Top Ten One Piece Openings

A list of the best One Piece openings. There are so many good ones but which is your favourite?
The Top Ten
1 Hope - Opening 20

I love how the opening changes to better fit what's happening in the episode, like when the opening went from Luffy running after Sanji to Sanji smiling and looking determined in a later version. That surprised me and it was great! And always showing different scenes, sometimes Zeff and Sanji, sometimes Pudding and Sanji, sometimes Luffy vs Katakuri. They really did a great job with this opening.

Everything about this opening is so beautiful. Epic scenes, catchy music and most importantly the lyrics. If you actually understand the lyrics, it's like Luffy singing to Sanji. Just look at this
''Why did you give up searching?
Why do you keep fighting alone?
Hey, what kind of future have you prepared for?
Have you already gotten your dream? ''

This opening gives me hope just by hearing it, it just makes me emotional and reminds me of Luffy VS Sanji how and sad seeing both friends fighting and how they manged to meet again under the rain then Sanji saying what he really wants AND when luffy says : In the end this is you, JUST DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT AND LIKE... Hope

bruh this isn't just the best one piece opening, it's the best opening. PERIOD. the singer's voice is perfect for this, and the lyrics are so meaningful, seriously, it's so meaningful, especially if understand what Sanji means to Luffy and the crew, its like Luffys singing to Sanji, even though it's a girls voice, but it's the best

2 We Are - Opening 1

Awesome song, memorable and sets you up for an awesome pirate adventure.

Amazing song!

3 One Day - Opening 13

I have no idea why this is not first. The song is incredibly beautiful and mixed with the amount of feels it gives it makes this opening one of the best ever in all animes.

Amazing emotional song to even more emotional scenes from Luffy's childhood. Will always be my favourite.

I love the part where they present both parts of the war

My all time favorite! Especially the 'sa yokou tachidomaru koto naku' part. Makes me wish to be a part of his crew 😆

4 Brand New World - Opening 6

The definitive definition of the spirit of One Piece is here: action, friendship, and humor! Best One Piece song, only maybe tied with Fight Together!

Best song always has me hype when I see the fighting scenes with the rhythm of the song.

So damn catchy and it shows scenes of the Straw Hat's battles at Enies Lobby.

Best opening ever. No contest

5 Kokoro No Chizu - Opening 5

Has ONE PIECE in its lyrics, this song is made specifically for the series. and the trumpets makes me crazy. One of the memorable openings.

Such a huge sense of fun and adventure throughout the accompanied visuals, teases so much while giving away so little, and the song is ridiculously catchy and pumps you up. A near-perfect One Piece Intro.

Has everything. Kaku jumping off the roof is the single greatest One Piece opening moment.

My favourite song out of all the OP.

6 Fight Together - Opening 14

The history in this intro is very good, accords with the music and both reflect the feelings of Ruffy perfectly.

Both 13 and 14 are amazing emotional songs however I like 13 a bit more.

Still gives me the feels - best song ever! We miss you Ace!

Feels, feels, feels and amazing song.

7 Hands Up - Opening 16

Robin and Nami show their hotness to the maximum level in this opening song!

A slower but still great opening.

Incredibly underrated.

8 Believe - Opening 2

Not as memorable as others but great song.

I like the song

9 Share The World - Opening 11

This is the most epic opening in both song and visuals. Every list-video that had one piece will use this opening in it

By far the best opening!

10 We Go - Opening 15

A classic, it fits one piece a lot and it just feels good to listen to it.

More fast paced than We Are and brilliant to listen too.

This definitely should be No. 1

Honestly the song is a penis

The Contenders
11 Hard Knock Days - Opening 18
12 Hikari e - Opening 3

A light hearted, happy opening.

13 Crazy Rainbow - Opening 8

Nice tune though I still think "What the hell is going on? "

one of the best ngl

14 Over The Top - Opening 22

Having been sung by Kitadani Hiroshi, unlike opening 19 it includes the familiar instrumentation of both We Are and We Go, another two fantastic and quintessential openings. Just like these two before it, this is the third opening worthy of its instrumental to be used for episode previews, and rightfully so. Hearing this never fails to get me pumped up to see more of Wano

High energy, catchy music, and some great imagery that gives the OP a refreshing feel of new beginnings.

This song is amazing it just gives you a lot of hype and fits one piece and the arc a lot. Very underrated.

My favorite opening. So hype and I love all of Kitadani Hiroshis songs. The way he goes on the high notes is so good.

15 Jungle P - 5050 - Opening 9

I like the Sound of the song and the animation is pretty too

16 Bon Voyage - Opening 4

Perfect expression of the Aspiration of Adventure. Hearing luffy’s dialoge and the sea shots made me wish I could be sucked into One Piece and Adventure just like them. In my opinion this is the best OP because it doesn’t just show specific people or battles, but a more light hearted feel of Adventure and Fun with friends. Once again this is my Favorite Opening.

Amazing song! Great lyrics, shows good Japanese animation. Is definitely my favorite.

That was literally one of my favorites ever.


17 Wake Up - Opening 17

Top 3 best intros

this one kinda surprised me when I re-watched it.

18 Super Powers - Opening 21

My retarded friend Harsh hates this opening, but we all know it's the best one.

Best opening, my retarded friend Harsh hates it.

19 Dreamin on - Opening 23
20 We Can - Opening 19

I know most of the fans don't like it, but I find it very good

Damn I love this one. Sucks that it has to be at the bottom, it’s just fun to watch

21 Hands Up - Opening 16
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