Top Ten Best My Little Pony Yuri Ships


The Top Ten

1 PinkieDash

Right now I love this ship - PinkieDashLuver

2 RariJack

This ship is a love-hate ship to me. In my head they argue a lot about how they are so different to each other but them they come to realise that they like the others differences and start to accept it. I do find this a cute ship. - ThePossessedShipper

I love love love this ship! It has been my OTP since I realized that people ship ponies! There is also a lot of stuff in the show that fuels my love for this pairing. Like in Look Before you Sleep, The Crystal Empire, and Simple Ways. I really like the whole "Opposites Attract" concept as well. RARIJACK FOREVER!

3 SunDagio

Much better then Aria x Adagio - PinkieDashLuver

4 TwiShy

Aww, underrated but this is still cute - PinkieDashLuver

5 AriSona

How could anyone not ship this? They are both backup singers, and they probably fight because they don't want to tell Adagio their in love lol - PinkieDashLuver

Heh. I thought it said Arizona when I first saw it.

6 ChrysaLuna

So underrated. I feel like these two could work as a forbidden love couple.

They were both evil! - PinkieDashLuver

7 CelestiDance

Celesta is not actually Cadence's aunt, and who thinks TwiLestia is worse? - PinkieDashLuver

8 SweetieBloom
9 FlutterDash

I think this is a really good ship. They do have really good chemistry with each other throughout all of the episodes they have both been in with each other. They have been friends since they were younger and so they could have fallen in love over after all if the time they have spent with each other. To sum it all up, I ship it. - ThePossessedShipper

Honestly, I think that ship is adorable! - Pegasister12

10 ScootaBabs

The Contenders

11 ChryssiPuff

This ship is my otp! - Pegasister12

12 AppleDash
13 LyraDoo

Yes, people may ship LyraBon but Derpy x Lyra seems cuter, what do you think? - PinkieDashLuver

14 TwiDash
15 LyraBon
16 RariShy
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