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61 Ansem - Kingdom Hearts
62 Xehanort - Kingdom Hearts Xehanort - Kingdom Hearts Xehanort is a fictional character and the true primary antagonist of the video game crossover series Kingdom Hearts by Tetsuya Nomura.
63 Saix - Kingdom Hearts
64 Xigbar - Kingdom Hearts
65 Xaldin - Kingdom Hearts
66 Marluxia - Kingdom Hearts
67 Zexion - Kingdom Hearts
68 Vexen - Kingdom Hearts
69 Lexaeus - Kingdom Hearts
70 Demyx - Kingdom Hearts
71 Luxord - Kingdom Hearts
72 Larxene - Kingdom Hearts
73 Ventus - Kingdom Hearts
74 Terra - Kingdom Hearts
75 Aqua - Kingdom Hearts
76 Eraqus - Kingdom Hearts
77 Vanitas - Kingdom Hearts
78 Adolf Wolf

If you've seen the old WW2 propaganda cartoon, Blitz Wolf, you know what I am talking about. Believe it or not, even for a Golden Age cartoon, let alone a WW2 propaganda short (and WW2-based shorts only exist for educational purposes these days as whiny politically correct peeps think they're "racist" or something), Adolf Wolf has a horrible fanbase, thanks to one obsessed person on deviantArt and Tumblr who draw disgusting fetish art of this character, which, in turn, some friends and followers of said person do the same if they like the character. I almost barfed when I found out about it... Don't ask.

Seriously, stop your fetishes. Adolf Wolf was made to be a villain based on a horrible, cruel dictator who tried to kill our troops back in those days. Definitely not someone you should have the hots for. No, no, no!

Because of this and other fetishes people have and make, it's safe to say that the Golden Age cartoon fandom, as well as the 1990's cartoon fandom, are both ...more

79 Umbreon - Pokémon

The example of a good idea executed horribly. Albeit it being actually cute, it's fanbase appears to have ruined it with "feel bad for this character"-type characters, and simply stereotypical Mary-Sue characters. - Swellow

80 The Squid Sisters - Splatoon

Riddled with disgusting art and constant sexual art. - Swellow

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