Top Ten First Names that are Often Associated with Bad People or Groups

Pop culture and history has often given way to strange discrepancies in life. One notable thing is how certain prominent figures in history tend to give a dynamic on new baby names. And this list will cover those kinds of names that are often associated with hated people or even groups.
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1 Adolf

This name of course pertains mostly to Adolf Hitler and is associated with him. A lot of people never want to bother naming their child Adolf (or a different spelling of the name, such as Adolph) because of this guy and his immensely controversial actions, they don't want their child named after him.

2 Ivan

True, all Russian names sound bad and dangerous (because they are all criminals, bandits and KGB agents and hate America, Hollywood would not lie).

This one is likely an uncommon name especially to non-Russians who are familiar with Ivan the Terrible.

3 Isis

Thanks to the terrorist group that has adopted the acronym that eerily befits this name, the name Isis, which normally is a girl's name, is much more uncommon in this day and age.

4 Kim

Well you can tell by North Korean leaders that the name Kim (or at least the shorthand version of Kimberly or other such longer names) is often never used.

5 Vlad

When I think of "Vlad", I usually think of it as a shorter version of Vladimir, and when I think of Vladimir I usually think of Vladimir Putin.

This name is obviously uncommon already, but then again, the name Vlad Tepes, a notorious ruler often cited as Dracula, was quite old. Even those in the Slavic countries wouldn't normally have names like Vlad.

6 Hussein

The oddest thing about the name Hussein is that two important figures in modern history have this name. One is the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam, who had it as a last name and was obviously unpopular. The other was former president Barack Obama who had it as a middle name for some reason. Many people hate both and it's highly unlikely the name Hussein is used anywhere.

7 George

There's a long list of George's that are despised in history:

King George III: The ruler of England during the American Revolution.
Both Bush presidents, although opinion fluctuates.
Maybe another king of England named George was so unpopular it often means people don't like the name George.

8 Josef

Well, I'm not sure if the alternate spelling of Joseph also counts, but obviously when people think of Josef they think of the other big WWII dictator, Stalin.

9 Benito

And well why not, another major dictator to round out the WWII crowd, obviously people don't like this name ever since Mussolini came into power.

10 William

Well William's not that bad of a name overall, but there's still many people out there who hate Bill Clinton. And I'm sure that the German equivalent Wilhelm counts; he was the leader of the Central Powers in WWI and many didn't like Kaiser Wilhelm II.

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