Reasons to Hate My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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1 It is boring

Isn't it teaching us all get along despite our differences. Main character is smart instead of just a giggly bimbo.. that's girl power and third spending so much time slagging it off just might secretly like the show. Okay it does have some bad aspects like the strange bronies that created sex toys and stuff which is a little umm strange... I'm a girl who don't mind watching the show not got creepy fantasies though I don't buy the toys I just think the main character teaches girls to read and study,I'll probably get loads of dislikes for this as so many people seem hate it so much on here and yes I agree the pink one is over hyperactive and can be annoying. But if you really hate it so much don't watch it or even click on it.

Honestly, I would say this is the only flaw, but a very big flaw. mlp may be one of those shows that are so good its bad, the show is astronomically deep in design but on the surface, its pretty boring and sometimes feels like a sitcom only with silly cartoon effects humor that does not fit in with the show. you really have to read in between the lines to follow along and get the complexity of it which I personally don't like doing in something that is suppose to be an escape. perhaps pinkie pie is suppose to be the comic relief this show oh so desperately needs, but I have my own head cannon personality for her that makes her fit with the rest of the show that gives a dark edge to a lot of her jokes

Woah, just looking back at my old comments as @ThePinkieMaster. I'm cringing so much right now. So for starters I have to apologise; sorry for being a totally mental fangirl. Most of these fake accounts were me trying to redeem myself.
I just want to make it clear that I now despise My Little Pony. Back when I first commented on this list I must've been, what, eight? Probably older, I'm not sure.
Now I realise how cancerous the fanbase is. Looking back at my old identity as "ThePinkieMaster" (Oh Jesus, why that name though) gives me a tantalising example of how much of a pegasister I was.
Well it's early in the morning. I'm bored.
I hate My Little Pony. I've joined the weeaboo community now.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused by my lack of respect towards people who dislike MLP. -The person who used to be ThePinkieMaster

This show (and the characters) seem to lack depth, despite popular belief. The show can be interesting and good sometimes but they lack diverse, interesting characters. Most of the characters seem to be over exaggerated stereotypes. Some shows (like El Tigre or Zig and Sharko) can do it well and make it comical, but My Little Pony tries too hard and it comes off as forced and shallow.

2 It is dumb

Ya see this is what happens when one person has the pencil. They create the most boring bland cartoons of all time. My little pony is the most dim witted transparently manipulative idiotic garbage they have ever made. And I don't care if they considered other girly girl shows to be lame. Even shows like then miraculous ladybug weren't this intent on twisting a child's damn mind. And to top it all off the same creator of that scourge upon the human race is now working with Cartoon Network. Which made the DC superhero girls reboot and it wasn't even necessary. The shorts and the movies weren't even good. But if people in the world like this show that's fine it's just by personal opinion. Anyone over the age of 14, something is wrong with you if you like this show.

How is magic part of friendship?
And how does a rainbow consists of 3 pink ponies?

There is no colour red or green ponies. How dumb must the creators be to miss that a rainbow does not include pink. (The worst colour in existence of colours. )

Yes. Any pea brained idiot would know that if they were creating Rainbow Ponies, that they would know that there is no colour pink on rainbows. People who created this show are much more stupid then 5 year olds.

There is 3 words G.A.Y! This show consists of "Rainbow ponies". apple bloom is more of a tramp then applejack (less racist) and at least she cares for her friends. and at least she doesn't have that damn greasy hair everyone complains about. she probably uses frosting for a wig. what DID I JUST WATCH?!

3 It is too girly

I can't stand these 3 pink girly ponies.
Pink has got nothing to do with the colour rainbow so why are there 3 ugly annoying pink ponies there.

There is one who is entirely pink (horrible colour. )

And one who has long pink hair (Girly overload. )

And one has a pink highlight in her hair.

WHY? Why not more purple or blue ones (Purple and Blue colours are the best. )

Why do men like this show!? It was made for mindless little girls, not for boys. Whoever likes this show is either homosexual or has a small brain. The problem with men liking this show is that it is against social norms.

Why are there no Male ponies?
I can't believe that Lauren would only put in 2 males and make the ponies all female... Damn, you are So SEXIST Lauren.

It is Too Girly because of the Sexism and Pink Overload. 3 Ponies out of 1 Pony will have Pink somewhere on them and will be a Gal (Female).

4 It does not teach anything

It teaches you that always except pretty ponies (people). Doesn't matter if they are evil. I have noticed if they are pretty AND cute they reform them. Discord got reformed only because of the star trek fans. Everyone else who was ugly and evil, tossed like trash. Even nice ponies who were ugly were treated with little to no respect. And don't get me started on the racist tones in the show, or that overuse Disney ideas. I used to be obsessed (I am a 16 year old girl) and I can't believe how stupid I was. The show is overrated and is basically a giant scheme for Hasbro to manufacture and sell even more toys! If you want to watch good shows, watch Lucifer on Fox Network, Hetalia: Axis Powers, and Hero Academia. At least those shows are good.

This is one of the most ignorant reasons on the list. Doesn't teach anything? There's a laugh. The show is founded on not judging others, acceptance, helpfulness, being a good friend, not stereotyping people, the consequences lying or trying to impress others, among many more things. But since you all seem to be around 12 I'm sure you are clueless. Ignorance must be contagious. There's a difference between not liking a show and making up things that aren't true about it.

Yeah... We are 12 year old boys who go to school, exercise, play in the park and skateboard AND know what a good show and a bad show is. We watch Real Shows like Gravity Falls and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mostly on DVD). Do you have Problem with that, Bro-ny?

No, it doesn't. All I see are ugly ponies treating each other like poo. If they would be best friends, they wouldn't treat each other so badly.

5 It's annoying

IT's so annoying. I hate the design, the voices, the plot, everything. I don't mean to sound like a weeb, but really, when I heard about the anime references, I just cringed. There should be a thicc line between mlp and anime. Anime should reference anime, mlp should just reference whatever they were before. Honestly, it's really annoying when a terrible show references your favorite childhood characters.

Really dissing on voice actor? Tara Strong voices Twilight Sparkle and do you know what else Tara Strong voices for? Practically everything, like Timmy Turner, in Ted, Danny Phantom, Ben 10, Teen Titans, maybe you should study before saying something.
And Weird Al voices too
And one guy who voices Discord is from Star Treck. -.-

Ha ha ha. Yes. The people who voice the characters are to blame. How did they even get to be voice actors in the first place, their voices are too annoying for such a wonderful job.

Someone in my class acts like a dumb mlp pony. And I act like a dog when I play dog games. She criticized me for that, why does she act like a dumb pony?

6 There are tons of other shows way better

These men with no lives just watch this horrible pile. Can't they watch more mature shows, like Gravity Falls, Transformers Prime, Trollhunters, Ninjago, Star Wars Rebels, and Regular Show? NO. They just waste their already stupid lives by watching ugly horses walk around in a series of filler episodes. I know every show has filler, but this just takes it up TOO MUCH. Is it supposed to be a sitcom? Cause it's not even funny. "My Little Pony: Filler is Magic."

The Powerpuff Girls Original was SO much better than this show. Powerpuff Girls had action and violence, girl power, and blood, while MLP is just a babyish, cheesy friendship show. However, I'd DEFINITELY watch it over than the New Powerpuff Girls.

Yup. I agree. Season 1 and 2 is pretty annoying, it's too girly. And those elements of poop (elements of this stupid harmony) are just like toilet papers. Yeah, Gravity Falls is much better, and if you will compare mlp and cookie cats, mlp will be the worst.

Here's a story. Dan Vs. is a cartoon that aired on the Hub, but due to the stupid MLP fandom's ignorance, the show was ignored. I'm really annoyed by that. Heck, even Animaniacs doesn't air on Discovery Family even though it is a thousand times better.

7 Characters are too dumb

Princess Celestia is not Dumb. She is Stupid because She:
1. Banishes Princess Luna (The Only Normal Character in this Terrible MLP Show) to the Moon.
2. Relies on 6 Mediocre s to do her Job of Defending Pony Town that mysteriously seems to get invaded by Villains all the time. If it weren't for the 6 Mediocre s then Pony Town would be ruled by evil villains by now.
3. Can't defeat villains any more.

The colours of their Rainbow is so Wrong. A Rainbow does not consist of:

1. Hot Pink
2. Peach (Pale) Orange
3. Pale Cream Yellow (Should be Bright Yellow)
4. Turqouise (Wait, where is Green? )
5. Purple (Yeah, but not Really Dark Purple.)
6. White? Where is Green and Indigo?!

It just proves that the so called Animators at Hasbro are way too dumb for their amazing job. Go back to Play School and come back when you know all your colours, you Hasbro Animating Amateurs.

All the characters are bad, but pinky is the worst. She speaks in such a high pitched voice that almost makes you worry whether your speakers will burst. She is also stupid. She talks dumb stuff like rainbows or magical dogs it is the worst show ever. Please, PLEASE don't watch it.

Pinkie Pie is actually really rude and annoying. She always doesn't listen and annoys her friends to no end. She also doesn't listen to her friends when they tell her to do something. I purely despise this annoying brat. Along with Applebloom as well.

8 Friendship is not magic

Friendship can be a number of things. Having friends will, however, (figuratively) not guarantee you paradise. They try to become everybody's friend, however that does not work in some cases. I used to watch this show when I was little, but when a friend close to me died, I saw it's flawed messages for what they are. Me and my friends now watch this show and pick apart the message and see just how flawed it is. Ex. In one episode, Pink pie tires to befriend Cranky Doodle Donkey, who just wants peace. Now, any good kid should learn to respect their elders and give them peace when they need it. But this show continues to have pink pie harass this poor old man. Eventually, she finds out he got separated from his wife, so she goes to find her. When Cranky finds his wife, they get together again and are happy. Now, this may seem good, but it WAS NOT pinkie who made cranky happy again. If she hadn't found his wife, she would've spent the entire episode harassing this poor old man, to no ...more

Honestly, I really dislike the show, but I don't attack anybody who really likes it. But I disagree with many "lessons" it teaches. First off, friendship cannot be magic. That's the main lesson it teaches and it shows no controversy against it. I don't find their development in character interesting because they barely grow at all. The creatures in the show are always portrayed as one characteristic: Fluttershy is shy, Rarity is generous, Rainbowdash is loyal; it doesn't change. They're way too basic and I can't see how people can't realize this already. Besides that, the purple one, Twilight really shows no dimension. She shows certain characteristics of a good leader, but they are "too perfect." Sure, some of them make a few mistakes in a few episodes, but the "hardship" they went through was either because they were manipulated by magic or they just went through hardships just for the sake of it. About Twilight, it always appears that she always ends up being correct in the end ...more

I know right it is just talking ponies that are so dumb and that they are serious in everything and magic isn't real and the topic of friendship is almost said in each episode like really! Some people have an obsession with these weird ponies that they don't even have a lesson of friendship, and I think there should be a negative show of this dumb show talking about friendship.

I just wanted to explain that they only said this so that children would have something to remember. This show was originally aimed towards children so some adults might think this stupid. I like my little pony and don't hate because everyone has opinions. There are reasons to like and not like the show.

9 Controlling Cutie Marks

Ok, I swear, on my heart, this is ThePinkieMaster.

I'm on this list and if I wasn't, I'd scream at this person. But. It's me.


I've seriously wanted to find the right LISTING that is ACTUALLY mature for once. Not, 'It's for babies'.

Aw the hell am I doing'


This thing is really weird. The mane 6's CMs are all pretty simple, however other pony's cutie marks are all about things they DO. With the CMC, (especially in the episode, Cutie Pox) you PERMANENTLY have to do the thing that's on your cutie mark. It's not right, at all.



What was once known as only a "Little Sweet Awesome Picture" on their Flanks known as "Symbols" has Manifested into an out of control "Cutie Mark" that Manipulates and Forces Ponies to do whatever Picture it has.
Do Not Believe Me? Watch "Call Of The Cutie","Magical Mystery Cure" and "Bloom And Gloom."

The way Cutie Marks are portrayed in Magical Mystery Cure is pretty Disturbing.

Just out of curiosity, what would happen if they didn't have those marks?

10 Fans get into fights about the characters

Why the hell do you guys fight over which character is the best and which one's the worst? Please explain!

Yes, bronies do tend to get in fights about the "best pony", and they tend to get quite savage about it.

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11 Each episode, someone must be a jerk

There's no way around the jerks! You can't teach a lesson without making somebody a bad guy? Geez! To think I used to enjoy this show. If you want a show starring likable female protagonists, friendship lessons, character development, and no bronies, go watch 2003 Strawberry Shortcake. It's actually really good and is everything Friendship is Magic wanted to be but failed at.

Or Sailor Moon, that's another great show where the characters are likable, the lessons are actually good and not shoved in your face, the characters develop, and there's no annoying rabid male fans like the majority of bronies.

That's a reason I now dislike MLP: FiM, the majority of the characters have just become jerks. - SailorSedna

12 Pony porn

Bull it's "in your face" it does not come up unless you type in r34, porn, or "hot" and it most certainly doesn't come up if you just look at "mlp" so don't make up a bunch of lies, because I just tried it :) and if KIDS are online then turn on the SAFE SEARCH. There is porn of everything, ever. Period.

True, but not In Your Face 24 Hours. That porn is hidden away whereas MLP Porn is Everywhere. Children look up these Pictures. What do you think that they are going to think when they see the Pictures? Huh?

True, but unlike Pony Porn, it is Hidden away. My Little Pony Porn is Always In Your Face. What if children were looking for an innocent picture and see something like this?

Has anyone ever hear of rule 34? besides their has been porn for like forever now and you guys complain about it like it's a big deal. also why would you waste time hating on something that doesn't even matter. What so you can think your better than anyone else from the safest of your computer or whatever. seriously; just stop hating on a show for children. it's really sad that some people spend there time hating on a kid's show. while actually important stuff is happening in the world :-(

13 It's not funny

Honestly, the show is full of cheap humor. I bet even my jokes as a 5 year old are better! Not just that, I hate literally everything about it! The rainbows are the wrong color (Like dude, are the artists four? ), All the characters are stereotypical, It can be a bad influence, the animation is poor, and it's racist and sexist. In a show, I expect well rounded characters, New lessons every episode, At Least decent animation, a nice storyline, and if it's a comedy, then good humor. Instead, We get this stupid rainbow piece of crap that teaches the same lesson over and over. And friendship isn't even magic. And don't even get me started on starlight glimmer and the changelings. She turned from evil to a main protagonist in one episode! And the changelings turned good because of dumb ponies.

It's as if that Atrocious Pink Pony has to carry the responsibility of making this cheap knock off of a Show Funny and "Cartoonist". She is the only one who is actually "Cartoonist" while all the rest of these lame pony girls are being so Boring (Pretending to be Real Girls) in a cartoon which is supposed to make us laugh.

Them Ponies are Retarded and their Facial Expressions are Exaggerated to the point where it Creeps you out just by watching this Utter Nonsense of an MLP Show.

Spitfire is the only funny character because of the words she uses and how she yells and she is strict, the rest are not funny at all.

14 It is terribly animated

1. They do not have to be outlined in Black as long as the Animation is Great Quality (Like 3D or CGI)
2. That is because Flame Princess is Fire. She Glows (So does that mean that the Ponies are always Glowing too? )
3. Do you read the Disney Princess Magazine? They definitely do not have Black Outlines there. (LOL)
4. It is Not a Rule. It just makes Animation like Gravity Falls better and more Cartoonish.

Cheaply made cartoons will always lack in quality and Disney Movies (Like Aladdin and Little Mermaid) always have a black outline. And no, I am not talking about the Disney CGI ones.
Get a real channel like Disney. Until then your argument is Invalid.

The animation is terrible because it looks odd on the ponies (Have you noticed they have strange out lines which are supposed to be black? )
The background is simply awful and full of utter mistakes.

Uh, since when do characters have to be outlined in black? Flame princess from AT isn't outlined in black. Most Disney princesses aren't outlined in black... So what "rule" did that come from?

15 It gets way too much undeserved fame

Fame over what, crusty animation, crusty characters... ?

Most of them Fans are Retarded/Gay and PDo's anyway. Only 10% of the Fans are actually little Children (And 8% them only like the Toys.)

16 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Guys no TPM is a girl, and she's actually really upset because
1. She's been classed as a brony, but she's a pegasister
2. Everyone has been horrible to each other
3. She's been told to have stuff shoved down her throat

But seriously pay me 'cause my parents have told me to make her happy because we've all been harassed. My sister Amber (Gunsn'ShadowHedgehogz) hasn't helped either, by joining your side. Put yourself in Pinkie's shoes... how would you feel if you had a great swarm of haters threatening you? In addition, how would you feel if you were the only person trying to convince you this show is brilliant, but you were, again, harassed?

She's only young and she doesn't really know how to express her opinions that well, but please, if you don't backfire comments she won't annoy you.

I'm not bothering with a stupid nickname that'll only be used once, either... anyway watch YTP or MLG My Little Pony, that way both fans and haters can feel the same way.

I know a lot of fans are annoying as hell but there are always rabid fans in every fandom. This is not even the actual show's flaw it is the fandom and how the people treat the show.

Shame on whoever put this on this list. Don't hate people just because they like this show. Everyone has their own opinions. Like they said if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything

Men stop watching a show which is for Little Girls. They even sell children's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic vanity tables. How thick are the fans?

17 It's going downhill

Why am I still watching this show anyway? I thought it was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen, until I saw Season 8 and the last thing I want is for Carrie White to burn everyone. Although, the Young 6 are the only likeable characters. Come to think of it, perhaps they should get their own spinoff.

This show used to be good until season 5, after that, the show and fandom have become literal hellholes and there is so much negative energy coming from both it's amazing this show is still airing up to 9 seasons and getting what could be a crappy reboot.

18 It's taking over DeviantArt

No it used to be My Little Pony so skinny and bony went to the circus one day she farted on purpose and blew up the circus and that was the end of her day.
But now men like girly shows because they look like anime characters instead of ponies like the 1980s.
The show has always been similar except for the animation changes here is the plot of the first in 1986
The End of Flutter Valley.
The ponies are on their way to Flutter Valley for the "Sun Tuesday" celebration with the Flutter Ponies. Meanwhile, the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom are busy hatching a plan to destroy Flutter Valley and the ponies, allying with an army of giant bees to get their revenge on the Flutter Ponies. The bees steal the precious Sun Stone, and if the Flutter Ponies can't get it back, their home will be destroyed.

And let's not forget the ass-holes who attack men just for liking MLP. These apartment-dwelling snobs will attack ANY male who who would rather watch MLP than sports. These sexist ass holes think ALL men should ever do is watch sports, get drunk,like cars,rape women,beat up others for no reason, smoke, like cars,act all tough and macho,etc. Even Donald Trump would think these people are disgusting.

My life was ruined thanks to a Sonic vs MLP video on YouTube. In fact, that video was the thing that turned me into an anti-brony.

Whatever the subject, whatever the fandom there's bound to be at least one pony version. You find yourself scrolling through pony crap before you find a piece that you admit took some talent to do...and it doesn't feature bloody ponies.

19 Male Characters are Mostly Villains and are Treated Like Jerks, Dumb, and Unhelpful.

Show: Is for girls
Also show: Makes men stupid because they are not girls
Fandom: Is full of men
Me: Is confused

Just cause it's for girls doesn't mean that it should make boys look bad
Take, for example, Transformers, which is ALSO by Hasbro. It's aimed towards boys, but the Arcee, who is a girl, still kicks butt.
Hasbro has made it's biggest. F---ing. Mistake. Ever. Period.
Not enough to you? How so?

I know. The creator of MLP, Lauren Faust, is a 'feminist'. But making male characters as dumbasses, jerks, less helpful, and probably villains? Now Faust sounded like a misandrist.

All of the boy ponies are either stupid or evil.

This is why I don't watch that T.V. show.

20 Rarity is whiny, unlikable, and annoying

Princess Luna is the reason why I don't want to watch MLP. Luna is a dumb idiotic pony and she's selfish. Thanks a lot, princess Tuna.

She and Rainbow Dash are mostly the reason why I don't watch My Little Pony anymore. Thanks a lot, Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

Same here! She uses everyone and she takes down-hand-payment!

Bad mood for kids

21 Rainbow Dash's personality is a rip off of Buttercup's

Rainbow Dash is lame because she thinks that flying fast and making exploding rainbows is so awesome and brags about it. Yet buttercup saves people and really helps her sisters fight, she is courageous and can lift up the most heavy stuff on earth, now that's awesome.

So true, but I like buttercup better, rainbow dash sucks. Rainbow dash thinks she is so powerful and awesome, lame! I wish buttercup can teach rainbow dash a lesson about real toughness and awesomeness. Buttercup rules, rainbow dash drools.

Rainbow dash is a show off. Personality I think she is a dork who is trying to be cool and awesome but she is already annoying like her sister Scootaloo. Rainbow dash is so annoying that she always acts annoying like girly girl by?

If you dislike this show so much, why do you know of the personalities, and qualities of these characters? You should think about what you are posting before you do it.

22 Poor animation

The animation is simply awful. From characters to backgrounds.

Why is the OUTLINE of the ponies not black?
Why is the background so terribly coloured?

The only thing good is the pictures on their bottoms.

Yeah, the eyes are too big for their face, their muzzle is too mishapen for their head, they are not ponies, they are... Canines! Yeah their muzzles resemble dog muzzles.

I really hate it when people draw some of my favorite video game characters as ponies from my little pony. the mlp fandom is infecting really good games and making them totally crap

The animation is actually super ugly, I hate it so much! They used a lot of very not so good animation!

23 The pony's eyes are too big

Their eyes take up most of their face. It looks really bizarre...

How much did those ponies pay to get their eyes like that?

Wow...what about PPG...That type of eyes is one of the reason for why I watch that show!

The ppg also have large eyes that cover almost their whole entire face, but ppg is better than mlp and the ppg are cuter.

24 Stereotypical ponies

All them Ponies impersonate Stereotypical Women...

1. Twilight The Nerd. (Yawn)
2. Pinkie The Party Animal. (I am surprised that she ain't high yet.)
3. Apple Jack The Hard Working Woman Farmer. (Yawn)
4. Rainbow The Tomboy.
5. Rarity The Perfectionist.
6. Flutter The Quiet Shy Scaredy Cat One.

Not just them, but the whole T.V. show has them Stereotypical ponies prancing around.

CMC Gals are so Stereotypical too...

Apple Bloom:

1. Old Fashioned/Traditional (Bow and Farming)
2. Late Bloomer (Rare but Obvious)

Sweetie Belle:

1. Girly Girl (Reminds me of Princess Peach)
2. Sweet and Innocent (Wait till she grows up...)
3. Dumb (Obvious Gal Logic: Be Stupid and Beautiful. Good looks will conquer all. Future Failure ALERT. She would be Toast if she were in the real world.)


1. Tomboy (Cool)
2. Disabled/ Premature (Wings)
3. Cool

Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie almost ruined me, I'm glad I saved myself from awful sexism. Shame on you three!

Princess Celestia is so dumb, and only treats the stupid, spoiled Mary Sue twilight sparkle nicely. I hate those smellies so much!

25 It rips off many shows

It's a ripoff- a HUGE ripoff- of Winx Club. Winx was made 6 years before MLPFIM. Mlp copied characters names like they copied Helia, and bloom (they did that with applebloon) plus this show is so stereotypical. I actually used to be a lover of it for like 5 months. Now I have the songs stuck in my head. Save yourself from getting brainwashed by this show. I saved myself.
Twilight - the nerd
Pinkie- the party girl
Applejack - the pony version of Harriet Tubman
Fluttershy - typical shy girl
Rarity- a diva perfectionist
Rainbow dash- the tomboy
And the dazzlings are ripoffs of the Trix. The trix were actually FUNNY. The dazzlings did nothing but sing. How can you take over the world by singing? I'm glad I'm not a pegasister anymore. My sister is, and she's in 11TH GRADE. She likes shows that are so bad even calling them shows is an insult to the world. You know like those HORRIBLE EDUCATIONAL PBS kids shows. Who likes educational shows?

In "Magic Duel", Trixie and her Alicorn Amulet are a huge ripoff of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin. It's after where Jafar owns Genie and starts causing evil mayhem.

It sure does, it kinda rips off sailor moon and a a little bit of ppg and kinda rips off barbie movies. And there is much more.

It rips of pokemon because some pokemon have the same powers as these ugly stupid bronies!

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