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261 Hookers/Captain Hook fans

Hookers are people who are fans of Captain Killian "Hook" Jones from the T.V. show Once Upon a Time. Hook was a pretty cool character at first, but now he's simply a useless love interest who does absolutely nothing to the show but smile and look pretty. They can literally replace him with a shoelace and the show would be no different. But that doesn't stop Hookers from going insane every time his name is mentioned. Seriously these people, mostly rabid fangirls, will defend this character with their life. They justify every thing he does by saying "It was an act of True Love! " Seriously, this guy can stab a puppy in the eye with his hook and they will somehow make it seem like a good thing. At this point he's just fan service. He's just there to cater the fangirls because he's hot. That's the only good thing about him. He's hot, that's it, yet Hookers still love from him.

262 Vine Fans

What an overused monster. I'm also really sick of people making fun of my fancy black dress shoes.

263 School Fans

lol what?

What? Is this even a sort of fandom?... ok, that's new... I guess

I don't think school has a fanbase. Most people I know hate school. - anonygirl

264 Teen Titans Fans

These are the types of people that say that the original T.V. show was the good and it was awesome. But the Teen Titans Go! show destroyed everything.

I like the original so I respect your opinion(s) - mayamanga

Shut up and stop complaining.

They are like in their teenage years or in their 20s. They keep complaining over that Johnny Test and TTG! ruined lives of childhood and such. That sucks.

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265 TheTopTens Haters
266 Gamergaters

Just deilusional

267 Ku Klux Fans

What is wrong with society these days - doodie

They're racist.

Should be way higher - Picklesthekitten45

268 CimFam

Cimorelli fangirl are like 13, 14, 15, or 16. Possibly like their music a lot.

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269 Saints Row Fans

Saint's Row fans? More like "Satan's Row! " All they want is for the franchise to stay "gangsta" without realizing that there are OTHER players who enjoy SR3 and SR4. These fanboys don't know the actual settings of the games are like unless they EXPERIENCE them in real life. Anyone get my point?

270 Mixel Fans
271 Heavy Metal Haters

I know I like heavy metal.

272 School of Rock (TV Show) Haters
273 Dead Actor Defenders

I'm sick of people always giving me crap when I say I don't like certain actors by always bringing up the fact that they're dead. Seriously, does being dead mean you have an immunity to being disliked or something?

274 Emo Culture Fans
275 Pokemon Newgenners

Yep. Still like Platinum best.

Just as bad as genwunners, Pokemon newgenners hate the old Pokemon and only like the new ones.

276 WatchMojo Fans

WatchMojo makes bad and biased lists, but these fans never see it

277 Pokemon Shipping Fandom

This sort of thing worries me. I mean people GENUINELY go and ship magical creatures with very little personality to go on, how does someone get up one day and go "I know, I'll ship pikachu and bulbasaur on Facebook! " How do people do it?

I really don't pay attention to the shipping anyway. It's just so annoying. I enjoy pokemon WITHOUT shippings involved

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278 Super Minecraft Kid Fans


279 Vladimir Putin Fans V 1 Comment
280 Caillou Fans

Wait...caillou has fans? What is wrong with this world?

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