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21 The Mane Attraction

I LOVED this episode. Easily the best Applejack episode up to date. Funny, touching, great music, it's all there.

Amazing and very interesting and also the BEST EPISODE yet!

I love this musical episode

The song,the lesson and Applejack ACTUALLY caring deep about someones feelings ( yes I saw her cry) anyway on my list,its my second fave

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22 Sleepless in Ponyvile

Not just the best episode of Season 3, but one of the best episodes EVER!

This episode is just great.

This episode had a great balance of heart and comedy. Say what you like about Season 3, but this episode was awesome.

Nightmares...yes the Nightmares every time I see it...

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23 Flight to the Finish

Out of all the cutie mark crusaders episodes, this one was better because we got our first song of season 4 Hearts As Strong As Horses. It was not cool as Babs Seed, but it was good.

This shows how Scootaloo's friends stand up for her. - AinezoChan

Sleepless in Ponyville is better but I still liked this episode.

Good ep

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24 Tanks for the Memories

I'm extremely surprised to not see this higher on the list. This was absolutely EXTRAORDINARY and I recommend it to anybody who has never seen the show.

The only episode to dare touch the topic of death. Without doubt one of, if not the most, emotional episode of the entire series thus far. Rainbow Dash got her first solo "I'll Fly", which was also one of the best songs thus far. And that RD crying scene was both hilarious and touching at the same time. Remember Twilight, AJ cries on the inside.

The "Applejack cries on the inside" got me. - NotYoursTruly

25 It's About Time

Its funny how this episode actually started the main story arc leading up to Twilight's Kingdom. A fun episode!

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26 The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

A bit boring, and gilda being a baker makes no sense, but it is still satisfying to see gilda become a better person

"a bit boring, but it was satisfying to have gild get development

27 Castle Mane-ia

That episode was badass. - AinezoChan

I laughed like a billion times in this episode.

I you like MLP and scooby do, this episode is perfect

BEST MLP EPISODE! I love the part when the organ has an effect on everyone and Applejack gets kicked out of the castle.Anyway this was a good episode and I just LOVE that Pinkie was behind it all!

28 Shadow Play

You got me there, MLP. After Chrysalis swearing revenge on Starlight at the end of Season 6, I was expecting her to pop up in this finale. Each and every episode of Season 7 including "Changeling" in the title, I expected to see what became of Chrysalis after she escaped. So, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get any of this at all. What I got was an awesome finale to an awesome season! Thanks MLP! Here's to Season 8! Let it be just as great as Season 7, because better would be pretty hard to accomplish.

So's long as disasters like Not Asking for Trouble, Secrets and Pies, and Fame and Misfortune never happen throughout Season 8... - TylertheTitan

One of the better two-parters of the series. It's definitely up there with the likes of both the premiere and finale in Season 2, if not Season 4's finale that is Twilight's Kingdom. Still an incredible episode nonetheless! - TylertheTitan

What a great finish to Season 7! This is definitely one of the best episodes in MLP. Many questions were answered with this episode, and the Elements of Harmony were used once again, which I was waiting since Season 4. I kind of thought this two-parter was a little better than the movie, but both are pretty unique and interesting. Shadow Play is really incredible, interesting and an awesome finale. Thanks so much MLP! You answered my wishes! I hope the future finales are as interesting as this one.

This is probably one of the best finales I have seen from MLP:FiM. And here are my reasons:

1.) Starswirl is ALIVE after a thousand years!
2.) It revealed who the Pony of Shadows was.
3.) Some good Starlight scenes there! #BestReformedVillain
4.) At least it wasn't about Chrysalis' revenge. Otherwise it would've been just like the Season 5 finale.
5.) The first parts gave an intense chill down my spine.
6.) Hasbro did some HEAVY foreshadowing about the legends.
7.) The plot is so deep. A thousand year old problem was caused because of a unicorn who was betrayed? Well damn.

The only things I didn't like about this episode was that it seemed a little rushed. Not to mention it was all about yakking and strategizing instead of actual action. I personally disliked how Starlight was an ignorant and too serious of a stallion - I expected him to be fun and easy-going (Probably because I based him for how he looked and how Twilight ...more - MillieTrina_Prower

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29 Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Love it love it love it love it love it

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30 Daring Don't

Terrible. Hated it.

Nice episode. - AinezoChan

31 Maud Pie

This episode (and the other ones with Maud) are the sole reason I want a sister SO badly

Funniest episode ever - Untildawn8

Maud Pie ROCKS! (get it? )

Rarity: So what is your cardigan saying?
Maud: It's a sweater, it doesn't talk

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32 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

I'm breezy like sunday morning...

That episode is kawaii. - AinezoChan

33 The Cutie Map

I love how freaky this episode was. - SomeRandomGuy9001

This is the two parter that introduced us to Starlight, and I still love her, villain or not. The mane 6 and background ponies are at their best here. - TexasBro93

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34 The Saddle Row Review

I really like this episode! It was funny and different. I did like when Rainbow Dash was copying rarity

An entertaining episode with a unique storytelling perspective. Definitely Top 5 material for season 6.

This episode should be in the top 20. One of the most entertaining episodes ever. The mane 6 are at their absolute best here. - TexasBro93

How is this not in the top ten?!? This was pretty much the best 22 minute episode of Season 6!

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35 The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Awesome! I loved this because it showed how the main six got there cutie marks!

I LOVE this episode, it is perfect. Hands down best episode of the entire show!

Honestly, my favorite episode of all time

Giving the Mane Six backstories was just brilliant. - SomeRandomGuy9001

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36 Family Appreciation Day
37 Power Ponies

Look, I love this episode! Perfect plot, and Hasbro did a great job of making each pony have a power that actually is related to the regular pony in Eqestria. The power ponies had to face one big conflict and Spike saves the day. After that each pony pitches in to help. I LOVED Fluttershy turning into a monster. This episode has a lot of action and excitement. That's just what a good episode needs.

I honestly thought that this one was mediocre.

This episode had a really clever plot.

That episode rules. - AinezoChan

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38 One Bad Apple

Isn't this considered to be one of the worst episodes of the show? Why is it here?

I liked it I guess... The only reason why is because of...well, the song

You are correct

It's really good love babs adittoued

39 The Best Night Ever

Very funny - one of my favorite episodes!

No offense, but this is my most hated episode. - AinezoChan

Best Season Finale Ever!

This is a very funny episode, espacelly Fluttershy

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40 Hearth's Warming Eve

It's a bit sad when one of my favorite Shows has one of the worst Holiday specials, first the mane 6 are on a play, when I see them in a play it's kinda awkward because they're a bit out of character, and the ending is them arguing, isn't that the best way to end the episode
No it's not but this is the lesser of 5 evils.

Great episode! The play was really cute, and fun!

Best Normal Length Episode in Season 2! - TylertheTitan

It's a bit sad when one of my favorite Shows has one of the worst Holiday specials, first the mane 6 are on a play, when I see them in a play it's kinda awkward because they're a bit out of character, and the ending is them arguing, isn't that the best way to end the episode

No it's not but this is the lesser of 5 evils.

Don't you mean Worst Episode Ever in Season 2?

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