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61 No Second Prances

Trixie now has friends. So great! - bobbythebrony

62 The Times They Are A Changeling

Definitely Top 5 best episodes for Season 6 and should be at least in the Top 25 with how amazing its lesson was, its role of Spike, and the well maintained characterization of a changeling. Hope to see more of Thorax in future episodes...

I've noticed that Season 6 has been really good at writing Spike. - SomeRandomGuy9001

63 Every Little Thing She Does

I think this one is so funny because what all the ponies say to starlight is so funny and everything happens so quickly.

This episode was awful. The story was predictable and boring, the comedy was mixed (anything other than the mane 6 was slow and boring) and it shows why twi was badly handled this season and why star just sucks as a character, villain or not.

64 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
65 A Flurry of Emotions

This is what you call a fixed up, admirable, and watchable rehash of Baby Cakes! - TylertheTitan


66 The Last Roundup

If you're a struggling college student, then you can relate to the episode's moral.

I love Rainbow Dash meets Derpy scene!

67 Secret Of My Excess

Wow I can't believe 22tigerdude considered this the worst of the show

68 Castle Sweet Castle

It's my Number 1 Personal Episode because I'm about to move out of my current house (that my parents and I are only renting) soon, which I've live in for 17 years now. thinking really hard about this episode now, I'm actually crying for what it reminds me off: All of the wonderful times I've had here in my current house. :'( - TylertheTitan

Surprised by this episode completely. Season 5 is off to a great start. and I was one of those people who didn't like season 4 that much.

69 Make New Friends But Keep Discord

Funny episode really I 2nd best episode

I love this episode so much it is definitely my favorite

Discord: This is the most basic of jokes!
Maud: YOU'RE the most basic of jokes.

I could not be more happy to see that the Smooze doesn't look like the horrible measle medicine it looked like in the OLD mlp..But I loved the part where Maud did that great comeback on Discord

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70 Applebuck Season

People these days. This is a super awesome episode! '

71 Putting Your Hoof Down

This was a very interesting episode. Both this episode and Hurricane Fluttershy talk about fluttershy being assertive. However, Fluttershy was mean in this episode and I did not like it. But it is a very good fluttershy episode.

Seriously? This is considered to be the worst episode. No offense fans. - AinezoChan

OH HEY YEAH! This is at the bottom! This episode was HORRIBLE!

Why its on 70? It should be lower because it's the WORST! - alazeemrasaq2005

72 Too Many Pinkie Pies

This episode's premise was Pinkie cloning herself and every second of it was entertaining and funny. - SomeRandomGuy9001

I just don't like how we wont know if Pinkie is fake or no

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73 Hearth's Warming Eve

It's a bit sad when one of my favorite Shows has one of the worst Holiday specials, first the mane 6 are on a play, when I see them in a play it's kinda awkward because they're a bit out of character, and the ending is them arguing, isn't that the best way to end the episode
No it's not but this is the lesser of 5 evils.

Great episode! The play was really cute, and fun!

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74 Princess Twilight Sparkle

I love how she turns Into a alicorn

66?! This was the start of MLP's best season yet,and it's at 66?! What's above it?! Applebuck Season?! PUTTING YOUR HOOF DOWN?! We got to see Princess Celestia defeat Nightmare Moon AND then defeating Discord! The Tree of Harmony is the best idea this show has ever come up with,and Celestia was the best character by far.You saw her pain when she knew she had to banish her sister, and felt her happiness when the TRUE Summer Sun Celebration came back.The first part was okay,but the second part was just BRILLIANT! Everything was perfect,and I would love a Season 7 episode just like this.

75 Stare Master

The CMC are great characters but here along with the Show Stoppers, they're just disobedient and ignorant.

76 Friendship Is Magic (Pilot)

Underrated and taken for granted. It's probably the best-plotted of all the 2-parters.

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77 On Your Marks V 1 Comment
78 Hearts and Hooves Day

I HATE this episode! It makes me want to claw my eyes out!

I like it it's stupid and charming

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79 Spike at Your Service

This episode just proves that the writers aren't really thinking

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80 Look Before You Sleep V 1 Comment
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