Top 10 Whitest Girls Names

Alright, brace yourselves. We're about to dive into the world of pumpkin spice lattes, flawless eyeliner, and the perfect Instagram aesthetics. We all know them, we all love them (well, sometimes) - they are the quintessential girls-next-door. These are the girls whose social media profiles are filled with immaculate selfies, brunch pics, and inspirational quotes, and they can name every flavor of Frappuccino without batting an eyelash.

They are the ones who have mastered the art of the Snapchat dog filter, know all the latest TikTok dances, and have a never-ending love affair with all things trending. And yes, they tend to have a weakness for the popular boys (who doesn't love a bit of drama?).

Now, we're not saying all these characteristics are bad - quite the contrary, they've got this 'basic' game on lock! But let's admit it, some of these girls have names that perfectly match their love for all things conventional. So, get ready to cast your votes for the whitest girl names out there that embody this 'basic' phenomenon. Remember, this list is all in good fun and a celebration of the 'basic' in all of us. After all, who can resist a good caramel macchiato?
The Top Ten
1 Jessica

Why are all of my white teachers named Jessica?

The whitest name

2 McKenzie

Amazing. This name has beautiful for those who love a white based name. I have had this name for a few years now and when I say it it reminds me of the time I would play with my brother when I got the Wii U version back in 2016. This name with its new revamp with 1.4 about a year ago. Although it was the final update, it was probably one of the best final updates that have ever come out. Definitely worth every penny that I have spent and for those with a low end voice: It is really well optimized however, it is not perfect. I would recommend it for anyone with over 4GB of spelling available for the name for smoothest writing but it is still a great experience. It is one of my favorite names of all time, it is NOT 2D KATIE, they are entirely different, this name poses much more challenge but for those who love to spell. 10/10. Everyone who loves white girls will love McKenzie.

I've known about 4 or 5 girls with this name and they're all white.

3 Cayleigh

It's pronounced "kay-lee". Some of you may have never heard of this name, but it's just so WHITE.
But look at the facts: Would you rather have a girl named Cayleigh or Sharkeisha?

4 Emma

Probably the most white name. All my friends think being white and having white names is so cool, but all I think is that they are just very common, and not unique.

"I'm bisexual and you have to listen to me because I'm the queen" is what every emma I know says.

My friend Emma is white.

5 Britney

Britney is the whitest girl name around...

Popular and mean girl.

White chicks boi

6 Kate

I was typing in "Kate" for the list, and about 5 photos of white celebrities popped up.

7 Becky
8 Ashley

Honestly is a starbucks addict and if she doesn't get any she'll most likey murder someone,who knows.

9 Makayla
10 Emily

As a girl named Emily, I have to say: I am the whitest white person ever to exist, m'kay? Not in personality (I hope), but... I can put my arm against something to tell if it really is white.

I typed in the name, and four white girls showed up. Once again, a cute name, just used on every 3rd baby.
And it's so WHITE.

The Contenders
11 Ava

Because they are sassy

Ava is so basic

12 Courtney

As white as white gets

13 Olivia

Just no. No, no, no. Every school I've gone to has an Olivia.

Whitest name ever

14 Tiffany
15 Madison

The fattest cow I met so so rude to so society if she died Africa would have water and food at last

16 Chloe
17 Savannah

Blond, works at DQ and will date anybody. Leaves friend since elementary school for a popular group

18 Amy

Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog, and she acts VERY white. This name's not used a lot, but it's still a white girl's name so it's going on the list.

19 Veronica
20 Zoe

She be like
"I'm an albino black chick"
*Walk in with Starbucks and PINK sweatshirt with her newest iPhone.* Gets a look.. and be like - "I'm am the farthest from white! "
"Ugh wheres my limo!? I need to be on my yacht in 10! "

21 Maddie

I've known so many Maddies, I'm meeting at least 3 people named Maddie every year and they're all white and basic.

22 Amanda
23 Hannah

The name of my ex.

24 Alexis

Alexis was gonna be my name. But, no!

I know 10 they are all white they all love starbucks and some of them love bath and body works

25 Layla

No VERY basic, but a lot. I keep seeing this name on every baby girl born since 2016.

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