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221 Slow Internet

Yes, this should be on top 10. Now, I'm fine with 56k internet, but if it takes 5 minutes to load a page like, they is going way too far. I don't ask everyone to have 10GB internet, but it is ridiculous to wait a long time. Update, someone already made one that is very similar to this.

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222 Your neighbors having loud sex V 2 Comments
223 Little brothers

I have a little brother and he is the MOST annoying person on this planet I swear. Every weekend he wakes up at about 6:00 am and stars yelling like he's some dinosaur and then stars making weird noises, and it's SO annoying.

I HATE this... He's sometimes a fun playmate, but he roars ALL DAY!

Nightmares! Get away with murder

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224 People that show off

Even worse is when society tells you that you have to be like everyone else. This concept shreds individuality and creates this!

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225 People who are making fun of me

All about you, eh? Well, let's just put People Who Make Fun Of People instead. - mattstat716

How about everyone else, narcissist? - mayamanga

Especially those stupid cyberbullies and YouTube comments.

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226 Drahn1275

just ignore and block him. he attacks japanese in youtube and sends numerous e-mails that tells a false fact about japan. - ronluna

a youtuber racist who hates japan - ronluna

227 Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson
228 Taylor Lautner Taylor Lautner
229 Europeans who hate America

Europeans are not mean to immigrants like idiot america.

They think they are netter than us

230 Dora the Explorer

THE MOST ANNOYING PROGRAM TELEVISION'S EVER! Dora, can you stop asking an annoying questions?

Dora is like "Where's the mountain? " when it's like five feet in front of her! - Powerfulgirl10

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231 One Direction

They are defiantly the most annoying boy band. They act as if they are really good looking lads that have a lot going for them, when really you only see there faces of bedroom posters, little girls lunch boxes and sleep wear!

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232 Fat people who wear clothes that are too tight

Why do people wear tight cloths especially jeans is it to show their big ass or to leave marks on their waste

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233 Vuvuzelas

A vuvuzela is like a Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber duet produced by will.I. am, but when you have a group of people of playing vuvuzelas, all hell will break loose. Now imagine a very big football game, where there are THOUSANDS of vuvuzelas being played, it is... The final thing you'll hear before you die from your ears bleeding too much from that screeching sound. Dear god, the horror!

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234 Furries

I don't really see them that often, and about 60% of "furries" just like the design. They don't really have any appeal besides looking nice to them. - mattstat716

235 Non-tolerant people against smokers

Smoking and buying cigarettes are legal as far as I know. So, stop annoying people that are smokers.

And? A lot of people against smoking have a point. - Swellow

236 Perverted people

Their peninsulas can reach 30 inches

They always stare at you like " Hey, "
IT'S SO ANNOYING, like who, who would like to just stand there and STARE at a girl in a bikini while she's sunbathing, WHO?!

237 TheMysteriousMrEnter

His reviews are too long and he constantly uses foreign words. He blocks people that doesn't share his opinions and He can't take criticism as a ''critic''. Total hypocrite.

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238 Minions V 1 Comment
239 Glitches In Games
240 Little sisters

MY SISTER IS SO MEAN TO ME! SHE HITS ME AND KICKS AND BITES! I am the oldest... not easy. In my mom's house I'm the middle child but in my dad's oldest. At my mom's house both siblings act like 2 year olds.

I agree my sister is like cancer growing on you

Irritating as heck. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE AN OLDEST SIBLING? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

So annoying

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