Top 10 Worst Last Names

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1 Bieber

This name should receive the HOUNOUR of being number 1. I mean like, who likes Justin Bieber. If you do reply to me so I can be shocked and put your name in Guinness World Records 2016. Justin Bieber, get a new career. My eardrums need to SURVIVE!

10/10 Worst last name a person could have. My friend's name is Dustin Bieber and gets bullied at school every day.

Reminds me of Justin Bieber, disgusting. I wonder how other girls even liked him. He even forgot the lyrics to one of his songs

Yuck this reminds me of Justin Bieber to much and I think he sings like a little girl.

2 Hitler

Imagine having the same name as a certain German dictator. If you had to go through the process of changing your name, you would probably get looks if you said that was your name. People might assume that you are related to the guy who committed the Holocaust.

I feel so sorry for any Germans who have this as a first or last name. No I feel so sorry for anyone who has this as a first or last name.

Anyone with this name would be taken as a joke because he was a german dictator during world war 2, this last name is just sad...

It just means that the person who has this name, (Of course Adolf Hitler, my man) is the one who hits people. Or kills them.

3 Hooker

Seriously who would want a last name that means you sleep with people for money.

My sister married a man with this last name.

This was my sub teachers last name! (in college)

Laugh out loud imagine if you met someone called Virginia HOOKER

4 Bonner

There are multiple variations of this name too. Had unfortunality of being a "Bonar", know a relative that even spells it "Boner". Makes new schools very interesting at least.

S. Bonner from jersey. By far the worst last name. Well at least one of them.

I don't love the name but I don't dislike it. At first I thought it said boner

This also can mean a erect penis.

5 Crapper

Oh wow, I imagine that it's worse for children or adults who don't swear. Someone just says, 'Oh, crap! ' and then someone with that last name must think they were talking to them. I feel sorry for anyone with immature friends who giggle hysterically whenever their friend's last name is said.

When I first saw this last name (about 3 seconds ago), I thought of someone taking a crap in elementary school and that's his name from now on.

My last name is CRAPPER! And I own a cracker! I am awesome for my like way freak ness!

See see,

Why does this remind me of the South Park episode "More Crap"?

6 Niggemeyer

Who the hell would want to have this name? This is offensive!

I'm not comfortable do I have to say anything?

How rude. I am a dark (light) skinned.

Racist last name

7 Zdzinski

I like vowels in my words... More than one... Thank god I am not polish... How the hell do people speak like that... My grandparents are from Poland, not me and I thank god their last name is not that bad.

Well I've been in the same class for four years with a Polish guy, he's really nice and funny and he speaks good English. I can spell his last name right! Syrytczyk! Wiktor Syrytczyk!

This is an awesome name! I wish I had a name like that! It sounds like zucchini or bikini.

How the hell do you even pronounce that?

8 Przbyszewski

I feel like someone must have fell asleep on their computer. No offence, but someone in my class at school has a complicated last name. It is a Russian last name. When I first saw her last name, I was like, "How on Earth do you pronounce this?!" What I'm saying is that it looked a lot like a randomly typed up gibberish last name like Przbyszewski. I don't want to cyberbully, but the last name felt more like gkjanfkjakjfasfkjansdf-ova, to some non-Russian people. What I mean to say is that some people mispronounce her last name unintentionally and sometimes they have to ask her because it looks unusual to them.

Umm...I'm still kinda wondering if either this is an actual last name or if someone randomly typed this while closing their eyes...

I think whoever typed this literally just smashed their head on their keyboard...

This is my art teacher's last name, it is pronounced Sha-Bill-Ski.

9 Seaman

You guys do realize that people can't decide what their last name is, so it's not the parents fault.

I know a girl with this last name and it is awful. Her last name is the same thing as a fluid that transports STDs.

This is actually a common last name but it is named after a fluid that transports STD's.

Why would you name a kid after something that transports STDs?

10 Trump

Ah, yes. The name of the greatest idiot this century, and as if that wasn't enough he's also a power-crazy bigot! No sane person would EVER want to be associated with that!

His corrupt ancestors in Germany were named Drumpf. While Drumpf sounds like a joke name - an insult, Trump has turned his "revised" family name of Trump to be reviled throughout the world, with the minor exception of a few right extremists.

I would absolutely hate to share a name with the worst leader and best dictator ever to walk the Earth.

Which country would you threaten to move to if you or anyone you know had this for your or their last name?

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11 Woodcock

I wouldn't necessarily say this is a bad name. The poor kid is going to get made fun of by immature 14 year olds.

Personally, I am very proud to be a part of the Woodcock clan. My married name is Jump.

One of my teachers is called Mr Woodcock.

This is a good surname, it tells to other people what you're all about

12 Brown

Brown originates independently in the United States, as an Anglicization of other surnames, such as the German Braun, or other surnames with similar meanings.

Brown is the most common surname in Jamaica, the second most common in Canada and the United Kingdom, and the fourth most common in Australia and the United States.

The surname Brown was first found in Cumberland, where the Brown family held a family seat and claim descent from Le Brun in Normandy, who was granted many estates there soon after the Conquest.

The Brown surname in the English-speaking world has absorbed similar nicknames from other languages, brunn in Old Norse, bruin in Dutch, and braun in German.

13 Dick

Bad enough as a first name, but at least then you can can change to Richard or something. If it's short for Richard that is. But if it's your surname, you gotta wait til you can legally change it.

My Best friends last name is Dick. Think of Who feels bad with seeing their last name on here. Good thing she hasn't seen it.

I feel bad for the children who likes Moby Dick. I read about a books with a kid called Moby and he named his puppy Dick.

A teacher at my high school is named Anthony Dick so his network username is adick. A Dick! So sad.

14 Emilianowicz

I see what they did! Emily-is-an-noz-witch!
See, I did it mommy!

See what I mean, my last name is at least BROWN!

It would make sense if your first name is Emilia and your last name is Nowicz, but together? Man.

Again...a cat might of stepped on the computer

15 Stilinski

Like Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf? That last name ain't all that bad...

16 Gay

No problems with being gay, in fact I'm friends with gay people. But there are some cruel people out there who would make fun of people with this surname, which is truly unfair.

I know someone in my grade with the last name of gay, I feel really bad for him. But I haven't heard off anybody being unkind about it.

I think this is an awesome last name! I love gay people because I'm bisexual. I really want this last name!

I had a case manager at school called Mrs. Gay. I feel sorry for her husband because his name must be Mr. Gay

17 Rathood

Makes you sound homeless.

18 McUgly

What kind of a surname is this?! McDonald is pretty bad, but McUgly? Who comes up with these names..

Literally who would the heck would have this last name?

Dumbest in the whole wide world.

We will eat at McUgly's.

19 Pufpaff

"Pufpaff"? Who in the world has their last name as "Pufpaff"? I thought that "Askew" was bad, but this is way worse! Poor person who has this last name...

Oh! A nickname from power puff girls! So amusing!

What... Kind of name is that? I've never met anyone with that last nam

Hey, Askew is one of the best names! Good joke if everyone in your family has glasses:) Also very funny, may I ask ew a question?

20 Obama

Worst President ever graduated from the Drunk Sailor School of Economics in Greece at the top of his class.

Means imbecile in every language.

What's wrong with the president?

What rong with this

21 Butt

I had an online teacher called Ms. Butt. I felt bad for her as the kids in my class made fun of her name but kids are kids and there's not much you can do to change them unless they're family.

There was a girl at my old school named Sofia Butts and she was rude to me, yet she was popular. But I was rescued by Miss Rau when she asked Sofia how could she live with the last name "Butts". Haha

I met a family with four kids named Seamus, Anna, Leyla, and Dick... I feel so bad for these kids because this leads to a lifetime of bullying.

Imagine having that last name. I feel SO BAD for any nice people with the last name "Butts".

22 Kardashian

The Kardashians are a group of retarded women who got famous because they gave up their asses. If you are trying to be like them I suggest holding a fork in your hand and sticking it in an electrical socket. No really please do it. But yes they suck

Real life plastic barbies with their heads stuck up their asses, who're too arrogant to care about anything other then themselves.

I bet the people with this name enjoy using the Minecraft Plastic Texture Pack.

Kardashian is a name of an alien species!

23 Baker

I don't like it, but it isn't horrible.

That is not a bad last name.

I don't like it. I sounds weird.

Tom Baker is awesome.

24 Wierzbicki
25 Cumming

Yuck is all I have to say.

Sounds like my routine

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