Most Offensive Cuss Words

The f word is not at number 1 because I found much more offensive words.

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1 N*****

People are the most easily offended by this word, holding it to a higher standard than "normal" cuss words, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. It should be that either they're all bad to say, or none of them are.

A word I (a white devil cracker honky) refuse to say.

Most words that are considered profane are only so because of the context there in. However, this word is the only one that is profane all by itself.

It's racist, and I hate discrimination. - Cyri

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2 C***

I hear this word three or four times daily. I hear it said because I live in Yorkshire and people shorten 'could not' twice here and it sounds just the same. It is deemed to be the worst swear word and I guess, rightly so. However, I've said it in the car when someone pulls out in front of me. Find something else to be offended at. I think it should be number two because racism is worse than profanity.

To me the C word is by far the most offensive word, but I have noticed the younger generation are using it as an everyday word and don't find it offensive

Personally I don't see anything wrong with using the word, but it seems to upset my mum and the vast majority of older generations. A word is only offensive if someone takes offense to it, so if everyone stopped being so petty and getting upset over words, none would be offensive. My girlfriend uses this word multiple times daily, as do I.

I myself use this word everyday towards my master and get so much punishment

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3 F***

I want Goku to tie me up and do me this word in my ass 100%!

A boy in my class said the F word is a synonym for beautiful. I have my doubts... - RockFashionista

This word is not number 1 but - bolbi9

Kids that are currently saying this word need to die

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4 F**

What is this word? I feel stupid for not knowing

This is just as bad as the N word. Saying this word in a gay club is just as offensive as saying the N word in a black neighborhood

Nothing is more offensive than being called this word. Nothing could put a person down lower than calling him this. That is why I choose to use it as much as possible to insult people I don't like.

it is F@G

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5 K**e

Um what word is this?!?!

You guys are too immature and little to be here

If you attend school you will know all of these.

It's a racial slur towards jews

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6 F****t

What is the swear word

Someone that likes to be mistreated in there ass

This word is extremely offensive. It deserves to be in the top 5.

I think this should be in the top 5 but I agree that the n word is the worst

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7 Sl**

Another 'Bad to say to girls'

I'm in fourth grade and my friend got called this by some other girl...

What word is this? Please help.

I don't care what it is. The same thing applies to other bad words too.

The word is S L U T

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8 P****

Really prick? that's no cuss word

Your thinking of a different word. This one is a body part of a female. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

A person that's scared to go do construction

I called my nemesis that

I only use this to insult people who deserve it. Like cops - bobbythebrony

9 B****

Bad to say to girls - bolbi9

I love this word, it is the best way to call somebody

An ugly, mean, undeserving, girl

It is so offensive

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10 W***e

Someone that likes to get the special of the day, buy one and get the next one up your ass

Why call someone a weenie or whore?

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11 D***

It's offensive to anyone who's named Richard. My heart goes out to those people.

How is this not in the top five? So offensive

Oh offensive times 100 and means penis - bolbi9

A penis is just a natural part of the body. What's so offensive about that? - Caleb9000

A guy at school said, " suck my dick." It was so disgusting.

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12 S***

This word was used in the movie Flight of the Navigator. Yeah, nice job, Disney! - RockFashionista

This word is offensive to say in anger - bolbi9

This is not the worst one

s h I t

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13 C**k

Spoiler alert: It's not a bad word, there is a slang for it but the actual meaning is male chicken or rooster.

Urgh. It's a nasty word.


Cannot tell anything about this swearword...
Isaac Daniel Wolf, Georgetown, In. 47122...

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14 Motherf****er

The best curse word as agreed upon by billions of Indians

We all have a Mother. This swear is offensive to everyone in equal measure.

This should be at the top.

This Is Just So Offensive; like it!

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15 T***

What is this word?

What is this word? I feel stupid for not knowing ;-;

Why talk about some one else's breast or nipp.?

Seriously this is not offensive. I will say it. tie its minus the ie= t its. yep

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16 Sp**

A slur towards Hispanic Americans

17 J*p

Japanese? Hmmm... offensive to Japanese - BorisRule

Yes, someone else that knows the word j*p (it's a racial slur for Japanense people if you don't know)

18 Pikey

Used on gypsy scum

19 H*e

What the hell is a hoe? Really this bull does not makes sense

If you mean the garden tool, it is fine. The other definition though...

Hoe is a gardening tool

You,you a stupid hoe

20 D**e

If you don't know what the word is it's dyke and a dyke is a lesbian

Die? - Review

21 As****le
22 B****r



23 F***tard
24 Jesus

Not sure about swear word but I certainly wouldn't say it at my university (Catholic affiliation). Though it is super annoying how so many smug atheists are pushing their agenda in the comments on this word...

In case you want to know, Jesus was a man sent by god to die for all of our sins and happens to be GOD IN THE FLESH! His name being used in vain really bugs me

Why does everyone think this is a swear word?! I mean, this shouldn't even be in the list!


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25 R*****ed

What I find weird is that back in the early 2000's everyone was saying this word and throwing it around like its nothing and nobody cared, then 1 year all of a sudden we decided

I hate when people get bullied because of their disabilities.

People use this word a lot and it gets really annoying because half of those people probably don't know the true meaning of the word, and that is either mentally disabled or slow, not "SUCKS AT CALL OF DUTY! "

I wouldn't say this one out loud

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26 Cracker

That's a food silly! - SoloPotato

I don't get how this is offensive

Somehow acceptable

SoloPotato no, cracker is an offensive word that is offensive to white people.

Well I'm white and not offended. This was actually a word used to describe cattle drivers a long time ago because they would crack their whips. - LordDovahkiin

27 Goddamn

Very offensive. This is my God.

28 BullS**t

My history teacher used it a lot - I don't know about now, history isn't my subject - Ananya

A bull didn't actualy poo there, SO KEEP QUIET - BlueTopazIceVanilla

29 Gash

Haha I have a couple of female friends who hate it more than anything! So naturally on occasion I like to just throw it into the middle a conversation out of nowhere just to get a reaction and have a good belly laugh lol

I don't know what gash mean oh yay gash out loud

30 F***er

Usually meant to mean someone is rude, obnoxious, or rotten/mean/unkind.

very offensive word

31 Jesus

This is the name of our savior, and it's only bad when it's used vainly. (Like "OH JESUS CHRIST")

This word is only bad when you say it in vain

32 God
33 F**get

Not a cuss word



34 Ch**o

What is this?

Prison slang for child molester

'enough said

35 C****er

Cancer, right? Offensive! - BorisRule

I hate racists - 445956

36 A**

Not too offensive but still dumb - bolbi9

How about Where ox and ass are feeding... referring to the What Child is This song?

So donkeys or mules come from a word? Tell that to Donkey from Shrek.

I didn't know an animal could be a bad word! - Bramblestar

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37 J**z



Moldy j! zz

38 Meecrob

A disgusting piece of food.

39 C*m
40 P***

What is the swear word

The swear word is "piss"

41 Minge

Just a minge

42 W**k

To w@nk is to masterbait, simply get your c#nt/d! ck and hold it and move it around

43 Bloodclaat
44 Ret**d

I find this cuss word to be extremely offensive even more offensive than the n-word. It hurts me to the core when this word is used, and I am shocked it isn't on this list.

I get called this a lot. - Cyri

People call autistic kids this.
Should be number 3 it is very rude and offensive.

45 C**t
46 C**p

Some people consider this a curse word, but I say it like 20 times a day. Not the worst

Let me spell this out. "Crap" - Freddy_Fazbear

This isn't a swear word but it's not a very nice word

Crap isn't even a swear. - LordDovahkiin

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47 Furf**

That's me - JamesBourne

48 W***er
49 D***o


That's not even a swear. - LordDovahkiin

50 Cuck

A man who is desperate for acceptance, approval, and affection from women. This desperation has led to the compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his dignity and self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what he deserves as a human being, eg. loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in a romantic relationship.
I know John's always wanted a girlfriend but since him and Mary started dating he's become a cuck. She spends all of his money and flirts openly with other men. I can tell it bothers him but he's so afraid of losing her that he doesn't say anything

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