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81 Twenty One Pilots Fans

Like, chill out, I know you love 'em and all that, but I don't need to hear it every damn 5 minutes.

I love Twenty One Pilots, but OH MY GOD! A large portion of the fanbase is insane. - JamesBourne

In terms of their tween girl fanbase, they're turning into the next One Direction

THIS SHOULD BE UP HIGHER! 81, really... It's even below "2016 fans". The Clique is the most cringey fanbase you'll ever find. They act like twenty one pilots is the only band in existence. They throw tantrums over people spelling their name like "21 pilots" when it's just a simpler way to type their name. They romanticize mental illness and think they're edgy with their "stay alive" moto. The music isn't even that good. 21p win awards that we all know they shouldn't get especially for catagories that they don't belong in. They even won an apma for "best fanbase" which is ridiculous. The fanbase acts like it so unique when Tyler raps, but 21p isn't the only alternative band that uses rap (hint: Linkin Park, Gym Class Heroes).

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82 9/11 "Truthers"

Has anyone ever though of the possibility that it was just a TERRORIST ATTACK!?

Need I say more?

Wait. People that glorify Osama Bin Laden. God help us.

First I see beliebeirs which made me cringe then I saw telletubbies and my faith in humanity flew until it hit outside humanity then I see that there is a 9/11 fan base I wanted to through my self out till I reach the sun

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83 Squidward Fans

Honestly, Squidward is the only sane one in a world full of insanely low-intelligence fish. I always felt bad for him whenever Spongebob dragged the poor guy into his unbelievable shenanigans. I actually like Squidward. - Syzygy

The strange thing is that when I was younger, I liked SpongeBob, now I am an adult, I feel like Squidward and find him incredibly annoying. So I guess I am a fan but I don't see how they are annoying.

I thought no one liked Squidward. Plus, how would they be annoying?

I do not think a certain character of a show has a fanbase. - anonygirl

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84 Xbox Fanboys

Xbox should be number one all the Xbox fans do is to sit at a chair and scream into their mic while they are playing Call of Duty.

I hate how they all think that the only games that are worth anything are all the shooter games

Oddly enough, I've found exactly zero PlayStation gamers who share the same problems as XBox gamers... interesting... - Syzygy

I prefer PS3 And Xboxes are crappy becuase of the red ring of death.

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85 Kanye West Fans
86 Finding Dory Fans/Haters

Take A Math Quiz, And There - VideoGamefan5

I went to Petco 2 hours ago, it just opened today, and I noticed a clownfish. Then, this 4-8 year old came up to the clownfish and said "NEMO! " and another girl saw a blue fish and said "DORY! ! " Fish are being invaded by being called nemo and dory, it needs to stop - TeamRocket747

87 ReactToThat Fans

This new show ReactToThat based off YouTube's fine bros may turn people into idiotic jerks by becoming "fans" of the new "show".

88 Jacob Sartorius Fans

Do I even have to explain myself for saying that Jacob Sartorius fans are just horrible

Jacob's sweatshirt song is so derpy

I was at his school, words cannot describe how annoying he and his fans were. - doodie

Like Beliebers on Monster Energy Drink. - Syzygy

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89 Little Monsters

I know that Little Monsters are annoying but if you look at the Madders (Madonna fans) They are in each other Gaga video and insult her like she is a flop, etc. They are comparing Gaga and Madonna since 2010. So, if you don't believe me you should check one of Gaga's Videos Comments or Channels.

I'm a fan of Gaga since 2009, but I'm ashamed to say I'm a lil' monster, they are so stupid and boring, everything Gaga does they want to do too. - born2bubble

Little Monsters are so rabid and if you give Gaga any sort of criticism they go ape on you.

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90 Victorious Fans

This was a good show, but I don't see the fan base being bad. I think the only reason this is on the list is because of Ariana Grande becoming big recently.

Did Nickelodeon really think that Teens would watch this?

I watched victorious when I was younger but it doesn't have a fanbase anymore since the show barely airs

Five years ago I would have agreed. I would not anymore because the show and fanbase no longer exist. - anonygirl

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91 Cartoon Fans

Oh yeah because there is lots of people that do not like at least ONE cartoon, everybody likes one, ergo this is saying everybody sucks, touché.

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92 GoAnimate Fans

I'm a GoAnimate fan and I can't stand these "grounded videos". They are the most annoying type of videos on YouTube. I want to do something creative using the GoAnimate4Schools website rather than making a grounded video out of Caillou.

Stupid kids who have a fetish for grounding Caillou. They portray him as some kind of teenager, but say he's FOUR.

Extremely annoying fanbase who rehash everything. - Swellow

Do they HAVE to say "GROUNDED" 1000 times? - Lunala

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93 '10s Fans

I'm talking about the people who praise everything that came during the 2010's just because it came from that decade. Those that bash everything that was made before 2010 just because it's old. You might not think this fan base exists, but it's out there. - anonygirl

94 Weeaboos

I like anime, but these people like anime too much.

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, their opinion is the only one that matters. Say anything even remotely negative about their favorite anime, and they throw a fit, while at the same time bashing any anime but their favorite. If I hear "Goku could beat Jesus in a fight" one more time, I'm going to lose it.

I watch anime. But I do not use Japanese phrases in every single sentence.

And if I see someone do the ninja thing with their hands or say desu one more time I will hurt them.

And yet they still defend Japan's war crimes in WW2. Smh. Even though I'm asian (filipino), I reallt cannot stand these weebs at all

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95 World of Warcraft

Actually, most of what that was said is false. Pretty much every guy I know, including my boyfriend, aren't fat white dudes living in they're parents basement. Actually maybe if you played the game and talked to some people, you'd know hats just stereotypical and that a lot of them actually live on their own or with their girl friend. They may be a little over weight but it's not like they sit on the game for hours to days at a time. They have a life. Oh and by the way, girls play too. Just saying. And I have a life. I do agree the fan base is annoying but stop being stereotypical.

If you play World of Warcraft, then you are most likely unable to define the meaning of the word, "life".
I feel bad for the person below, they voted on this just so that they could run their heavily breathing mouth to complain, further saturating their keyboard with the lard and sweat that has been accumulating and solidifying over the years.

Seriously about 75% of warcraft players are fat, white, live in they're moms basement, and haven't had a kiss yet (that's not realated to them). I kid you not these guys should really go get a life. That is all. - dudesterravensfan

Blizzard sucks! Deal with it!

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96 RWBY Fans

I love the show, but the fandom is one of the craziest I've ever seen. Severe lack of critical thinking skills, misrepresentation of the story and demonization of the writers based on trivial things such as the races of the characters are the norm (and the claims that these are legitimate criticisms). Not to mention that rabid bumblebee shippers constantly try to spin the show to misconstrue Blake and Yang's close friendship to romance and marginalize the romantic moments that Blake and Sun have had in the show AND assert it as canon.

I agree. RWBY is one of my favorite shows ever, but what I hate the most is that it has a really terrible fandom. A vast majority (if not nearly most) fans are either a bunch of rabid yuri/yaoi fans and complains about the relationship between certain characters such as 'Blake and Sun' in which a lot of people complain that it is literally ''forced'' without proof or explanation. What they don't realize is that RoosterTeeth doesn't care what the fans want, that is the truth. They don't want the show to be how the fans want it, they want the show to be how Monty envisioned it. A lot of people in the fandom don't seem to understand this, sadly. - Raizen

My sister loves this series. But I hate how people even consider it to be an anime! It's made in America, people! We don't need another Avatar situation! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They should be number 1 on this list.

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97 Liv and Maddie Fans

Just look at Disney1994, he whines and wishes to die just because others dislike the show. Childish, isn't it? - MLPFan

Jesus, this should be number 1 on the list, even above Beliebers. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

98 Selenators

Selena can be nice but fans! Nah they thinks selena is the only one singer. If anyone say her one of of song is not so well or bad they are like "oh my gosh you don't have good taste in music, you are sucks, go cut your self blah blah blah. How stupid!

Selenators suck dick just like Selena probably one of the rudest fan base in the history of fan bases

Yeah her fans are so annoying.

Selenators aren't annoying, Selena's haters are

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99 Android Fanboys

Ironically, each fan base invites the other to attack them. I own and use an android phone, but I'd like an iPhone. I appreciate the user-friendly iPhone but I also appreciate the well organized Android phones. It shouldn't really matter. Let people have opinions on whatever phone they're more comfortable using. If people want to shove their opinion on you, ignore it. Honestly, people don't realize they can walk away from a problem and it wouldn't bother them as much.

Yea they're so dumb on many levels

I can't stand them. I just want to SMASH their Crappy turd like phones

I was laughing so hard when the note 7 exploded which made them cry so hard...take that's what u get for making fun of apple

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100 Whovians

Whovians are the worst. If you ever say anything bad about Doctor Poo you will end up on an episode of dateline. I don't get the appeal of the show. I watched it and absolutely nothing makes sense. Everyone in this godforsaken show about a time traveling alien talks in these stupid metaphors and despite the show going on for years the special effects look bad! It literally looks like The Power Rangers from the 90s. The fan base sucks and show show sucks!

I hate this fan base! My fiancé is one and when I told him politely that "it's not my thing" and he goes and pretty much tells to screw off, that's how I started hating. And I said it to other fans too and their like "oh, don't talk to me" and stat snubbing me even when I try to explain myself. They bullied me to the point where I had a panic attack one night because of the words they said- not cool

I NEVER SAID it was a bad show, I just don't see what's so great about it. Thanks to the fans I now consider it the worst think I've ever had the misfortune to know, I get along better with the MLP people better than these guys, that's just sad.


I'm a fan of the show, and I'm watching it right now, but some of the fans over react if someone talks about the show with a different opinion

I like the show, it's creative.
That's all. - naFrovivuS

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