Crusaders of the Lost Mark


Now, this is how you celebrate the fifth anniversary of Friendship is Magic: with an episode that outshines Magical Mystery Cure (or any season premiere or finale for that matter), gives some character development to Diamond Tiara, and has the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally receive their Cutie Marks.

I'm sorry Twilight's Kingdom. This is my new favorite episode! This episode was near PERFECT and managed to redeem a character that I thought they couldn't possibly redeem, especially after Flight to the Finish. To top an amazing episode off, it ended with a pleasant surprise that fits PERFECTLY with the theme of the season. makes complete sense, and I'm not going to dare spoil it.

! The crusaders get there cutie marks! I love when we see the truth about Diamond Tiara. Don't get me started on the songs! I love the calming tune of Pony I Wanna Be and then then the worried theme of the song that told Diamond Tiara to not go to the Schoolhouse. The obnoxious theme of when Diamond Tiara told some poines secret was great,too! But, don't stop with the Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes! They got there cutie mark! They should be helping people find there special talents!

They just turn the worst character ever in one of my favorites in just one song.

Have to met a opinion I cry every time in episode is so beautiful and marvelous without count the music a greatest work of amy keating rogers

There are some spoilers here, obviously.

For the longest time, MMMystery on The Friendship Express was always my favorite episode. That is, until this came along. This episode has nothing bad in it to me. My favorite part was, honestly, Diamond Tiara getting some actual character development!

This episode had some of the best songs in the entire show. I always thought the Equestria Girls movies had better music than the actual show, but every song in this episode was miles better than those movies.

Also, it's been a long time coming, but the CMC finally get their cutie marks! - CallMeSyrup

It's either this or Twilight's Kingdom for best episode in the whole series. Watching the CMCs get their cutie marks was the most significant thing to me since I started watching the show. It literally almost made me cry. That's how much I love this episode. - TexasBro93

I love how my least favorite pony became my favorite pony. And I began to feel bad for Diamond Tiara. But I still hate Silver Spoon.

I really glad that this episode is Top 5 because there are so many emotional parts. The part where the CMC got their Cutie Marks ( Happy Part ), the part where Diamond Tiara sings "The Pony I Wanna Be" alone ( Sad Part ), the part where Silver Spoon refuses to vote Diamond Tiara ( Angry Part ) (for those who loves Diamond Tiara) And also so many good songs can be hear in this episode. I also love when CMC is trying to help Pipsqueak to get so many votes! Maybe the CMC get their cutie mark by helping the others, solve some problem and don't much care about cutie marks for a moment!

Every time I watch this episode I release tons of liquid pride from my eyes.

Diamond Tiara and her friend become nice pals and see the true meaning of having fun. LOVE IT

This and The Perfect Pear have been the two episodes the fandom had been waiting for - NotYoursTruly

My 2nd most favorite episode of all time. Diamond Tiara had character development. - AinezoChan

The Cutje Mark Crusaders FINALLY GET THEIR CUTIE MARKS. You can't get much better than that.

This episode, is definitely one of the best. I love how we get to see the true backstory of Diamond Tiara.(by the way, how much does Diamond Tiara relate to Pacifica in Northwest Mansion Noir? ) And the cutie mark crusaders get their cutie marks! The songs are amazing in this episode and at the end of it, you just feel warm and fuzzy.

First of all... GREAT SONGS! They're ALL so catchy with great lyrics that make you instantly fall in love with some of the most "unlikeable" characters.
Secondly, the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally get their cutie marks! And it's not for dumb things like I originally thought it was going to be. The marks are well thought out, and there are several episodes prior to this one that show their "special talents" (Like "Appleloosa's Most Wanted"). Plus, since their talent is helping other ponies discover the true meaning behind their cutie marks, they can still be called "The Cutie Mark Crusaders"! I wouldn't be surprised if this episode skyrockets to the top of the list in no time.

Ok I'm just gonna go out and say it if you like this episode that's fine, but I have seen every episode of the show and I have to say this is my second least favorite episode of all time. For starters diamond tiara is a prick and there is literally nothing to like about her. Second I have no sympathy for her just because your parents are monsters doesn't make it ok for you to be a monster. Third she in flight to the finish bullied scootaloo for not being able to fly and if there is one thing I hate its people or in her case ponies who bully other people or ponies for being disabled. Finally when she is sticking up for the cmc she calls them her friends. She has said stuff to them that I wouldn't say to my worst enemies, she may have your sympathy but not mine

This was so awesome I almost cried at the end! CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS FORWVER - QueenTerra

When the CMC finally got the cutie marks I was hugging my dog so tightly and squeak g so loud. I didn't think they would ever get them I thought the show would just end before they did

Honestly, I wish I could sing the episode's music in a campfire setting with everyone else. But I'm more baffled that COTLM is marked as the second best episode of this list. Quite frankly, this is THE worst episode of the series on the technicals and writing. The dialogue is awkwardly written to the point of cringe and the mount of pacing issue between two stories makes MMC blush pink! But above all: I. Hate. Cutie marks! Not just the CMC's cutie marks, but the concept and execution of butt tattoos as a sign of puberty. COTLM isn't a bad episode; it's a poorly executed mess. Still, the episode does well with its supplements. The songs in this episode are amazing! I especially love The Pony I Want to Be. Diamond Tiara and Pipsqueak's debattle was an amazing conflict. We see plenty of new facial expressions (and memes). And it's nice to see the CMC coming of age. 'Bout time!

It is so cool they got their cuty marks! Sweety bells cuty mark is my favourite because it's about singing

Definitely my favorite episode. The Cutie Mark Crusaders got their cutie marks, and basically, it's just a really awesome episode! :D