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1 Isabella

I Love This Name For A Baby Girl!

Lol, I couldn't help but giggle at this, my name happens to be Isabella! I didn't honestly think that Isabella was this popular of a name! I'm gonna use this against my siblings!

I love it

My name is Rebecca I loved my name every time I told someone my name they said I love that name my bff name is miko comes frome china my other friend is oceana so your name is nice just the way it is bye

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2 Elise

My name is Elise and I love it! It makes me feel special! (the good way)

Elise is so pretty and flowy

I know an Elise and she is SUPER rude and stuck up

That name us my middle name and it is the best name ever

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3 Anna

My crushes name

My sister has got this name and she is one of the most cutest intelligent and beautiful woman I have ever met

It sounds so soft and feminine but not girlish and yet simple to pronounce.

The name Anna is the most beautiful name.

4 Adrienne

Yes - Piper_Neal


Nicknames-Addy, Ria, Ian, Adri,Ari, ennah, Dry

5 Laura

My BFF is called Laura and I love that name!

I love this name of course its beautiful my friends name is Laura what a beautiful name.

Beautiful name

That's my mom name

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6 Adrianna

That's my favorite girl name

My name

I have this name and love it. My whole life, whenever I told anyone my name, the response was "what a beautiful name"

I'm Adriana! I have a ugly name? Its meaning is dark end rich

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7 Sai

Sabka malik ek

Nickname so...

8 Alexandra

Does anyone like the name Alex Argent?

Most beautiful name

Lexi? Alex? Lexa? Lex? so many options

This is my name and my nickname is Lexi do.

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9 Chloe

My best friend name is Chloe she is so nice I think it is so pretty it makes me HAPPY

This name is very cute but a little too common

I love love love this name! So cute and pretty

Even though it is fairly common it is a really pretty name!

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10 Alice

ALICE is the prettiest name EVER! P.S she's my best friend and she makes me SO POPULAR

Alice in Chains! Awesome band. Alice in Wonderland! Awesome story. Alice! Awesome name. Enough said here.

Cute name for a little girl, but also mature and professional for a woman.

Love this name so mature and sensible great name

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11 Callie

My name is Cali! I love my name.

Cool and cute

Love this name,my bffs called callie.i envy her

12 Ciara

Because it's a pretty name for a girl

This is me! Spelled "Sierra" though


13 Nicole

I think it's the most beautiful name, but you know, I'm probably biased...

It's the name of someone who means everything to me...

Still, I believe this name HAS to be in the Top 10...

It's my name and I think it's a beautiful name!

Beautiful elegant name

This name is beautiful

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14 Cira
15 Althea

Wonderful Greatful Dead song

My name is very loyal name & very beautiful name... love Yah!

16 Gabrielle

This is my name!

That Is beautiful

It's my fave number 12

Very pretty it sounds very elegant

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17 Aishwarya

This name is beautiful.

My name is so sexy

Bless you

18 Ari

Well that is Ariana Grande's name well... At least what she likes to call us to call her and I think it's beautiful!

Jaiden's bird - RoseWeasley

Of course, Ariana Grande's nickname

It's my name though my names Ariana but my friends call me ari my dad calles me donna =though lol

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19 Danielle

Sounds so elegant!

My best friend is named this and I absolutely love it! It Is such a pretty name and it should be Number 1 totally!

My daugthers name is this and u love this name

So cute, as well as Gabrielle, Chloe, Nicole, Michelle, Adrienne, Elise...

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20 Anastasia

good name

OH! This is my name. I really like it.

This is my name! But the first "a" sounds like the "a" in Autumn not Anna.

I love this name

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21 Aimata

Tahitian first name - amandaji

22 Olivia

Duh my name ia olivia


My name is olivia and it's better

I have this name particularity and I love it. Everyone that I meet I tell them my name and they say ''Oh wow What a wonderful name, or ''What a beautiful name''. And the name has really grown onto me so I hope any mother that is having struggles find a baby girl name I recommend this name. A nice go-to name and it fit's any girl.

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23 Kira

my name!

Very cut

loving it!

I really want this name because it sounds like a brave woman

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24 Amanda

That's my school's principal's name! Well, she is old.

And in Dork Diaries, Mackenzie's sister is called Amanda!

A classy name

It's a very interesting name that I wish I had

GASP! That's my name

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25 Julie

That's my Mom's name!

Most beautiful girls I've ever seen have this name or something similar to Julie witch is my favorite! Julia Julianna Julianne Juliette, all absolutely gorgeous!

This is my aunts name

26 Serafina

Brave angels name

Its beautiful!

I love this name

Searfina and the black cloak is the best book in the world so yea I voted for it

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27 Kimberly

Love this name so much my friend has it and I'm so jealous cause my name is kaitlynn and I'd love to have the name Kimberly

Lovely, so enthiustiastic

My cousin's name is Kimberly, right now she has a bad fever but please join me in praying for this six year old's recovery! - Swiftdawn

Lovely name

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28 Veronica

& Heathers - RoseWeasley

Such a beautifull namee! I love it! ♡

I love this name, my mom is not to big on it but whatever. I feel like this when I hear the name Veronica, because that is my crush's name. Also Veronica if u are reading this, it is me Jayden. Will U go out to the prom with me?

My name is Veronica so it's the best!

Actually, just because it's your name doesn't mean it is the best. - Copenhagen

29 Grace

It me, I love me

It’s just the most beautiful name for a girl and yeah it should at least be in the top 5 in my opinion by the way that’s my name

It's just naturally the most beautiful name for a girl. Oh, and did I mention it's my daughter's name?

I've a friend called Grace. It should at least be in the top 5

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30 Annabeth

An amazing and unique name and it reminds me of the aweomely incredible Annabeth Chase :-)

31 Charlotte

My name is Charlotte and I love my name!

Charlotte is just beautiful. I can't describe it

Charlotte is the name of my true love. We have been together since high school and I love her very much. Even though she is ugly I still love her. People with this name are very beautiful. Charlotte is the most fantastic name you will ever here in your life time. That is why I married her. Because of her name. Also all three of our kids are named charlotte.

32 Jessica


This is the best name ever

The best name in the world so pretty I love it

I feel like Jessica is a lovely name for a shy girl who really wants to fit in and have a good life.

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33 Rose

Rose Tyler was the best

I love that name

I love this name! - Copenhagen


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34 Zoey

I love that name! I knew it would be on the list

Zoey is an adorable and unique name for a little girl or even a little puppy! This name is SO MUCH BETTER then Kimberly or Nicole. In my expert opinion, Kimberly and Nicole are both boring names that remind me of old grandmas.

Its nice name for me I mean for emo girl

That's my friends name to awesome

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35 Joanna

My friend name is joanna she's really nice girl

36 Melody

There was a girl named Melody and she bullied me! >

I think Melody is just a beautiful name! I always think about music when I hear this name. I just love this name though!

Melody Is Such A Pretty Name Its Like Music And Classic Witch Is Very Beutiful

Melodye is so pretty because it is all about music

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37 Sofia

That's MY name! Woohoo!

This is such a beautiful name.This for girls who are both kind and sporty.

Most Beautiful Name!

Sofia is rlly pretty and talented but she burps a lot

38 Annet

My name is NOT Annet but I always love this name it's so unic

This is a name to most baeutifull grils with true love respeat en care

39 Gabriella

That's my sister name

I love that name! Gosh!

This is my name

My friend is Gabriella and she is awesome!
I named my cat that name.

40 Samantha

My name is Samantha and I love my name!

My name is Samantha and I think it's the prettiest name that I know

Name ng baby girl ko yan

This name is very cute and I think the nickname Sam is very cute for a girl

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41 Victoria

Believe to be not only one of the feminine names but also among the Royals in several countries.

Victoria is a bootiful name

One of my favorite names! Victoria is really a perfect name for a shy, polite, kind-hearted and intelligent girl.

My favorite Name (In My Opinion)

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42 Katherine

My name!

I love the name Katherine my best friends name is Katherine I love that name

My it!

My name! I spell mine Kathryn though

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43 Elsa Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

My favorite character of the movie frozen. I love it!
Not a fan of people who don't like frozen but it's a good name and good character for the movie. I think Elisa or something that sounds to els a is even better.

I hate this name and the character. - Copenhagen

I just don't get why someone would name their kid after Elsa.

Great name. I like Elsa in the the movie Frozen

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44 Skye

I think skye is a nice great name I know a girl name skye and she is very pretty

My daughter will be named Sky, spelled SKY though.. same name *shrug*, - Swiftdawn

This is my name and I really like it I don't know an about anyone else though. - Catwhelma

Skye is a cute name

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45 Ashley

This is my name and every time this one person says it, it gives me chills. Its just the way he says it.

That's my name and I love it!

It sounds nice and easy also looks beautiful when written.

This is my best friend's name and it's so pretty!

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46 Jennifer

I love the name Jennifer this boy at school when I was little used to say I like Jennifer and I was Jennifer cause he didn't want me to know he liked me laugh out loud so now everyone calls me Jennifer

47 Elizabeth

Classic name. Beautiful first name, also works for a middle name. Let's face it, this name is a winner!

The most beautiful name of all.

This is my middle name, and I always wished it was my first name, it’s so beautiful, elegant, and has a ton of nicknames. It will never grow old.

My name! yes = o

48 Vanessa

This is my cousin's name and she is the best! Extremely underrated, I'm going to ask her if she cares if I name my daughter this when I'm older!

This is my name! I think it's beautiful but it probably doesn't suit me.

I love the name vanessa

Its underused

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49 Natalie

That is my name

Shy at first but opens up to people that she cares. Doesn't trust easily but always trustworthy

This name is so trustworthy -

This is the name of the genderbend version of my OC Winston.

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50 Melanie

This is my mane and I love it

Such an adorable name! Definitely naming my child that! Very Rare and unique!

Cute name!

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