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1 Isabella

A very Amazing name. Give a lot of Nick name options

A beautiful name love it, my favourite name

Don't really like any of these names... but this one (in my opinion) is the best

I much preffer Isabel, it's a most beautiful name in whole world, in every single lanuage. One day, I'll give my daughter this name

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2 Elise

So nice, also Adrienne, Nicole, Chloe, Danielle, Gabrielle and so on... I have to find a name for my future daughter.

This can work as a nickname for Anneliese.

This is my aunts name

Beautiful ❤️

3 Adrienne

Nicknames-Addy, Ria, Ian, Adri,Ari, ennah, Dry

4 Anna

My sister has got this name and she is one of the most cutest intelligent and beautiful woman I have ever met

It sounds so soft and feminine but not girlish and yet simple to pronounce.

The name Anna is the most beautiful name.

5 Sai

Nickname so...

6 Laura

It's my name and it rhymes with many last names

It's the best name. Elegant and nice

This is the name of the genderbend version of my OC Meelis.

7 Chloe

This name is very cute but a little too common

I love love love this name! So cute and pretty

Even though it is fairly common it is a really pretty name!

My name hehe

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8 Nicole

This name is beautiful

That's my name... SO HAPPY!

That's me middle names

It is such a heart warming name

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9 Callie
10 Cira

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? Paulette

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11 Ciara

This is me! Spelled "Sierra" though


12 Gabrielle

Gabrielle a name for the most beautiful girl that can make your heart pound :D

I think it is a good name. - IcetailofWishClan

Gabrielle is my sisters name :D

I love my name! :D

13 Danielle

My best friend is named this and I absolutely love it! It Is such a pretty name and it should be Number 1 totally!

So cute, as well as Gabrielle, Chloe, Nicole, Michelle, Adrienne, Elise...

Should be number 1. BEST NAME EVER!

I'm mobin

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14 Ari

Best name ever am I right

Jaiden animation's bird is called ari

15 Kira

I really want this name because it sounds like a brave woman

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16 Amanda

GASP! That's my name

Has an attractive smart girl-next-door feel to it

It's a very interesting name that I wish I had

It was my second grade through 3rd grade teachers first name

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17 Olivia

Such a cute name and sure when they grow up they will have a perfect life

Two of the most wonderful people in my life are named this.

That's my friends name

Really cute name thanks for the idea

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18 Julie

Most beautiful girls I've ever seen have this name or something similar to Julie witch is my favorite! Julia Julianna Julianne Juliette, all absolutely gorgeous!

This is my aunts name

19 Kimberly

That should be number one. I am actually writing a book online and I'm thinking of names for the characters and before I checked this website, Kimberly was already the name of the main character.

My mother's name. It's so nice!

That's the name of my Bestfriend.. She don't like his name

I like it because it's my name 😍

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20 Zoey

Zoey is an adorable and unique name for a little girl or even a little puppy! This name is SO MUCH BETTER then Kimberly or Nicole. In my expert opinion, Kimberly and Nicole are both boring names that remind me of old grandmas.

Its nice name for me I mean for emo girl

That's my friends name to awesome

I love it!

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