Most Intense NFL Football Rivalries

A brilliant list of the biggest and best NFL rivalries.

The Top Ten

1 Packers and Bears

huge rivalry all the way back to lombardi and hallas

2 Jets and Patriots

very huge modern day rivalry fun

3 Cowboys and Redskins

No matter the teams record they always put on a good show. Especially the redskins

4 Cowboys and Steelers
5 Colts and Patriots

another great modern day rivalry

6 Eagles and Cowboys

How this is not the first is beyond me. The hatred is real. No two sets of fans hate each other more.

Should be higher

7 Cowboys and Packers
8 Chiefs and Raiders

very fun to watch a great rivalry

9 Giants and 49ers

great rivalry in the middle of the nfl

10 Raiders and Steelers

great rivalry always fun to watch

The Contenders

11 Broncos and Browns

lots of afc championship meetings

They have been in afc championships together. I think th Denver Broncos are an better NFL football team than th Cleveland Browns, but it is still a intense rivalrie.

12 Ravens and Steelers

They just played yesterday and I could see they really hate each other. And theirs fans HATE the other team.

13 Jets vs Dolphins

Jets are my Favorite team! My sister likes the dolphins...

14 Saints and Atlanta Falcons

The New Orleans Saints have hated the Atlanta Falcons from the moment both teams started playing against each other. There's Saints Hate week for the Falcons and the Falcon's Hate Week for the Saints. Both fans DESPISE the other team and their rivalry has never been as strong as it has been now.

15 Cowboys and 49ers
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