Most Annoying Things in Life

Things that happen that can put a black cloud over your head.
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1 Mosquitoes Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are insects that have been known to cause various diseases. A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus.

Oh, I absolutely HATE mosquitos. Of what use of they? Many other bugs are actually useful. Ladybugs eat aphids, spiders eat other pests, and dust mites chew up dead skin. But mosquitos? They are horrid. All they do is fly around in swarms, biting you from every angle. They find ways around bug repellent, and they can cause disease. Mosquitos are obviously the stupidest bug EVER!

Why were bugs period ever even made? All they do is bite people, sting them, annoy them and scare little kids! The only animals necessary to the universe are humans, dogs, bunnies, horses, small birds, and maybe cows. I don't even care much for honey, so bees could just vanish and I won't care. Their lives are useless and miserable. They have wings, yet they could barely carry their stupid fat bodies around! Plus, they sting someone, they die. How hard is it not to hurt or harm someone who isn't bothering you?

They're the ultimate source of frustration during Summer. They bite you, leave itchy bites, make that annoying buzz when flying, you can't get rid of them, they spread deadly diseases, kill livestock, lay lots of eggs, hatch within hours, and reproduce like they're going extinct.

This is the only animal I want extinct. Yeah, I hate spiders and roaches too, but at least they help out in nature. Spiders take care of pests and roaches help eat trash and rotten things. What good does a mosquito do? Bring diseases? Bite you? Leave itchy bumps on your skin? Make annoying buzzing noises? Literally the most annoying and useless creature ever. The only good they do is give you malaria!

2 People who smoke around others

People that smoke can go ahead and damage their lungs but it is annoying to have other people breathe in their smoke. People that smoke should stop smoking because it is very bad for you but if you want to smoke do it somewhere alone and not around other people.

Honestly, if you want to smoke, that's your choice. I don't think you should do it, as it is really bad for you. But if you want to do it, that's on you. If you DO wish to do so, despite the health risks, at least be nice enough to not do it in other people's faces. I don't want to be a secondhand smoker. If I wanted to smoke, I would buy some cigarettes

I, personally, think I am very sensitive to the smell of cigarettes. Not gonna lie, cigarette butts are enough to make me cough. This is so damn annoying. Dumb smokers.

Why would someone smoke in a public area? It's dangerous for health and cigarettes provide no real purpose in order to improve life. The smoke contaminates the air and can even cause air pollution. I honestly think cigarettes should be banned. There are severe health risks, and I understand how hard it is to quit though.

3 Slow internet connection

The fact that this is placed #3 shows the fact that you obviously haven't seen the perspective on a poor country. Ha, good luck surviving any of the poor countries in Africa or Southeast Asia.

Hahahahahahahaha! Omg it is so annoying like when I want to watch a YouTube video lets say "Groovy Girl dolls With Leila and Paloma Meet Amelina.", when I click on that video the loading circle will just sit there and spin and then I would go ugh! the internet is being slow and shut down my computer and turn it on again which usually helps.

The internet always disconnects when I'm trying to play a game in multiplayer, and every time that happens, I say "That was rude", because it is. I really hate when that happens, because if I don't do something fun, I would get bored, which is why I have a variety of interests. When I talk about something a lot, people bully me about it, and that's getting really annoying.

Sometimes the super old devices and consoles get worn out the more time has passed. I don't get that. I mean, some things never get worn out but the internet is just getting more wonky and old. Computers back then were not that great, but probably didn't get as worn out. I don't get it.

4 Screaming babies

My baby cousin has the most annoying crying in the entire universe. Listening to his crying is like getting lava poured into your ear while your ear has a papercut. You don't even want to know what it sounds like, it's the most fury inducing sound you could ever hear. I try to be a cool kid but I absolutely can't tolerate his infuriating crying. Also, he screeches at a volume of about 157 decibels when you least expect it. Earlier he puked on his shirt and then his dad took it off to change it. He then went completely crazy bananas and went up to his dad and screamed like he was getting brutally impaled. I am autistic and I am sensitive to sudden and unexpected loud and high frequency sounds and I often feel uncomfortable around him.

Some comments here are really out of order. I can understand most people's frustration, I agree that babies screaming can be annoying especially when it's lengthy and so loud you can't even hear what someone is trying to tell you, I myself have Asperger's and for people like me, being next to a screaming baby can be overstimulating, especially when the screams are loud, piercing or sudden, but hey, there is nothing we can do about it. They're just babies, they can't even talk and this is the only way they can express emotions or needs. It may be excessive to some people (myself included), but this is not something we can control. Heck, not even a toddler can control his screaming! We've all been babies once, I understand opinions change as you grow up, but this is no excuse to write such horrible comments like "it makes me wanna die", "I just wanna kill this baby" or "can't he just shut the hell up?". Just stop and think for a minute: didn't anyone think the same when you were crying ...more

Babies and toddlers are not annoying at all. They just want attention and stuff. I love babies and toddlers although they do scare me a bit when they cry because it makes me think I've done something wrong. But other than that I love them and love working with them. This is why I'm going to be going to the ECE ( Early childhood Education ) program this September in Capilano University so that I can get my diploma and start working at daycare. But I will probably be the youngest since I'm 18 and the rest are all 20 and older. This is also another reason why when I get married I would want to have at 4 children because I want a big family. Can't wait to start the program been looking forward to this program for my whole life!

Babies scream because they can't say actual words when they try to get your attention. I know it's pretty annoying, and people try their best to stop the screaming. Imagine if a baby screamed loud enough so the whole world can hear it! That would be some IRON lungs, or maybe STEEL lungs, or any other hard material like DIAMOND. Don't be mean to babies just because they scream. They just want your attention. I don't care if this is repetitive. I just hope people listen to this advice.

5 People who walk really slow in front of you

That happened to me at school before. There were these students walking in groups right in front of me and they were walking like turtles. And then I would be late for class because of them. And then the teacher punished me for it, but it was actually their fault. If it weren't for them, I would make it to class. I don't want to make fun of this person, but there is also a person who has a disability and it makes him walk really slow and in a funny way. He is a nice person and he doesn't really mean to make me late for class and is not walking in that way on purpose, he's just not able to walk like us normal people. Yeah, like for god's sake, you guys are in a hallway, WALK FASTER.

People who walk slowly in front of others are inconsiderate and rude. I myself may not be the fastest walker, but I would at least like to have the option of walking fast if I feel like it or if I'm running late. Slow walkers need to consider standing off to the side so that other people who are actually trying to get somewhere can get there on time. Also, these slow walkers often walk around in groups. They walk next to each other, filling up the entire width of the hallway, allowing no one to simply walk past them. These people are often seen at schools. Just because they're not in a rush to get to their class (usually because they don't care) doesn't mean that no one else cares about getting to class on time. It's also really irritating when those people stop and stand in the doorway of a room you're trying to enter or exit.

I HATE it when this happens! In my second year of middle school, this girl got annoyed with me for being slow. I felt really embarrassed, to I never took my time in the hall way again. But she and her stupid friends are complete hypocrites! Not only do they walk really slow in front of you, but they also bunch up in the middle of the hall way and talk until the bell rings! This one time, they bunched up in front of the classroom door and just blabbed. This guy needed to get in there, but they didn't even notice! When they finally left he mumbled " I was about to say get out of my way." I hope this doesn't happen in high school...

I'm sometimes wobbly on my bike and if I go fast, Those slow people will get hurt, It's so annoying. I don't want to hurt strangers, Mostly because everyone could see

6 Bullies

Bullies don't bully for no reason. Do you children honestly think that there are humans who are just born with an instinct to ruin other people's lives. They're not doing it just to make themselves "feel big", which is what most adults tell children because they don't think kids can understand a concept any deeper than that.

Bullies are probably struggling too. Don't be stereotypical and make assumptions. They could be broken. They could be dying. And talking crap about them is going to help them get out of a suicidal state they could be in?

Don't say bad things about them. Help bullies. If you don't help them then who are you to talk about how bad they are?

Bullies suck... No one deserves to be bullied, and I feel horrible for anyone who is going through a situation like that. If anyone reading this is in a terrible situation, please seek help <3.
To be honest, though, when I get bullied (which hardly ever happens anymore), I USUALLY don't care. People have their opinions on me, and I don't mind that. Generally, when people bully others, it's because they want a reaction, which I generally don't have anymore. (For anyone who may get slightly worried: I do seek help when I need to) - Peaceful Anon

Bullies are Sonic Wannabes who try to use toxicity to become cooler than Sonic. Jokes on them they can't do so because the whole world has known Sonic for 30 years and counting.

That is definitely the worst thing that I have to deal with at school. I am in 12th grade and I am really young at heart. I like some kids shows like the Octonauts and Paw Patrol, and I also like Disney movies. Then there are these bullies that make fun of me and tease me for that. They are like, "That's for babies, GROW UP MAN!" Isn't there a saying, "Treat others the way you want to be treated"?! Like seriously, do you want to be treated like that?! So why do you treat others like that and not have concern for other people?! And then at the end of the day, I couldn't wait to see my parents or get a phone call from my parents that they are going to pick me up. Then I told them about what happened and I was crying when I told them. Also, the teachers did nothing about it. Yeah, like the Octonauts can be for any age in my opinion because it teaches you about sea creatures and anyone can learn about that. And also some Disney movies have fighting scenes and they said they are for ...more

7 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Justin is the antichrist. Hearing or seeing him is like accidently viewing Rosie O'Donnell or Whoopi Goldberg naked, it induces violent vomiting while instantly defecating yourself at the same time. Gitmo detainees were subjected to viewing him in 10 second segments being interviewed, singing or just walking down the street and it was shortly thereafter Osama bin laden was tracked down and killed because his jihadi soldiers gave everything up in order to not be subjected to him anymore.

I was looking and looking. I found it. The most annoying voice on the planet. It sounds like a terrified buffalo. I want to seriously get the chance to meet this... Thing, so I can tell it how much I hate its music and how it killed REAL music.

That is so right! People at school are always singing his songs saying that he is the best musician of all time! HELP ME PLEASE! I'm 11 to and I would rather die than have to listen to his music all the time, on the radio at school all week long...So from now on the next person who sings one of his s

He sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Why do all those teenage girls like him anyway? Look at his photo on this list! Is this attractive?! No it's not! He looks like a terrified elephant who just saw a mice!

8 Advertisements

It's SOOO annoying on youtube because if I'm watching a video on the 7 most evil musicians (yes it's a real video and I find that stuff interesting) and it's getting to a part were I'm really invested learning about what happened next, I don't want to be interrupted by an ad for the new mcdonald's sandwich because it ruins the mood!

Youtube ads are even worse. At least you can fast-forward ads if you record a TV show and you can click the x button on pop ups, while YouTube ads, you have to sit through food ads, baby ads, etc! I cannot even watch Salad Fingers, Mortal Kombat, COD, or MLP videos without having to sit through them! They are so pointless and annoying!

Ugh, when I watch YouTube, this stupid Spotify advert with annoying music always pops up even though I've disliked it like 26352834910 times and it always pops up when I'm listening to music on my earbuds and watching funny vids! I don't go on Spotify, but please let me watch something for one damned second without this stupid advert popping up!

Adds are annoying. Especially pop-up adds. And the ones that show up before you video. And the ones that cover content. And the ones that lie. And the ones on T.V. And the ones on the highway. And the ones on the radio. And the ones you see in the windows of stores. And all the other ones I missed.

9 Terrorists

**Note that I put this same comment on another subject on this list**
Build bridges, not walls (figuratively speaking, of course, but this can be literal too if you think about it). Oh, many people in a certain country disagree with something your country generally approves? Okay, but that does not mean you have to murder them. Leave them be. You can build bridges with some countries while just avoiding the other countries you dislike, but you don't have to build walls. Maybe just make a compromise, and if that's not going to work, leave them alone. - Peaceful Anon

Terrorists aren't annoying, and that's what we're TRYING to describe. Terrorists are evil, not a nuisance. So PLEASE, do realize that a bad singer WILL be above them.

You can use mosquito repellent. You can stop listening to JB. You can tell someone about bullies and even though that's very hard, it doesn't compare to the impossibility of ever being safe from terrorists.

One day you could be getting pissed at some kid listening to Justin Bieber and then terrorist shows up, hauls your ass to some torture house and then slowly murders you. For fun. And then they kill your family, your friends or even strangers all around you.

If you think that JB is worse, then you must have some pretty messed up thoughts.

Oh lord. Killing innocent people even at peaceful times? Keep in mind that this is below rap music and Justin Bieber. How the heck does writing songs that you don't like are worse than TERRORISM?! Okay, would you rather:
Have everyone you love MURDERED by terrorists
Listen to Justin Bieber's music for two minutes.

If you chose option one, GOOD FOR YOU! You're so simple-minded and bratty, that you would rather let innocent people die then listen to music! Now go on with your selfish, whiny life.

10 Rap

To be perfectly honest, I hate modern rap. I'm 15, so don't get me confused for some old dude who's never heard rap before. I've heard plenty. More than I think I've ever wanted to hear, to be honest. It's just bad. The lyrics are usually questionable at best (I don't know how parents will let their kids listen to stuff like this.) And, while I know that theres rap out there about good things, even just the music itself gets on my nerves. In my opinion, the chemistry of the bands from the 50's to the 90's will forever be better than any music made by a guy singing in a monotone voice to a computer generated beat, that, in most cases, has been used by at least 20 other people.

Rap is not all Sexism drugs and money - rap is an art, with some lyrics being a lot better than half of these old poets we used to have to do in school. If rap can inspire people to do drugs, then what about all the raps that promote doing something with your life - Kendrick Lamar: "get up off that slave ship, build your own pyramids write your own hieroglyphs" or the rappers fighting depression - Eminem: "Just letting you know your not alone, holler if you feel like you've been down the same road" or the almighty Tupac who raps about violence against women: "I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women - do we hate our women? ". How would all you rap haters feel if we fans all said the same thing about Led Zeppelin, or kept pressing the fact that John Lennon was a creepy man who hit women and children? Rap has been the way out for many people from "the Hood", and the only reason some of the lyrics are harsh and violent is because they are expressing the hatred shown to ...more

Yall say Rap is Bad. Country music Really sucks. Country singers just talking about girls and having sex and and getting drunk and their girl dumps them they throw beercans at both of her shadows. Luke Bryan Jason Aldean and those other male singers are nothing but trash they just talking about having sex and getting Drunk on girls. at least on Rap they talk about other stuff besides girls Go Rap.

All music and musicians achieve their only goal and fulfil their only obligation, to express and entertain. That is art and you cannot say it is ruined because you do not like what another does. Welcome to a diverse democracy you don't like it, move to Scandinavia(little diversity-this is why Democratic sociolism works so well) or a dictatorship.

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11 School

This is the time of your life where you go to school make friends and all learn etc. It's all fun and games until a certain grade (usually high school) where everything goes downhill. Learning isn't a bad concept, but it's like salt, if there's not enough it doesn't do anything but too much mentally drains kids. In some countries it's too much. There shouldn't even be homework because you've already been at school for 6 to 7 hours. School isn't really as focused on learning as mentally draining kids and piling on responsibilities when all they want to do is have fun. There's a difference between not putting pressure on a kid and flat out crushing their dreams, but there are still some good things about school, like making new friends and the last day of the term where you can watch movies in class.

Staying inside for seven hours five days a week for 200 some days a year for 13 years not counting preschool. Having no control over who is teaching you. What's not to love?

The good side about school is obviously for your education and the alternatives but somethings just seem a bit off. For example, If we are at school to learn, we need to be taught properly, as in having good teachers who don't always go around telling us that we are failures and "oh why can't you get this right! ". It really put me off in year 7 and 8 and my test results fell down mountain Everest in what? A couple of days. Especially for people who have anxiety and such, we need to be taught properly! And I'm not trying to say that all teachers are unsupportive, but just to those who are, well.. they need to be taught, not teaching others that is.

A lot of people think that attending school makes you intelligent by default, but take a look around-- most of our population consists of mouth-breathers. School does teach you some things that you need to know, but most of it is spoon-fed information that you don't even need in the real world. To make matters worse, the common method of schooling is just rote-memorization, not critical thinking. It teaches kids some random facts they will forget in three months, but it doesn't prepare us for a better tomorrow.

12 Racists

Racism isn't what everyone thinks it is. Say someone is bullying someone because they have red hair (I'm using this as an example because I've actually seen this a lot online) you can be free to call that person racist. And those who are racist won't shut up about it.

The clear code won't work because it will never be clear. Whoever can see people based on their personality is pretty gullible. Do you know how easy it is to be more different than you really are? You'll be played and manipulated.

I think it is annoying but not in the way most people think. Racism is not liking someone because of how they look. So I'm sure at some point in everyone's life they going to experience it. I'm white, but that doesn't in general Make me racist. Anyone can be rasist and there is nothing we can do about it so, I think we should stop the protests. If someone is truly racist a protest isn't going to change them. All lives matter so can we just stop it only matters what you think of you, and I know some people are going to call me racist for saying this, but it is the truth

Now this... This is just extremely annoying. It really, really is.
I can understand that this isn't a view that everyone agrees with, but honestly, I don't really care.
First off, why should it matter what color we are? Our insides are all modeled the same, save for the people who have something removed or missing, but that's a bit complicated. Our bodies are mostly modeled the same, but the same logic still applies.
Basically, we're all humans. We're all pretty ugly anyway, (the ugly part was a joke.) so why should race have to do with anything?

13 Politics

Politics is the scourge of humanity - I quit watching the news roughly 6 months ago and have experienced a new freedom and peace. I hope to never watch the news again, I refuse to vote or join in any political discussion.

The reason it's so annoying is because no one respects each other anymore. Recently we have been voting for the lesser of two evils. I personally am republican because I don't trust the Democratic Party but I still respect them. But I seem to be the only one who gives due respect anymore

Why can't we all just relax a little here? Please, just respect other people and stop trying to cancel each other. Stop getting overworked by other peoples' political views and just accept each other, because, no matter what, no one deserves hate. As I said in another comment, hate the idea, not the people. - Peaceful Anon

I mean of course, people can believe whatever they want, but the fact that some people think that Politics is the only subject that matters is complete nonsense.

14 Insomnia

I'd say I usually take about 2 hours to fall asleep. If I'm lucky, I'll fall asleep in about an hour, but that's very rare. My sister is pretty needy and quite a wimp for her age, so she insists on my mother sitting in her room with her until she falls asleep because she's scared by herself. Last night, I was pretty tired and almost fell asleep. However, my mother did not stay in my sister's room that night, so my younger sister was alone in her room, got scared, and ran into my room to bother me for about half and hour and eventually asked me if she could sleep in my room that night. I felt rude saying no, so I let her. Couldn't fall asleep for another 2 hours after that.

That's actually true. I lie on the bed at 10:30 or something. I sleep somewhere around 1. It is annoying, I try to keep myself busy with boring stuff (but that hardly ever works). Yeah, VERY ANNOYING

It takes me 3-5 hours to go to sleep. I constantly wake up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep after that. It sucks and I never get any sleep and if you ask why I am so grumpy I will say "Insomnia"

SO, It usually takes me around 4-6 hours to fall asleep and when I do I get between 1-2 hours of sleep at the most. However I can pretty easily take naps which is weird because one time I "took a nap" on a Friday the day before my birthday and I slept all the way till 7p.m. on Sunday and it sucked because I missed my birthday. and after that I couldn't sleep for 2.5 days. It sucked so bad

15 Acne

I started getting breakouts of acne back in October 2019 when I was 13 years old, and it forced me to use concealer cream for the very 1st time in my life.

this is so annoying. Disfigures your face, hurts, and gets infected. Also really noticeable. It's like: "Congrats, you're going through puberty, but that's not all, we have to give you some swelling red dots that hurt and make you look ugly too! Hooray!" there is actually no point in these though. Other supposedly annoying things like school, rap, ads, periods and mosquitoes do have some benefits, where there is no point to acne

I would say acne is annoying, but at least you can SOMETIMES get rid of it.
Strawberry pores are worse, even if most people probably disagree with that.

honestly, nothing above acne and insomnia
other than mosquitoes is actually quite annoying. Okay, bad internet and smoking are pretty bad, but really this should be higher and things like justin bieber, rap and school shouldn't even be on here

16 Dumb questions

Ugh, I hate these type of people, in year 6, (in French like 7 years ago) I knew the answer to every single question the teacher asked me, she only answered me twice which there were like 40 questions she asked, this boy always asks dumb questions like "what do we write?" when the teacher told him like 1 second ago and when she was asking questions I put my hand up and she kept on asking him the questions. There was a French certificate which we got if we did good but then I was really angry at this.

The boy got the French certificate and I was so angry I couldn't hold it anymore. I deserved it better and now. I get that all the time but I get used to it. The French teacher gave random people the French certificate anyway.

My sister always does this.1 time we were just riding in the car and I asked her "how do u spell I" and she thought for more than 45 seconds whining like "I dunno!" until I told her how to spell the tied most EZ word to spell. Speaking of the other words that are tied for the easiest word ever, I told her how to spell a, and she did the same thing.

My younger cousin when he played Minecraft for the first time:
Cousin: Where was Minecraft made?
Me: It was made in Sweden.
Cousin: Ok.
1 hour later...
Cousin: Was Minecraft made in Sweden?
Me: Yes!
Cousin: Ok.
5 seconds later...
Cousin: Where was Minecraft made? In Sweden?
Me: Are you kidding me? I told you 5 seconds ago!
Cousin: Ok.
1 second later...
Cousin: Was Minecraft made in Sweden?
Me: Kill me...

Student: why do people hate ads?
Me: because they're annoying
Time: 5 min. Later,
Student: do people hate ads?
Me: yes
Time: 1 sec later
Student do pe–
Me: YES!
Student: it's rude to interrupt you know.

17 Homework

You know why homework was made? The guy that invented it, Roberto Nevelis, said that homework was made to punish his students for misbehaving in class. If it was made as a punishment, then why are teachers giving homework to innocent kids? Why not give it to misbehaving ones instead to everyone? This is so unfair. I sure hope that Nevelis is disappointed seeing what teachers are up to homework nowadays.

Homework was made so teachers can have the joy of watching teenagers complain. I empathize with them because it's entertaining to watch teenagers complain.

Homework is only 10% of my grade and because of it I haven't been able to study for tests or get enough sleep and I feel like such a failure. What is the point of it? I read an article about a school in NY that didn't give students homework and the teachers saw NO DROP in their students' academic performance. It's really unnecessary.

Homework is not annoying at all. In fact from grade 9-11 I did not like homework either until I realized that if I don't do my work then I will keep failing my classes and eventually not graduate. In the summer before grade 12 something snapped in me and from then on when grade 12 started I started focusing on my homework and liking it and because of that I got all great grades then and now and will continue getting them when I go to university this summer since I'm 18. With this said homework is not annoying at all and can be fun most of the time and it there to help you learn better and get great grades so that you don't fail your classes and courses.

18 War

War. Wars like the US participating in the Vietnam war even though Vietnam is none of our business is useless, we made things worse. Wars like World War 2 had some use, we did win.

War is really upsetting, annoying, and also very useless. Millions of people die for no reason. I wish people had some natural predator. The millions that die are usually the strong, brave ones, while the weak, obese people sit in their homes eating chips and watching dumb movies. If there was, for example, some species of colossal creature, it could eat the obese, slow, stupid ones and cull them off. Natural selection. Sorry for the grotesque pictures this might promote in your mind. But then the creature would eat the people. That is because IT WANTS TO EAT. The wars people make are just because of huge debts or something (Sorry, I'm not a politician or anything). We kill billions of cows. We clutter the Earth. Approximately 7,000,000,000 people live nowadays. That is around 5 chickens to each human. Quite a few people, no?

It's so useless! Why do we kill to live? Why do we have a war to have peace? Why do we argue to have justice? Can't people just be kind to one another and love each other? I understand it's not always as simple as just that, but sometimes the best thing we can do is try.

How is Justin Bieber higher than this? Possibly because this website is run by 10 year olds who claim that he ruined music. War needs to end. War is just evil, death. Everyone dies one day. But they shouldn't be murdered by freak leaders with their bombs and now nukes. It began with swords and then bombs. End war and we can be happy. Oh wait we can't end war because the world is full of freak leaders.

19 Email spam

It can't be stopped even though you unsubscribe and complain about it. Heck, even the annoying kid in your class would stop talking before email spam stops. None of it is useful, and they can make you lose basically all of your money. And why in the world is there always the dating site email? It's a scam! It's just perverted, and I don't want this BS! Maybe if we just ignore it, maybe these spammers/scammers will stop and actually do something useful with computers, like researching the cure for cancer or creating a software that fights all viruses.

I just hate them so much... They always take everyone's valuable time and many of them aren't useful.

Facebook - Wow Justmakinganame, you should follow this person.
Next day
Facebook - Wow Justmakinganame, you should follow this person.

I have a friend that takes advantage that she can message me and is posting random subjects like 'I like tings' or'lines of death. '

20 Stupid people

This feels a little discriminatory, I mean, it's not THEIR fault they're less educated than others, but I guess I can understand why some people may find it annoying when they come across blatantly stupid people and act stupid just for attention, because that is annoying.

I consider myself smart, although I'm not those people who are the know-it-alls, I do get annoyed when people are just blatantly stupid that it just gets on my nerves, because it's almost as if they don't try to at least have a little bit of prior knowledge about what they are talking about.

This classmate in my class is a stupid person. He constantly brownnosing the teacher and doing something else when we're doing a Nearpod or something. He TRIES to sound smart which is making excuses. I don't want to listen to his dumbest remarks that almost everyone knows and-- I can't even ignore what he says.

There's no escape from them. Always were annoying and always will be. That's one of the reason why this world sucks more each day.

21 Babies crying in public places

It seriously makes me mad how parents will leave babies in a restaurant when they're screaming at the top of their lungs and they don't care. And then everyone nearby has to suffer.

I will admit it's annoying, especially on an airplane, but what makes me wanna scream louder than babies in public places is the abusive comments that I have read. You guys really need to chill because these babies have no vocabulary. You guys were babies once and some people were probably just as annoyed as you were when you screamed as a toddler.

If you hate crying babies, you will despise the Orlando airport in Florida. You can't get 2 seconds without hearing a screaming baby there. I have been there once and it was torture. I couldn't go 5 nanoseconds without hearing a screaming baby. They were all piercing loud also! I wanted to kill myself the whole time.

A little "goo" on the sidewalk? Aw, cute.
A scream in Target? Ugh.
A wailing mumbling baby at a fancy restaurant? SHUT UP!
A screaming, crying, pooping baby on the planet crying because he forgot his toy monkey? *Starts screaming with the baby*

22 Periods

I know how all the women out there might be feeling. Getting my period makes me feel, "Why did I have to be born a girl?!" Also, once, we were watching a video about puberty in 8th grade and it explained that females get their periods once every month for a week and that video also mentioned what pregnancy and giving birth was like. Then the boys in my class were quite immature and they were boasting like "Glad I'm not a woman", and I felt bad. And also I found a video on YouTube called "Kids Explain Periods", and it involved two 10-year-old kids and a 7-year-old kid. In that video, questions were being asked about a woman's period. The kids were guessing the answers, and sometimes they ended up getting them wrong. For example, one of the questions was, "So how long do you think a period lasts?", then they answered things like, "Two hours", "One hour", and "A few minutes". And when I first heard that, I was like "I wish it lasted a few minutes". I remember one time, I had a swimming ...more

I think what the girl is saying is " it's not fair that we get periods and men don't "
I don't think it's fair that they don't.
I hate having my period to, what do you like having yours?
and so what she said ( hell ) and ( damn ) you just did. we don't even know how old this girl is. do we?

This is why I am on birth control and haven't had a "Stupid Santa Claus" in months. They SUCK and are only useful to people who want kids. I do not.

Oh my god yes. I hate having my period and cramping up and it's just MISERABLE. But I'd much rather have my period than a baby.

23 Lying politicians

They are such a disease, I can't stand any of them, regardless of who they are, what country they are from and what party they are from.

Every politician has at least exaggerated a little but those that outright lie just for support shouldn't even be in our government. That is why I don't trust democratic politicians

Donald trump says he is "smarter than all of you combined" but Patrick Star (From spongebob) is smarter than Trump and would make a better president. Trump can't even control his hair so why has he been given permission to control a whole country?
Hillary Clinton sucks too but mainly talking about Trump because he is the president.

This happend to me today. I was playing bowling with my friend and then my other friend came up so I put the pins up for her the way my friend did to me. Then she got all mad at me for no reason. I told her my friend set it up the same way I did then my other friend who I fist played with said that she diden't do that. I HATE LIE'S!

24 Being sick

The runny noses and stomach pains are the only problems, but the fact you get to skip school, and you sound like an adult when you have a sore throat, plus it feels good after I finally throw up, all the sickness gets out of my system.

Not true. It's awesome because you get to stay home from school & work and you're healthy in the morning. A day without responsibility? Hell yeah!

You may think it's cool when you don't have to go to school when you are sick but that's wrong. I have had the flu once and oh god it was awful. I didn't feel anything at all

NNOOO! IT's the best thing on life! Your no school! Yay! Being sick is awesome if your just a kinder! No school! Yay!

25 Attention seekers

Hate these pricks. I have a girl in my school who just got a cat sticker of some beautiful cat hanging on to tree and claimed that SHE DREW IT. My BFF and I talked about it at snacktime and that girl was still telling people she drew the cat sticker. everyone admired 'her ART' and while me and my Bff were explaining it, she said she litterally had that sticker. When I tried to ask her to make another one, she just went on and on about some bullcrap about how she said that the cat was real and it was gonna 'HuRt hEr'.

The ladies in my grade are like " I'm so ugly, look how fat I am. My writing also sucks and I'm so stupid, I'm such a tard." Then, when I say these things about myself, I actually am fat, they are like, " No your not fat! Your not ugly! " How fake of them to say that. Sometimes I say things like that just to have an excuse to tell them they are lying.

It's even more annoying when people post selfies of themselves half-naked on Instagram and use something I'm actually passionate about as a hashtag despite the fact the picture has nothing to do with it. It's happened to me before and it's so annoying! That's part of why I don't use Instagram much anymore.

Yes! People who post a pic of themselves and caption it "not sure" or "hate my face" or if a girl posts a pic of her in a body on obviously sucking her stomach in and captions it "ugh hate my figure" what?!?

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