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61 Read It and Weep

How is this not in the top 5? This episode is amazing

This episode on top Hurricane Fluttershy on bottom.

One Of My Favourite Episodes

Them indiana jones vibes - NotYoursTruly

62 Rarity Takes Manehattan

Why?! LOVE. Gods character development for Rarity.

I ow this episode for another best ever

Don't you mean one of worst episodes of the show?

My gave

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63 Make New Friends But Keep Discord

My favorite episode because it shows that discord cares for flutter shy and I love it when when discord says this is the most basic of jokes then maud says you're the most basic of jokes burn at least the smooze doesn't look like a thing that will haut my dreams

Funny episode really I 2nd best episode

I love this episode so much it is definitely my favorite

I could not be more happy to see that the Smooze doesn't look like the horrible measle medicine it looked like in the OLD mlp..But I loved the part where Maud did that great comeback on Discord

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64 No Second Prances

Trixie now has friends. So great! - bobbythebrony

65 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
66 A Flurry of Emotions

This is what you call a fixed up, admirable, and watchable rehash of Baby Cakes! - TylertheTitan


Baby Cakes 2.0 - NotYoursTruly

67 Twilight Time
68 Brotherhooves Social

I like this episode, It shows how much Big Mac really cares for his lil sis apple bloom.

This episode is lovely! the lesson was perfect, and it's so nice how the rules on what makes a sister are told as pretty loose. it was sweet that Big Mac would go through so much just for his sis.

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69 The Gift of Maud Pie

I thought this was a lovely and heartwarming episode about gift-giving. Its moral is something that, although may seem obvious, is actually forgotten by most people. We also get another episode with Maud and Pinkie!

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70 Every Little Thing She Does

Do I have to tell the story of a thousand rainy days since we first met? It's a big enough umbrella, but it's always me that ends up getting wet. (Or, in this case, Twilight's castle for once...) Every little thing she does is magic, everything she do just turns me on. Even though she magically manipulates her friends, now I know my love for her goes on...

I think this one is so funny because what all the ponies say to starlight is so funny and everything happens so quickly.

This episode was awful. The story was predictable and boring, the comedy was mixed (anything other than the mane 6 was slow and boring) and it shows why twi was badly handled this season and why star just sucks as a character, villain or not.

The First 10 Minutes Are Brilliant, But It Gets Uncomfortably Creepy In The Middle, But The Last 5 Minutes Are Great
Other Than The Creepy As Hell Middle, This Is A Good Episode - JPK

71 Parental Glideance

This seems like one of the only episodes I think rainbow wasnt bad in,i like rainbows parents and how they're always cheery, and trust me when I say I did not expect her parents to be like this, the part where scootaloo talks to rainbow and says how she should be proud of what shes got was pretty nice.

I think Rainbow Dash took to much of the blame in this episode, as the parents were also at fault. She had every right to be angry at them, and when she yelled at them, I interpreted it as she was doing what had to be done. Watching Scootaloo lecture Rainbow Dash didn't sit well with me either. As such, the episode's message got muddled.

However, the episode at least showed how great Rainbow Dash is. Despite the fact that the situation was not her fault, she went out of her way to make things right anyways. It goes to show that she's not the horrible, selfish pony that she is often made out to be by her haters.

72 Fame and Misfortune

Yes, it seems to be directed at us fans, but I'm not sure what it wants to tell us. I'm unsure whether to like or dislike this episode. I like the two new fillies and their story arc. I like that Larson is back, and I'm already looking forward to other episodes he may have in store for us. What I didn't like was the ending, which seemed too abrupt. Nothing is solved. The crowd is still in front of the castle. I would also like to have seen what Starlight did to those two ponies badmouthing Rarity. They deserved everything coming to them.

Fantastic episode directed at the fans, Larson is back and better than ever! - LydiaS001

Yes, directed at the fans! The overly obsessive, overly critical, stalker-like fans... Wait, what? No, seriously! This episode is too meta for its own good. Tone it down, Larson, you sound like a frustrated troll. Seeing the Mane Six break down, especially Applejack and Rarity, was not funny in the slightest. The "moral", if there was one at all, was forced down our throats - and in the end, nothing was solved. All those obsessive, raving idiots are still outside the castle!

73 The Last Roundup

If you're a struggling college student, then you can relate to the episode's moral.

I love Rainbow Dash meets Derpy scene!

74 Secret Of My Excess

Wow I can't believe 22tigerdude considered this the worst of the show

Meh I don't really like the earlier episodes - NotYoursTruly

75 It Isn't the Mane Thing About You

Funny episode, though it feels a bit forced at some points: 1.) No one can regrow hair with magic. Seriously? 2.) There isn't a single wig shop in Ponyville? Aside from all that, I really love Punk Rock Rarity! That's a look I never thought to see her in. Nice! (Also: Pinkie's wobbly mane looks so cute on her, too! ) Rarity was my least favourite Mane 6 through Seasons 1 and 2. Now she's my favourite. Honestly, she has had some of the best episodes in recent years.

Surprisingly good for a Rarity episode. But why would Pinkie have a "sneeze-aversary" in the opening sequence? - TylertheTitan

76 Applebuck Season

People these days. This is a super awesome episode! '

77 Winter Wrap Up

I really liked the song in this episode. - SomeRandomGuy9001

Winter wrap up song is so catchy

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78 Putting Your Hoof Down

This was a very interesting episode. Both this episode and Hurricane Fluttershy talk about fluttershy being assertive. However, Fluttershy was mean in this episode and I did not like it. But it is a very good fluttershy episode.

Seriously? This is considered to be the worst episode. No offense fans. - AinezoChan

OH HEY YEAH! This is at the bottom! This episode was HORRIBLE!

Why its on 70? It should be lower because it's the WORST! - alazeemrasaq2005

79 Too Many Pinkie Pies

This episode's premise was Pinkie cloning herself and every second of it was entertaining and funny. - SomeRandomGuy9001

I just don't like how we wont know if Pinkie is fake or no

I feel like Season 3 is forgotten. - NotYoursTruly

That one was funny ffuunnn lol I at like pinke

80 Stare Master

The CMC are great characters but here along with the Show Stoppers, they're just disobedient and ignorant.

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