People who walk really slow in front of you


I hate this. I've just recently started my first year in middle school, and people keep walking slow in front of me! Like, for example, I have gym class after English, and the gym is all the way on the other side of the school from my English class, and I'm just like, "WALK FASTER PEOPLE! I HAVE A CLASS TO GET TO AND IT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SCHOOL! " but sometimes if I'm in a big hurry, I just charge through everyone, not caring that a few of then swear at me for doing that. Well, it's their fault for walking so slowly (sorry for my bad English).

More annoying if they stop. More annoying if they are so short you can't see them and almost trip. More annoying if you walk extremely fast. Worst case scenario:
They are tiny and you are huge
You walk fast
They stop

Here is my typical situation at school: First, it is only the really tiny people who do this (for example, those that are not even 4 feet tall in eighth grade.) Second, I am "relatively" big for my age (bigger than both of my parents, 13 years old, and I haven't done any growth spurts. I walk VERY fast. (I walk at 10 miles per hour and run at 3 miles per hour. That is a little strange.) It is normally the very slow walkers who do this. Then, they stop, and sometimes even run backwards.

Do I have a story for you. I was walking to school and I heard someone walking behind me and I heard how they were walking fast, like REALLY fast. I started to speed up a bit and crossed the street. I heard that she was getting closer to me and I wanted to shout, "just go around me! " but instead I crossed over to other side of the street so I didn't have to walk near her anymore. I know it's not that interesting but I thought since it was related to this...

At school, there are these two girls will stop right in front of me and slowly walk to the next period while talking. YOU TWO ARE IN THE SAME CLASS THE WHOLE DAY! Me, on the other hand have a friend who was in NONE of my classes this year. Whenever I see him in the hallway, I say something like Hey and that'll be it! But these girls act like they haven't seen each other in twenty years! That's why I pass them from now on! - sdgeek2003

It annoying! I live in NY and I have to take the ferry whenever I go to college and I woke up late one day and I took the 8AM ferry and it was SUPER PACKED. There was over 200-300 peoples there and I'm stuck in the middle of the crowd, everyone is doing the shuffles.
That is how slow we walked.
So annoying.
Especially when they stop in front of you or if they're blocking your entrance! I say in my head, "Alright, fun, you guys are a group of friends but GTFO THE STREET, STOP STANDING AROUND WHEN THERE'S A CROWDED AREA. "

Mostly, It's just women with strollers and babies in them and a kid under 7 years old and They block the Whole sidewalk, just so They met some woman that has the same things as the one who met her! I hate it so much and it happens EVERYDAY. The worst part is, when I walk past them, The kids with their mothers stare at me for NO REASON. - MinecraftHater

This is a constant source of annoyance for me. I also can't stand when people are having a conversation in the middle of the sidewalk oblivious to the fact that other people use it too. It's like beat it!

The middle of the sidewalk, hall, entrance/exits, any normal and obvious path for normal traffic - I always think "do you stop and gab in the middle of the highway, too? - go play in the street! " - Billyv

OML. I'm was a new student this year, so I got a bottom locker. Sure, cool, fine whatever. But the PEOPLE AROUND MY LOCKER. They legit stand in front of my locker, don't move, and talk to their friends. Then they see me and act like the most shocked person in the world- they say, "OH MY GOSH I AM so SORRY ILL MOVE! " But it's EVERY SINGLE TIME. THEN, when I am down changing my supplies depending on my next class, they keep BUMPING into me! It's so annoying! - Untildawn8

"I need to go to Physics! Get out of the way, slowpoke! It's on the other side of the school! Oh no, the kinder kids are coming! I'm gonna be late! MOVE OR I'LL PUSH YOU! "

These are my thoughts every day. - DogsUnleashed

They are going literally one mile per hour and they decide to stop and check something out for a little while and you have to walk around them and you are just like no

Be thankful you can walk quickly.. Or at all.. Not everyone can.

I politely walk around a person who walks at a slower pace than me.

It would serve you well to stop being so judgmental and a whiner.

When I ride my bike to school, I always stop behind someone, really wanting to get past. I am so shy to even say half a letter to someone, so I'm just wheeling behind them until they notice me.

Same, but I say hi and stuff and I at least have one in-person friend. - Anonymousxcxc

I hate when they walk slow and then they stop because they see their friends and act if they haven't seen each other in a billion years. When truth be told, they saw each other last class

Its even worse if it's a group of people walking in front of you and the ALL stop. One time my friend lost it when they did that. He put the fear of God in them the way he shouted at them - Danielsun182

I am walking normally and then a person was in front of me. It's a mother and a baby! It's like, very noisy AND slow, and I am going to the super trampoline that day with my whole class ITS FEELS LIKE SOMEBODY PUNCHES YOUR BUTT

Student 1 walks to school and has to take this really tiny path.
So does student 2 but student 2 texts a lot.

Student 1: (waking up) uhh.. I'm LATE!

After getting everything ready...

Student 1: (running) pant, pant, I wish this path wasn't so small..

Student 1: Exuse me, I'm late for school. (Small voice) And it looks like you are too.

Student 2: Yeah.

Student 1: Okay... Can you walk a little faster so I'm not even more late?

Student 2: (stops) mm. Just a sec I gotta send this text.

*15 minutes later*

Student 1: It's been 15 minutes now! Hurry up I've missed almost all of my favourite subject!

Don't we all hate when that happens? - FennikenFan9

It's worse when the person on front of you is walking slow because the person on front of THEM is walking slow.

Ugh I've had to be in that position as well causing me to walk slow because everyone else in the dumb hallway or group/mob thing is walking slow when the entire time I'm just thinking, "move faster please. I don't have all day." - Anonymousxcxc

It's like, you're trying to get around them but you can't. I just want to take my sweet little time and talk to my friend while you're waiting on me to sit down somewhere when I can. Ugh. It's like, just stop. I mean go! - Transformers234

My dumb teacher made my class walk in a line formation when I was in 5th grade. This really slow girl named Sienna was in front of me and the idiots behind me kept tripping over me!

So not annoying. I'm a slow walker because I dint want to get to class right away. Who wants to? Right those "smart kids". I could careless if they ar etching to get somewhere. Find another way.

But what if it's literally impossible to find another way. Also that's actually really rude to do. - Anonymousxcxc

I HATE that so bad. Luckily I now live in a small city where it's almost impossible to get stuck behind a pedestrian.

Honestly, I deal with this every day at school.. and I get so annoyed.. but I don't want to be rude and tell them to move faster so I deal with it. - CloudofMercury

Same. It's so annoying. There's way too many people in my school (like I've said before). - Anonymousxcxc

It's annoying in school because when you're walking in the hallway you're all huddled together like penguins

At school, people stop in the hallways and it makes me so mad! I usually run them over. Hey, they deserved it by not having the sense to get out of the way! - RedTheGremlin

I face this problem all the time. I always end up kicking them by accident. So I need to drag my feet