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From any animation, game, book, comic or any other you can think of, what is a ship you believe gets too much popularity and people make it bigger than it is. Doesn't necessarily mean you hate or dislike the ship or anything, just that it shouldn't have gotten as popular. Shipping is wanting to see two people in a relationship.

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1 Amourshipping (Pokemon the series XY) Amourshipping (Pokemon the series XY)

The biggest problem with amourshipping and amourshippers, is that they become stuck on thing that are obviously meant to catch their attention. "Ash and Serena's First Date" and "Ash and Serena getting one at the dance" it's literally JUST a gotcha title and it's representative of how Serena thinks. And they inflate every single instance without any rational thought. SHE considered her being alone with Ash as a "date." And then because he gave her a ribbon, one that wasn't even a real gift. They just take too many things out of context and it's ridiculous. If he talks to her, it's " amourshipping" if he saves her from falling off a damn cliff it's " amourshipping". It's just become incredibly unreasonable.

(Ash & Serena) The only thing it's got going for it in the whole series is the whole childhood friend thing and outside of Pokemon that's been done... a lot. But people make it bigger than it is saying Serena's the first to crush on Ash, but they push aside Macy, Anabel, and Angie just cause their side characters. It doesn't matter. Someone crushing on him won't make a difference as it didn't the first 3-4 times (depending if you want to count Misty). There is also the fact that he had ditched her twice already in the anime. Obviously, it's as one-sided as all the other females that crushed on him. - Mariosprincessesfan

They are not "childhood friends." Why does everyone say that? It's so ' annoying! Gary Oak is an example of an actual childhood friend. He and Ash have known each other since they were really little. Ash and Serena met at a summer camp ONCE for maybe a few minutes and never spoke to each other again. And of course amourshippers overlook the fact that Ash didn't even remember her! That is, until Serena decided to tracked him down like a dog on the scent! She is so pathetic.

No proper development, no chemistry between Ash and Serena, fan-service, ship-bait, do I need to say more? Also Serena doesn't love Ash, she's in love with the idea of a knight in shining armor because she's too pathetic to take care of herself. Girls like Serena make me sick

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2 Makorra (LoK) Makorra (LoK)

(Mako & Korra) From season one I did not like this... Makorra was horribly written I'm sorry. From the awful love-triangle mess to the breakup to the messing of Mako's character from finding his only bro to out over finding Korra to making Korra irritatingly pathetic I DO NOT want. - Mariosprincessesfan

Makorra was such a horrible ship and Mako was such a horrible person. He played with both Asami and Korra's hearts and Makorra was so random and badly written. Korrasami is way better. Why does anyone even like this ship?

Mako is so indecisive on whether to choose Korra or Asami even when he was with Korra

3 Ikarishipping (Pokemon) Ikarishipping (Pokemon)

Yep. The only reason this is shipped is because "opposites attract"

(Paul & Dawn) There was little interaction and even less a positive one - Mariosprincessesfan

What...How did this even happen. Pokemon was my childhood-SINNOH REGION POKEMON TO BE DIRECT. How did Dawn and Paul even become a thing?! - SeeU

Nope nope nope

The fact that this has SUPPORTERS is worse than the sometimes frustrating amourshipping fanbase (even though I support it myself)

Dawn is my favorite pokegirl, and paul? He's just... NOPE.

4 Inukag (Inuyasha) Inukag (Inuyasha)

Now, I enjoy the Like an Old Married Couple trope as much as anyone, but about half of Inuyasha and Kagome's time is spent fighting over tiny little things (seriously, you could make a drinking game over how many times they get into a stupid argument) and treating each other like crap. Exactly how they fell in love so quickly in the series is beyond me. Inuyasha insults and ridicules Kagome on a regular basis and doesn't care that she has a life outside of shard detecting, and yet she's swooning over him as early as episode 11. Inuyasha at least has the excuse that Kagome is Kikyo reborn, but considering how awful she can be to him (sitting him when he doesn't deserve it, berating and belittling him because he says or does something she doesn't like, expecting him to be the perfect boyfriend when they aren't even a couple), that doesn't seem like enough for him to fall like a ton of bricks for her.

So basically, we have a pairing that's touted as being the truest of true loves, ...more

That other imperfect couple, Ranma and Akane is worse than this couple or this other imperfect couple is worse than Ranma and Akane.

Rinne and Sakura are better than Ranma and Akane and Inuyasha and Kagome alongside all the other previous love hate couples.

Hot and cold relationships are insufferable, aren't they?

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5 Rocketshipping (Pokmon anime) Rocketshipping (Pokmon anime)

There is ZERO evidence for Rocketshipping, in the English anime of course. People misread a close, sibling-like friendship for something else. I HATE that about shippers! I'm like, really? It is no one's business who ends up in a romantic relationship with who! And they push it even farther by touting their little ship-religion and by trying to force it onto others. Anyway, when I first started watching the anime about a year and a half ago, trying to understand the characters and their dynamic with one another, I thought Jessie and Jame's relationship could possibly be romantic. But I quickly realized it definitely wasn't and now it irks me when I see anything Rocketshipping-related. Those idiot shippers can go on believing a lie, living in their little cuckoo land, and dreaming up disgusting fantasies. Let the stupid be stupid still!

James would "rather die" than marry Jessie and Jessie shows obvious interest in other guys, yet rocketshippers still insist this is a thing. Nothing romantic has happened the past 20 years (and no, the manga is not canon to the anime). But of course, any kind of affection between two characters is automatically taken as a sign that something romantic is going on. Jessie and James clearly care for each other very much, they're basically platonic life partners (i'm pretty sure James even said so himself in a Japanese-only mock interview). Another thing that irritates me about this ship? It either leaves Meowth out or the shippers act like he's Jessie and Jame's surrogate son. No. It's clear all three of them are on equal terms and they love each other like siblings. Jessie even called Meowth "dear" at one point. Anyway, Jessie and Jame's dynamic is very much like Sharpay and Ryan's from High School Musical. James is the submissive, slightly effeminate, younger ...more

To the person who says there's ZERO evidence, then you there's no way you've ever watched Pokemon at all. And why is this as high as second? It's one of the most underrated Pokemon pairings, you don't even know the meaning of the word overrated since it's this high on the list. Any Ash pairing are the most overrated as there's tons of art and fanfiction in comparison, Poke- and Amourshipping is the most overrated of them all. Rocketshipping is actually the most possible to become canon, they're both adults and has the chemistry. Ash pairings can only work if there's a time skip, kids don't get into serious relationships. That said, before you say something is overrated you need to learn what it actually means.

Noting has happened even though Team Rocket has existed for the past 18 years

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6 Soarindash (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

As long as there's no Princess Twilight crap I'm fine - SeeU

At least Soarin is a better choice for Rainbow Dash shipping than Sonic, that's for sure. Yes to same-series ships! No to crossover ships! End of shipping wars! enough said.

I Personally Love This Ship, But It's Completely Fine If You Don't - JPK

7 Foxy and Chica (Five Nights At Freddy's)

They're robots. what?!

8 Wario & Mona (Warioware)

Honestly considering how rude disgusting and greedy Wario can be I doubt any relationship would work for him if he doesn't improve his bad manners. To me he's just a adventurous hoarder destined to live alone.

Mona finds him ugly and wants to be paid. How can that be a happy relationship?

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9 Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter)

Hell no why would somebody include this on the list this is the best ship ever! - Pokemonrules101

10 Waluigi & Rosalina (Mario Kart 8)

So I'm fine with paring the spares... We might have all done so once in our lifetime and as long as you're not purposely paring two people together to keep a person away from another person, no harm no fowl. My first was Luigi & Daisy...

But no. This paring has nothing to do with paring the spares, which I wished it did. But then why did this become so popular you might ask? Because they weighed the same in MK. Okay people. Go find someone who weighs the same as you and go end up with them. Can you see how stupid that is? - Mariosprincessesfan

People they never f-ing dated it's listed no were that they even are acquainted with each other at all anywhere so S T FU and get over it fan work doesn't make anything true so stop spreading BS!

The Newcomers

? MakiNico (Love Live!)

NozoEli deserves to be more popular than this ship. - PerfectImpulseX

? UlquiHime (Bleach)

Like seriously, ichiruki shippers u have to keep your disgusting pattern of necrophila then add abuse since u hate orihime? She doesn’t suck, it’s u people. If you don’t want ichihime (too bad for u whinny freaks it happened lol), at least pair her off with someone who doesn’t actually wants to kill her. Chad? Urha? Ichigo’s pervert friend or stupid whinny friend? Any of those is so much better than this cr@p pair.

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11 Dramione (Harry Potter) Dramione (Harry Potter)

They barely interact. People who hardcore ship them obviously can't distinguish between fiction and reality. Yes, there are good fanfics out there which is why they're so popular, but people have to realize there are some extremely fundamental problems with this ship. It's beyond problematic. It's like shipping a jewish person with a nazi. He literally hates her and her kind...

My sister loves this ship. Meanwhile, I don't get it. Draco and Hermione hate each other. There is no secret love between them. Quit acting like there is. - Elric-san

(Draco & Hermione) As much as I don't like Hermione, she deserves to do better. There wasn't even a single positive interaction with them. - Mariosprincessesfan

100% overrated - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

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12 Sans & Toriel (Undertale)

This is super overrated.

She is like a million years older than him.

I hate this ship!

I don't like this one very much, but I constantly see people getting attacked for it. (it's better than frans though...) I see sans as like, frisks uncle. - Napstablook

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13 Nick x Judy (Zootopia)

This ship is just overrated. - Pokemonrules101

14 Revolutionshipping (Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters) Revolutionshipping (Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters)

(Atem & Tea) Remember that battle Yugi had with Seto in Pegasus's tournament? Yugi, or rather Yami Yugi (i hate his real name) was about to let Seto be an idiot and knock him off the ledge. If it wasn't for Yugi, Yami Yugi would've IGNORED TEA and done it. He didn't care how she felt, only Yugi himself FORCED him to go away.

Tea saw that negatively and didn't like the change in Yugi. Even after Yugi explained it to him, he still believed that it should've been done. Now if she didn't like that decision, why should she like the guy that came up with the decision?

And with most of the the other ships involving Yami Yugi, lets forget that he's a 3,000-5,000 year old pharaoh spirit that showed no interest in her what-so-ever. - Mariosprincessesfan

This ship is trash. I totally agree with Mariosprincessesfan! - Miauzer

hate this

WELL KAZUKI TAKAHSHI SAID IN AN INTERVIEW THAT THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE by the way YUGI ANZU YAMI he said those three have so much respect and care toward each other

15 Knuckles x Rouge (Sonic)

They are rivals and Knuckles doesn't even like Rouge. The "crush" that Rouge has is only part of her being flirty. She would act like this to ANY male character honestly, even to Sonic himself. Plus, Rouge tries to steal the Master Emerald from Knuckles all the time. This shipping also makes Knuckles look dumb when the fact is that he's much more intelligent than Ed from The Lion King.

No offense to anyone who ships Knouge but Shadouge is much more hinted in the games and comics (and no, it has nothing to do with Shadow seeing Rouge as a sister. She flirts with him too for Mobius' sake).

The only 'hint' that really matters in the game is knucklehead's song where all he said was he found her attractive and that's it. Even further in the song, he voiced his disinterest about everything else about her.
Looks<personality. Even knucklehead is smart enough to figure this out kids.

Plus she flirts with knucklehead like she flirts with everyone else (besides shadow). To get what she wants (aka master emerald). That's not a good base to base a relationship on.

16 Ereri (Attack on Titan)

This ship is the most popular. Why is that? Because fangirls think it's hot. I hate the ship. It's disgusting and it has NO chemistry nor evidence to back it up that it's canon.

They have no chemistry. Don't know why people obsess over them. - stormyskies

It is pedophilia.

Don't they have a 15+ year age gap?

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17 Steve and Bucky (Avengers)

Aren't they brothers? that's a bit weird if they are to be honest - Purplederps

18 Kai x Lloyd (Lego Ninjago)

Creating ships is like saying "We the fans know better than you writers" just let the writers write.

Ugh, yes! This ship is such a disgusting insult to Ninjago.

19 Jimmy Neutron x Cindy Vortex

Yeah it really came from way far out in left field that they made them like each other. And it came off as really forced

I used to find Jimmy and Cindy something interesting but I knew Pokemon then I found this boring. Way too boring

I really dislike love hate relationships anyway.

Jimmy x Shrek is OTP don't convince me otherwise

20 Jay x Nya (Lego Ninjago)

ANY Lego ninjago shipping can be here, I mean KAI X LLOYD? , seriously? - VideoGamefan5

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