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341 The Thundermans Fans
342 The Haunted Hathaways Fans
343 Henry Danger Fans
344 Big Time Rush Fans
345 Robot and Monster Fans

How can this show have fans? This show didn't even get to season 2.

More specifically, those fans of godzilla and ultraman. While I love both of those things to DEATH (yes, I'm a hypocrite) I'm not one of those arrogant asss who wants attention like any of those jerks.

346 West Virginia Mountaineer Fans

I live in western Maryland, so I have to put up with this a lot. God help me. - Scorpio

Voted worst fan base by sports illustrated

347 Football Fans

They call anyone not real Americans if they say they simply dislike it.
They make a big deal out of a game.
Sports are just games is the way I see it.
And finally they think that everyone watches it (a lot of people do but not everyone)

348 Jigglypuff Fanboys

If you say somewhere that you hate Jigglypuff, you'll get harassed by butthurt fanboys. They even get upset if Jigglypuff's not called as a "she".

349 Fire Breathers (Imagine Dragons)

Whoever put this on here needs to understand people have there own opinion I am a fire breather but I like all music. Well, except rap

Uh, I don't think we're annoying? I've never seen anyone be rude, if so let me know...

350 Radioheads

Radiohead is a really good band. I guess they're a bit weird, but in an innovative way. However, they have awesome vocals, guitar, bass, lyrics, etc. Honestly I don't even think anyone hates Radiohead, which almost every one of their albums is considered one of the greatest albums ever. I know some fans besides myself and none are really annoying, even to people who aren't big fans.

351 Game of Thrones Fans

This is only here because there are some that force others to watch the show, I like the show and the season 6 finale was awesome, but if someone does not want to watch it, don't force them too.

It's a good show and the fan base is fine... Why is this here?

352 Monkey Fangirls
353 The Fairly OddParents Fans
354 Yoyo Fans
355 Smosh fans

Retards with no sense of humour

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356 Homer Simpson Fans V 1 Comment
357 Anti-Cosmo Fans

If you're talking about Cosmo in Sonic X, then yes, Cosmo haters are awful because they want Tails to be with Cream, which has zero percent chance of having a canon relationship.

Truth to be told, Tails loves Cosmo, has no interest in Cream.

Who doesn't like Cosmo? He's the best character in Fairly Odd Parents. - lorivega777

Lorivega is the only one here with a brain

358 Wanda Wendy Fans
359 SkyDoesMinecraft Haters

I'm pretty sure those are just ordinary people.

360 Kid vs. Kat Kid vs. Kat Kid vs. Kat is a Canadian animated television series developed and produced at Studio B Productions, in association with YTV and Jetix Europe for its first season and Disney XD Europe for its second season.
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