Islam is perhaps the most hated religion on earth, these people are the most intolerant and conservative mob. How can you be tolerant and secular with an intolerant mob who always wants to kill you? The very fact of all terrorists being Muslims who kill in the name of allah... is the proof its EVIL!

The most backward and violent religion

Islam is the most barbaric, backwards, bigoted, vicious, brutal, confused, contradicted, abused, throwback religion in humanities history.
If a government prime minister/presidential candidate proposed to outlaw Islam, refuse citizenship to any new visa entrance if they are Muslim, refuse asylum to ALL Muslims, and stop ALL international aid to ALL Islamic states and countries... I would vote for them a thousand times if I could, and I know a lot of people would. Sure, many would deny it when asked for fear of not appearing humane, but deep down we know millions would vote instantly.
Ban Islam, and make the world a safer place.

The basic of this religion is against mankind.

The biggest problem with this religion is the fact they cut off the heads of non-Muslims, stating it is 'Allah's will'. Everyone should be free to believe in whatever they believe, but since Muslims are indoctrinated by a selfish mad-man who lived over a thousand years ago, Islam should be eradicated, countries who are not yet indoctrinated by Islam should expel all Muslims from their country, before the Muslims cause a revolution or if they get their hands on nuclear weapons. If the Islamic extremists come to power, forever people will live in a world riddled with crime, terrorism and anarchy. All non-Muslims will be beheaded, like the ones on Islamic State videos. When Islam is eradicated, Cathedrals and churches alike should be expanded in order to hold and teach all world religions, thus bringing up a generation of people who tolerate and respect religions and beliefs different to their own.

Muslims think they are peaceful, but they disrespect other religions like Christianity. Muslims always discriminate Jews. Muslims always steal everything from other people. Muslims always get very aggressive, especially on social media. I live in the Netherlands, a very beautiful and peaceful country, but those Muslims are ruin my country. They're always supporting terrorism, disrespectful towards non Muslims, but the most notable is that they're disrespectful towards Dutch people! They think they can rule my country and other countries! - Jasonstix24

As a Muslim 10 year old I am shocked with how much people hate us calling us terrorists suicide bombers and what not! As a simple kid from Islam I understand that! Because I am a Muslim I am not one of those countries which ISIS are destroying but the ones they are shedding bloods of is one of us. You may be able to make your country ANTI - MUSLIM. But you can't make the whole world cause where your going to go is your worst nightmare or maybe a place which you can't imagine. Every religion in the world we respect because Every one is different we respect Christians because we know that Jesus is real. He still alive. If your a Christian we respect you and your religion. Remember the Twin tower explosion the person who caused hundreds of deaths is not one of us. I don't think its fair to be judged by a religion. I have a Christian friend. She doesn't judge me by my religion or neither do I. You still have time to be a Muslim like Steve he turned himself to YOOSUF Islam. You my friend ...more

Islam is cancer.. wherever it goes.. it makes life miserable.. and start breeding like pigs..
All Muslims are not terrorists but
All terrorists are Muslims..
All Muslims people are not illiterate
But all illiterate people are Muslims - pyarelalkaji

Outdated in so many ways. Ignorant to any relevant facts of how the world works, their ideology allows the weak minded that follow it that this love is not important without realising this is it, there was dinosaurs before humans their is other planets life comes in all forms including bacteria, plants etc, the foundation of life on this planet and other planets no doubt. They have also found life and asteroids which pretty much stumps the winged horse bollox written in your book and the other stories which essentially was written by some man which didn't understand things so like any other religion comes up with mythological beings etc to help him understand then places this BOOK in a discreet place someone finds it and preaches it's worth because it is such a good read with all these fairy tales no one has heard of.
To summarise it is a murdering cult and a medieval outdated religion that needs to catch up with life in this world as it causes trouble for the sane strong people of ...more

They murder people and act like animals for fun. Almost all terrorist attacks are caused by Muslims. They believe to kill every non-Muslim. Let everybody have their own religion! This is crazy and in their own countries they kill children and blame others!

Islam is not a religion, it's the world largest death cult. There is no rights for women, Terrorism to threaten other people and other religions, circumcision by force. Muhammad the killer, rapist, cannibal and mutilator will go to hell.

It is funny how many Muslims in real world says you can't judge Muslims by fundamentalist groups while most of the same Muslims support them in general life and say things like Islam will rule the earth. At least this is the situation in my country which is 98% Muslims. They say that Islam is about peace and Islam doesn't let them take revenge but they only Show that they didn't read their own book. In many parts of the Quran you can see allah commanding Muslims to not be friends with Christians and Jews and kill them if they don't choose to join Islam. The religion that doesn't let you take revenge is actually Christianity and don't get me wrong I don't like this religion either Islam believes to make some one suffer as much as or more than you did due to them. This is the reason most Muslims agrees on cutting a child's hand due to theft. Becaue it is necessary due to sharia rules. If I have believes in any particular religion I would call Islam as the Antichrist.

Islam is the worst religion deserved to be thrown out in the first place. After Scientific revolution, Theism is struggling to survive in this well-educated society, where Islam has it's unique culture of rigorous brainwashing and continuous practices to maintain the ambience which in result to be blind for rational thinking. Within this religious culture you can witness the highest predominance of fictional reality over objective reality which fuels problems like terrorism, hatred, inequality, high fertility rate, misuse of technology. There are lots of Argument from Ignorance passed through people which turned to facts amongst those who believes and are all unaware of logical arguing laws. With handful of logical fallacies and the opportunity on people's fear for unknown had always been used by Islam to lure them to even break war on those who do not believe their imaginary god allah.

This is the only religion where people of it are ready to kill anyone for the name of their god Allah. No other religion would do that. They have always wanted to dominate the world, for what? For oppressing and suppressing innocents from their free will. This is the only religion which doesn't give a human basic right to practice free will. Men and women are widely distinguished and liable for many punishments for small mistakes which can be forgiven or shouldn't be care about in a free society. The only religion in which the Prophet was a rapist, murderer, holocaust creator yet he is worshipped.

Islam is the complete opposite of the religion of peace. Islam only likes people who believe in it. They think that Muhammed was good he was a terrorist he killed 800 people and had 13 wives. Islam know that but listen to their stupid and ridiculous book the quran which is full of lies they believe. Islam also likes to see people get tortured and die. Finally Islam hate women and look at them like slave. Islam IS THE RELIGION OF TERRORISM and need to start leaving their fake religion or start fixing it and stop killing people.

Funny this religion was unknown to most of the western world prior 911. Since then no single Muslim country or Muslim armies bombed and invaded the West and installed Muslim friendly governments, siphoned the resources of Western countries and had a military presence on the streets of our cities.

Let's draw a clear and simple picture so that we can understand ISIS and the chaos that we are witnessing. What do Iraq, Libya and Syria all have in common? They are all countries that the US and Western governments flooded with weapons, trained insurgents, overthrew or attempted to overthrow their leaders and destabilised the status quo. Is the picture a little clearer now!

When you declare war on a faith, a holy war is inevitable! The greatest recruiters for ISIS/IS or any other Islamic fundamentalist group has been the actions and policies of Western Governments, from Bush to Obama, from Blair to Cameron. Where were these groups prior to Bush's declared "War on ...more

Teenagers have this special characteristic - they do exactly the opposite of what you tell them to do.

This is the case with people when it comes to religion. Islam is trying too hard to be the most widespread religion. And that's why they are facing so much criticism and hatred. I think Christianity would be in the second place if you ask people, just for the same reason. This has got to do with the evangelistic nature of these religions.

The lesser the rules to conform to, the more acceptance you get. Keep a beard, pray five times a day, fast for a month, wear specific types of clothes, all these things separate you from regular modern people.

And of course things like terrorism, lack of freedom of speech in Muslim countries, oppression of women, the rise of Muslim fundamentalists, etc. are not helping the cause much.

Islam actually sucks because violence is teach in this sucking religion. They hate other and spread hatred around the world. They think they own the whole world which is stupid thought. They can't live with other peacefully, when their number grows they start violence and terrorism. They say their religion means peace but they spread violence and hatred around the world. Look at Middle-East so many violence, even most countries are full with 100% Muslims, they not only kill others but also their own people. Their religion is full with 90% superstition and stupids belief. Most of the educate Muslims try to prove their religion is best and other's are worst. Their Madrasas and Mosques are manufacturer of stupid terrorists. Their dressing suck, their looks suck, their body language suck, their language suck, their lifestyle suck, their Koran suck and o hell their whole religion absolutely SUCK.

Muslims are not the only religious minorities in the non-Muslim countries but people behave as if all other religious and non-religious minorities don't matter! For past several years western newspapers have been reporting that the Muslims feel economically oppressed, neglected, discriminated and so on, in the West. These poor souls are fighting that social injustice! News flash - there are many other large religious and non-religious human minorities in the West - Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, "Chinese and ex-Soviets" and so on. How are these people assimilating, prospering, obliging with the rules of their adoptive countries, behaving civilized, not going on in any terror rampage, not feeling the mass dissatisfaction against their same adoptive countries? These Muslim minorities brought down three continents (including Australia) to their knees. There needs to be a discussion on, why only the Muslim minorities have so much problem in accepting the rules of their adoptive ...more

Muhammad first of all was not a real prophet. Muhammad had initially wanted the Jewish People on his side. The Jewish People did not accept him as a Prophet and refused to follow him. He tried many times to prove that he was indeed a Prophet, but everything he did was indeed, a joke. He then resorted to recruiting the Arabics and cleansing out all his enemies (Jews).

Right there should tell you, no Man of G-d would forcefully kill people or promote death. He single handily wiped out 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel. Married a 6 year old and impregnated her at 9.

Another thing, Palestine was never a real countries. Palestinians live for one reason, to eradicate Israelis and other Jewish people from this Earth so other Countries based on Islam do not have to to.

Romans made up Palestine and changed all Scribes that said Israel and Judea to Palestine. All this just because the Jewish People refused to convert to the Roman Way of worshiping multiple, wrong G-ds. ...more

It's not a religion actually. The word religion suggests is way of leading a life. But, Islam is a bunch of cowards involved in so called holy war. Completely intolerant, aggressive and cruel. Their holy book tells to kill every non Muslim.

Muslims are a bunch of extremely demanding hypocrites. They demand to wear their headscarves everywhere, telling people that it is to protect the modesty of the women. But how many times do we see those very women with their heads covered with that piece of cloth and wearing skin tight jeans and leggings! There are pictures of those Muslim women with their hijab in low slung jeans exposing their g-strings on the Internet for the whole world to see and men to ogle at! Won't that attract men and fill them with lust? Definitely hypocrites!

This cult is also very demanding when it comes to food! They demand that animals must be slaughtered and food cooked the halal way! They also demand that pork must not be served when they are around! Shouldn't it be they stay away from eateries serving pork if their cult forbids them from eating it? And not they demand that all existing restaurants and food outlets should not serve pork! How unreasonable and demanding can they get?

And of ...more

I really hate the bloodshed with which Islam is dealing every now and then I don't believe Allah would ever be happy with all these killings, They call Him Allah, some call God, and some call Ishwar, why the hell they are trying to capture this world the Almighty is one, He loves us and seek every living being equally from a microorganisms to giant blue whale. So all these terror attacks and sacrificing of animals on the name of religion is worth less. We have no right to kill any animal or a human just in the name of God and Religion. That Almighty is our Creator and we creation, why the hell we are trying to destroy His beautiful world. And lastly, if this continues then Almighty is being merciful since the beginning of Times but Karma never spare anyone, they actually give us the fruits which we sow and ripe throughout our lives.

Logic behind islam... A man can have 4 wives, kill the non muslim, kill the gays bisexual pansexual, slaughter cows as a means of sacrifice ( I don't see any logic behind this sacrifice. They bought a cow tonight, kill it tomorrow and consume the meat at night lol seriously!? ) They brainwash non muslims to convert! They can't listen to a hindu prayer or enter a church because its against their religion! Yet I saw a video on youtube where the muslims stand out in public and make strangers listen to 'Quran' and I don't really know whats the use of doing so! If they can't listen to others prayer then why should we listen to theirs? They insults others by judging others for praying idols! They will kill people on the name of Allah by being jihadists! They kill billion of people through bombs and call islam a religion of peace! They wore burka and insult others who are wearing a simple dress by saying.. "Why are you naked? " Its spreading like a disease! And I feel sick when I see the ...more

All the intolerance and hatred I've seen from Muslims, on a personal level, is a real surprise to me considering all the amazing and intelligent contributions they've made to science, math, and literature over the centuries. (This intolerance and hatred has been from most Muslims I've known, but not all -- I want to make a point of saying that.) In part, I think this is a bleak time for them, as a religion. On the other hand, I've found that this intolerance and hatred also just happen to be part of religion, in general. Over and over, people (of all religions) claim to be about love and goodness, but invariably exclude, vilify, and mistreat others. When are human beings going to get over this?