Top Ten Overrated Shippings

From any animation, game, book, comic or any other you can think of, what is a ship you believe gets too much popularity and people make it bigger than it is. Doesn't necessarily mean you hate or dislike the ship or anything, just that it shouldn't have gotten as popular. Shipping is wanting to see two people in a relationship.

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61 Kyon x Haruhi Suzumiya
62 Saito Hiraga x Louise De Lavalliere
63 Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger

J.K. Rowling regrets it now.

64 Saito Hiraga x Louise De Lavalliere (The Familiar Of Zero)

What's this? Another obnoxious, insufferable love hate relationship? No offense to the author who wrote The Familiar Of Zero back then in the first place but I even wish he was more careful portraying his own characters including his characters from The Familiar Of Zero still alive. I even wish he was more careful portraying his characters.

65 Billdip (Gravity Falls)

, this is just wrong... but not as bad as pinecest... - Napstablook

Am I the only one who dosen't ship this? I mean,girlfriend is awesome and all,but sometimes the fandom sucks.Billdip dosen't make sense to me.Bill never had any attraction to Dipper,and he was obviously joking when he said he missed him.He only used him as a vessel to gain a body.Bipper was cool and all,but seriously,I don't get Billdip.

66 Sonic and Fuli (Sonic/The Lion Guard)

This is a very bad idea for a crossover ship. Sonic never met Fuli, and Fuli never met Sonic. Plus, I despise The Lion Guard/King with a passion.

67 Fox McCloud and Lucy Hare (Star Fox Command)
68 Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)
69 Fox McCloud and Cream the Rabbit (Star Fox/Sonic)
70 Rouge the Bat x Mickey Mouse

Will never happen. Mickey is married to Minnie. He would never cheat her with Rouge or anyone else.

71 Fox McCloud and Judy Hopps (Star Fox/Zootopia)
72 Danny and Sam (Danny Phantom)
73 Cloud & Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

I love both characters, but I feel no real love between them. Aries even knew cloud wasn’t acting like himself, & had the disire to know him, as with the date you’ll find that out.

But the biggest reason I can’t support this is because Aries died. I don’t think cloud is into necrophilia & don’t want him to be so hung up over her that he’s depressed all throughout his living life, or just up & kill himself for her. Cloud already had a tough past & I'm sure he’d was sad about Aries dying, but I want him to be able to move on & find someone who can actually bring him joy in life. - Mariosprincessesfan

74 Ichigo and Rukia (Bleach)

It’s kinda the same problem as cloud & Aries really. But not only is rukia dead, but she’s like more than 200 years older than him. It’s no wonder they rarely relate, & she is like 2-3 lifetimes ahead of him living. That is just beyond weird to me & I just don’t think a relationship should go due to that... (don’t care for ichihime ether though). - Mariosprincessesfan

75 Pearlmethyst (Steven Universe)

I don’t understand why this is so overrated. Can’t people see how unhappy they would make each other? Pearl likes things best & tity, hates to eat food, & likes things amythest finds boring. Amythest likes to eat, likes to be wild & free, & dislikes pearls interest. Besides, I don’t think they like each other like fans are delusioned to believe because pearl got a crush on mystery girl & amythest tried to get pearl hooked up with her. So yea they’re good in a sisterly like relationship, but they would just make each other unhappy if pushed in a romantic relationship.

76 Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) x Keven (Grounded Kid)
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