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461 "clicks"

Clicks-Losers that hang out together and think they're so much better than everyone else! - queen11

Losers who think they're so it and hang out with other clicks!

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462 Italians V 3 Comments
463 People who claim "they 'have' to use your cell phone"

Random Guy: Can I use your cell phone? Me: No Random Guy: But I HAVE to Me: NO YOU don't

464 Autistic children

Someone isn't going to heaven if you can't accept them so hush

I'm autistic, and I find this extremely offensive. I'm actually a gifted student, and it's really mean to say this kind of stuff about autistic people. I mean, all of you dirtbags better shut up about autism! - Powerfulgirl10

That's so screwed mate! It's not like they chose to live like that! How would you feel not being able to communicate properly?! people who stick around and support their children, friends, etc. with autism are troopers. it can be difficult but as soon as that person or child looks you in the eye or gives you a hug, smile or sign of affection, you know its worth living for! Maybe you should gain some perspective and think of what life would be like for others!

Guys this is a joke seriously can you people take a joke lol allahu akbar allahu akbar haha oh no I am reported to police for making a joke

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465 Math

I remember somebody who wore a shirt that said on the back, "MATH IS HARD AND SO IS LIFE, GET OVER IT! ", like what? It's like they're saying you "you're against it, then you deserve to die! " - ClassicGaminer

466 When you create a list and someone adds an item that's already on there
467 When teenagers blast rap music out of their cars and nobody's heard of that song or artist

This is annoying... Once some 17 year-old blasted out a song with so much base that it was vibrating the floor!

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468 When people have rolls of fat showing under a tight spandex
469 Fat people

Stop making fun of fat people. They already have enough on their plate.

The first guy just accidentally said a pun look below

They're so disgustingly fat

I'm 185 lb 5 10 - superbuggati

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470 People who are always asking you to borrow stuff
471 Homosexuals

Just because it's against the bible doesn't mean we can't accept them. They were born this way, what are you going to do about it? - NotYoursTruly

Oh, come on. Homosexuality? You should love whoever you want to love, without being bashed for it.

Those people are stupid

When you run out of ideas.

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472 Plaid shorts
473 Arachnophobes

Doesn't it depend where you live? If you're in London, where I live, there's no excuse for it because spiders in the UK are all harmless! You have reason to be scared of spiders if you are or have been in Brazil, Australia, Chile, etc. But in the UK, you don't have to be scared at all.

Well, they can't help it, but it gets annoying to see anything related to the sentence "spiders are creeps who don't deserve to live" everywhere - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Don't Be Scared Of It, Just Kill The Stupid Spider Already!

That's sorta mean they can't help being scared I don't know its harder for them

474 People who wear socks with sandals

Whats wrong with that?

475 People who wear suspenders

Oh come on, just buy a belt already, almost every person in America has one!

476 Camouflage clothing V 1 Comment
477 People who don't know how to gel their hair

I have this crappy annoying 10 year-old friend who made his hair all white by using gel

478 Dialects

People it's pronounced ether NOT ither for either. It's Wash not Warsh. It is lever not leaver. It is Oregon not Oregin (or organ). It's pronounced envelope not onvelope. Vase not vaz.

479 Over acting people
480 People who say nyther or ither instead of the normal sounding eether or neether
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