Most Annoying Things in Life

Things that happen that can put a black cloud over your head.

The Top Ten

1 Mosquitoes Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .

All people are allergic to mosquitoes; me even more so. I get these HUGE rashes all over my arms and legs, PLUS I have type O blood, which has a lot of sugar, so mosquitoes like my blood even more so.

Why were bugs period ever even made? All they do is bite people, sting them, annoy them and scare little kids! The only animals necessary to the universe are humans, dogs, bunnies, horses, small birds, and maybe cows. I don't even care much for honey, so bees could just vanish and I won't care. Their lives are useless and miserable. They have wings, yet they could barely carry their stupid fat bodies around! Plus, they sting someone, they die. How hard is it not to hurt or harm someone who isn't bothering you?

Bees pollinate, without bees, we would have BARELY any fruits or veggies. But wasps? Wasps are useless, all they do is sting for no reason.

They're the ultimate source of frustration during Summer. They bite you, leave itchy bites, make that annoying buzz when flying, you can't get rid of them, they spread deadly diseases, kill livestock, lay lots of eggs, hatch within hours, and reproduce like they're going extinct.

This is the only animal I want extinct. Yeah, I hate spiders and roaches too, but at least they help out in nature. Spiders take care of pests and roaches help eat trash and rotten things. what good does a mosquito do? Bring diseases? Bite you? Leave itchy bumps on your skin? Make annoying buzzing noises? Literally the most annoying and useless creature ever. The only good they do is give you ' malaria!

2 People who smoke around others

I understand that it's really hard to quit, but please don't do it around others. It's especially annoying because my hair feels super weird and my skin breaks out whenever I'm around smoke.

This is so stupid. Terrorists, racists etc... ranked lower? You believe too much in the negative propaganda. Sure, smoking is bad and it can cause cancer but not by second hand smoke, unless you inhale the smoke of 20 cigarettes a day (? ). Cancer can be caused by thousands of things ( products in food, in plastic...and so on ) that non-smokers use everyday. Did you see one person die of cancer just because he or she was on a bus stop waiting while someone was smoking next to him / her in the open air? Don't exagerate things just because you're not a smoker. I fear more a terrorist with a bomb hidden next to me on a bus stop than a smoker. I despize racists ( smokers or non-smokers ) more than someone smoking next to me.Haters who thinks that this deserve a higher rank than racism, terrorism are the real annoying people.

I close my nose when I walk past smokers. I worry for the air my little brother breathes in. I tell him to close his nose too and he does just that. In a restaurant I once went to that allowed smoking indoors, I saw people at a table smoking like crazy. I closed my nose and refused to eat till they left. My mom saw me closing my nose and she was like: 'Yeah, I can't stand it either.' I also sometimes wonder:'Is smoking really that fun? Like computer games? ' Don't get mad at me. Just because I said that doesn't mean I wanna try it.

One time when I was at an out door concert and so many people around us smoked so much. I swear each person smoked 5 cigarettes during the concert. They really couldn't go somewhere else to do that, instead of doing it by hundreds of people. I wanted to leave early because of all of it. I just wanted to go slap those cigarettes right out of his or her hand and go throw it in a dumpster along with their entire pack. People who smoke are dumb and I 'm sure you all no the consequences for it.

3 Slow internet connection

I try not to get frustrated over this because it's such a little thing, but when I want to spend my time relaxing with only 5 minutes of break time left, it gets really annoying.

People these days are SO LAZY. Technology is making us impatient! Did you ever think about the people in the 19the century? Well they got along fine! Learn a lesson from them

I know right whenever I want to watch or play Roblox I have to wait until the slow internet connection connects and then in the middle of watching or playing I get logged out

The internet always disconnects when I'm trying to play a game in multiplayer, and every time that happens, I say "That was rude", because it is. I really hate when that happens, because if I don't do something fun, I would get bored, which is why I have a variety of interests. When I talk about something a lot, people bully me about it, and that's getting really annoying.

4 People who walk really slow in front of you

That happened to me at school before. There were these students walking in groups right in front of me and they were walking like turtles. And then I would be late for class because of them. And then the teacher punished me for it, but it was actually their fault. If it weren't for them, I would make it to class. I don't want to make fun of this person, but there is also a person who has a disability and it makes him walk really slow and in a funny way. He is a nice person and he doesn't really mean to make me late for class and is not walking in that way on purpose, he's just not able to walk like us normal people. Yeah, like for god's sake, you guys are in a hallway, WALK FASTER.

People who walk slowly in front of others are inconsiderate and rude. I myself may not be the fastest walker, but I would at least like to have the option of walking fast if I feel like it or if I'm running late. Slow walkers need to consider standing off to the side so that other people who are actually trying to get somewhere can get there on time. Also, these slow walkers often walk around in groups. They walk next to each other, filling up the entire width of the hallway, allowing no one to simply walk past them. These people are often seen at schools. Just because they're not in a rush to get to their class (usually because they don't care) doesn't mean that no one else cares about getting to class on time. It's also really irritating when those people stop and stand in the doorway of a room you're trying to enter or exit.

For the love of god, can you AT LEAST move a little faster?! It's the equivalent to slow drivers in front of you when you're driving somewhere.

More annoying if they stop. More annoying if they are so short you can't see them and almost trip. More annoying if you walk extremely fast. Worst case scenario:
They are tiny and you are huge
You walk fast
They stop

Here is my typical situation at school: First, it is only the really tiny people who do this (for example, those that are not even 4 feet tall in eighth grade.) Second, I am "relatively" big for my age (bigger than both of my parents, 13 years old, and I haven't done any growth spurts. I walk VERY fast. (I walk at 10 miles per hour and run at 3 miles per hour. That is a little strange.) It is normally the very slow walkers who do this. Then, they stop, and sometimes even run backwards.

5 Bullies

That is definitely the worst thing that I have to deal with at school. I am in 12th grade and I am really young at heart. I like some kids shows like the Octonauts and Paw Patrol, and I also like Disney movies. Then there are these bullies that make fun of me and tease me for that. They are like, "That's for babies, GROW UP MAN!" Isn't there a saying, "Treat others the way you want to be treated"?! Like seriously, do you want to be treated like that?! So why do you treat others like that and not have concern for other people?! And then at the end of the day, I couldn't wait to see my parents or get a phone call from my parents that they are going to pick me up. Then I told them about what happened and I was crying when I told them. Also, the teachers did nothing about it. Yeah, like the Octonauts can be for any age in my opinion because it teaches you about sea creatures and anyone can learn about that. And also some Disney movies have fighting scenes and they said they are for ...more

They ruined middle school for me. I can't even look at that building without having bad memories rushing back to me. They ruin people's lives for literally no reason besides that they're bored and jealous. There is nothing more annoying in life than dealing with one of these people. Even worse, millions of people have committed suicide because of nasty comments from bullies. There is absolutely no excuse for that.

Well, if people kill themselves just because some idiot insulted them, then they are melodramatic people.

Chrissa Maxwell launched an anti-bullying campaign against those annoying children who bully other students. Bullying - not cool. Teachers including Lauren Campbell asks each student to watch An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong (a Home Box Office original movie about the dangers of bullying) on videocassette (Mary Margaret Campbell recorded it on her digital video recorder satellite set top box and transferred it to one of her blank video tapes using her videocassette recorder).

Okay so the most ANNOYING THING happened in the 4th grade. PS: these are all fake names...

Carly: hey I heard you were talking about me
Me: The heck? No I wasn't. I barely know you.
Carly: Yeah right! You better watch your back.
Me:^In head^ Wow... Okay?
Next day...
Julie: hey, you know Carly is talking about you!
Me: What she say?
Julie: I can't say it, it was nasty!
Me:... okay, well I don't care about what she has to say, and you can tell her that.
Julie: OKAY! *Runs to Carly, who was 4 feet away.
Okay, so the rest was just her making fun of me, saying I was ugly and crap I don't care about. Morale of the story; don't let that stuff get to you.

6 Screaming babies

Listen up. I honestly do not want anything to do with babies. People ask me, "Hey, how many children do you want to have?" My answer is always the same: None. If you want the reasons, I can list the many reasons. I'm going to be a successful and busy person, and I don't want whiny kids to slow me down. Its not like I have a direct hatred toward babies, its just that they're annoying. Its weird to be around them while they're screaming. My brother is eight and he whines and cries like a child all the time. I I mean, he IS a child, but still.

My baby cousin has the most annoying crying in the entire universe. Listening to his crying is like getting lava poured into your ear while your ear has a papercut. You don’t even want to know what it sounds like, it’s the most fury inducing sound you could ever hear. I try to be a cool kid but I absolutely can’t tolerate his infuriating crying. Also, he screeches at a volume of about 157 decibels when you least expect it. Earlier he puked on his shirt and then his dad took it off to change it. He then went completely crazy bananas and went up to his dad and screamed like he was getting brutally impaled. I am autistic and I am sensitive to sudden and unexpected loud and high frequency sounds and I often feel uncomfortable around him.

Babies and toddlers are not annoying at all. They just want attention and stuff. I love babies and toddlers although they do scare me a bit when they cry because it makes me think I've done something wrong. But other than that I love them and love working with them. This is why I'm going to be going to the ECE ( Early childhood Education ) program this September in Capilano University so that I can get my diploma and start working at daycare. But I will probably be the youngest since I'm 18 and the rest are all 20 and older. This is also another reason why when I get married I would want to have at 4 children because I want a big family. Can't wait to start the program been looking forward to this program for my whole life!

Babies scream because they can't say actual words when they try to get your attention. I know it's pretty annoying, and people try their best to stop the screaming. Imagine if a baby screamed loud enough so the whole world can hear it! That would be some IRON lungs, or maybe STEEL lungs, or any other hard material like DIAMOND. Don't be mean to babies just because they scream. They just want your attention. I don't care if this is repetitive. I just hope people listen to this advice.

7 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Gee, how is Justin Bieber above terrorists?!? Sure, he isn't that great, but it is an absolute joke he is above beings that kill for a living.

Yeah, he has bad music, but whatever, you don't have to listen to music you don't like!

Justin is the antichrist. Hearing or seeing him is like accidently viewing Rosie O'Donnell or Whoopi Goldberg naked, it induces violent vomiting while instantly defecating yourself at the same time. Gitmo detainees were subjected to viewing him in 10 second segments being interviewed, singing or just walking down the street and it was shortly thereafter Osama bin laden was tracked down and killed because his jihadi soldiers gave everything up in order to not be subjected to him anymore.

Ignore him and move on. Not forgetting that bullies, screaming babies and several other items should be higher than an irrelevant singer who gets bashed to much for simply his music.

I was looking and looking. I found it. The most annoying voice on the planet. It sounds like a terrified buffalo. I want to seriously get the chance to meet this... Thing, so I can tell it how much I hate its music and how it killed REAL music.

8 Advertisements

I hate a lot of the advetisments that are on now, because I have the TV on all day, I am not always watching it but I can still ear it, and it's the same ones over & over &over all da long, it's so annoying.

Seriously, YouTube, are you done overplaying those Grammarly and Honey commercials? You've been doing it for over a year now!

I, on one hand, actually like adve-
(Are you tired of your feet smelling like bull crap? Then get the new Feet Rollers! It keeps your feet nice and sweet for smelly days! Feet Roller, we're on a roll! )
Ok, that was weird. As I was saying, I thin-
(The battle continues in Pokemon: World of the Pokemonless! Watch as Ash fights without his Pokemon, using his normal boy powers like tying his shoe and opening doors to live a normal boy life! Pokemon: World of the Pokemonless! In theaters now.)
Ok this is really getting annoyi-
(It's the new Barbie doll, Crappie! In stores now! )
Nvm, I hate advertisments

Just annoying. Nothing else to say. Especially self-advertisement for things like YouTube channels and fake things like "We'll clean your computer*"

*Until it is a piece of scrap metal


And then these "Play Free" World of Warcraft and Minecraft ads.

"Oh no, we've found 6 viruses, spyware, 2 worms and 8 Trojans on your computer click here to get it cleaned... FOR FREE! "

"WOW, Only the 26th time you got this: You are our 1.000.000th visitor. Here take our FREE APPLE PRODUCT"
And I hate apples. Either way the best you'll get is a Trojan and an actual apple.

9 Rap

To be perfectly honest, I hate modern rap. I'm 15, so don't get me confused for some old dude who's never heard rap before. I've heard plenty. More than I think I've ever wanted to hear, to be honest. It's just bad. The lyrics are usually questionable at best (I don't know how parents will let their kids listen to stuff like this.) And, while I know that theres rap out there about good things, even just the music itself gets on my nerves. In my opinion, the chemistry of the bands from the 50's to the 90's will forever be better than any music made by a guy singing in a monotone voice to a computer generated beat, that, in most cases, has been used by at least 20 other people.

Rap is not all Sexism drugs and money - rap is an art, with some lyrics being a lot better than half of these old poets we used to have to do in school. If rap can inspire people to do drugs, then what about all the raps that promote doing something with your life - Kendrick Lamar: "get up off that slave ship, build your own pyramids write your own hieroglyphs" or the rappers fighting depression - Eminem: "Just letting you know your not alone, holler if you feel like you've been down the same road" or the almighty Tupac who raps about violence against women: "I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women - do we hate our women? ". How would all you rap haters feel if we fans all said the same thing about Led Zeppelin, or kept pressing the fact that John Lennon was a creepy man who hit women and children? Rap has been the way out for many people from "the Hood", and the only reason some of the lyrics are harsh and violent is because ...more

I think it's less about the subject matter and more about the actual essence of rap and how that can annoy people for example regarding subtly of lyricism and as a son writer myself I know that many regard rap lyrics as very upfront and less profound but so that it can appeal to a wider audience. Whilst I think in several cases this works well I can more often than not understand how this can be taken as annoying as I know many music users less outspoken and more handily strung lyrics. The subject matter of any musical creation is vitally important and I therefore see your case in that John Lennon has his controversy but so do many other artists and I feel that comparing controversies is meaningless and such matters should be viewed equally. I shouldn't take offense from any of this as we are all entitled to our own unique opinions but there are many points for how rap can be seen as annoying, from the more receptive stance in the vocals to its more often than not dodgy subject matter.

Yall say Rap is Bad. Country music Really sucks. Country singers just talking about girls and having sex and and getting drunk and their girl dumps them they throw beercans at both of her shadows. Luke Bryan Jason Aldean and those other male singers are nothing but trash they just talking about having sex and getting Drunk on girls. at least on Rap they talk about other stuff besides girls Go Rap.

Actually rap is way worse lyric wise. I never hear country singers cuss as much as rappers do.

All music and musicians achieve their only goal and fulfil their only obligation, to express and entertain. That is art and you cannot say it is ruined because you do not like what another does. Welcome to a diverse democracy you don't like it, move to Scandinavia(little diversity-this is why Democratic sociolism works so well) or a dictatorship.

10 School

The good side about school is obviously for your education and the alternatives but somethings just seem a bit off. For example, If we are at school to learn, we need to be taught properly, as in having good teachers who don't always go around telling us that we are failures and "oh why can't you get this right! ". It really put me off in year 7 and 8 and my test results fell down mountain Everest in what? A couple of days. Especially for people who have anxiety and such, we need to be taught properly! And I'm not trying to say that all teachers are unsupportive, but just to those who are, well.. they need to be taught, not teaching others that is.

A lot of people think that attending school makes you intelligent by default, but take a look around-- most of our population consists of mouth-breathers. School does teach you some things that you need to know, but most of it is spoon-fed information that you don't even need in the real world. To make matters worse, the common method of schooling is just rote-memorization, not critical thinking. It teaches kids some random facts they will forget in three months, but it doesn't prepare us for a better tomorrow.

Also schools often just teach you the basics, and the rest you learn outside of school yourself

ughh it's so annoying. Here's a reason why: it's just a waste of time. I have to wake up early and that gives me the black stuff under my eyes ugh!

Most stupid thing ever! Why, exactly, do I need to know what is the best way to cut down trees? Sure, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it? Wrong! Nobody's gonna randomly say, oh let's enslave all the blacks again. I think that there should be a bunch of classes in every school, one where they teach you how to teach, for to teach computer coding, one to teach grammar to the future authors and such, and so on!

The Newcomers

? The Poor

The Contenders

11 Racists

Now this... This is just extremely annoying. It really, really is.
I can understand that this isn't a view that everyone agrees with, but honestly, I don't really care.
First off, why should it matter what color we are? Our insides are all modeled the same, save for the people who have something removed or missing, but that's a bit complicated. Our bodies are mostly modeled the same, but the same logic still applies.
Basically, we're all humans. We're all pretty ugly anyway, (the ugly part was a joke.) so why should race have to do with anything?

If you say "I'm not racist" but use a stereotype, like "all black people are violent!" or "All white people are racist" or "all Asian people do plastic surgery" ect. You are a hypocrite and are indeed racist.

One thing that bothers me the most about racism is the roots of it...

Ignorance and hate!

When you belittle someone just because of their skin tone or heritage, that's not only rude and disrespectful, but it's just unhealthy for you! Eventually, all that hate and ignorance is going to kill you and shorten your life (and you will be judged by God for your actions). So, really, there is NO REASON to be racist because...

1.) There's only one race and that's the human race.

2.) Its not just hurting others, but also yourself.

3.) It won't help anybody!

And I don't care what anybody says...ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL! AND IF YOU can't ACCEPT THAT, you're the one that is going to regret it and be judged for your actions. Just remember that Kkk memebers, Neo-Nazis, and Anti-Semetists!

I think it is annoying but not in the way most people think. Racism is not liking someone because of how they look. So I'm sure at some point in everyone's life they going to experience it. I'm white, but that doesn't in general Make me racist. Anyone can be rasist and there is nothing we can do about it so, I think we should stop the protests. If someone is truly racist a protest isn't going to change them. All lives matter so can we just stop it only matters what you think of you, and I know some people are going to call me racist for saying this, but it is the truth

12 Insomnia

I'd say I usually take about 2 hours to fall asleep. If I'm lucky, I'll fall asleep in about an hour, but that's very rare. My sister is pretty needy and quite a wimp for her age, so she insists on my mother sitting in her room with her until she falls asleep because she's scared by herself. Last night, I was pretty tired and almost fell asleep. However, my mother did not stay in my sister's room that night, so my younger sister was alone in her room, got scared, and ran into my room to bother me for about half and hour and eventually asked me if she could sleep in my room that night. I felt rude saying no, so I let her. Couldn't fall asleep for another 2 hours after that.

SO, It usually takes me around 4-6 hours to fall asleep and when I do I get between 1-2 hours of sleep at the most. However I can pretty easily take naps which is weird because one time I "took a nap" on a Friday the day before my birthday and I slept all the way till 7p.m. on Sunday and it sucked because I missed my birthday. and after that I couldn't sleep for 2.5 days. It sucked so bad

I hate it when I can't sleep. because all I can do is just lie there and think, and it's never good thing's that I think about, am I the only one who does that?

I don't have insomnia, but there are days when I just can't sleep and am up till 12 or 1 in the morning. I feel for those people who have to deal with that all the time.

13 Terrorists

Oh lord. Killing innocent people even at peaceful times? Keep in mind that this is below rap music and Justin Bieber. How the heck does writing songs that you don't like are worse than TERRORISM?! Okay, would you rather:
Have everyone you love MURDERED by terrorists
Listen to Justin Bieber's music for two minutes.

If you chose option one, GOOD FOR YOU! You're so simple-minded and bratty, that you would rather let innocent people die then listen to music! Now go on with your selfish, whiny life.

I'd say terrorism is lower, because it's annoying things. Not that I'm saying terrorism isn't bad (it's horrible and awful in every comprehensible way), but, when it comes to annoying things, I personally think that bieber is more annoying than terrorism. If there was a list for, say, most evil things on the planet, I feel like terrorism would place higher.

You can use mosquito repellent. You can stop listening to JB. You can tell someone about bullies and even though that's very hard, it doesn't compare to the impossibility of ever being safe from terrorists.

One day you could be getting pissed at some kid listening to Justin Bieber and then terrorist shows up, hauls your ass to some torture house and then slowly murders you. For fun. And then they kill your family, your friends or even strangers all around you.

If you think that JB is worse, then you must have some pretty messed up thoughts.

Oh god the only thing I hate more than bullies is terrorists, especially ISIS. don't get me wrong I am a muslim too but ISIS is just a bunch of terrorist, not muslim expanders, if they want to expand muslim they KILL PEOPLE AND KILL THEMSELVES JUST TO KILL OTHER PEOPLE, why? just to let others know they can do it and make them be forced to join their religion, I mean, come on just ask them peacefully or something not kill yourselves, oh, did I forgot to mention they have their own show? what next a merchandise to promote them?

This should include all forms of behaviour that make other people life hard or harder! Any form of behaviour that makes it so that other people can't or don't enjoy their lives! Any form of behaviour that makes it so that other people don't feel safe or have difficulty or unwanted, unneeded, unneccessary distractions from going about their own lives!

14 Email spam

It can't be stopped even though you unsubscribe and complain about it. Heck, even the annoying kid in your class would stop talking before email spam stops. None of it is useful, and they can make you lose basically all of your money. And why in the world is there always the dating site email? It's a scam! It's just perverted, and I don't want this BS! Maybe if we just ignore it, maybe these spammers/scammers will stop and actually do something useful with computers, like researching the cure for cancer or creating a software that fights all viruses.

I just hate them so much... They always take everyone's valuable time and many of them aren't useful.

I have a friend that takes advantage that she can message me and is posting random subjects like 'I like tings' or'lines of death. '

It technically can be avoided- Use another email to sign up for suspicious stuff.
Buuut yes- spam is annoying.

15 Politics

Basically, politics is just a bunch of overgrown children screaming at one another and arguing over money. I honestly don't understand the government any more and I've stopped trying to a long time ago.

Relationships are torn apart by the festering hatred on both sides. We need to put aside our differences and remember what is important. Loving one another and laughing. Laughing at what a joke politics have become. I mean, what is even the point of getting so worked up about what party someone belongs to? I hope that no matter what you believe, you have a fantastic day. God bless you.

The fighting between both Republicans and Democrats during 2016 is still going on even after and that is one of the reasons I gave up on politics altogether that year made me realize that all you get out of those pointless arguments is nothing.

Politics should be much higher on the list. It's poison and it's dividing the country. Racism hides behind politics.

16 Acne

I would say acne is annoying, but at least you can SOMETIMES get rid of it.
Strawberry pores are worse, even if most people probably disagree with that.

Ugh! I hate acne! There is literally no point other than, "Yo, you're going through puberty? That's not bad enough, so you need some acne too!"

Its annoying when Acne is associated with poor hygeine even if others who don't have any skin routines are fine yet those who do get it regardless

I have acne and it looks horrible and hurts and I can't get rid of it and it sucks so much

17 Dumb questions

I remember, I had this kid in my middle school and high school who would ask a question after the teacher has mentioned it about 500 times.

Everyone at my school is a dumbass, I once recall someone who was sitting on my table asking for a pen (they weren't just talking to me they were talking to the whole table) I just wanted them to shut up so I grabbed a pen from my pencil case and slid it across the table to them and they were like "oh so can I use this? " "No, you just have to sit there and stare at it but you can't use it! " I mean what?!?!

"Everyone". If you think EVERY single person is dumb and you're smart, then you're spoiled.

My younger cousin when he played Minecraft for the first time:
Cousin: Where was Minecraft made?
Me: It was made in Sweden.
Cousin: Ok.
1 hour later...
Cousin: Was Minecraft made in Sweden?
Me: Yes!
Cousin: Ok.
5 seconds later...
Cousin: Where was Minecraft made? In Sweden?
Me: Are you kidding me? I told you 5 seconds ago!
Cousin: Ok.
1 second later...
Cousin: Was Minecraft made in Sweden?
Me: Kill me...

My classmate: Are books great for you?
Me: It depends...
My Classmate: How do you get good grades?
Me: By studying
My classmate: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: *sigh...* None of your business...
My classmate: Can you teach me how to clean your backpack?
Me: Can you stop asking questions that I don't care about?

18 Homework

Kids have lives outside of school and it's annoying that we either have to stay up super late doing homework or not be able to do our favorite activities.

Homework is not annoying at all. In fact from grade 9-11 I did not like homework either until I realized that if I don't do my work then I will keep failing my classes and eventually not graduate. In the summer before grade 12 something snapped in me and from then on when grade 12 started I started focusing on my homework and liking it and because of that I got all great grades then and now and will continue getting them when I go to university this summer since I'm 18. With this said homework is not annoying at all and can be fun most of the time and it there to help you learn better and get great grades so that you don't fail your classes and courses.

Why would you do school at home after you already did six hours of school already? First you have to wake up really early in the morning and then go to school then you have to do six hours of tests at school and then you have to do your homework for an hour so that you have like 1 thing to do and then eat dinner and soon afterwards you go to sleep and repeat the process all over again

Homework is only 10% of my grade and because of it I haven't been able to study for tests or get enough sleep and I feel like such a failure. What is the point of it? I read an article about a school in NY that didn't give students homework and the teachers saw NO DROP in their students' academic performance. It's really unnecessary.

19 Being sick

I just really hate that you have nothing to do. I'd much rather spread the flu to my classmates anyways.
(That was a joke. Put down the torches and pitchforks, people!)

You may think it’s cool when you don’t have to go to school when you are sick but that’s wrong. I have had the flu once and oh god it was awful. I didn’t feel anything at all

The runny noses and stomach pains are the only problems, but the fact you get to skip school, and you sound like an adult when you have a sore throat, plus it feels good after I finally throw up, all the sickness gets out of my system.

Not true. It's awesome because you get to stay home from school & work and you're healthy in the morning. A day without responsibility? Hell yeah!

20 Getting in a slow line at the bank/supermarket etc..

Easy to take care of...lemme explain, if it's a long school dinner line just say there is a fight going on outside. No one will resist seeing it so you will be able to proceed without waiting, you're welcome!

This is why I love self serve tills, less standing behind someone nattering on a mobile while being served at a checkout. In a slow line I feel like yelling "COME ON ALREADY"!

Ah...then you may want to check out my list: Top Ten Amusing Things to do to Break The Boredom in a Long Post Office Queue...

I always pick the wrong line! Then I just see the other lines move and we stand there.

21 Stupid people

I don't hate stupid people who don't affect me, they are okay. But I hate it when stupid people are given power. Like maybe a stupid president, stupid boss, or a stupid teacher that have no right to have the power that they do.

I was near the end of 5th grade. We were working in math class when this dumb girl interupts my peace while working. Her name was Gabby, and she has a helper and she asked me! UGH! And the question was "how do you multiply? I'm having trouble on my 2's tables." We learned that in 2nd grade, and she never listens to the teacher!

Oh my god. "Everyone is smart in their own way." This makes me cringe SO BADLY! Stupid is very unintelligible. If somebody doesn't understand that cookies need to be made with some sort of cookie dough, whether it's homemade or store-bought, their stupid!

There is a difference between stupid, and not mentally there. You described not mentally there.

My mom is so stupid.I am an Indian but I was born in USA and I live there but mom might move me to India and I hate India.I have been visiting here for 1 month and I miss my friends,home and everything.In India the internet service is horrible and there is too many power cuts and American house is so much better.Most Indian food tastes horrible with only a few dosas and candies and ice creams that are good.Indian music also sucks and most of my relatives are horrible.I DON'T CARE IF MY ANCESTORS ARE FROM HERE! I MISS AMERICA AND I HATE INDIA! I HATE MOM! Someone should add moms to the list and moms should be in top 20.-TheCoolGuy1

22 Sexism

I AGREE! So once I was on a minecraft server looking for a good creative housing server to join, and all I could see was "Boys only server" "Girls only server" "Boys only server" "Boys only server" "Girls only server". Super annoying! I wanted to confront them all, but I couldn't go on all of them at once. So I went on a girls only server, and I immediately hid so I wouldn't be kicked or banned. I said hi to the owner, and also said why he/she created this server. He/she said that because they needed a break from boys. ARE U KIDDING ME? YOU NEED A BREAK FROM BOYS? WHAT FOR? CAUSE your SEXIST? So we started an argument. After a while the owner's friend joined and took over, so I started to talk about his/her friend to him/her. And he/she left. So I left, and joined another creative housing server. This time not "Girls only server" or "Boys only server". I found the owner of the last server there! He/She immediately left, I don't know why. And I never saw him again. So yay.

I hate misogyny and misandry (please don't call me a feminist. I'd rather be called an anti-sexist).
No, girls are not your inferiors, and boys are not your inferiors either.
On average, girls aren't as physically strong as boys. So what? That doesn't make them weak. On average, boys don't learn languages as fast as girls. BUT, that doesn't mean they can't learn languages quickly. Besides, like I said, what's the point of prejudice towards people when they are human like you?

I'm a girl and I used to love Super Mario. I had lots of Super Mario merchandise such as shirts, keychains, figurines and video games. Then some kids in school said that Super Mario is only for boys. I've played it and nothing bad happened. Just because I'm a girl, that doesn't mean I shouldn't care for Mario. I've seen other girls playing Mario before no problem. And also right now, I'm seeing a lot of Super Mario socks not only in the boys section but also in the girls section. I also a Mario shirt online that says girl power and it has all the princesses on it. My friend actually got that shirt for her birthday. There is also a girl at my school who is a tomboy. She likes Star Wars, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and other superhero movies. Then people were making fun of her because of that. She is allowed to like those things. I mean come on, it's a free country, you don't have to be a specific gender to like something.

Sexism is the most annoying, frustrating thing in the world. There is no reason that females aren't as good as males in any way. We shouldn't be treated like we are the second-class, useless, annoying tagalongs who are only good for chores and sex. People need to stop pretending that they can categorize girls into a category of pink-loving, unicorn-loving, beliebers (or fangirls of any sort) that can't do anything on their own. And it isn't just men doing that. A girl in my class once said, "You can't be strong. Only boys can. But you can date a strong guy." WHAT THE &@#$?! Ever seen the Olympics? See how there are females in it? See their bulging muscles and the awesome stuff they can do? If that isn't strong, then your annoying boyfriend who can't do a push-up isn't. Or the whole unfair pay thing. How is it fair that we have to get by with a smaller amount of pay? We can work as hard and we can be as good at our jobs. It's just stupid.

And it isn't just females ...more

23 Lag

It had this a lot while playing Minecraft. It just made me wanna stop playing it. It’s extreme annoying whenever a game is lagging and I never know how to stop it

I hate lag. I make my own games and random stuff on Scratch and I'm working on a project with a lot of scripts in. My laptop lags like mad when I add a new script in or even move an existing script. Lag is pathetic and I have no idea why it exists.

Lagging sucks. It always happens when I play dog games on my Kindle. When the internet disconnects because of the lag, I find it rude, because making someone who is bored stop playing a game is rude.

I used to have a hand-me-down computer from my mom, and whenever I played Minecraft on it, it would cause SO much lag. Luckily I have a better computer.

24 Pop ups ads

Especially those fake virus scams. They make my parents panic and freak out cause they think that it's a LEGIT REAL virus.

I don't mind seeing Pop ups and ads about dogs, but I don't like seeing those ads over and over again. I also once had an ad that shows naked ladies, which is disgusting to be honest.

If you hate pop up ads try our new pop up ads, now even more annoying.

Oh my god don't even get me started on trying to get to a website

25 Lying politicians

Donald trump says he is "smarter than all of you combined" but Patrick Star (From spongebob) is smarter than Trump and would make a better president. Trump can't even control his hair so why has he been given permission to control a whole country?
Hillary Clinton sucks too but mainly talking about Trump because he is the president.

This happend to me today. I was playing bowling with my friend and then my other friend came up so I put the pins up for her the way my friend did to me. Then she got all mad at me for no reason. I told her my friend set it up the same way I did then my other friend who I fist played with said that she diden't do that. I HATE LIE'S!

There is no honest politician. They all lie in some way to get what they want. Even the Founding Fathers had to have lied about some political things.

If all politicians; may they be left or right wingers, they are still liars to me! And you know why Spitting Image was created!

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