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1 Isabella

I like this name for its meaning of beautiful and because it's my name! I'm so glad my name is number one, because it is the meaning of beautiful

I had to pick Isabella because my name is Isabella

I like this name because I have a 5 year old cousin and this is her name!

This is my name

2 Elise

This is my name it means oath of God

This is my name it means strong

This is my name

My middle name!

3 Anna

Anna is my name also, and I'm really proud of it. No matter what you should embrace your name because it's beautiful, just like you. Have an amazing day!

This is my name and I get told my name is very pretty almost every day.

Great name as it is my name

I just think it's a really cute name for a girl

4 Adrienne

I love this name because it can be used as a boy and girl name, and I just think it's the perfect name for a tomboy and that's what I am.

Beauti ful name

I like the name Adrienne because it’s a beautiful name and if you wanted to you could name your little boy that or your little girl. I also like it because my brothers name is Adrienne, but we call him Adíen

Yes - Piper_Neal

5 Sai

I just found the name of my baby

It's a nice name! Easy to spell

Seems adorable!

Beautiful name.

6 Laura

My beautiful daughter's name.

My name too lol

My BFF is called Laura and I love that name!

I love this name of course its beautiful my friends name is Laura what a beautiful name.

7 Adrianna


That's my favorite girl name

My name

I'm Adriana! I have a ugly name? Its meaning is dark end rich

8 Alexandra


I think I'm gonna name my new baby this if my husband is OK with that!

Most beautiful name

I love it

Does anyone like the name Alex Argent?

9 Chloe

I picked this one because one of the nicest humans I know is named Chloe and it's a perfect name

Chloe is a cool name because when I'm older I'm going to change my from Samantha to maybe Chloe

My name is Chloe haha, had to pick this one

My beautiful daughters name

10 Alice

This is my daughter's name. We got it from Twilight

My name love it

My best friend is called this x



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? Lindsey

This is my name and I think it is kind of unique and pretty and I really like it - Louster24

I love this name too it is really mystical and pretty - Louster24

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11 Callie

Whats better?
Oh I know


My name is Cali! I love my name.

Cool and cute

Love this name,my bffs called callie.i envy her

12 Ciara

I love the name

My friends name is ciara

Hi d name

It a my name and my friends say it’s so Beautiful but one of their names is cira witch is the next one down

13 Cira

It's so unique! very pretty

It’s a pretty name

14 Althea

I love this name! It was a name of a friend that moved away :( she was so nice and pretty though

Wonderful Greatful Dead song

My name is very loyal name & very beautiful name... love Yah!

15 Aishwarya

How do you even say this name?

I love dis name

This name is beautiful.

My name is so sexy

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16 Ari

Well that is Ariana Grande's name well... At least what she likes to call us to call her and I think it's beautiful!

Jaiden's bird - RoseWeasley

Of course, Ariana Grande's nickname

Jaiden animation's bird is called ari

17 Gabrielle

It's my best friends name!

This is my name!

My daughters name ❤️

That Is beautiful

18 Danielle

A cute little Child makes me think kind and caring

My friends name!

my name

My best friend is named this and I absolutely love it! It Is such a pretty name and it should be Number 1 totally!

19 Anastasia

It's such a beautiful name so underrated

Absolutely elegant

That has a sweet ring to it

good name

20 Nicole

It really beautiful name

It just beautiful

Fantastic name

I think it's the most beautiful name, but you know, I'm probably biased...

It's the name of someone who means everything to me...

Still, I believe this name HAS to be in the Top 10...

21 Aimata

Tahitian first name - amandaji

22 Kira

I like the name, although I'll forever associate it with Death Note. - NyxAvatar

It kinda sound like my name! And I have two friends with similar names

Most beautiful name for a girl

my name!

23 Olivia

So nice it reminds me of an olive tree (the most beautiful tree on earth)!

I am going to name my child Olivia

Great name! None of you can deny.


24 Julie


My grans name. Beautifull inside and out. X

That's my Mom's name!

Most beautiful girls I've ever seen have this name or something similar to Julie witch is my favorite! Julia Julianna Julianne Juliette, all absolutely gorgeous!

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25 Amanda

I love it so much!

Love it!

That's my school's principal's name! Well, she is old.

And in Dork Diaries, Mackenzie's sister is called Amanda!

A classy name

26 Serafina

Best name, and best book series ever

Brave angels name

I love this name

Its beautiful!

27 Annabeth

Annabeth Chase-PJO HOO is pretty and so is the name, I love this name so much

HEros of Olypmus

An amazing and unique name and it reminds me of the aweomely incredible Annabeth Chase :-)

28 Veronica

I use this name in roblox royal high all the time by the way this is an cute name

Love the name, It's my name technically, I'm Veroika

I love this name

& Heathers - RoseWeasley

29 Melody

Melody is nice and is a good person.She tries to not have any enemies and have many friends as she can have ideally she wants to be on good terms with everyone but some people are mean or racist which is why people do not like her or because she looks pretty or because or her race which is the most common and highest population on earth which is Chinese,or because she is fat or looks mixed.If you do no like Chinese people for their race you do not like most of the world and do not like most people.

That the name of my first friend

That's my name,that's awesome

There was a girl named Melody and she bullied me! >

30 Sofia

My name is Sophia but whatever
Same thing

My name is Sofia I love it

That's my name!

My name love it

31 Joanna

Joanna from the Bible was a loving woman who was generous with her great wealth

I love that name


My friend name is joanna she's really nice girl

32 Grace

Grace is my name I like it but I wish my name was skyla

I like the name so much!

A beautiful name

Beautiful name one of my favourites

33 Charlotte

Charlotte is the best name of all and everyone that has this name is beautiful

IT a beautiful name and I love it,

My name is Charlotte and I love my name!

Charlotte is just beautiful. I can't describe it

34 Annet

My name is NOT Annet but I always love this name it's so unic

This is a name to most baeutifull grils with true love respeat en care

35 Rose

My favorite name


Rose Tyler was the best

I love that name

36 Kimberly

Beautiful name

My sister

Love this name so much my friend has it and I'm so jealous cause my name is kaitlynn and I'd love to have the name Kimberly

Lovely, so enthiustiastic

37 Victoria

My girlfriends name is that

my name

Believe to be not only one of the feminine names but also among the Royals in several countries.

One of my favorite names! Victoria is really a perfect name for a shy, polite, kind-hearted and intelligent girl.

38 Jessica

Jessica is the prettiest and kindest girl on this earth

Jessica is the worst name. It describes mean and cruel. I know somebody whos name is Jessica, awful

Girls named jessica are beutiful


39 Skye

My daughter's name. Skye Ryder

I know a girl names Sky and her brothers name is Hawk lol


I think skye is a nice great name I know a girl name skye and she is very pretty

40 Natalie

That is my name

I love this name so much because she’s smart trustworthy and extremely open! Oh she has a gorgeous body and smile

Shy at first but opens up to people that she cares. Doesn't trust easily but always trustworthy

My name is Natalia. I’m so in love with my English name that is Natalie since I’m Natalia!

41 Lila

This name is indeed unique and down right full of adornment and beauty.

42 Elsa Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

It's a great name but Frozen kinda ruined it. Now everyone refers to it when thinking of Elsa.

My favorite character of the movie frozen. I love it!
Not a fan of people who don't like frozen but it's a good name and good character for the movie. I think Elisa or something that sounds to els a is even better.

I hate this name and the character. - Copenhagen

I just don't get why someone would name their kid after Elsa.

43 Elizabeth

A name for always in time.

I love this name!

Classic name. Beautiful first name, also works for a middle name. Let's face it, this name is a winner!

The most beautiful name of all.

44 Melanie

Very adorable name it reminds me of Melanie Martinez

This is my mane and I love it

Such an adorable name! Definitely naming my child that! Very Rare and unique!

Cute name!

45 Zoey

It's so very cute for a little kid

Zoey is an adorable and unique name for a little girl or even a little puppy! This name is SO MUCH BETTER then Kimberly or Nicole. In my expert opinion, Kimberly and Nicole are both boring names that remind me of old grandmas.

Its nice name for me I mean for emo girl

That's my friends name to awesome

46 Ashley

Cute name perfect for my daughter

This is my name and every time this one person says it, it gives me chills. Its just the way he says it.

That's my name and I love it!

This is my best friend's name and it's so pretty!

47 Jennifer

I love the name Jennifer this boy at school when I was little used to say I like Jennifer and I was Jennifer cause he didn't want me to know he liked me laugh out loud so now everyone calls me Jennifer

48 Katherine

My name!

My name!

I love the name Katherine my best friends name is Katherine I love that name

My it!

49 Vanessa

This is my cousin's name and she is the best! Extremely underrated, I'm going to ask her if she cares if I name my daughter this when I'm older!

This is my name! I think it's beautiful but it probably doesn't suit me.

I love the name vanessa

Its underused

50 Samantha

Heh that's also my name

My name is Samantha and I love my name!

My name is Samantha and I think it's the prettiest name that I know

This name is very cute and I think the nickname Sam is very cute for a girl

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