Top 10 Most Progressive Cities In Mindanao

The Top Ten

1 Iligan City

A city with multicultural diversity living in peace and unity. Like said, it's a rising power economy of Mindanao even hailed as one of the wealthiest cities in the Philippines in 2016. An urbanised city with potential investments on infrastructures, real estate, agriculture, and several industries.

Rising economy

First Class City "A"

Industrial city of the south

2 Cagayan de Oro City

Good Governance and the Gate Way to the Land of Promise! And it will become a Metro Cagayan de Oro on 2025! The City of Golden Friendship!

The best so far in Mindanao Cities.

Good urban planning.

A progressive city in mindanao.

3 Pagadian City

Pagadian City is a beautiful city of eastern Mindnanao, the people are so charming when it comes of hospitality, more over the unique transportation they have that so attractive to the eye of those people who visited the town.
The city is independently progressing because of the business like farming, fishing, not just that but the local products.
the region is so peaceful decade along and the beaches are so seductive as if you don't want to go out side the other place's
and when it comes to food you must be graving in seafood fest.
Visit and see the town :-)

I'm so proud to be pagadian!

4 Davao City

Aside from it's strict measure of safety and security, the unprecedented condominiums, commercial centers, IT hubs and a lot more signifies that the city is the top most progressive and competitive city.

Most friendly and safest city in the country

The Economic Powerhouse of Mindanao!

Safe and secured city so far I visited.

5 Zamboanga City

Zamboanga city is the 5 richest city in the philippines

The best


6 Butuan City

A highly urbanized city
The great local officials turn Butuan from downtrodden to a livable City which has a great number of investments from local to international. This is just the beginning of the humble success of Butuan

One of the rising cities in mindanao...

Rising city of mindanao

"Tourist would always prefer in a place where good food and warm culture exist. that's BUTUANON, come, visit and experience, whats with BUTUAN CITY.

7 General Santos City

Good food, good city urban planning... wide roads airport are there also port.

Transportation sucks, I would rate their bad transportation with 4.0/10. There is no definite fare for their transportation means. Some tricycles drivers are abusive and undisciplined, taxi rates are fixed depending on your destination. Jeepneys and multicabs are the most reliable mode of transportation in the city if they are available in your barangay/subdivision.

Most of Mindanao's largest shopping centers can be found here.

Very good urban planning, I think it is the best in Mindanao.

8 Tagum City

Tagum is the cleanest city in the province of Davao del Norte.

9 Valencia City

The City of the Golden Harvest

1. Center of Trade and Commerce of Bukidnon
2. Despite from not being close to an HUC, without airport or seaport, and not the provincial center, Valencia is harnessing its man power that adds trade and commerce into its annual income.
3. The Economic powerhouse of Bukidnon even before it turned from a town to an urbanized city.

10 Koronadal City

A third class component city, and center of socio-cultural activities of the province.

Nice city small but Very Progressive

Regional Center of Region 12

Regional center of region 12

The Contenders

11 Digos City

The Gate City of the South

12 Cotabato City

Cotabato City is one of the most progressive City in Mindanao now, with its upcoming big projects, KCC MALL, Cotabato international airport and seaport, Land Transport terminal and many more.

13 Panabo City

Upgrading city
Lot of room
Clean city
Many projects at Panabo city

The second Cool city in Davao Del Norte

The Banana capital of the Philippines, the truly Mindanao's great city! A city in perfect harmony.. Panabo city is the only city that has the state-of-the-art new city hall, the only city that has the state-of-the-art school buildings.

Aside from it's strict measure of safety and security, the unprecedented condominiums, commercial centers, IT hubs and a lot more signifies that the city is the top most progressive and competitive city.

Panabo City is Secured by Goverment

Panabo City-Panaboans-Panalo

Nice City
Clean City

14 Surigao City

Best city to live and feel free to use drugs...because if you use drugs you sre protected by their mayor...or maybe its pokotical family

15 Dipolog City

Geographically, the city is surrounded by rolling hills to the southeast and the Sulu Sea to the north. Dipolog is known for its wild orchids and its sardine industry which stems from the rich fishing area off its shores. It is known as the " Gateway to Western Mindanao " through the Western Nautical Highway and has also been called the "Bottled Sardines Capital of the Philippines."

16 Oroquieta City

Peaceful, warm people, abundant food supply and consiatently progressing...

17 Tandag City
18 Marawi City

The only one Islamic City at the Philippines, and where we can see here the one of the famous Lake in the World "The Lake Lanao". This City also is one of the Summer Capital of the South because of their Cold Climate. This City also where located the one of famous University at the Philippines the Mindanao State University-Main Campus (MSU-Marawi City). Otherwise this City also was the First City for Muslims in whole ARMM or Newly creating Bangsamoro Federal Government which is Majority of Resident is a Muslim Maranaos and minority of others Religions and Ethnics, this should be the Capital City of the coming Bangsamoro Government under the proposed Philippines Federalism System. Marawi City was also known of their beautiful Cultures and Traditions and the famous Dance of Maranao, Sinkil, Kapamalong-malong, Sagayan, Kapagapir and others and also in their Art of Okir Designed of Home Decorations the Clothes and others. We can also found in this City the Modernized of Resort like Lake ...more

19 Sarangani
20 Polomolok City

Best city in the world

21 Ozamiz City
22 Bislig City

Best City in the Philippines I've ever been. Specially in the downtown Mangagoy.

Bislig City is now in progress

23 Nasipit, Agusan del Norte

The Gateway to Caraga Region and other parts of mindanao by its international port. Explore, relax and unwind in Amontay Beach Resort a luxury resort at Amontay, Nasipit, and dine at the local restaurants located at the commercial center.

24 Mati

Wonderful City in the world

25 Dinagat
26 Marogong, Lanao del Sur

Municipality of Marogong, Lanao del Sur to be soon as City of the Philippines. Now under contractions of modern roads from Malabang to Marogong, from Marawi-Bayang to Marogong, from Lumbatan-Lumbaca Unayan to Marogong and from Malabang-Bonga-Mantayloko-Tunda Unayan-Tantaon-Logitip UTurn to Marogong, Lanao del Sur. Marogong also is beautiful and Best for Tourism because of a lots of Beautiful Landscapes, Falls and Rivers Destinations like the following Canapnapan Falls, Matling River, Malingaw a Eg Spring or River (Crystal Clear Water) Border Marogong-Lumbaca Unayan, Ulo a Piangologan Falls (Head of Piangologan Falls) it was a flood river during the rainy season but after a high flood it comes low tide and become clear water, Kiyatiyan Mountaineering (Palaw a kiyatiyan) Tantaon Piangologan, Flood stone (Epamtad) Banday Piangologan, Kabobolotowa Falls (Rainbow Falls) Border Marogong-Lumbaca Unayan and the decades Spanish bridge at Lanao Philippines National Hi-Way when the World War II ...more

27 Island Garden City of Samal
28 Bayugan City

Not a highly urbanized and developed city, or not the city your gonna expect with fast food chains are in it, its only a 3rd class city, but believe me Bayugan City is the Cut Flower Capital in the Philippines, We have the Rotunda Eco Park one of the best tourist spots in the city, Rizal Park is now soon to open its gates, the beauty of our City Hall is creative and as huge as a mall, we have the Robinsons Marketplace here called as Gaisano Grand Marketplace, most secured in Agusan Del Sur and the best Kwek-Kwek in the province, 2 7-Eleven Stores on Construction and a soon to rise Jollibee

29 Aloran, Misamis Occidental
30 Santo Tomas

The richest municipality in Davao Region.

31 Tangub City

The Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines

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