Top Ten One Piece Openings

A list of the best One Piece openings. There are so many good ones but which is your favourite?

The Top Ten

1 Hope - Opening 20

This opening is all about Sanji. The music, lyrics and images are beautiful, it really touched my heart.

So emotional and the lyrics are beautiful. Luffy speaking to Sanji

This is my new favorite one! The feels!

Perfectly describes every emotion, and the OP just keeps building up the momentum tiil the end. Hitting the ball out of parks by the end.

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2 We Are/OP 1

Awesome song, memorable and sets you up for an awesome pirate adventure. - Erikelelf

Ofc the best - Eibbye

3 One Day/OP 13

Amazing emotional song to even more emotional scenes from Luffy's childhood. Will always be my favourite. - Erikelelf

4 Fight Together/OP 14

Both 13 and 14 are amazing emotional songs however I like 13 a bit more. - Erikelelf

I love this one! Seeing all the crew and then Luffy, Ace, Sabo... This one and Hope (the new one) are the best because of the emotional impact. - Yan_6

The history in this intro is very good, accords with the music and both reflect the feelings of Ruffy perfectly.

I love this

5 Brand New World/OP 6S

My most favorite opening

So damn catchy and it shows scenes of the Straw Hat's battles at Enies Lobby. - Erikelelf

6 Kokoro No Chizu/OP 5

Has everything. Kaku jumping off the roof is the single greatest One Piece opening moment. - Eibbye

Great song to introduce you to the Enies Lobby Arc. - Erikelelf

7 Hands Up/OP 16

A slower but still great opening. - Erikelelf

8 Believe/OP 2

Not as memorable as others but great song. - Erikelelf

I like the song - smill

Underrated. - Eibbye

9 Share The World/OP11

This is the most epic opening in both song and visuals. Every list-video that had one piece will use this opening in it

10 We Go/Opening 15

More fast paced than We Are and brilliant to listen too. - Erikelelf

This definitely should be No. 1

This is the best!

The Contenders

11 Hard Knock Days/OP 18
12 Hikari e/OP 3

A light hearted, happy opening. - Erikelelf

13 Crazy Rainbow/OP 8

Nice tune though I still think "What the hell is going on? " - Erikelelf

14 Jungle P - 5050 / OP 9

Love it!

15 We can/OP 19

I know most of the fans don't like it, but I find it very good - smill

16 Bon Voyage/Opening 4

Amazing song! Great lyrics, shows good Japanese animation. Is definitely my favorite.

17 We are (Anniversary Edition)

Way better than the original

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1. Kokoro No Chizu/OP 5
2. Believe/OP 2
3. Hope - Opening 20
1. One Day/OP 13
2. Brand New World/OP 6S
3. We Are/OP 1
1. Hope - Opening 20
2. Fight Together/OP 14
3. One Day/OP 13

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