazing, but the fanbase is pure cancer. Please, don't judge this game by its fans give it a shot you'll love it.

The fanbase just gets worst every second, now I HAVE played Undertale and completed every run, the game has really nice soundtrack and loveable characters, but I think the fanbase just loves them too much, seriously what the heck, every time I scroll instagram (or really any social media) there's at LEAST 100 posts related to the game/characters, and MOSTLY THAT CHARACTER IS THE LITTLE BOY SKELETON SANS. EVEN FANGIRLS SAY THEY WANT TO mess SANS WITH HIS (BLUE MAGICAL LIGHTSABER DICK) WHAT. WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THAT IDEA NEEDS TO BE WASHED WITH HOLY WATER. And plus, why would you sexualize those kid-friendly characters (needles to say, Toriel). And ALMOST EVERYONE broke Toby's promise (saying that Toby wishes for anyone to not spoil the game) BUT JACKPOT! 70% OF THE FANDOM DID. Now for anyone who's been living inside a rock or haven't heard of Undertale, BEWARE OF FURRIES, INCEST SHIPS, CHILD PORN, AND SKELETONS

-Sincerely, a normal human being

I wanted to try the game, but the cancerous fanbase drove me away from the game. MY BROTHER, FRIENDS, AND COUSINS WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT! They annoy me by making references and jokes about Undertale that I can't even understand since I don't like the game. My friends literally assault my Skype page with skeletons. In the fanbase, from what I've seen, there's porn EVERYWHERE. People praise the game like it's a religion. There is shipping EVERYWHERE. If you don't like Undertale, they will MURDER YOU. If you play the game wrong, they will send you death threats. The fans are super cancerous. For example, apparently there was an Undertale version of the vocaloid song "Drop Pop Candy". The comment section of cover that a Utaite named Reol sang was assaulted with various cries of "THIS FILLZ MEH WITH DETERMINATION! 11! " and "LEIK IF SANS AND PAPYRUS SENT U HERE! 1! ". No one else cares, Undertale fanbase! The game itself (in my opinion) is super overrated and it's practically Memetown: The ...more

What the hell are all these comics on youtube.

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13 Minecraft Fans

All I said was, "I'm not into Minecraft, I don't have time for that stuff," and everyone freaked out and said," HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT? Minecraft IS THE BEST GAME EVER! "

I'd actually just say "Ah. Alright. What games do you play? " and that's it. - mattstat716

I like Minecraft, but the fans may have ruined it for me. All Minecraft fans do is treat the game like it's God, hate on Terraria just because it's too similar to Minecraft, and when someone says "I hate Minecraft.", you get all over that person's case.

Its not bad if you like it. Its just annoying when its about the only thing you ever talk about.

I'm a minecraft fan and this is offensive.

In all seriousness, minecraft's fandom is actually pretty bad. I play modded minecraft, which has a slightly better community. I also know a thing or 2 about command blocks. I'm not like those guys that get trolled by xboxaddictionz. - 404_name_missing

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14 Rap Fans

Rap fans yesterday liked rap songs which actually told about world problems and how they can fix it.
Rap fans today like soft pornstars who endlessly talk about sex, drugs, money, and cannot sing. Rappers and their fans then call them selves, "religous"

I'm a big rap fan myself. I listen to Eminem's old songs, 2pac, Biggie, Eazy-E, etc. but there are some people who won't get over the fact that 2pac's dead. They just have to face it he's dead okay.

Rap is an abbreviation for Rhythm And Poetry. Poetry isn't about sex, money, and how better you are than everybody else. Although I do listen to rap, I don't listen to the usual kind. I listen to Hamilton and In the Heights, which are two amazing musicals by Lin-Manuel Miranda. My personal favorite rap is Twenty One Pilots. Now THAT is poetry! They saved so many lives with their lyrics and they have such deep meaning!

I'm a huge rap fan, but some people wont get over with the fact that people like x is already dead. He's a good rapper and I pay respect to him, but he is dead already... and there's nothing u can do aboutit

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15 Swifties Swifties

Very rude and disrespectful to others. Quite the braggers and do they realize that's very unbecoming and distasteful. Learn manners. It's fine that you like her and her music but not everyone enjoys her music. Very narrow in their music listening and then to brag as if they know about music with such a narrow understanding. If they had a broader taste they would know there are better, as far as, musical talent and singing ability. To each their own and that does not make people haters. How rude to call everyone a hater. Hates a strong word and do you know every person. Not all of us enjoy her music and otherwise then don't listen and don't care. Not actually haters. Then we got to hear her fans and read what they type even in places where they should not even be. That will make some people just disgusted. Her fans just basically put themselves there by overly bragging and placing all other artists substandard to her. Now that's what I call bullying. Just plain rude I would say!

Come on it's Taylor Swift. She won't stop complaining about a couple of guys who dumped her.

And her fans overreact to her beyond belief! - dudesterravensfan

While I absolutely do not like her music and the fact that almost all of her songs are about breakups and the fact that she overreacted about some of her dancers doing some dancing for Katy Perry (celebrities borrow dancers all the time) like they're not hers technically, I can like her because she's supposed to be pretty nice and the fact that she seemed to have a childhood that I can relate a little to. But I have met a few open-minded Swifties, but yeah a lot of them will bash on you if you say that you don't like her music. - Anonymousxcxc

The pic shown there makes me think whether they're insane or what - shingekicrap

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16 Leafyishere Fans

Leafy is incredibly overrated. He just makes lazy jokes about how he's losing faith in humanity about stupid joke videos. By now, I want to make some joke videos to get him mad, and I would, but I don't have the proper recording material. He talks about how everyone and their mother is "cancer" when he's the main source. It isn't just the commenters that are awful; it's him. This is more than roasting; he's just saying "you make me want to kill myself" over and over again. Cancer and suicide aren't matters to joke about, and the jokes aren't even very good to begin with. I can tell he has a lot of angst that he needs to get out, but at least try to make it entertaining. Leafy is a coward, a cyberbully, a bore, and just a rude person in general. In the unlikely event that Leafy should read this: Bite me.

They have been taking over YouTube comments and flooding them with unoriginal content. Mainly just typing "HISS" onto everything.

Leafy is not that bad, he's kind of entertaining to me, but the one thing I hate him about him the most is the fact he's too lazy to actually tell his fans to stop witch hunting everyone he makes a video on, his fans are the definition of retardation itself, if you even make one negative remark about leafy, you've already got 5,000 death threats from leafy fans, if you disagree with one thing leafy says, you are basically attacked by leafy fans for the rest of you're life, leafy's not horrible, just horribly lazy.

I have no idea what Leafyishere is. - PhoenixAura81

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17 Sports fans

I can't stand these people. Everywhere at my school, all I hear about is just, "Oh, did you see the way Adrian Peterson caught that football? Oh! Did you see last night's game? " No, and I don't care to at all. I don't understand why running with a football, kicking a black and white ball, or bouncing a ball can be so supreme. That's why I'm really quiet at school. And often, it's all they can talk about. Please, I'd rather go watch Sailor Moon or play Super Smash Bros. Those are way more entertaining.

My family loves football, or just soccer, and I could care less. Oh, someone scored a goal? Why don't we cheer so loud that our daughter can't hear her T.V. show?

Seriously, some of my friends bring up sports in our conversations and I just stop them and say Um no. Shut up. If my future husband is a hardcore sports fan, boy what a family we would be...

In America, the sports culture loved way too much, and it's stupid. It's pathetic and a sham. We harbor criminals and allow them to play sports because we invest so much of our money in entertainment.

It’s one thing to like sports. I’m personally not a fan, but I will respect you if you do as long as you return the respect, just like I do for every other fanbase.

However, it’s another thing to be so obsessed to the point you’re screaming every 10 seconds over a game and picking fights with anyone who likes a different team. - 3DG20

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18 Miley Cyrus Fans

People are really going to defend a girl who sings about doing drugs and tries to be as indecent looking as possible onstage? What is this world coming to?

Smilers love Miley that's why they are annoying? They true fan base.

I don't see how smilers are annoying. They love Miley and defend her from haters, it's what every fandom does. Honestly, Miley's haters are way more annoying, like can't they just leave the girl alone and let her do her thing? - smill

What she does is show off her long-ass toungue...

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19 Amourshippers

They bash on other ships and other pokegirls just so they can feel superior. Seriously every shipping in the pokemon fandom has its own share of toxic shippers, but this takes the cake for being the most rude, elitist, obnoxious and annoying shipping fanbase I have ever seen in 8 years. Seriously I'm beginning to regret watching pokemon if it's all about shipping. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I respect people's opinions if they don't mind Ash x Serena shippings, but for me, I hate Amourshipping. I hate Ash and Serena. It's not even a love story. In fact, they never had a relationship in the first place. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was bullied for hating this - mayamanga

I like Serena
I hate Ash
enough said!

20 Barbies

I didn't know that people still pay attention to these.

(We aren't talking about the toy/doll. We're talking about Nikki minaj's fans. - FennikenFan9

The only thing she does is swing her ass into your face.

Barbie is dead. Deal with it. It mystifies me that this franchise still exists. Wait we're talking about Nicki Minaj fans? Who can tell the difference! All music is the same these days!

Guys. It's Nick Minaj. Not Barbie dolls. - Ilovestephanie

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21 Powerpuff Girls Fanbase

If there was ever a franchise that I think needs to be an exception to rule 34 this is it I won't go exactly into what I saw but let's say it wasn't pretty and people say bronies are bad with their fan art and fan fiction at least the main characters look of mature age while the ppg are 5 year olds and should not have rule 34 images of them - Gamer4life

As much as I love this series (at least, the first three seasons of the original show,) it has some of the most unlikable fans. In addition to the shipping and rule 34 (they're 5, why are you drawing that? ,) most people who claim to be fans don't truly understand the show (some say certain characters should be this way or that way, when they're fine the way they are.) The latter point is especially prominent in fanfiction (no, the girls are NOT secretly depressed, and no, none of them are more of less important than the others.)

I don't even know how this fan base could get worse once that Powerpuff Girls reboot gets released. 0_0 - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The fanbase makes new co's every month

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22 Shippers

Crossover shippings are the absolute worst!

One thing that ruins a fandom. They will start a war if you don't like/like a certain ship, seriously the community is so toxic, I'm beginning to veer away from shipping, dear God. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It is fine, as long as they don't ship randomly someone with another one...

Pathetic teenage girls who have no lives, and as such decide to throw characters into shoehorned relationships for their twisted amusement.

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23 Big Brother Fans

Seriously. There are many lunatics within the base.

My mom and sister are Big Brother fans, and I find it annoying. - anonygirl

God, I hope you mean 1984.

To be honest I lost intresrest in Big Brother a long time ago it's so retarded! Everyone on there are idiots and just awful people! And it's boring and repetitive! Trust me when I say this, DO NOT WATCH IT! It is NOT worth it!

24 WWE Fans

Well, I'd say this only applies to a certain group of WWE fans. There are many WWE fans out there that are really good people. What this can apply to is the MARKS (ones who think WWE is not scripted). They revolve around the product, no matter if the writing is trash or excellent. When one performer has a change of heart to being booed, the marks COMPLETELY FORGET about their past. Same applies to being cheered. If you contradict what they say, they will sharply defend their point. They are just sheep following the herder. Ones who know WWE is scripted are people you can actually connect with. I'm a WWE fan. I know it is a SHOW. I connect with fans far and wide. I never get along with marks though. Marks are either children (when it is OK to be a mark) or people who should be kicked off the internet and have a doctor look at them. Stay away from these people.

WWE is STAGED. You read that right, it is all PLANNED.

It's a fact that it's rigged. - Anonymousxcxc

There is a considerable share of pre-pubescent tweens that are crazy about WWE and will hate on you for not liking WWE. They're gonna get even more crazy if you tell them that it's actally rigged - styLIShT

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25 Avatards

That is not a good name for a fanbase. - Garythesnail

What fanbase is this? The James Cameron movie? Avatar: The Last Airbender? The Last Airbender? The Legend of Korra? What is it? - Anonymousxcxc

The movie isn't that good or original. Stop saying it's so original.

What's an "Avatard"? - shingekicrap

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26 Boku no Picophiles

People who like this have serious, serious issues... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

The fans who "love" Boku no Pico. Worst anime ever.

I am ashamed to be an anime fan due to the existence of this pornographic torture device.

Anime in general is great. This is awful! So there should be no shame in being an anime fan. - SelfDestruct

Oh-- that anime where the main character is a boy that looks like a girl due to his hair and face (and wears a sports bra for god knows why)? Yeah, I know it. It should've been named "the porn that doesn't arouse". - Qryzx

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27 Metalheads

Much better then pop music fan bases especially bielebers 1d fans and Selena Gomez fans

Metal is fun. I listen to it quite often. But a good amount of the fans need to lighten up. Seriously. If they're not bandwagoning against Metallica, they're shunting any music they don't consider brutal enough. My friend's former roommate loved metal, but his taste was so biased, it hurt. Basically, you had to have vocals like George Fisher, all the time, in order to qualify as Metal. He wrote off anything else. That included classic bands like Iron Maiden, Pantera, Judas Priest, Slayer... there wasn't one moment I wasn't mentally flipping him off. And that's not to mention all the old school Metalheads who think that anything that comes out after the 80's is terrible. Like the people who dismiss some very talented acts like Evile or Havok as reThrash hacks. Seriously, if you're one of these people, get your head out your ass. Was Metal not allowed to continue after 1990?

I'm a metal fan myself and it's a great genre. But I hate the 'elitists' who take it upon themselves to hate on anyone who likes certain bands. They act like thrash metal and heavy metal are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY different types of music, with NO similarities whatsoever. Dividing bands into different sub-genres of metal does not make them unique or different at all. - VaultDude101

I like how we don't really have any stereotypical fans, and how diverse the audience is. (Sorry if English is bad)

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28 Philadelphia Sports Fans

My family is a philadelphia sports fan. I don't care about sports and my family is rude and don't EVER care about me and they insult me constantly. About my family not even caring about me sometimes I have to HURT myself for their attention. You maybe thinking that's just my family. All the other Philly fans are obnoxious as they are. - spodermanfan1000

Flyers fans especially are obnoxious, rude, and sore loser pigs.

700 Level, enough said.

76ers are a pretty damn good franchise

Why does Cleveland have bad franchises?
Cause God hates Cleveland.

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29 Pokemon Go Fans

Pokemon go should be duppied it's so crap. The majority of this fan base haven't played an actual pokemon game they just jumped on the bandwagon. One even said pokemon go is better than the handheld games - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

People are not dying because of the app, it's because their stupid.

What ticks me off is that kid that sings " I play Pokemon go everyday" song in a annoying voice that makes me want to rip all of my hair out. - Picklesthekitten45

People still play Pokemon Go? - Raizen

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30 Creepypasta Fans

I like Jeff the Killer's story, that's it. 12 year old girls are saying that they're married to Jeff! I will assure you if Jeff was real he would not marry you, he'd shank you till there's nothing left of your organs... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I remember on the news hearing about two girls stabbing another girl in the name of Slenderman. THAT is how far the fanbase goes. - Nirocart

See, Jeff the Killer is but one of many creepypastas, which in essence are just spooky stories. Nothing wrong with a little campfire horror. Plus the two girls stabbing another girl over the slenderman thing was most likely a product of mental issues. They could have done it in the name of anything.

Creepypasta is dead - Flowerrose

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31 Adventure Time Fans

Great show (although they're going a really "weird" direction now). The fans are obnoxious. They look too deep into parts that aren't meant to be looked that deeply into. They have crazy fan theories. These theories usually come true because the show is very progressive and the writers cater fan service (which is a good thing in this case). However, the fans feel very "proud" for predicting a very easily predictable plot twists from overly subtle foreshadowing.

Honestly, if I hear another person say that this is the best show ever because,"Finn says mathematical," in a way that is going to be outdated in a few years, I will punch someone in the throat. Seriously, talk about bandwagon, these fans share their amount of embarrassing fan art as any sonic or brony fan. What pisses me off even more are the people who think that saying a bunch of outdated lines and having a supposedly "dark" back story instantly makes a good show, just as long as everyone else watches it.

I like the show but this is obviously a love it or hate it show. I like to call it my guilty pleasure. - hurjelert

I actually don't mind the show, but I've heard the fandom is not the best. - Lunala

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32 Squidward Fans

Honestly, Squidward is the only sane one in a world full of insanely low-intelligence fish. I always felt bad for him whenever Spongebob dragged the poor guy into his unbelievable shenanigans. I actually like Squidward. - Syzygy

The strange thing is that when I was younger, I liked SpongeBob, now I am an adult, I feel like Squidward and find him incredibly annoying. So I guess I am a fan but I don't see how they are annoying.

I thought no one liked Squidward. Plus, how would they be annoying?

I do not think a certain character of a show has a fanbase. - anonygirl

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33 Family Guy Fans

This show is pretty bad (and I never really thought it was all that great it was kind of okay and had potential when it started, and then progressively got worse and worse), but it's got some of the most obnoxious fans I've ever seen. People who call people who hate the show for its mean-spiritedness and stupid, immature humor "too sensitive," but being a grown adult (or a teenager, which is close enough) and complaining because not everyone likes your favorite cartoon pretty much seems like the definition of "too sensitive" to me.

They are so stupid and retarded! They said The Simpsons is a ripoff.



Family Guy used to be funny, but then it turned into complete liberal propaganda and all the characters started to become unlikable as the series progressed.

And, if it would be republican propaganda, you would be worshipping it while ignoring all it's faults. - LemonComputer

I am wondering how Family Guy is even still airing, the show has significantly declined in quality and all the humor in the show has gotten pretty stale. Family Guy as we know died a long time ago. - Raizen

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34 Twihards

I have nothing against people liking a certain franchise or whatever... Even if it's technically bad.

I do, however, have a problem when the same exact people act like psychopaths... Indeed: This fan base is a great example of such a thing.

Granted, in recent years (at least since 2013) Twilight has gotten a dropping fanbase and has even gained more criticism than ever before. However, as we all know, the left overs are still on the plate.

First off: Twilight itself is terrible. Again, nothing against the people who like it, but still. The story's not that good, the concept (while somewhat promising) turned out to be very awful, and the characters were horrendous... In fact, that is pretty much the most criticized part of Twilight. This whole thing alone is a big fat middle finger towards the entire Vampire/Werewolf Genre... Look, if your gonna use them in a different way: That's completely fine!... Just be careful with it. Sadly, the author of Twilight thought ...more

This should be in one of the Top 10 why is it down here?
Oh don't get me started on Twilight and Twihards. They're like the Beliebers of the films and literature fanbases. Many Twihards I never get along with because they hate me because I don't like what they like. I only get along with a small portion of the fanbase. Just like many Beliebers, they don't respect different opinions. It's because they think that it's impossible to hate Twilight when there's nothing in this world that never gets hate. They're so full of themselves. They think that anyone who hates Twilight deserves to die. Some Twihards are so obsessed that they tried to kill people for not liking Twilight. A girl threw HCl at a boy for admitting that he doesn't like Twilight. She asked him if he likes it and he said no. A girl shot a rocket flare at a group of kids who were bashing Twilight and she hit one of them. The kid she shot apparently got third degree burns after she shot him. A girl threw a brick at an ...more

I have true writter"s block for this one. Twilight is awful, it doesn't vampires and werewolves justice at all. The fans are awful. In fact I've heard attempts at murder because someone doesn't like they're movie. Why aren't they higher? I haven't had any experiences. - dudesterravensfan

Twihard is just a 2 year old saying "tryhard". - J0

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35 Toronto Maple Leafs Fans

I live nearby Toronto, and of course you'd see a lot of those kinds of people.

No wonder they ended up as the most hated team in the NHL.

Only the ones who think there the most amazing team ever. They may have one a lot of Stanley Cups, but that was years ago.

Ok, this team has not won a Stanley Cup in 50 years. Don't get me started on the fan base. - Randomteenager

36 California Fans

It is okay to have a preference on a certain state or region. However, it is really annoying when people go on and on about how California is the best state ever and hate and disrespect people who don't like California. - anonygirl

Why is this on the list?! what is wrong with people liking a certain state?

A lot of people that like California tell others to get a life if they dislike California. Not all California fans are bad, but a lot are judgmental. - anonygirl

A state has a fanbase?

California's not even that great

This is coming from a person who has liven in California their whole life

37 Sky Army

Oh my god, people will not shut up for a full minute about this dumb ass.
People screaming "BUDDER! " in the most obnoxious, spine breaking and downright annoying ways. sky himself provides no intellectual content even remotely, they're always the same parkour videos. even when he described mods, even that was more tolerable. and with all the flare and bluster of a 6 year old dominating the monkey bars they assert that what you think makes you a hater, jealous, or both. look ass, you aren't even making an argument. if a hater's definition is someone who hates something, then that means we all are. shut up and get your miserable little ass off the internet. sky doesn't even care about his fans! On his server, the default text for a new joiner is almost black and un-seeable!

Here's a tip! Play earthbound, and call ness "Budder"
At the end of the game, giygas will sound like a Sky Army dude. - 404_name_missing

I was playing my normal game, super smash mobs. When I chose the squid class everyone got mad at me just because I like the skin class. So when we started the game everyone was targeting me just because they were fans. I'm not one of those ignorant people that get mad over targeting, but they kept on cussing at me and you name it.

My god. I don't really like his videos and I think he is a little annoying, but his fans! There is actually a video where sky said not to talk about it on other channels. and they did NOT listen. I would not be surprised if a large portion of them are pewdiepie fans too! - hurjelert

In my opinion there are better youtubers out there. Ones that don't scream "BUDDER" every 5 seconds. - Lunala

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38 Suicide Squad Fans

I HATE Harley Quinn's progression throughout the growth of DC Comics... and this just was the straw that broke the camel's back (though her actor kicked ass and didn't bother taking names... she tore a muscle in her ribs and continued to do stunts! )

39 Apple Fanbois

I'm shocked that this one has so many dislikes. In my opinion, ANY technical fan base has ways it's annoying. Linux, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, you name it. - 1337

Wait til this one gets down voted a lot and the Android fanboys increase on this list...

They literally talk about a new apple product like " the iPhone 7 is going to out today! Ah"

Look at these Assdroid fanboys saying stupid crap

They are just stating their opinions. Can't handle it, then get off the internet kid. - Jessicarabbit

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40 Rosalina Fangirls

The Rosalina fanbase can be a pretty annoying fanbase. First of all, don't accuse me of being a "hater" or a Daisy fangirl. Rosalina isn't one of my favorite characters, but she isn't the worst. All characters deserve respect (well in most cases)
One thing that makes the Rosalina fanbase annoying are the people who praise her like a god. Rosalina is a space princess who is powerful and has a unique personality, and a back story. I'm just saying she shouldn't be praised this much. Basically I'm talking about people who are like "Rosalina is the queen of everything". Sure, she is powerful, but still.
Next we have the people who create fan-art. Some fan-art isn't that bad. Some fans make sexual fan art that is pretty inappropriate. Sure, most (if not, all) fanbase have these people. Just look up "Rosalina" on DeviantArt. I did that once. Not a fun experience. There's also fans that obsess about her "sexiness" and stuff. Rosalina is a fictional character, and she's like hundreds of ...more

Daisy's worse. They complain about Rosalina being in every game when she had more importance. And no Rosalina is so Space Peach. She's unique. I do agree that Rosalina's are bad but now Daisy's are worse. They do threatened Peach fans and telling them that they wanna kill them. So yeah this proves my point. The only reason why people complain about her being everywhere is because of that stupid theory on YouTube it's not from MatPat. And why isn't Rosalina haters on this list?! They're way terrible and annoying especially on Deviantart.

They will never ever stop gushing about this 'goddess like queen'.

Actually the fan base is not that bad. Daisy fans just overreact - Randomator

Yep - ParkerFang

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41 2010s Fans

I am talking about the people who think that everything (from events to pop culture) of this decade is awesome, but everything from all the other decades are too old and gross.

Any decade fan is annoying. - anonygirl

They say decades in the 20th century is boring and they hate on songs on YouTube just because they are from the 80s. Seriously, shut the hell up!

Just wait a decade or two. - MrCoolC

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42 SVTFOE Fans

There's so much wrong with Mewberty fans. In fact, here's 10 things I hate about them:

1) They obsess over the episode and watch nothing else.

2) They are OBSESSED with both yaoi and yuri, even though the show isn't an anime.

3) They claim she is original, bit it's a ripoff of Something.

4) They are collapsing on each other.

5) All of them ship anyone imaginable.

6) If you say anything bad about Mewberty, and nice things about boys, they will shred you to pieces.

7) Their "Camps", which are boring and are a disgrace to good shows (like there's a bunch of Total Drama Big Brother camps)

8) All they ever do is bash fans of good shows.

9) All of them watch annoying object shows.

10) They make boring fanfictions. - TheKirbyCreeper999

Like Frozen fans, they think Star vs the Forces of Evil is the best thing in the world. First of all, the show is horrible. It is Johnny Test, but with a princess instead. Second, the fans keep posting inappropriate fan-art. Third, they think it is the best show ever and bashes other shows (Gravity Falls).

This show is Sailor Moon on drugs. There is nothing special to it. So why make a big deal of it?

People go nuts over this show because it's Disney. Anything made by Disney nowadays are nothing but big sellout cash cows. I think Disney is bribing critics and fans to give their work all the good reception they're getting these days... (come on, why? There is more to pop culture than just Disney, you know)

Of course this is here, because what wouldn’t have haters? But everyone enjoys it because it actually got more better than its old times and the haters are decreasing.

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43 Furries

The only bad thing about this fan base is the excessive amount of porn. The actual fans tend to keep to themselves and are almost never seen unless you directly search them up.

My friend is a furry and I respect him but I don't respect the idea of him in a relationship with my pet lizard - HothouseDesign

They have loads of disturbing porn they post all around social media

I am one but for The Backyardigans and no I don't do porn of The Backyardigans. I am not like those furries. - Ilovestephanie

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44 Kardashian Fans

The only reason why they're so popular is because they defended a quarterback suspected for murder and a sex tape.

This family actually deserves fans?! NO WAY!

The people that for some reason worship "Celebrities" (If you want to call them that) like gods among men, while they do absolutely nothing for any of us.

This gets my vote, this family is toxic and their fans are copying their shallowness

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45 Console Fans

Always debating on which console is better who cares everyone their own opinion.

Honestly any fanbase with electronic gaming systems are bad, not all bad but just the amount of bad that makes you question everything about why technology exists, console fans always debate on which console is better like ps4 and xbox one, but when both of them equally have the same amount of flaws and pros neither of them are better, then you have pc fans who brag about how stupid console fans are compared to them because they "don't debate on pcs" when they do the same thing with apple and microsoft, the point is some console fans are mindless debaters who hate people who disagree with them and pc fans do the same thing but they are hypocrites.

They bash on a better thing: PC.

They are always arguing what's better PS4 or Xbox one not caring about the originals or pc

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46 Teen Titans Go Fans

This show is actually underrated, since nobody one I know seems to like it.

This show is just depressing teen titans has been rendered a joke, quite literally, and its not even funny.

I hate Teen Titans Go and this show has was many fans or less fans or whatever - GenoKenneth

Does this even HAVE a fanbase?

Yes. It has one fan. "Johnny T" or something.

Probably the only reason the show is still going. - mattstat716

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47 Bandwagon Fans

These people are the most annoying thing in the world. They are normally the ones who join a fandom and say, "I've been here since the beginning! " When, in all actuality, they joined because their friend's friend has a boyfriend who has a sister who really liked it and would rant about it. When you ask these people about their fandom, they don't know ANYTHING. You can find these people in almost every fandom, but more so in others. *cough cough* fnaf *cough cough* And, a lot of the time, they do something really bad and stupid, which gives the whole fandom a bad name. Some fandoms wouldn't be on this list if it weren't for those idiots.

I have no respect for bandwagon fans

Only cheer for winning teams.Then abandon them because they lose in the playoffs. The fan base is really lame (cough Golden State,cough Patriots) - Randomator

Mainly sports fans. These people only like a team if they’re winning, but then the minute they lose, they throw their jersey out. - 3DG20

48 9/11 "Truthers"

Has anyone ever though of the possibility that it was just a TERRORIST ATTACK!?

Need I say more?

Wait. People that glorify Osama Bin Laden. God help us.

First I see beliebeirs which made me cringe then I saw telletubbies and my faith in humanity flew until it hit outside humanity then I see that there is a 9/11 fan base I wanted to through my self out till I reach the sun

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49 Boston Sports Fans

Worse then Pittsburgh Sports fans

50 Simmers

I dunno. The Simmers aren't really all that bad from what I've seen. The only Simmers I've ever disliked were the ones on YouTube comments for a Sims LP. "MAKE HIM GAY! MAKE HER GAY! MAKE THEM ALL GAY! MAKE HER GOTH! MAKE HIM EMO! MAKE THEM ALL THE THINGS! "

The sims doesn't have a fan base...

I'm sorry. I mean it does, just they probably mean the 13 year old girls who like it

The sims! The only game where you can make someone pink and as fat as kirby with emo clothes! - mattstat716

13 year old girls really ruined this game

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