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1 Jerry Kramer

The rules for putting "senior" players into the Hall are insane. They have a list a hundred names long that ALL should make the Hall before most of the newly eligible guys are even considered. Chief among these is Jerry Kramer - nothing speaks more to the insanity of the system that the fact that the anchor of the Packer's legendary line has not been inducted. I can't imagine any valid argument against his inclusion.

Hell, Fuzz should have been inducted by now too, but how can you consider the second best guard, when you repeatedly slight the best guard? The reason they have been excluded is because they played with other legends of football, who are already in the Hall. Lombardi's team was just that good. You can sit for hours watching their sweep and never find a flaw it might not have the flash of the modern passing game but it's a truly beautiful play - pure perfection.

Its time and past time since when the greats of that era are all honored. The rules for ...more

5-time all-pro, executed what is arguably the most famous block in NFL history in the "Ice Bowl", was also a pretty good field goal kicker in relief of Paul Hourning and Don Chandler- how could you NOT enshrine him? All I can think of is that somewhere along the line, Jerry Kramer somehow or someway pissed off someone on that Hall of Fame selection committee. Alex Karras and Jim Marshall belong in there as well.

"The Block" in the frozen tundra. Jethro Pugh and the Cowboys will never forget. Almost everyone on that team should be enshrined.

Think he finally goes in

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2 Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson played from 1971 to 1986! He could have been a Joe Montana if Bill Walsh had not gone to the 49ers. In his career he through 197 touchdown passes

Had stats far and away above most of his contemporaries. His biggest problem is he's a modest guy who played his whole career in Cincinnati.

Long overdue

Kenny Anderson has better stats than 75% of the QBs of his day and when you take into consideration that he was the highest completion and highest sacked QB of his day that alone shows how good he was.

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3 Ottis Anderson

Ottis Anderson was actually pretty good. He got over 10,000 yards. I think anyone with over 10,000 yards should one day get enshrined to Canton

One of my favorite players, but is only in the Hall of Very Good!

I am a Giants fan loving ottis Anderson vote for ottis

Rookie of year and SB MVP...Awesome player

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4 Randy Gradishar

Has the most tackles in nfl history, multiple all-pro, and great leader.

How does someone with the most tackles ever not be in by now

Gradishar has more tackles than anyone in the Hall of Fame. He was part of the Orange Crush defense

Great player...yes

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5 Sterling Sharpe

Enough said already, the greatest of all time if he wasn't injured. When he was playing no one, sorry Jerry Rice, no one compared to Sterling.

He was as dominant as Rice despite rarely ever practicing due to nagging injuries.

He did not play long enough.

He made Favre's Career

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6 Steve Atwater Steve Atwater Stephen Dennis Atwater nicknamed "Smiling Assassin" is a former American football player who spent most of his career playing free safety for the Denver Broncos.

Fierce hitter, but would have liked to have seen more interceptions on his resume. Was fairly unique during the time he played and spawned in the box safeties like Rodney Harrison and Troy Polamalu.

Amazing in Tecmo Super Bowl. Not to mention eight pro bowl appearances and two rings. Sounds like hall of fame material to me.

Steve Atwater may arguably be the hardest hitting safety of all time! This guy should have been a shoe in his first year of eligibility!

Played Safety like a fierce a hitter as Lott or Polamalu who will walk right into HOF.

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7 Jim Marshall

282 straight starts, the iron man of football, 30 fumble recoveries and the purple people eaters!

Plain and simple either record, starts or fumble recoveries, is enough in and of itself. When I found out he wasn't in; my first thought was what did he do wrong besides the wrong way run? It is insane to believe that one incident is the reason and if there is something other than that I surly can't find it.

There are probably others who are better than him, but his amazing iron-man streak MUST be honored.

At time of retirement all time leader in fumble recoveries...he belongs

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8 Neil Smith


Think he'll be waiting awhile

Without a doubt, probably being discriminated because of his concussion statements

Surprised he hasn't received more consideration

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9 Tony Boselli

Was a dominating period for a short time. Tackle version of Sterling Sharpe and Terrell Davis.

Short career hurts, but he is the best Jaguar

A short but great career

The greates Jaguar belongs

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10 Roger Craig

The first to get 1,000 rush yards and 1,000 rec yards.

Was one of the keys to the 49ers dominance during the eighties and still played well with Raiders and Vikings in spot duty at the end of his career. Is a hall of famer in my book. He was Marshall Faulk of the eighties.

Revolutionized the position. His stats would have been greater had he been on a team without so many incredible offensive weapons.

Craig revolutionized the RB position & was a complete all-around 4 down back. He definitely deserves to be in the HOF.

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11 John Lynch John Lynch John Terrence Lynch, Jr. is a former American football strong safety who played fifteen seasons in the National Football League and is a current color commentator for the Fox network's coverage of the NFL.

2017 should be John Lynch's year. Super Bowl champion, made the pro bowl in his 15TH YEAR, nine time pro bowler, 3 First team All-pro, AND Defensive back of the year in 2000.

He played from 1993 to 2007. He was amazing.

He is so better than Ray Guy - Danmarino4

How is he not in?

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12 Alex Karras

Alex Karras belongs in the HOF a long time ago. Go to the video tape to see the results of his terror on offensives.

He was in a classic rivalry with Jerry Kramer in the 60's. He was the 4th best defensive end of the 60s. 1 Deacon Jones. 2 Merlin Olsen. 3 Bob Lilly. 4 Alex Karras.

He was one of the best defensive players for the Lions ever. - htoutlaws2012

Me go on show! Me win prize! Mongo love candy!

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13 Eddie George Eddie George Edward Nathan George Jr. is a former college and professional American football player who was a running back in the National Football League for nine seasons.

I liked his playing style. He would just go strait through defenders

Eddie George was just simply amazing

Eddie George ran against 8 & 9 guys in the box his entire career because the Titans couldn't through the ball, and he still put up great numbers. That's HOF stuff!

He single handidly took the Titans to the Super Bowl in 1999.

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14 Daunte Culpepper Daunte Culpepper Daunte Rachard Culpepper is a former American football quarterback. He last played for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.

He was never a bad Q. B want happened to him 2005 he just shell-skocked with a poor and O-Line and the vikings star running back getting arrested and owner was to cheap to hire a new one Then 2006 and his knee injury was holding him back and besides he was also on bad teams making look bad And Randy Moss did NOT make him go look at both of their 2004 stats if you don't believe me me

No, I would put Randall Cunningham in before Culpepper.

No chance of him in hall. He just wasn't good enough. Simms has a ring and isn't in and was a better qb but isn't in either. Culpepper can get in line behind Simms and about 30 other qbs.

Y'all remember that 0-16 season yeah this bum was the qb

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15 Isaac Bruce

Does not have the most receiving yards of all time, but I do believe he is deserving. Will most likely have to wait like Andre Reed did and after Harrison, Moss, and Owens get elected.

He definitely deserves it but will have to wait a while. Hines Ward, Terrell Owens are still waiting and Randy Moss will be eligible in 2018. His best bet is 2019.

If your looking for someone who is underrated, Isaac Bruce is your guy. no one gives him credit for what he did on the field


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16 Ken Riley

Based on his stats today he would be a rock star

Both with over 55 interceptions each.

If he and Lamar Parrish played for Lions, Steelers or Packers, they are both in the hall of fame.

My opinion definitely the most deserving player not in the hall.

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17 Jimmy Smith

WR position tough

Too much wide receiver competition. Will always be lumped together with receivers like, Irving Fryar, Henry Ellard and Mushin Muhammed.

Not a HOFer

18 Lester Hayes

If you have any doubts watch the two Super Bowl winning teams that he played on. He was more than the "stick-um guy." He could flat out cover and when he was partnered with Mike Haynes, team had to rely on screens and the TE to move the ball vs the Raiders.

Man I'm mad. I thought he was already in.

One of the best shut down corners of his time it's RIDICULOUS he's not already in.ENOUGH SAID!

19 Mark Gastineau

Tons of flash and for three or four years was an exceptional pass rusher who was pitiful vs. The run. I have him on the outside looking in.

20 Chuck Howley

The greatest cowboys linebacker ever. he was on the doomsday defense with Darren Woodson, who also should get inducted soon

The only super bowl mvp for the losing team. he was part of the doomsday defense

This guy defined the weak side linebacker! 6 time pro bowler, 5 time first team all pro! Not a good linebacker, a great one!

Oh Yes should be in top 5 of this list

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21 L.C. Greenwood

If it were not for so many Steelers he would have already been elected. He and Donnie Shell get the shaft as a result.

A valuable member of the steel curtain.

L.C. greenwood needs to be in the Hall.

Why is he down here

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22 Ricky Watters

Career was marred by selfishness and inability to stay in one place any length of time. Stats did not always translate to wins for his franchises.

I feel he is underrated because of the teams he played for.

One of the best all around running backs of all time.

His attitude hurts him more than his play helps

23 Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith definitely belongs in the HOF. I was never a Skins fan, but this guy's record on the field cannot be dismissed, and that's supposed to count for something...

Jerry Smith deserves to be inducted into the Hall
of Fame. He Played TE for the Redskins
from 1965-77. He retired with 60 touchdown receptions, which was more than any
player to play that position until Shannon Sharpe broke the mark 27 years later. Indeed, Smith’s stats
match or exceed many of the eight tight ends who are enshrined in the Hall. Smith had 421 catches for 5,496 yards. That's
more receptions than three Hall-of-Fame tight ends, and only six fewer than
Mike Ditka caught. Smith’s receiving yards also surpass three inductees.

He has two fewer
touchdowns than Sharpe. But Smith’s total is eight more than Dave Casper, 13
more than Ozzie Newsome, 15 more than Kellen Winslow, 17 more than Ditka, 20
more than Jackie Smith, 22 more than John Mackey and 29 more than Charlie
Sanders. The numbers speak for themselves.
He was selected to the Pro Bowl 2x and runner up in Super Bowl VII…

Reminder that he played
when the ...more

24 Terrell Owens Terrell Owens Terrell Eldorado Owens is an American football wide receiver who played for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

Even with all of his shenanigans, he will get in some day ut don't be surprised if there is a wait involved.

Terrell Owens is one of the most well known characters in football

Terrell Owens deserves more, he was a great football player. And the best part was when he knead down in cowboys stadium

How is he not in the hall of fame

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25 Irving Fryar

Had a great second act in his career. May have been more of a threat in his thirties than his twenties. Never see him getting the love for the HOF unless senior committee sees his career differently when he gets on that ballot years from now.

Irving Fryar is on the list, but not Jason Taylor, Brian Dawkins, and Alan Faneca. Kevin Mawae also didn't get included on this list.

26 Drew Pearson

I find it hard I believe the man who caught the first Hail Mary pass isn't in the hall of fame. He was a part of arguably one of the greatest plays in football history. He has to go in.

Has been lost over time, but he was every bit as good as John Stallworth, Lynn Swann and Charlie Joiner. Hard to tell the story of the Dallas Cowboys without including Drew Pearson. He would get my vote.

Member of team of 70's belongs in

Team of 70's belongs

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27 Joe Klecko

Has to share spotlight with Gastineau but was far the superior player. Could do everything that Suh does today. Klecko was versatile and dominant.

All -pro 3 different positions,a no brainer,i don't understand the lack of respect for the man.

Joe klecko rocked it. take him over mean joe every day of the week!

Gastineau would have been just an above average DE if Klecko wasn’t on same line. Joe Klecko dominated offensive linemen, ask the men who went up against him.

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28 Donnie Shell

Donnie Shell was a vaunted Safety for the Steelers dynasty teams. Unfortunately he suffers much like L.C. greenwood in that too many of his teammates are already enshrined. Hopefully someday the Seniors committee can right this wrong.

Absolutely- 51 picks. Strong against the run, and a sellout hitter.

Herb Adderly, Ken Houston, Willie Wood, Yale Lary all in with less int's than Donnie.

He went undrafted, but still was a 4 time all pro, and a pro bowler 5 consecutive times. He nabbed 51 interceptions and 19 fumble recoveries, giving him 70 takeaways. He is one of the greatest free safetys ever, and is most certainly a hall of famer

29 Tommy Nobis

Awesome 2 way player at UT!

The greatest Falcon

Please, he never even made a 2nd or a 1st all-pro team.

Tommy Nobis and many Falcons deserve HOF. Jessie Tuggle, Nobis, and Mike Kenn among others

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30 Leslie O'Neal

Leslie O'Neal is very underrated. He has as many sacks as Lawrence Taylor.

A very specialized pass rusher, not great against the run, but I would say he compares favorably to Fred Dean and Richard Dent and they are both in the HOF.

31 Leroy Butler

He was a legend

Not before players like Johnny Robinson, Steve Atwater, Cliff Harris and Jake Scott.

Should've been in the HOF like every other player that was voted to the 90's all decade team.


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32 Randall Cunningham Randall Cunningham Randall W. Cunningham is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League and current football coach and pastor.

People voting obviously don't know too much about old NFL players, learn your history children.

Cunningham was a great player to watch. I liked him best on the Vikings

One of the best

I’m just voting him because I’m a eagles fan

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33 Torry Holt

Some of the most reception yards of all time

Torry Holt & Isaac Bruce make it tough on each other

Pace is going in this year...

He was apart of the G.S.O.T (greatest show on turf). - htoutlaws2012

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34 Henry Ellard

If Lynn Swann is in, Henry should have gone in a long time ago! Henry Ellard has 13,777 career yards to Lynn's mediocre 5,462 career yards. Henry has seven 1,000 plus yard seasons! Lynn Swann has none! How did Lynn Swann get in the Hall of fame?

Henry Ellard was very, very good but like Irving Fryar it may take the Seniors pool to get him elected a long ways down the road.

People say Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt were the best Rams WRs, but many forget Ellard


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35 Cliff Harris

He's the only member of the first-team all-decade team of the 1970s on defense who is not in the Hall of Fame. He was named first-team all-pro four times and made six Pro Bowls in ten years in the league. The voters don't seem to understand what safeties do, given that several of the greatest safeties ever (Steve Atwater, Joey Browner) are not in the Hall. Pitiful that Harris is not there.

Cliff was a tremendous safety for the Cowboys dynasty in the seventies. Made big plays in some of the Cowboys biggest games. He should have been inducted years ago.

Another all decade memmber of 70's who belongs

Team of 70's

36 Cliff Branch

Cliff Branch was the big play receiver for two Super Bowl Champion Raider teams. It is long past due for Branch to join the elite fraternity that is the HOF.

One of the best

Able to go deep against anyone

37 Otis Taylor

One of the best receivers of the old AFL

38 Clay Matthews Jr.

Played 19 years and played right outside linebacker in 4-3 and 3-4 and left outside linebacker in 3-4. Considered by Marty Shottenheimer and Bud Carson, both defensive minded coaches, as the best linebacker they ever coached. Also, said to have won most of his battles when he played for Bill Belicek. Was a blitz linebacker some years and a cover linebacker other years.

39 Johnny Robinson

Best safety of his generation. Overlooked due to career in AFL. Deserves to be in the Hall!

Over 50 interceptions, Super Bowl champion and one of the best complete safety's.

Probably the greatest AFL player not in

Should have been in long ago

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40 Pat Fisher

Belonged in the HOF years ago, but not many post season honors may be keeping him out.

A hard hitting cornerback with over 50 ints.

41 Tony Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez Anthony David Gonzalez is a former American football tight end who played 17 seasons in the National Football League.

The best tight end ever

He may not be elgible yet, but he's gonna make it the second he has the chance - Danmarino4

Not even a question. Greatest TE of his generation!

42 Jevon Kearse

Jevon Kearse had 14.5 sacks in his rookie season. That is a record that still stands today.

His career fizzled out each year after his first two seasons. Not even the Hall of Very Good.

Jevon Kearse deserves Hall of Fame

He had 14.5 sacks as a rookie.

43 Daryle Lamonica

His window of very good was not long enough but he did have a great nickname, the "Mad Bomber."

Was the original "Raider Bomber." Not quite HOF material.

44 Harvey Martin

Until DeMarcus Ware broke The Cowboys sack record, Harvey Martin held the mark. He was a dominating DE during the Cowboys of the seventies and early eighties. He had the goods to be considered for the HOF.

45 Bruce Armstrong

Bruce was a many time Pro Bowl tackle for New England patriots. Legendary battles what Bruce Smith and Jason Taylor. Should be considered for the HOF..

Top 3 tackle of his generation on a consistently dismal team. He held his own play after play, year after year against Bruce Smith and Jason Taylor both hof'ers. He is deserving.

46 Stanley Morgan

How many people remember Stanley Morgan. For years the the best downfield threat in the national football league. His numbers were better than Swann, Stallworth or Bob Hayes but because he played for a team that didn't win Super Bowls he has been largely forgotten. Some day should at lest get A seniors nominee. Averaged 20 yards per catch for his career!

One of the best receivers in NFL history! He belongs in the HOF! 😊

47 Jamarcus Russell Jamarcus Russell JaMarcus Trenell Russell is a former American football quarterback. He played college football at LSU, where he finished 21–4 as a starter and was named MVP of the 2007 Sugar Bowl.

WHAT?! This guy was terrible! - thomwim

48 Brain Mitchell

Special teamers have found tough sledding when it comes to the HOF. Not sure he ever gets there, but I would vote for him before Steve Tasker.

2nd most carrer yards combined then anyone else in football.

49 Phil Simms

Not a lot of love but things would be different if he started and won the Super Bowl that Hostetler Won.

Should be a HOFer. Top 15 in all time wins. One of the greatest Super Bowl performances of all time.

The best Giants QB ever

Is amazing

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50 Lamar Lundy

On the outside looking in and I don't see that changing.

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