Top 10 Most Beautiful Women On YouTube

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41 MirokuFanGirl
42 AllThatGlitters21
43 jennxpenn‎

Jenn is beautiful, inside and out. - henrytaylor

She's like the cutest girl ever, 35th place?

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44 monroemisfitmakeup
45 Mememolly

How about somebody who actually does SOMETHING WORTH WATCHING, instead of some girl who just puts on a bunch of makeup (w/ tutorials) because she KNOWS she isn't beautiful enough without it? - thechosen0ne

Shes so cute so authentically cute an adorable no one compare to her shes the most beatiful of all

Naturally beautiful, playful, intelligent. I fell in love some years ago and I haven�'t changed my opinion since.

46 juicystar07
47 WonderlandWardrobe
48 StilaBabe09‎ V 2 Comments
49 CarrieHopeFletcher

This girl is so beautiful with her awesome hair and awesome voice- why isn't she on this post?
Seriously though she's a really stunning girl and she had a lovely personality. If you haven't seen her before, check her out!

Carrie is so talented and beautiful, she deserves everything.

I don't get why she isn't number one. She is not only beautiful but such an example of what I would like te be in the near by future. She has the beauty and the brains and that's what makes her so amazing. Sorry if my English is bad it's not my first language X

50 Grav3yardgirl

She is really funny and pretty and can make me smile when I am feeling sad

She is pretty funny and well my role model love ya bunny

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51 Colleen Ballinger

Colleen is so beautiful

She is so pretty( love you colleen)

52 Megannicolesite

She is kind hearted and sooo funny. Megan always cares for her fans. Why isn't she number 1?

53 Mari
54 clothesencounters

She's beautiful! How's she not higher up? If you do not know her, her real name is Jenim. Search her up, you'll not regret it. In fact, you'll be blown away by her beauty!

55 Lisa Cimorelli

The most perfect and angelic woman from YouTube, enough said. Genuinely gorgeous inside and out, with or without makeup she literately has it all. Lisa has been gifted true beauty. She has hair to die for, the most PERFECT smile, beautiful facial features, not to mention the most envious voice in the world. Lisa is beyond stunning so look her up. she is perfect.

Also, along with her amazing and to die for looks, she has an amazing personality which is why I adore her and her sisters.

Lisa is super gorgeous and has one of the best voices I've ever heard.

56 LDShadowLady

Deserves to be higher. She also has a beautiful personality. - citizenerased

Love love love her

Beautiful. She is the most fabulous YouTuber there will ever be.

She is the best.Cute,Sweet...that pink hair doe

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57 RClbeauty101 V 3 Comments
58 Niomi Smart

She is active as well as attractive. She is fit and fresh. She is a dream girl. CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL

Niomi is a very pretty and loving YouTuber.Girlfriend of Marcus Butler

59 SupaDupaFlyGirl
60 MonikaAhatX
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