Top Ten My Little Pony Season 1 Episodes That Should Be Deleted

The Top Ten

1 Owl's Well That Ends Well
2 The Show Stoppers
3 A Dog and A Pony Show
4 Bridle Gossip
5 Boast Busters
6 A Bird In the Hoof
7 Griffon the Brush-Off
8 Look Before You Sleep

9. Look Before You Sleep watch?v lpqxSW
GAAGH... Another boring snoozefest...
So, why is this one worse than The Cutie Pox? Well, to The Cutie Pox s credit, it is at least complete. There are no plot holes and everyone is in character. That is something that Look Before You Sleep lacks for me. Not only did this one bore the hell out of me, but it was nonsensical at the worst of times... What do I mean by this? Well, I ll try to make it clear.
First of all, am I the only one who doesn t like how childish Rarity and Applejack are portrayed in this episode... ? I mean, the way that they just constantly argue at each other is pretty childish... I could at least understand if it was younger characters, like the CMC quarrelling, but the Mane six are ADULTS they should know better than this... A prime example of this is that scene where Applejack and Rarity have the poorly written Does not, does too argument... Ungh... Oh, and speaking of Rarity, why is SHE there ...more

9 The Ticket Master


10 Feeling Pinkie Keen

The Contenders

11 The Best Night Ever
12 Party Of One

This Was A Good One
It Really Shouldn't Be Deleted - JPK

13 Swarm of the Century
14 Over a Barrel
15 Green Isn't Your Color
16 Friendship is Magic
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