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161 Talimancers

Talimancers are the cancer of the Mass Effect fandom; they're maniacally obsessed with a thoroughly mediocre character and will personally attack others for thinking even slightly differently. Even if you like Tali as much as they do, they'll claim they love her more just to have an excuse to attack you. In short, they're closet-sadists.

I'm a Liara fan. Always was, always will be. To me, she had a much more developed and interesting character arc and development than Tali and I feel that her support towards Shep was much more genuine and kind hearted. Now there's nothing wrong with prefering Tali or outright disliking Liara (some find her cute, nerdy personality boring or feel that she got too much character focus in 3) BUT some of the stuff they say is beyond tolerable. At best, they'll just tell me that I'm wrong and that Tali is better. And at worst they'll make baseless allegations that Liara is somehow evil and/or a yandere (which is nonsense by the way.) That said, I gotta hand to those Talimancers that actually respect me preferring Liara or Garrus or any other LI for that matter (except Jacob, everyone knows he is a boring flat character who cheats on you like a prick)

Can't go anywhere Mass Effect related without a whole band of Tali-Mancers bashing on the rest of the characters and LI's. Like Liara, oh-oh you're going to be ripped apart by rabid Tali-Mancers.

162 Breadtards

There are not Breadwinners fans. There never were Breadwinners fans. There will never be Breadwinners fans. NEVER!

These people are Breadwinners fans. That show is so stupid! - Turkeyasylum

This show has fans? Who would like such a stupid show? How big is this fan-base? Somebody tell me!

There have NEVER been fans for a show that had awful comedy/animation and lasted for what 2 weeks I'm surprised this show made it past the pilot

I have, sadly, traveled to this fan base. And it's TERRIBLE!

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163 Problem Solverz Fangirls

This show doesn't have any fans

Is it because they went blind?

Wait! So You're Telling Me That The Problem Solverz Is Overrated?! Ha! I Don't Think So.

So they enjoy having seizures? Okay then. - Catacorn

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164 Slender Man Fans

I like/hate how most of the SM fans think that slenderman will suddenly take a liking towards you heh you think that slenderman will 'embrace you with his tentacles' nope he will just impale you on a sharp broken tree branch

They really suck I remember when one girl killed another girl to impress him slender man fans should be ashamed.

Title says it all.

His fanbase is 40% fan fiction, and 60% photoshop photos - TeamRocket747

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165 Dorabitches

Such a stupid name for a fan base. Just say Dora the Explorer fans. By the way, I HATE Dora the Explorer. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I use to like it, but now I am neutral with her. I am sorry. I am just being honest now just respect my opinion.

Hate the show

This exists? What the duck? - TeamRocket747

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166 Cat Fans

I guess I am guilty of being a cat fan because I have 3, but I don't force them upon others like some of them do.

Shut up! I may like dogs more, but everyone has the right to love which pet they wanna love!

I have a pet cat but I don't go insane to make out with her

What's wrong with liking a animal?!? Whoever but this on the list is obviously a dog person 😑😡 - Picklesthekitten45

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167 Harmonizers

Ok, Fifth Harmony seems pretty cool, but their fan base literally hate on other members of the group because they maybe pulled a face when somebody else said something. They also create non-existent drama between the members. It makes no sense.

Annoying brats who just don't have respect for any other artist or fandom/fanbase.

Fifth harmony is a rip off of one direction
One direction will always be better


168 One Punch Man-Tards

Okay I am sick of this. Everyone on this site is determined to demean each other. Calling everyone who likes something that you don't shouldn't be classed as retarded or autistic. People genuinely get hurt by your words. Get a life and one punch man is fine!

This item is not aimed at people who like One Punch Man in general. This item is supposed to target the cancerous fan base (again, people who like One Punch Man and the fan base are two different groups) full of rabid fans who go around acting all elitist with their massively overrated (but not bad) anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Love the anime, but not the fan base.

The character Saitama is awesome, and the anime is decent and funny. The thing I hate about it is the fan base. There are so many people using Saitama's troll face as a profile picture and using it to bash other anime series and characters. These people make you dislike Saitama because of how they're ALMOST EVERYWHERE ON YouTube! These guys really ruined One Punch Man for me. :(

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169 Amourshippers

I respect people's opinions if they don't mind Ash x Serena shippings, but for me, I hate Amourshipping. I hate Ash and Serena. It's not even a love story. In fact, they never had a relationship in the first place. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was bullied for hating this - mayamanga

I like Serena
I hate Ash
enough said!

170 Geometry Dash Fans

As a regular player of Geometry Dash, I can firmly confirm the community is one of the most toxic, cancerous ones out there

The game is awesome as hell. But the fan base, OH THE FAN BASE! Don't even get me STARTED on how people play STUPID ASS levels like Bloodbath!

I play geometry dash and I do online levels but GD shipping..? God please help.

Most liked comment filter: what CANCER level 999999999999
Recent comment filter: Ok, normal.

Also I don't know why RubRub features so crappy levels like "Color Dance by Underlings (GOT EPIC! )"

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171 Waluigi Fans

Waluigi while a funny character is extremely overrated, if you say anything bad about Waluigi his fans will insult you to know and send you death threats and say that he's underappreciated, well I think that he's a useless character at the moment and should get something to boost his appeal, I sincerely think that he's just another hipster character that people crowd around because they see them as neglected making them oversaturated.

I like Waluigi, but I've liked him from the beginning. I had no clue he had fans. And that they are rabid.

1 he's overrated because he got the love from a meme (brawl in the family).
2 The fans are rude, I've saw some of them say DIE PEACH/DAISY/ROSALINA/TOAD... FANS! or YOU SUCK IF YOU HATE HIM! And like this guy say if you say a bad thing on him stupid or not they insult you.
3 Fans always say that he's the best princess (no joke), the hottest, he's super underrated because Nintendo don't use him in the main series (that's wrong, he was created for spinoffs only. Characters like Wario and Daisy are underrated since they never come back in main games despite they were created for these), the best waifu and he have a lot of personality (i don't see it, he's like Wario, a lot of overshadowed characters have a personality: Luigi, Daisy, Birdo but Waluigi always act like Wario). There's not a problem if you like Waluigi but that so weird and silly!

Waluiigi is incredibly underrated! Please explain how his fans are bad because I don't get it.

You'll see hate comments towards Luigi, Wario, Rosalina and Daisy - ParkerFang

172 Mariotehplumber fans

Horrible devils

These exist? - DCfnaf

173 Panty and Stocking Fans
174 Daisy Haters

It's really just a sentence though "Hi I'm Daisy." Calm down haters - ParkerFang

They need to learn to get a bigger brain - ParkerFang

Why? Why they're so annoying? They're the most annoying hatedoom ever! Seriously you can't stand to ' HI I'M DAISY'? IT'S JUST A STUPID SENTENCE!
They think they're always right even if they're completely wrong like 'Daisy doesn't have a personality! ' or 'Daisy is a Peach clone! ' Daisy is energetic, loud, competitive and sassy, tomboyish in other worlds and this is a personality accept it, and if they aren't the same person (they aren't) Daisy is not a Peach clone.
They attack EVERY fan and they're rude, try to respect the others! You're not a god.

me: and?
Me: *Facepalm* - DaisyandRosalina

175 Vinesauce Fans

Vines make me endure vine after vine at school thank god vine is dying

Vines are horrible, they are a way for no talent people to get famous on YouTube, we are paying money to idiots!

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176 Communism Fans

If communism was done right, it would be great. Unfortunately, nobody can do it right.

This is a thing?

177 FeralHeart Fans
178 Atlanta Sports Fans
179 Barrels

It was funny at first, but now it's a dead joke. Face it. They're barrels.

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180 Megadeth Fans

Megadeth fans are even more annoying than Dave Mustaine, which takes some doing. They are hurt on behalf of Mustaine, which is just weird, and they lie, lie, lie and think Mustaine wrote EVERYTHING on Metallica's Thrash albums. They also need to ALWAYS talk about Metallica and how Megadeth are supposedly 1000 times more talented than Metallica because they seem to think that proves Megadeath's music is better. Megadeth fans seem to be teenagers and immature adults, which might explain why they're so annoying. Oh and one last thing, Megadeth fans, it is NOT a fact that Megadeth are the greatest band in the world, that's just YOUR opinion, get over it, losers.

The band is awesome and I think they are just in the same level as Metallica, it's the fans I'm worried about

I love Megadeth but can we stop comparing them to Metallica, thank you - YaBoiMistaJackatoo

I love Megadeth to bits and pieces, but their fanbase is one of the most annoying I've ever come across. I see them bitch and complain about Metallica and other metal bands in general (especially the former, however), claiming that they are far superior to the rest.

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