Most Offensive Cuss Words

The f word is not at number 1 because I found much more offensive words.

The Top Ten

1 N*****

Most words that are considered profane are only so because of the context there in. However, this word is the only one that is profane all by itself.

People are the most easily offended by this word, holding it to a higher standard than "normal" cuss words, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. It should be that either they're all bad to say, or none of them are.

A word I (a white devil cracker honky) refuse to say.

Who ever says that word I will beat them up I hate that word

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2 C***

I hear this word three or four times daily. I hear it said because I live in Yorkshire and people shorten 'could not' twice here and it sounds just the same. It is deemed to be the worst swear word and I guess, rightly so. However, I've said it in the car when someone pulls out in front of me. Find something else to be offended at. I think it should be number two because racism is worse than profanity.

To me the C word is by far the most offensive word, but I have noticed the younger generation are using it as an everyday word and don't find it offensive

Recently, I accidentally found out what it was and got in trouble from it. It's a very bad word.


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3 F***

A boy in my class said the F word is a synonym for beautiful. I have my doubts... - RockFashionista

This word is not number 1 but - bolbi9

I remember when my school teacher use this word when he gets angry...


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4 F**

What is this word? I feel stupid for not knowing

This is just as bad as the N word. Saying this word in a gay club is just as offensive as saying the N word in a black neighborhood

Nothing is more offensive than being called this word. Nothing could put a person down lower than calling him this. That is why I choose to use it as much as possible to insult people I don't like.

If you call anyone this, you are a homophobe.

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5 Sl**

Another 'Bad to say to girls'

What word is this? Please help.

I don't care what it is. The same thing applies to other bad words too.

I can't stop saying it but I'll try not to - bolbi9

**ut. Get it now?

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6 F****t

This word is extremely offensive. It deserves to be in the top 5.

Someone that likes to be mistreated in there ass

What is the swear word

This word is extremely homophobic.It should be in the top 3 or under

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7 P****

A person that's scared to go do construction

I only use this to insult people who deserve it. Like cops - bobbythebrony

Really prick? that's no cuss word

Your thinking of a different word. This one is a body part of a female. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I called my nemesis that

8 K**e

Um what word is this?!?!

If you attend school you will know all of these.

Is it bad I haven't heard of this before? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

It's so annoying being called this

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9 B****

Bad to say to girls - bolbi9

An ugly, mean, undeserving, girl

It is so offensive


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10 W***e

Someone that likes to get the special of the day, buy one and get the next one up your ass

Why call someone a weenie or whore?

The Contenders

11 C**k

Urgh. It's a nasty word.



Cannot tell anything about this swearword...
Isaac Daniel Wolf, Georgetown, In. 47122...

12 D***

It's offensive to anyone who's named Richard. My heart goes out to those people.

How is this not in the top five? So offensive

Oh offensive times 100 and means penis - bolbi9

A penis is just a natural part of the body. What's so offensive about that? - Caleb9000

A guy at school said, " suck my dick." It was so disgusting.

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13 Motherf****er

The best curse word as agreed upon by billions of Indians

Yippee ki yay, motherf***er.

-John McClaine (Die Hard)

Use it on the daily

Absoulutly fantasic word of cHOICE

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14 S***

This word was used in the movie Flight of the Navigator. Yeah, nice job, Disney! - RockFashionista

This word is offensive to say in anger - bolbi9

This is not the worst one

Already advised no one to use that word unless it meets both requirements as stated

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15 T***

What is this word?

What is this word? I feel stupid for not knowing ;-;

Why talk about some one else's breast or nipp.?

It could be t*ts - Zombo1336

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16 H*e

If you mean the garden tool, it is fine. The other definition though...

What the hell is a hoe? Really this bull does not makes sense

You,you a stupid hoe

17 C**p

Some people consider this a curse word, but I say it like 20 times a day. Not the worst

Let me spell this out. "Crap" - Freddy_Fazbear

It may be a curse word, but it is not too offensive.

Ain't a cuss word. It's in my regular vocabulary.

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18 As****le
19 A**

Not too offensive but still dumb - bolbi9

How about Where ox and ass are feeding... referring to the What Child is This song?

I didn't know an animal could be a bad word! - Bramblestar


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20 B****r
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