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21 Matt McDonald

I am SHOCKED this guy made the list. I do like him simply because he stood up to Joshuah (uhhh), but I would NEVER have guessed he would be in the top 20!

He was in jail twice after bb and he now on twitter denies that he was on BB

22 Keesha Smith

She did not care about what others had to say about her! Helped BB10 make the great season that it was! I'd love to see her back any day!

23 Jennifer Nakomis Dedmon

We wouldn't have the back door if it wasn't for her.

Loved that she wasn't typical girl!

24 Crazy James Zinkand

Just cause you have pink hair, it does not mean you are crazy

25 Dominic Briones

Really cute and tough competitor hope he gets to play again

26 Danielle Murphee
27 April Dowling
28 Diane Henry Diane Henry Diane Nicole Henry is an American model most known for coming in third on Big Brother 5, a reality TV show broadcast by CBS in 2004.
29 Danielle Reyes Danielle Reyes Danielle Reyes, is most notable for being a contestant on the 3rd and All-Star seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

She was all business all the time, and her business was to be number one. Unfortunately she may have been too business that it intimidated people versus the respect she should've received as a winner. Her and janelle two best female players ever!

Danielle had the first entertaining diary sessions and played one of the strongest strategic games in the history. Getting her to the end and many jurors regret not voting her to win giving her 1st-runner up. Back then though they could see her ruthless diary rooms which is a reason they made the jury house. Wonderfully amazing player.

One of best female gameplayers in the history of BB. She was quite strategic and had a good social game. I hate that she lost her season because her castmembers saw her diaries and were bitter and refused to reward her with the 500K.

30 Russell Kairouz
31 Hayden Moss
32 Candice Stewart

-She zipped her mouth shut when racial things was going on in the house

-She told Ginamarie that Nick will never like her in real life

She is the reason why the moving company splited. If she wouldn't have figured them out they probably would had ruled the house.

Great Player! Deserved to win Big Brother 15! She did not over-react to Aaryn and Gina-Marie's racsim! Love Candice!

Sassy, outspoken and funny. Loved how she stood up for herself when Ginamarie, Aaryn and Amanda used racist, bully tantics against her.

33 James Rhine James Rhine
34 Michael Cowboy Ellis
35 Elissa Slater Elissa Slater

Oh yeah, America's Favorite Player, definitely deserved after basically wanting to give up after not being MVP in a week 4 and very selfishly saying that she was not going to jury if she was evicted, definitely a player with class

I think she's very spoiled, but in a classy way

She had to deal with a lot

Definitely was no where never close to her sister in terms of competing, but hated the bigotry that went on in BB15.

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36 Hayden Voss

He is a very likable guy

37 Jessie Kowalski
38 Ashley Iocco
39 Paul Abrahamian Paul Abrahamian

THE BEST PLAYER EVER - supergeekslayer346

40 Maggie Ausburn Maggie Ausburn Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.
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