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61 Shinichi x Ran (Detective Conan)
62 Billdip (Gravity Falls)

, this is just wrong... but not as bad as pinecest... - Napstablook

Am I the only one who dosen't ship this? I mean,girlfriend is awesome and all,but sometimes the fandom sucks.Billdip dosen't make sense to me.Bill never had any attraction to Dipper,and he was obviously joking when he said he missed him.He only used him as a vessel to gain a body.Bipper was cool and all,but seriously,I don't get Billdip.

63 Rey and Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

This makes no sence, they share no love interest with each other- watch the force awakens for all of the proof. - Purplederps

This is an actual thing? this makes no sence- to star off, they both show no love interest in eachother, don't belive me? watch the force awakens for yourself then

64 Sonic and Fuli (Sonic/The Lion Guard)

This is a very bad idea for a crossover ship. Sonic never met Fuli, and Fuli never met Sonic. Plus, I despise The Lion Guard/King with a passion.

65 Fox McCloud and Lucy Hare (Star Fox Command)
66 Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)
67 Fox McCloud and Cream the Rabbit (Star Fox/Sonic)
68 Rouge the Bat x Mickey Mouse

Will never happen. Mickey is married to Minnie. He would never cheat her with Rouge or anyone else.

69 Fox McCloud and Judy Hopps (Star Fox/Zootopia)
70 Danny and Sam (Danny Phantom)
71 Alya x Nino (Miraculous Ladybug)
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