Most Annoying Things in Life

Things that happen that can put a black cloud over your head.

The Top Ten

1 Mosquitoes Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .

They're the ultimate source of frustration during Summer. They bite you, leave itchy bites, make that annoying buzz when flying, you can't get rid of them, they spread deadly diseases, kill livestock, lay lots of eggs, hatch within hours, and reproduce like they're going extinct.

I live in Georgia and these the** mosquitoes just HAVE to ruin my July cookout party. Quick get the repellent. Take that you west nile spreading bitches!

More than 130 bites when I went back to my beautiful country... Colombia... But it was because I was without a shirt most of the time... And I didn't used any repellent

They need to go extinct

But then people will cry because another animal loses 1 meal. They can eat other flying bugs you know. - MACDONALDS

2 People who smoke around others

This is why someone invented a smoking area. If there is one USE IT! I don't want to choke over the scent of cigars while I'm eating my sandwich!

I want a sniper rifle with bullets designed to destroy cigarettes. - hurricanestormer

I hate that don't they realize second hand smoke causes lung cancer just as much as smoking does now nonsmokers will suffer and die because of smokers who can't smoke in a SMOKE area

I hate the cigarette smell it's disgusting and they always spit

Those who smoke around others are increasing the chances of the other of a heart problem by more than 80%.

3 People who walk really slow in front of you

Or worse... When they STOP right in front of you when you're trying to get somewhere... ARGH! - Jeheffiner

People do this in the school hallways and our school is TINY. It's so annoying! They just get in your way, it's like "Uhh, don't you have a class to get to? " I hate it!

My school is actually kinda big, but there are WAY too many people (circa 1,200 people). It's so annoying and the high school that I'm going to in like two years has EVEN MORE people (circa 5,000). - Anonymousxcxc

It's so annoying when people do this!... It's like move! I want to go somewhere today, not in about a years time!

People who walk slowly in front of others are inconsiderate and rude. I myself may not be the fastest walker, but I would at least like to have the option of walking fast if I feel like it or if I'm running late. Slow walkers need to consider standing off to the side so that other people who are actually trying to get somewhere can get there on time. Also, these slow walkers often walk around in groups. They walk next to each other, filling up the entire width of the hallway, allowing no one to simply walk past them. These people are often seen at schools. Just because they're not in a rush to get to their class (usually because they don't care) doesn't mean that no one else cares about getting to class on time. It's also really irritating when those people stop and stand in the doorway of a room you're trying to enter or exit. - KN

4 Bullies

The only one I know is really bad at it. I'm not sure if this makes him funny, or even more annoying - Fwingsnitch

I agree 100 percent I don't like bullies because they make other people hate being themselves it's not fair that people feel like they have to be this certain person that people think is acceptable whether they hit you or attack you with words or cyber bully you it's just as horrible people are unhappy with themselves so they get rid of themselves bullies are always making bad things happen they make people feel bad and don't care people think that it's funny and cool when all it is is mean and ridiculous they say and do the things they do just because they're bored and have nothing better to do it's pathetic and disrespectful and rude bullies try to push people around and they don't care who they hurt as long as they're amused and I have no tolerance for it and people have low self-esteem because of bullies bullies make me mad that's why you should just brush off there comments they just like to build themselves up by bringing others down a lot of people have been bullied I'm not ...more

They ruined middle school for me. I can't even look at that building without having bad memories rushing back to me. They ruin people's lives for literally no reason besides that they're bored and jealous. There is nothing more annoying in life than dealing with one of these people. Even worse, millions of people have committed suicide because of nasty comments from bullies. There is absolutely no excuse for that.

Well, if people kill themselves just because some idiot insulted them, then they are melodramatic people. - JakePlaid

I know everybody that I know has a weakness and I know it

5 Rap

Rap is not all Sexism drugs and money - rap is an art, with some lyrics being a lot better than half of these old poets we used to have to do in school. If rap can inspire people to do drugs, then what about all the raps that promote doing something with your life - Kendrick Lamar: "get up off that slave ship, build your own pyramids write your own hieroglyphs" or the rappers fighting depression - Eminem: "Just letting you know your not alone, holler if you feel like you've been down the same road" or the almighty Tupac who raps about violence against women: "I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women - do we hate our women? ". How would all you rap haters feel if we fans all said the same thing about Led Zeppelin, or kept pressing the fact that John Lennon was a creepy man who hit women and children? Rap has been the way out for many people from "the Hood", and the only reason some of the lyrics are harsh and violent is because ...more

I think it's less about the subject matter and more about the actual essence of rap and how that can annoy people for example regarding subtly of lyricism and as a son writer myself I know that many regard rap lyrics as very upfront and less profound but so that it can appeal to a wider audience. Whilst I think in several cases this works well I can more often than not understand how this can be taken as annoying as I know many music users less outspoken and more handily strung lyrics. The subject matter of any musical creation is vitally important and I therefore see your case in that John Lennon has his controversy but so do many other artists and I feel that comparing controversies is meaningless and such matters should be viewed equally. I shouldn't take offense from any of this as we are all entitled to our own unique opinions but there are many points for how rap can be seen as annoying, from the more receptive stance in the vocals to its more often than not dodgy subject matter. - TheNealDog

Music is too subjective to be on this list, personally I am not a fan of the music however I have listened to enough of it to know that it is not all about violence and money - try again

Heyyy I like rap no one vote for rap - Warriors_Dovewing

It annoys me

6 Advertisements

They are annoying and they keep coming up in games

Really annoying it keep coming up on games and on music...!

One ad is okay. Too much is not. Lmao

I hate ads more than I love them sometimes...i once had to sit through this five minute shopkins ad, then about thirteen other ads before getting back to the show I was watching. The worst part is some ads are actually disturbing or inappropriate. And Matchington Mansion and Episode ads are the most annoying ads I have even gotten on my phone.

7 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

I was looking and looking. I found it. The most annoying voice on the planet. It sounds like a terrified buffalo. I want to seriously get the chance to meet this... Thing, so I can tell it how much I hate its music and how it killed REAL music.

I have a daily ritual. I made a tombstone in memory of good music, and I dance to good music every day in front of it. And its all because of Justin Bieber

Awesome I want to try that. I will listen to songs like It's A wonderful world! And Beat It and GOOD music - Scooter

Ignore the stuff on the list that says bullies, mosquitos, etc. Justin Bieber is why the music industry sucks. If anyone would listen to Imagine Dragons's "Monster", The XX's "Tides", or old music like how 'bout "Tragedy" by Bee Gees I'd be so happy. Justin Bieber is like "I'm so cool" well guess what? You're an idiot who's desperate for girls. He should've gone to jail faster. It's like with Selena Gomez. I've hated her since the first episode of Wizards. She's so stupid and you would only like her because of how pretty she is! AND SHE'S UGLY! IT'S MAKE UP MORONS! And now, she's on drugs and drinking. Justin's fans are so stupid. I bet they are irresponsible teens who leave their house in a normal outfit, change into tiny shorts and a crop top (ugh kill me), and party. Like, wow, how about those grades of yours?

Justin Bieber pushes teens into become little idiots who you want to kill. This is coming from a 11 year old who has to walk by teens who curse all the time. I live in ...more - maddyparrot22

Ignore him and move on. Not forgetting that bullies, screaming babies and several other items should be higher than an irrelevant singer who gets bashed to much for simply his music.

8 Screaming babies

They won't shut up, and every time you ignore them, they just scream louder. They don't know when to quit.

I know right? You need to ignore them for several days before they stop crying. - Genjiismygod

Babies scream because they can't say actual words when they try to get your attention. I know it's pretty annoying, and people try their best to stop the screaming. Imagine if a baby screamed loud enough so the whole world can hear it! That would be some IRON lungs, or maybe STEEL lungs, or any other hard material like DIAMOND. Don't be mean to babies just because they scream. They just want your attention. I don't care if this is repetitive. I just hope people listen to this advice.

Ugh. Specially in public places.

It's so sad when that happens

9 Slow internet connection

Long loading times for web pages, videos buffer, video games are (almost) unplayable at times. I hate waiting for 10 minutes until everything is finished loading. - thatnormalguy

Sick of seeing that spiral rotating for hours on end just for something like a five minute YouTube video - PositronWildhawk

Guy:I'm going to watch Netflix today!
*turns on Netflix*
Guy:This is really slow...I'll wait
*some time later*
Grandson:Hey grandpa! Still waiting for Netflix?
Old Guy:Hush your mush! I'm waiting for Netflix
Old Guy: *dies* - ILOVEMEHLIFE

Although I use the internet a lot, I wish it never existed in the first place so we would never have to deal with it.

10 Terrorists

Terrorists Hit The Twin Towers. Those People Ruined Peoples Lives! Those Basterds.

They kill innocent people. Because of them Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and pretty much the Middle East and Africa are now killing zones. If you want Americans and Israelis out of you land killing your own people as well is not going to help.

Yes, that is right. However, there were American terrorists too. It isn't just limited to people from the Middle East, terrorists are everywhere

Hi, I am terrorists

Are screaming babies seriously worse than terrorists?
Shame on you, people, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

The Newcomers

? Wasting money

I hate when ever I waste money on anything, not long ago I wasted money on some ps3 game I got, then didn't like, it sucked - trains45

The Contenders

11 Racists

Why are a lot of people racist? Why do some people only care about their own race? I hate racism! In fact, everyone should & it should be a crime. Let me tell you a few things that are so racist that they bother me. It's just two things, so basically I don't feel any racism around me. The first I'm going to talk about isn't that much of a big deal. I just feel like it might be a little overboard. Anyways, my younger brother & I are half Asian & half Hispanic people that were born in Texas. I'm not really racist, but my brother's friends & him, well, I feel like they're racist. Kids at school once like to make jokes about him because he's half Asian. They didn't really care about his Hispanic side. Not only did they make jokes about him because he's half Asian, they also made fun of each other. Apparently, they like to make fun of their own races, so that means my brother & kids from his school are racist. I feel like this should stop. If they keep it up with their racist jokes, a ...more

I can't really understand why people would just assume asians are bad drivers it just seems cheap and a mundane thing of people to say as it can be argued that anyone can drive badly. But with the case of your little brother I do sympathise as I know you only want it to stop and so you should as racism on any level is wrong but with them I feel that age plays a factor and that they more likely than not do not understand the damage it causes and so I cannot argue against their own reasoning as they possibly do not understand the morals or equally themselves. - TheNealDog

Black people are racist.

There is a lot of evidence around them that they are wrong. UK, USA, China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, India and many other countries are all very very different, but they are full of science, technology, music and many other aspects that are not that dissimilar! I know a lot of people of high abilities from many different places and of different religions. Racist arguments are inept, as they can see for themselves. - PositronWildhawk

I hope the next president bans racism from America. - EpicTime9012

12 Email spam

When I wanted to play the mario Kart mobile game, I thought I had email spam but I didn't know where Gmail was. - TheAwesomeDude54

I just hate them so much... They always take everyone's valuable time and many of them aren't useful.

Email spams are so annoying - trains45

This is why I rarely use email unless to sign up for something - Randomator

13 Insomnia

... Reading this at 2 in the morning

Homework caused this
I can't fall asleep easily anymore

I never understand how some people can fall asleep in like 5 minutes

Why does all my energy save up right before bed in the evening? - Cohaki

14 Politics

I never ever talk about it, oops I just did I guess

Snnoying blah blah blah


YES I HATE THIS that's why I won't vote. Every politician is stupid in my opinion. - Luckys

15 School

School is boring

Ahh, school the bane of every fun and enjoyable on Earth. I just simply don't understand the purpose. Literally 98% of what you lear goes to waste.

Rote memorization sucks.

Its Stupid and dumb

16 Getting in a slow line at the bank/supermarket etc..

...and watching the others lines move forward.

Ugh! Especially when my mom forces me to come grocery shopping, and the line we are in seems to be the slowest one! - RockFashionista

I like the super fast check out people - Cohaki

So irritating - Randomator

Easy to take care of...lemme explain, if it's a long school dinner line just say there is a fight going on outside. No one will resist seeing it so you will be able to proceed without waiting, you're welcome!

17 Babies crying in public places

UGH... I have this all the time especially on aeroplanes and then at the end of the flight it's a little pain in the ear and they just think that they're dying or something literally

If I am in a plane and a baby start to cry I will punch the baby in the face.

They love the attention I guess - MACDONALDS

Why do babies do this? - Cohaki

It's the only way for the baby to get attention. Babies can't talk, deal with it. - TheAwesomeDude54

18 Acne

I only get a few very small pimples that aren't even noticeable. - MLPFan

Acne is sooo annoying, you can tell how excited I'll be when I'm in my 50s. UGH...

19 Dumb questions

Just like on Dora the Explorer, when Dora asks you where a mountain is when it's right behind her. Also on Sam and Cat, when the kid who asks too many questions says " do spiders get headaches", " does Batman wear underwear", " is toothpaste a vegetable', " can I jump off the roof", etc.

Seriously though, it gets annoying when people ask you dumb questions like " what's 1+1? " and the answer is 2.

Dumb questions for example when people ask you who are they or what planet do we live on I mean what the hell

Is math related to science?

One time, my classmate said "What is 10+9? ". I was like "Are you kidding me?! ". So I took him to the teacher and said "Look teacher! This dude doesn't know what 10+9 is! Could you please send him back to Kindergarten? " And the teacher was like "I trusted you to go to the math competition! I trained you for it! I taught you every single thing about math! And yet you still don't know what 10+9 is?! Why then, I'll send your other classmate! My work is all gone to waste! ". But then my classmate protested and said "IT'S HER FAULT! HER FAULT! HER FAULT! IT'S A JOKE! SERIOUS JOKE! HER FAULT! ". Then the teacher said "Well, if you were actually a good student, you wouldn't be telling stupid jokes! ". Then she sent another dude to compete in the math competition. Take note that I didn't now about the 10+9=21 meme, so it was an accident.

20 Stupid people

I don't hate stupid people who don't affect me, they are okay. But I hate it when stupid people are given power. Like maybe a stupid president, stupid boss, or a stupid teacher that have no right to have the power that they do.

This section refers to 90% of people

Who are you talking about?

Oh my god. "Everyone is smart in their own way." This makes me cringe SO BADLY! Stupid is very unintelligible. If somebody doesn't understand that cookies need to be made with some sort of cookie dough, whether it's homemade or store-bought, their stupid!

There is a difference between stupid, and not mentally there. You described not mentally there. - JoMama163

21 Lying politicians

This covers about all of them. - RdrTech

Trump is a perfect example - EliS

All presidents are guilty of this (except George for some reason), but up until recently, like the past 40 years, has it become clear things are wrong sometimes when they lie - Cohaki

You might as well say, "politicians" because doesn't every politician lie?

22 Homework

It's just a waste of time and energy

I rather threw my homework away

Why would you do school at home after you already did six hours of school already? First you have to wake up really early in the morning and then go to school then you have to do six hours of tests at school and then you have to do your homework for an hour so that you have like 1 thing to do and then eat dinner and soon afterwards you go to sleep and repeat the process all over again

I love homework

23 Siblings

Brothers who tie you to a chair and make you watch Hannah Montana - Toilet

Now I have a good perspective of what my sister will be like...

little brothers can be the most embarrasing things ever. - Razor79

I agree, although it's not a certain gender of siblings, it's just siblings, ESPECIALLY the younger ones. - gageman34

24 War

War is really upsetting, annoying, and also very useless. Millions of people die for no reason. I wish people had some natural predator. The millions that die are usually the strong, brave ones, while the weak, obese people sit in their homes eating chips and watching dumb movies. If there was, for example, some species of colossal creature, it could eat the obese, slow, stupid ones and cull them off. Natural selection. Sorry for the grotesque pictures this might promote in your mind. But then the creature would eat the people. That is because IT WANTS TO EAT. The wars people make are just because of huge debts or something (Sorry, I'm not a politician or anything). We kill billions of cows. We clutter the Earth. Approximately 7,000,000,000 people live nowadays. That is around 5 chickens to each human. Quite a few people, no?

War isn't useless. The revolutionary war gained the US independence, and the civil war ended slavery. - Not_A_Weeaboo

This is one of the dumbest things just randomly bombing someone for power. Except spiritual war because that’s important

The Mexicans should've won the Mexican American war, not the dumb Americans - Yoshi

I suppose its annoying but it also all helps. Without war, the world would be over-packed with humans. Destructive humans. They cut down trees and make special animals extinct. After years and years, we'll finally make the atmosphere collapse and die. We need to cut down on humans in order for our species to live.

Keeping humans in order is what sickness is for. War is just stupid - DFuzzBear

25 Being sick

I was looking for this

I agree it annoying when coughing too much in a cold or sneezing too much during cold or allergies - trains45

The runny noses and stomach pains are the only problems, but the fact you get to skip school, and you sound like an adult when you have a sore throat, plus it feels good after I finally throw up, all the sickness gets out of my system. - Cohaki

Throwing up, sore throats, runny noses. Need I go on? - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

26 Republicans

I voted for this because of what the Republican party is turned into. If I had to draw a picture representing the Republican party, it would be a fat, 50-something, Southern, overly-religious, man, wearing a white cowboy hat and yelling crap about gay marriage and how Obama is the Antichrist. If Mitt Romney is elected, I swear I will move to Canada.

Lol most are fat and respect trump

People always say that Republicans are mean and annoying. Well if you're one of those people, let me explain something to you. Just because they mostly don't agree with gay-marriage, does not mean they're mean. They're just agreeing on what the bible says. About how people should be able to have babies after marriage to teach them about Jesus. Also Republicans dislike abortion and don't many like Republicans partly because of it. NEWS FLASH: Abortion is murder and it's immoral. People say that women have the right to chose what's right for their body, but the babies are not apart of them. Also: fetuses are people too. So maybe they're not as annoying as some people think.

Are you saying that you should trust an extremely outdated book about gay marriage? Are you saying you don't approve of gay marriage? If that's true, you are a horrible person. Also, abortion is not considered murder. A woman has the right to abortion. Birth can be painful and pregnancy can be an accident. And you think you can take away a woman's right to that? Well, you're wrong like the other Republicans. Also, the part about fetuses being people too. That may be true, but their brains aren't developed enough to feel pain. - Mooshroomsrock17

I'm a libertarian and I think republicans are even more annoying than democrats. Republicans just hypocritically babble about how they want to downsize the government, then they try to take control of marriage, attempt to ban abortion, continue a hopeless war against drugs, etc.. At least the democrats admit that they're going to inflate the government.

Bravo! Although I have to say I do think Democrats are just as annoying. Long story short, they both suck! - theOpinionatedOne

27 Insects

Insects are very important to thus world. Especially ants. - TheAwesomeDude54

Insects are gross - ArianaMarvelHPVine456

I could be minding my own business and then some fly or whatever starts buzzing in my ear I'm like go away I'm not bothering you.and the saying " bees won't bother you if you don't bother them is not true. A bee just came charging at me for like no reason. I'm like what did I ever do to you - Naiolmaih

I hate insects, they buzz around you all the time and some make you itching, poision (sorry for spelling) you, and buzz around you all the time!

28 Conservatives

Worse than liberals. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

I could reply to all of these comments but I just going to use 1 both conservatives and liberals have stupid people in their party and they all have smart people can we please stop arguing about which one is worse because news flash they are all bad in there own way - RawIsgore

The extreme ones - ElSherlock

Politics in general is the work of Satan. - RobertWisdom

29 Smokers

Smokers are people who want to die.

Smokers are not bad. It's their choice. Not yours - TheAwesomeDude54

But not all smokers are bad. They were good people who just made bad choices. Some people are addicted to things, and not all of them are bad. But to the smokers out there, DON'T WORRY. YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE. QUIT NOW!

Hey shut up my granny is one

30 Little kids

Extroverted little kids are annoying but Introverted kids are fine.

Who? Those 9 year old Fortnite fans.

Do you expect kids to have all the knowledge that you have today?

I hate these bicthes like this boy called harvey

31 Sexism

Sexism is the most annoying, frustrating thing in the world. There is no reason that females aren't as good as males in any way. We shouldn't be treated like we are the second-class, useless, annoying tagalongs who are only good for chores and sex. People need to stop pretending that they can categorize girls into a category of pink-loving, unicorn-loving, beliebers (or fangirls of any sort) that can't do anything on their own. And it isn't just men doing that. A girl in my class once said, "You can't be strong. Only boys can. But you can date a strong guy." WHAT THE &@#$?! Ever seen the Olympics? See how there are females in it? See their bulging muscles and the awesome stuff they can do? If that isn't strong, then your annoying boyfriend who can't do a push-up isn't. Or the whole unfair pay thing. How is it fair that we have to get by with a smaller amount of pay? We can work as hard and we can be as good at our jobs. It's just stupid.

And it isn't just females ...more - pandagirl

I'm a girl and I used to love Super Mario. I had lots of Super Mario merchandise such as shirts, keychains, figurines and video games. Then some kids in school said that Super Mario is only for boys. I've played it and nothing bad happened. Just because I'm a girl, that doesn't mean I shouldn't care for Mario. I've seen other girls playing Mario before no problem. And also right now, I'm seeing a lot of Super Mario socks not only in the boys section but also in the girls section. I also a Mario shirt online that says girl power and it has all the princesses on it. My friend actually got that shirt for her birthday. There is also a girl at my school who is a tomboy. She likes Star Wars, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and other superhero movies. Then people were making fun of her because of that. She is allowed to like those things. I mean come on, it's a free country, you don't have to be a specific gender to like something.

Continue eating your poop, Piplup! - DrayTopTens

I hate this so much! - Margarida

32 Feminazis

People get mad at me not liking girls,

Ugh yes! Feminism is good but not extremists!

Excuse me who is the white male that submitted this up? Feminazis are totally fine and you are sexist if you say no.


33 Ignorant people

OH GOD NOT THOSE! This should be number one - JustSomeRandomDude

I have problems with these people

34 Nicki Minaj

I wish people would shut up about her.

She's worse than beiber. Beiber isn't ugly but she is - Yoshi

Who is worse? Her or cardi b? (Cardi b in my opinion is worse)

I like her. Especially Chun Li. - Luckys

35 People that are cruel to animals because they are cowards

They should be punished with the same things they've done to the animals - MACDONALDS

Animal Abuser: Animals have no souls or feelings.
Me: *knocks some sense into that thing, teaching it not to abuse animals* - TheAwesomeDude54

I hate them so much I mean what is their problem.

Just because they're cruel to animals doesn't mean they're cowards - Yoshi

36 Attention seekers

Yes! People who post a pic of themselves and caption it "not sure" or "hate my face" or if a girl posts a pic of her in a body on obviously sucking her stomach in and captions it "ugh hate my figure" what?!?

The ladies in my grade are like " I'm so ugly, look how fat I am. My writing also sucks and I'm so stupid, I'm such a tard." Then, when I say these things about myself, I actually am fat, they are like, " No your not fat! Your not ugly! " How fake of them to say that. Sometimes I say things like that just to have an excuse to tell them they are lying.

No body is ugly, or fat unless you believe it. It takes ten compliments to counteract an insult. Even if it is from yourself. - JoMama163

Lmao basically my whole 8th grade. - Malierea

There was a girl in my class like that. - TwilightKitsune

37 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

It has bright colours. I don't know they like the colours of deformed donkeys

Why do grown men like a show that's for little girls? - DrayTopTens

Maybe it helped them get through depression? Or maybe they want to bond with their daughters? - RoseWeasley


I like my little pony and bronies are NOT dumb! - Firegirl110

38 Over population

I also hate that the people of the last few generations have messed up the world for the next generations. We have ruined the ozone, the environment, the oceans, killed off many of the animals, etc. It honestly makes me feel guilty to even be human.

When the prices are getting higher its not my fault. Maybe in 2050 the population will drop down.

I'm gay, so I'm helping to prevent this - MACDONALDS

I wish I could convert to a bald faced eagle

39 Fox news Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

If you want opinion over fact (or want to watch idiots say hilariously uninformed mumbo-jumbo), this is your channel! - KalloFox34

Yeah. this is Fox news: Blah blah blah this celebrity is getting divorced blah blah blah. WHO CARES IF A CELEBRITY IS GETTING DIVORCED ITS THEIR OWN PERSONAL LIFE

CNN is way worse - Randomator

All propaganda rubbish, no fact, all biased prejudiced opinion

40 Bitchy girls

They flirt, they have sex, they use guys - ronluna

Female physicians/doctors are harlots

They are so weird and stupid

I hate them with a burning passion. - RoseWeasley

41 What does the fox say?

Forgot that stupid song existed until now, LOL - KalloFox34

How does the fox feel about this stupid song? Horrible.

An offense to foxes - RoseWeasley

That song is awful - ElSherlock

42 Non stop talkers

I have a friend that is talkative. I just hate that, she is like. "Hey, you know who I saw yesterday in the park? Erika. Remember her? She was my cousins girlfriend, that girl who used to be addicted to television. Television? I can't lose for a second time "American Idol". Janelle Arthur didn't win, can you believe that? Do you know who I think of when I see Janelle Arthur? She kinda looks like Marta. Remember Marta? She was my best friend in second grade. Remember second grade? I peed my pants once. I said my pants, I must not forget that I have to buy those amazing pants I saw on Marie Claire yesterday. Remember Marie Claire? It used to be my sisters' favourite magazine. Remember my sister? She's in New York now..." and blah blah blah.

Talkative people are humans who talk. We're all talkative then. - TheAwesomeDude54

Hey whoa this is going way to far now!

No... I don't care about your views on politics. No... I don't care what the government does In Area 51. Yes, I do want you to stop talking. RIGHT NOW.

its almost like they are having a conversation with themselves, which I find annoying, but look at the positives in life... Right?!

43 Slow drivers in the left lane.

The right lane in my country - wadkad

Honestly going slow is just as bad as speeding - Randomator

Hello? There is a speed limit people. Most cars in the left lane are already going way faster than the speed limit and the slower cars are sticking to the speed limit. It is you who needs to slow down. I take the right lane just to be safe from all those crazy road rage speedsters. What? You're late for work. Should have left earlier.
There was one guy who sped right by me going like thirty miles over the speed limit on a multiple lane road and I caught up to him two minutes later at a red light. Going faster sometimes doesn't even get you that far.

I really don't like this rule. What if the destination of a slow driver is on the left?

44 Periods

This is why I am on birth control and haven't had a "Stupid Santa Claus" in months. They SUCK and are only useful to people who want kids. I do not.

They basically mess up your vagina and insides. - TheAwesomeDude54

Geez, I wanna be an boy. - Raichu

Periods will hurt you, and make your clothes messy if you don't wear a pad. - PhilTheCorgi

45 Fangirls

The worst thing about fangirls is they raise the vote for this handsome artist but not very talented - ronluna

They are obsessed with their favorite band, do the fangirling flirty bitchy things and they love the band because the singer and or other members of the band because they are so cute. what about their music? - ronluna

They are so annoying say if you have a girl you like and she likes you to but there is a famous person they they really love and they are so obsessed with them and they say they are going to marry them and you want to marry the girl but she ruin it is so mean

And they call you "ingrates" if you hate it. (Frozen fans)

46 "Catchy" songs

The next person who comes up to me and starts singing "Baby Shark" is going to get smacked with a hot pan and buried alive. Better yet, THEY CAN STEP ON A LEGO!

Same with me and that piece of feces old town road! How about Old Toe Toad?! - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

I hate Baby Shark

These songs make me want to die, but not really, but still. - EvanWellens

Damn Please me, I like that song now. - Luckys

47 Barking dogs

My aunts' yorkie is annoying

I actually love dogs. - PhilTheCorgi

A dog is barking right now when I'm typing this comment. - Btv

I think man breed dogs to bark at strangers

48 Lag

Proof that Video Games don't make us violent, Lag does.

*Put some random world in KoGaMa* *Laptop lags like crazy* Me:FUUU
And this is why you should never play KoGaMa with a trash laptop - JustSomeRandomDude

I hate lag. I make my own games and random stuff on Scratch and I'm working on a project with a lot of scripts in. My laptop lags like mad when I add a new script in or even move an existing script. Lag is pathetic and I have no idea why it exists.

Lagging sucks. It always happens when I play dog games on my Kindle. When the internet disconnects because of the lag, I find it rude, because making someone who is bored stop playing a game is rude. - PhilTheCorgi

49 Anime Fans

Drama! A bunch of out people hitting another and doing obnoxious stuff who agrees

I am only 9 and I hate anime

Anime is the best! I have watched so many animes and they are the best. MY HERO ACADEMIA,NARUTO,OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, and so many more. Take it off the list.

I too have someone in my class who is my "Friend". She always goes on about her favorite anime and crap, never letting me get a word in. Then, when I try to tell her something about something useful, she'll either completely ignore me or do something else entirely rude. Yea... we're not as good friends any more. Plus, I don't like anime in the first place.

50 Computer virus

A kid's chromebook had a seizure and eventually burned out and wasn't usable - Mocchiko

It's more than just annoying, I'm scared it will break my computer then my parents will get mad at me.

! I literally cannot cope with the unfairness that is a Computer Virus.
You know what else I can't stand?! Phishers who tell me my computer is infected so I'll buy their software!
Not going to happen. No matter how hard you try to scare me into buying your software, you will see your sales drop and your money slip through your evil little fingers!

Well gonna go onto The Top Tens Lists now
What website is this?!

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