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81 Look Before You Sleep V 1 Comment
82 The Crystal Empire V 4 Comments
83 Inspiration Manifestation
84 Bloom and Gloom

I love how creepy this episode was. - SomeRandomGuy9001

85 Princess Spike

I love this adorable episode and I do not understand the hate. The same people who hate this are probably the Dash haters. Probably black or Chinese. They don't know any better.

This episode shouldn't be on here. Its plot is a contrived mess that blatantly rehashes other Spike episodes.

This episode does not need or deserve to be this high. No offense to those who think otherwise. - ring0ff1re

V 1 Comment
86 Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep

It is the best

87 Rarity Investigates!

Do people just not like Rarity? This episode deserves a higher place. It's well paced, Rarity's character is on point, her sweet talk of the guards is hilarious and the black and white noir feel gives this episode an excellent atmosphere. Watch it if you haven't.

If this episode aired in my country, I would totally watch it. Rarity is the best pony, so this episode should be awesome!

Best episode! Everybody's commenting about that these are great episodes and they turn out to be the worst!? Some people don't bother to look at the 83rd episode. Lets get this episode in the top ten! It's good!

It doesn't deserves the 84. place.

88 Hearthbreakers
89 Baby Cakes
90 Flutter Brutter

At first I did not know that flutter shy had a brother.

V 1 Comment
91 The Cart Before the Ponies

Season 6 has been pretty mediocre so far.

92 Canterlot Boutique
93 Buckball Season

Snails when he's not annoying and Fluttershy being funny

94 Winter Wrap Up

I really liked the song in this episode. - SomeRandomGuy9001

Winter wrap up song is so catchy

V 1 Comment
95 Twilight Time
96 Boast Busters V 2 Comments
97 Family Appreciation Day
98 Three's A Crowd

Discord's song Glass of Water is so amazing and some people hate this song. Why do they hate this song? It's the first song sung by Discord.

Discord's Episodes are my favorites. - TylertheTitan

YES DISCORD IS so GOOD AT THIS SONG! proven that boys can sing really good...I really can't think of a lot of boys on MLP that sang a song. But Discord nailed it

99 Dragonshy

I love when fluttershy confirmed the dragon to sleep some Where else

100 Swarm Of The Century

Doesn't this sound like trouble with tribbles to u guys? U know, from Star Trek?

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