Most Annoying Fan Bases

Let's face it, some fanbases are incredibly annoying. Whether it's music, sports, games, movies, shows whatever. Some just absolutely need to shut up.

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81 The Invader Zim Fan Base

The shippers, MY GOD! Are SO stupid and annoying! Completely DELUSIONAL! This show is NOT about romance! How is it that anyone would even think to ship these characters together!?!? Firstly, alien-on-human romance is disgusting! Secondly, robots aren't capable of having romantic relationships/feelings, even if they can have other emotions and feelings. Thirdly, NONE of the characters are the least bit interested in romance. Let me repeat, these shippers have got to be THE most delusional. Ever. They think two characters that are sworn enemies, that hate each others guts and want to kill each other, that are two different SPECIES...somehow have a 'thing' for each other or are 'deep down' interested in each other sexually/romantically? Thank God, the series creator, Jhonen Vazquez, confirmed he does not approve of any pairings, and even went so far as to tell these idiots that they are "watching the show wrong." This show is a dark, satirical comedy. There is no room for romance in it.

Okay, so they might not be exactly THE worst. But their fan art is cancer. I can't believe my eyes at how obsessed people are at this show. I love this show, but the fan art is made by the most demented people you can imagine. People make the show sexual. Watch an episode of this amazing, dark, and funny cartoon. Do you see sexuality ANYWHERE?!?!?! "But what about Tak? " That's not entirely true, due to them hating each other at the end. Search up "Invader Zim Fan Art" on Google. You will want to die.

THE Is fandom is annoying as hell. Should be in the top 10.

A bunch of "RANDUMM XDD" teenagers who ship like madness and don't know opinions. It's hard to find a sane fan sometimes. - PastelFlowers

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82 Nolanites

Absurdly give credit to Nolan for inventing everything that is "good" about modern cinema, especially gloomy, baffling movies about mentally ill people who dress like bats but are somehow deemed "realistic" by this rabid fanbase. Have made death threats against critics who committed the "crime" of disliking one of King Nolan's Batman movies. Have a psychological disturbance that prevents them from EVER demonstrating a sense of humor, a sense of courteous disagreement, or a knowledge of (much less respect for) seemingly ANY other director in the entire history of movies. Also think that Nolan traveled back in time to 1940 to invent Batman, or something.

I think this is by far the worst fan base, especially because ever since the first avengers came out and beat dark knight rises at the box office and when Guardians of the Galaxy beat Man of Steel, these fans find any forum by marvel studios, and just start criticizing it and saying stuff like "these movies look stupid, DC is way better" SHUT UP! If DC is better, how come they only have 1 film so far to set up their cinematic universe, which a lot of people hated, crammed like 6 characters into Batman Vs Superman, and chickened out and changed its release date when Captain America Civil War was opening on the same day? And I hate how even if Nolan makes a movie about spacemen that built a robot that looks like iron golem legs, or a guy that dresses up like a bat fighting a terrorist dressed like a clown, his fans still call them "realistic"

These are also the people who've been brainwashed into thinking "all superhero movies have to be dark and gritty". No they don't, don't get me wrong, for some of them it works, but for some it doesn't, like would you want deadpool to be dark and gritty? NO OF COURSE YOU WOULDN'T CAUSE that's NOT WHO THE CHARACTER IS! I just think these guys need to realize that not all superheroes should be dark and gritty

These guys are crazy, keep in mind that these are the guys who started declaring the totally absurd critics were getting paid off by marvel to dislike DC movies argument, and these are the guys who tried to have a petition to shut down rotten tomatoes for giving Suicide Squad a negative rating, Marvel fans may annoy some people but at least they don't go around with these half-assed excuses to why the movies aren't that good

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83 Barney and Friends Fans

This can not be a real fanbase. I don't hate Barney personally, but I'm still pretty sure he doesn't have a fanbase. - Garythesnail

Did you know this show is through its SIXTH BARNEY 2 went to prison/ jail and the others quit - Harri666

Wait. This show has a fanbase?

I highly doubt this show has a fanbase. The only people that might enjoy it are disabled teens or adults. Nearly everyone that has watched Barney as a child outgrew it, and most children today don't even know what Barney is. - anonygirl

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84 Liv and Maddie Fans

Just look at Disney1994, he whines and wishes to die just because others dislike the show. Childish, isn't it? - MLPFan

Jesus, this should be number 1 on the list, even above Beliebers. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

85 Frozen Haters

I honestly think they are more annoying than Frozen fangirls. They think people who like the movie are stupid, 7-year-old retards when many of them are really nice. I don't think that all Frozen haters are like this, and I think you are free to dislike Frozen all you want. However, don't go on and on about how Frozen is the worst movie ever and everyone who likes it is a "retard." - anonygirl

Can these guys just leave us alone, I really like frozen and I admit the fans can be annoying but you wanna know what's even more annoying? All you haters! So many people now just like to bash frozen and say its crap, it's gotten to the point where people put it on worst films of all time lists, this movie is in my top 10 favorite Disney films but I can never say that without a bunch of you haters going "GRRR HOW DARE YOU HAVE THAT MOVIE ON YOUR FAVORITES LIST! " Just go away and stop trolling you haters

I hate how now it's pretty much impossible to say you really like frozen without getting attacked, and what's worse is that the frozen hate has spread so much that even people who like it or have never even seen it just like to call it crap because apparently now bashing frozen is the "cool" thing to do

Another sub-category of Lion King fans. *sigh*

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86 Luigi Fans

Seriously, I can't even walk down the street without some guy in a Green Plumbers outfit coming up to me and screaming about a "haunted mansion" and that I just don't "get the genius of the Poltergust 3000". I swear one night I saw a guy peeing on a photo of Bob Hoskins too whilst shouting "GREEN IS GREAT. GREEN IS GREAT".

Mario is always in the spotlight. Luigi needs a little fame every once in a while. - Picklesthekitten45

MatPat. enough said. - Fullwalking2

Well at least being a Luigi fan is way better than creating a cancerous Sonic OC. I actually never own any OCs or brag all the time of a lame excuse most namely "Luigi is better than Mario," then afterwards "Mario sucks."
I mean Luigi fans need to stop with the "Luigi has godlike powers" nonsense because it makes me look like the only masterful Luigi fan in the universe.

87 Weeaboos

I like anime, but these people like anime too much.

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, their opinion is the only one that matters. Say anything even remotely negative about their favorite anime, and they throw a fit, while at the same time bashing any anime but their favorite. If I hear "Goku could beat Jesus in a fight" one more time, I'm going to lose it.

I love anime and all but I don't go overboard with liking it too much. But what really pisses me off is when they disgrace other Asian countries. These pathetic bozos have nothing better to do rather than bash anyone who are interested in other asian cultures other than Japan itself

Jeez these people give Japan and Japanese a bad name. Same thing with how Koreaboos also give Korea and Koreans a bad name as well too! Smh

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88 Eminem Fans

Surprised they aren't on the list yet. Don't get me wrong, I love Eminem, but his fanbase is awful. They can't take criticism and/or get butthurt and attack when others say that there are better rappers out there.

How could you not like eminem! I'm going to show you this video of this rapper saying he likes eminem so you have to like him as well!

Their not that bad I've seen way worse.

I am an Eminem fan but these 9 year olds are horrible iam not afraid to admit that Tupac is way better.

89 Xbox Fanboys

Xbox should be number one all the Xbox fans do is to sit at a chair and scream into their mic while they are playing Call of Duty.

I hate how they all think that the only games that are worth anything are all the shooter games

Oddly enough, I've found exactly zero PlayStation gamers who share the same problems as XBox gamers... interesting... - Syzygy

I prefer PS3 And Xboxes are crappy becuase of the red ring of death.

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90 Kanye West Fans
91 ReactToThat Fans

This new show ReactToThat based off YouTube's fine bros may turn people into idiotic jerks by becoming "fans" of the new "show".

92 Victorious Fans

This was a good show, but I don't see the fan base being bad. I think the only reason this is on the list is because of Ariana Grande becoming big recently.

Did Nickelodeon really think that Teens would watch this?

I watched victorious when I was younger but it doesn't have a fanbase anymore since the show barely airs

Five years ago I would have agreed. I would not anymore because the show and fanbase no longer exist. - anonygirl

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93 Jacob Sartorius Fans

Do I even have to explain myself for saying that Jacob Sartorius fans are just horrible

Jacob's sweatshirt song is so derpy

I was at his school, words cannot describe how annoying he and his fans were. - doodie

Like Beliebers on Monster Energy Drink. - Syzygy

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94 Marvel Fans

Don't get me wrong, Marvel's good and all, but is it really worth the hype? I get a lot of people screaming in my ears when I say my thoughts on the Avengers movie.

Fan here. But I wont judge you. Haters and fans alike are understandable.

Most of the people that hear me say that I like DC more just starts screaming at me and ignoring me. If you like Marvel, I'm fine, just allow people to have their own opinions.

These guys have suckered critics into hating Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. They are really cocky and criticize DC Extended Universe movies for tiny flaws like a difference in costume or a different interpretation of a character but hardly do it to Marvel Cinematic Universe films. They are the reason why Man of Steel gets the hate that should have been given to Iron Man 3.

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95 Cartoon Fans

Oh no I like cartoons sue me

Oh yeah because there is lots of people that do not like at least ONE cartoon, everybody likes one, ergo this is saying everybody sucks, touché.

96 '10s Fans

I'm talking about the people who praise everything that came during the 2010's just because it came from that decade. Those that bash everything that was made before 2010 just because it's old. You might not think this fan base exists, but it's out there. - anonygirl

97 Little Monsters

I know that Little Monsters are annoying but if you look at the Madders (Madonna fans) They are in each other Gaga video and insult her like she is a flop, etc. They are comparing Gaga and Madonna since 2010. So, if you don't believe me you should check one of Gaga's Videos Comments or Channels.

I'm a fan of Gaga since 2009, but I'm ashamed to say I'm a lil' monster, they are so stupid and boring, everything Gaga does they want to do too. - born2bubble

Little Monsters are so rabid and if you give Gaga any sort of criticism they go ape on you.

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98 Batman Fans

Reasons why (other superhero name goes here) is awesome according to a fan: because he helps people, beats bad guys, etc.

Reasons why Batman is awesome according to a die-hard Batman fan: because he's Batman - NuMetalManiak

They are all the same. ALL SUPERHEROES.

Batman has the most stubborn, aggressive fanbase I've ever seen

Well it's simple...

We mob the batman. - mattstat716

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99 Death Battle Fans

I am so sick of fools making fake Death Battles on DeviantArt. Especially if they pit a Lion King character against a non-Lion King character, they would root for the Lion King character, and that's especially bad since knowing how horribly over-praised that movie franchise is.

Honestly, I don't even think Death Battle is that accuracy - therealman

I love death battle but their the reason why many fanbases are having wars right now. A good example is Dragon Ball vs Superman

I don't know why Goku wanks really think Goku is the strongest. There are like 100 characters that deserves this place. Plus Kirby blitzes Goku ffs.

Look at this list, I hope it gets terminated! - lolxdlel

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100 World of Warcraft

Actually, most of what that was said is false. Pretty much every guy I know, including my boyfriend, aren't fat white dudes living in they're parents basement. Actually maybe if you played the game and talked to some people, you'd know hats just stereotypical and that a lot of them actually live on their own or with their girl friend. They may be a little over weight but it's not like they sit on the game for hours to days at a time. They have a life. Oh and by the way, girls play too. Just saying. And I have a life. I do agree the fan base is annoying but stop being stereotypical.

If you play World of Warcraft, then you are most likely unable to define the meaning of the word, "life".
I feel bad for the person below, they voted on this just so that they could run their heavily breathing mouth to complain, further saturating their keyboard with the lard and sweat that has been accumulating and solidifying over the years.

Seriously about 75% of warcraft players are fat, white, live in they're moms basement, and haven't had a kiss yet (that's not realated to them). I kid you not these guys should really go get a life. That is all. - dudesterravensfan

Blizzard sucks! Deal with it!

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