Top 10 Best Oakland Raiders Players Going Into the 2018 Season

High hopes brought Oakland to the sewers in 2017, with a dismal 6-10 season. Looking to get back on track, they brought in and got rid of key players. Who is the best player on their team currently? We’re looking at the top ten best Oakland Raiders players going into the 2018 season.

The Top Ten

1 Khalil Mack Khalil Mack Khalil Mack is an American football defensive end and outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League.

10.5 sacks and a forced fumble in 2017 show Khalil’s talent. But like most Raiders players, his production dropped from 2016. He’s also in the middle of a contract dispute. But once Oakland gets past that, he’ll be a disruptive force in 2018. - PackFan2005

2 Derek Carr Derek Carr Derek Dallas Carr is an American football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

He’s number one because of Mack’s contract dispute. Carr’s production may have dropped in 2017, but under Jon Gruden, he’ll go back to an MVP candidate. - PackFan2005

3 Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Terrell Lynch is an American football running back for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. He previously played for the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks, winning one Super Bowl in Seattle. Lynch initially retired from professional football in 2016, but returned in 2017 to more.

He’s just what the Raiders wanted. He’s not quite as explosive as he was in Seattle, but ol beast mode will strike again in 2018, putting up larger numbers than 2017. - PackFan2005

4 Amari Cooper Amari Cooper Amari Cooper is an American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Cooper was drafted 4th overall to the Oakland Raiders in 2015.

His production fell off a cliff in 2017. While catching 7 touchdowns, he had just 680 yards receiving. But now that he’s got a veteran presence around him, he can make the pro bowl again and get back into the 1,000 yard range. - PackFan2005

5 Jordy Nelson Jordy Nelson Jordy Ray Nelson is an American football wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. Nelson was drafted in the 2nd round as the 36th overall pick to the Green Bay Packers in 2008.

It pains me to say it, but Jordy Nelson is a Raider. It’s there that he can mentor Amari Cooper and at the same time, get back into his 2016 form. He’ll have an increase in production in 2018 in Oakland. - PackFan2005

6 Derrick Johnson Derrick Johnson Derrick O’Hara Johnson is an American football linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

Stealing from a rival! The hate is probably increasing every passing hour with Chiefs and Raiders fans. Derrick Johnson will produce in Oakland. - PackFan2005

7 Tahir Whitehead Tahir Whitehead Tahir Ali Whitehead is an American football linebacker for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League.

A nice defensive addition who was a monster his last two seasons in Detroit. - PackFan2005

8 Donald Penn Donald Penn

An o-lineman who’s caught 4 career touchdowns, Penn has been solid for years in protecting and scoring. - PackFan2005

9 Bruce Irvin Bruce Irvin

In 16 starts, he had a career high 8 sacks in 2017. Can that last into this season. Will Irvin be the same player? The former first round pick can bring it for sure. - PackFan2005

10 Martavis Bryant Martavis Bryant Martavis Bryant is an American football wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

He begged and whined to be traded. Apparently Pittsburgh couldn’t take it anymore, so they shipped him to the west coast. He’s Michael Crabtree’s definite replacement, and he’s also projected as a third wide receiver. He still has a lot left in the tank to put up points in 2018. - PackFan2005

The Contenders

11 Leon Hall
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