One Directioners


I'm a guy and I like them (I'm not gay). I like them because they can actually sing. But a couple of their fans are straight up annoying. Most fangirls only care about their looks, not their singing. Looking good is important but that's not how you should be famous for being a singer. You should be famous for being very talented. And then we have this so called "Larry Stylinson Theory" (in which people think Harry and Louis are gay for each other). I'm ashamed to admit, it's actually kinda fun shipping them. But then, it started getting too far. Currently, they went on hiatus that seemed almost permanent. They're supposed to return after a year but because of these "Larry Shippers", it went longer. Harry and Louis are completely distancing from each other and so are the other members just because of this stupid theory. Even worse, this theory even tried making people believe Louis Tomlinson's baby is fake. These fans aren't even fans. They're zombies! If you're a real fan, you will ...more

I deal with these guys on almost a daily basis. They're really rude. They criticize and make fun of other fan bases while they should just love their fan base and keep to themselves. After all, they are there to love one direction not hate everyone else.

So I'm a fan, but I don't even want to be in the fandom because its horrible. Everyone is so immature and annoying and they make me want to scratch my eyeballs out. For example, when Louis got his baby boy, people still keep saying that his son is a doll and all that crap. Seriously, it is so annoying and I hate being in this fandom. Whenever things don't go their way, they get mad and try to twist the story the way they wanted it to be. Another thing is, people always blame the Larries. Which I think is stupid, even though I'm not a Larry shipper. It is so easy to blame someone else, and the Larries are always the victims. I'm only there for the music, the fans piss me off too much. They need to grow up.

I hate when people say that One Direction are not thankful. I went to a One Direction concert in August 2014 and after almost every song they stopped just to say thank you over and over again because 4 years ago they didn't even know each other AND LOOK WHERE THEY ARE AT NOW! I do agree that some directioners can be very horrible, but not all of us are like that, and you can't be mad at the band for things that they don't even do. They are so great full and haven't done anything wrong.

I would honestly like One Direction a little more (i'm not a fan of them, but they are okay) if it wasnt for their ridiculous fans. They are out of control, extremely rude, and need to get their priorities straight. Every damn thing ticks them off.They have zero respect for other hard working artists. I can't wait for the day that they realize what jerks they are - dragonfly99

Some of my friends are 'directioners' but its all they talk about. They also make DISTURBING sexual fantasies about the 'band'. I can't stand directioners.

I'm a directioner, but even I have to admit that most of the members of this fanbase are absolutely crazy. I mean, sure, liking their songs are okay, memorizing the lyric is fun, but do we have to know EVERY single little fact? My friends screamed at me when I told them that I have no idea how many tattoos they have... ugh.

My friend asked me to get her the merchandise and actually took her phone out during school and hid it in her bag to write down the songs she had and got until I think 41 or something (1D made 66 songs as my friend said) and started calling herself a carrot (carrots are fake one direction fans) which I had to tell her she isn't. Also the time where zayn left was kind of... Uhh... Over the top? I'm not sure but the fans of 1D at my school started crying and the people who are always up to date about what happens in the celebrity world were asking to use my phone to look at what happened. Also in my school they always put the easy names for the math or science questions so whenever we see the name Harry or something that looks like the band members name, some people just start looking at the nearest directioner to them and see their reactions which is thanks to the directioners I can't see Harry the same again. Luckily there's Harry Potter. Maybe this is why I hate to be fans of real ...more

My best friend is one, she kicked me when I said they suck I said that because she said ariana grande sucks I'm really sad because she doesn't respect me as a tiny elephant

Before you offend me and give me thumbs down because I consider whoever does that a troll, I hate one direction more than I Hate Justin Bieber - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

They will act like you're the Antichrist and hurt vile insults at you if you say anything about them that doesn't come down to "I worship them". But the fad is long sense over, and I get the feeling these fans have come to regret their actions. - fred69

I hope One Direction soars in the wind! However, their fans get very counterproductive. One fan I interacted with believed since Zayn left, ZERO of the One Direction fans now follow him. Oh that did it, I'm done.

When you offend them, they make up these long, lame, and just STUPID comebacks which don't even combat the opposing argument well.

I love one direction's music, but the thing that lets them down? Their fans!

Please never stoop to the level of comparing the Beatles to One Direction. There is no reason you should ever have to.

Their reactions to anything associated with their "boys" are so extreme that it's hard to tell wether or not they're trolling...

Every little thing pisses the "Directioners" off. Like they try to force you to like 1D and if you don't, you're completely shunned. Don't get me wrong, 1D is fine but it's the annoying fans that really piss the rest of us off. They should just keep to themselves and let the rest of us enjoy our lives.

Some of them just so mean. I love 1D but their fans are really rude

And now they keep bawling that Zayn left the band. - Garythesnail

I don't pay attention to boy bands because, tch, who needs boys when you have video games, money, free trip to Disneyland and other celebrities?

I can stand One Direction even though I don't like them but the fans just push me to my limit. Easily triggered by every negative thing you say.

They think their opinions are far superior ours.

Yeah! They are so annoying! They don't take opinions from other fan bases...

They bash you if you don't know the 1D guys middle names, birthdays, fears, favorite foods, favorite colors, and other stupid things. I ain't got the time to stalk these men.

Got watch a video by girl called amy stone man on why she hates 1d. It's hilarious and the video where she hits back at the directioners has got to be the best comeback video on you tube