Top 10 Reasons Why Serena from the Pokemon Anime Should Not Follow Ash to the Alola Region

Since the fandom is incredibly salty and whiny about her leaving, let me explain how it's very petty of them to be like that. Especially wanting her to stay for a ship.
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1 Dropping everything such as your goals for a guy is a bad message to young girls

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Serena is literally a fangirl. She is OBSESSED with Ash to the point where she does not even care about other characters at all. She sort of cares for Bonnie, but she treats Clemont horribly. Clemont does so much for her, and she rarely ever thanks him. All the time, she is focused on Ash and what she can do to impress him. This sends bad messages to children (young girls particularly) that if you like a guy, act like his servant and do everything just for him. I personally think May and Dawn were much better PokeGirls because they followed their goals not for someone else's sake but for their sake.

I respect amourshipping and a lot of other ash ships such as pokèshipping and palletshipping but what I would like is that serena would pursue her dreams, that was what I liked about her in the first place. at first, I cannot stand her and her annoying crush on ash but she developed some character development and that's what made me like her.

2 She can't be infatuated with a guy who won't love her back forever

It really is baffling to me that Amourshippers actually think Ash likes her back. It's one thing to pretend/imagine it based on some subjective hints. It's another thing to adamantly believe it, claim it's the absolute truth and obnoxiously shove it in other people's faces, ridiculing people who criticize the ship. When there's not even that much interaction between these two ten year old KIDS! They're delusional. Are other shippers in the Pokemon community this bad?

Ash is never going to like her back. He's too dense and will never realize it. If he does.. well I don't think he's going to try to get a girl when he'll stay ten forever.

Which is why if they do ever bring her back they should have her be over Ash

Your "Senpai" will never notice you Serena

3 If she neglects her goal, she is proving to her mom that she can't commit to anything

She can't commit to anything that's not Ash related

I would laugh. Moms know best.

4 Serena has the right to her own direction.

I think asking Serena to follow Ash is like looking down on Serena.
It's like despising her... Just like you think she's nothing but Ash's love machine...

I like both Serena and Misty so make Serena be mature like Misty...

5 She is only valued for shipping and that's a bad existence for Serena

Yes, she is. What would she even do in Alola? Alola has no showcases, or even contests. Serena is a pretty bad battler (even though her Fenniken MAGICALLY learned Flamethrower) - it's not like Lillie is a good battler, but she ay least has a story going around her.
It's clear that amourshippers only want her to "be with Ash" and that's a really stupid reason for her to be there.

Actually, she's only hated because of shipping.

If it wasn't for boreshipping she would probably have way less fans

6 Wanting her to stay because she has a crush on Ash and for amourshipping is petty

If ash would date someone, it would be Lillie not Serena.
I prefer Serena with Conway #StalkerShipping

I severely doubt Ash will ever date her

7 She wants to improve her performances and her overall goal

Hi what's sup its RFAP ( I'm on the why u should hate Serena site I listed like five ) and I SO agree. But, isn't performing only in Kalos? It makes NO sense for her to go on!

She already was set to Hoenn. Bringing her to Alola would not make sense. Perhaps she can visit him sometime.

8 There is absolutely no reason to stop giving new female leads solely because of Serena's infatuation with Ash
9 If she returns and sees Ash kissing Lillie, she would regret not choosing Clemont

And lillie have much more reasons to be atracted to ash than serena, like, ash saved lillie, ash visited her home and so on. For me it's obvious she has some crush on Him-bernardo

I agree with you

I am a alolashipper, so I agree with you

I'm an Aureliashipper anyways.

10 It's a tradition to have newer friends and companions for Ash for every region

I so agree! I really can't wait for Mallow and Lillie they seem so neat. Also I have some questions

1: Serena ARE U SERIOUS. Just because you lose the master class doesn't mean you can't get more keys to try it again. Wow, why am I even surprised!
2: Serena You ruined performing. Now your going to ruin contests? I hope may crushes you.
3: Why would anyone think she is going on? She is mean and rude and there is a million other reasons to hate her and most are on the top ten reasons to hate Serena list ( lol what an incarnate name there is like fifty
4: There is no evidence Ash even liked Serena.
5: Kissing him when your leaving Serena? I can't even...!
6: I bet Serena isn't returning. Why?
1 : Iris didn't return so...

Oops I gotta go watch some diamond Minecraft but the list never ends!

Happy thanksgiving :)

- Awesome anti amour

I do agree that Serena I probably not going to come to aloala but a lot of people here are saying she is selfish. She is not selfish. Everyone knows that she is not. But dawn is really selfish. She gave her piplup an ever stone because SHE wanted it to keep on being piplup I am sure that piplup would like to evolve into prinplup and then empoleon.

And that's a good thing. Mallow and Lillie will be a breath of fresh air. Serena has become horribly stagnant since her competition with Aria (if she wasn't before. yeah, she was).

WRONG! Piplup didn't want to evolve like Ash's Pikachu that's why she gave him an ever stone!

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11 Amourshipping was nothing but bait to the XY series

I think the main reason why people rated the X/Y anime series is because of the amourshipping crap. I mean seriously, a MOTHERF-ING 7.5/10 over the original?! The original anime series got a 7.4/10! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

The XY anime series has decreased its ratings with a 7.3/10 now! YAYY! Please, let's keep it there at least, or go lower.

Update 2 (12/10/2016):
Both the anime series has a 7.4/10 rating, we MUST drop the rating even more. In my opinion, I'd give it a 1/10 and that's only for Ash who has made it to a new region.

Take amourshippong out or keep it in. It doesn't matter. Xy/xyz is NY favorite series regardless. It did so many things right that I just can't understand any of the hate that it gets. Its what people have always been begging for the anime to have. A smarter sdh. A stronger ash. Better battles. A darker story. its only competition is the dp series.

I literally skipped this entire series after 30 episodes. There were some good ones, but this was my least favourite season. Heck I even enjoy black and white and sun and Moon more than this.

I doubt whether many people will still love Serena if she doesn't have a crush on Ash

12 Ash is indifferent about romance and can't recognize a girl's romantic feelings to save his life
13 Amourshipping is one sided

Misty is Ash's true love. How? Celebi showed up when Misty kissed Ash in Pokemon: The First Movie.
I'm not kidding.

Ash never blushes with Serena

Ash will never love serena like I do.

All shipping is one-sided.

14 Subplot romance will never go anywhere in the Pokemon Anime

Seriously. Amourshippers: If your only " evidence " is their " childhood friends", Serena looks and sound like Alia and ash " looks" like that guy in the xyz legend, them standing next to each other, and ash eating Serena's food is your only " evidence ", than that is pretty much going nowhere. Just because someone sounds like Serena and looks like her ( like Lillie ) and likes someone does not mean amour is " canon.". Quite the opposite.
Also school starts 2mrrw ( * sobs *)! :...(

15 Amourshipping ruined Serena's character

Serena could have been very likable. But noooo you had to have this huge crush on ash. everything she did revolved around ash. She mostly did pokemon performances because she wanted to impress ash

I agree, Serena would've and could've been a great character if people didn't worship Amourshipping so much. I actually would've been fine if it were just a small crush like Ash's past companions, but Serena's crush was nuts. Serena to me was fanservice, not entirely, but mostly. I just wish Serena had more character instead of the bland, lovesick character she is.

To be honest, I would've liked Serena more if she wasn't so infatuated with her childhood crush. Honestly, she can do better than that...

16 A shipping with Ash will never be canon so Serena traveling with Ash more than her welcome is pointless
17 Pokemon Sun and Moon already has a large cast of characters, there is no reason for Serena to fill a gap that isn't even there

Way too many episodes would be ripped off.

Who cares. People still watch the anime?

18 Serena would not work well in Alola if Mallow is also traveling with Ash because Serena is possessive over Ash

What a nightmare that would be.

19 It's not surprising that she would leave
20 We should be open to new characters instead of wanting to keep a character in the show for shipping purposes

Clearly, they (Amourshippers, and probably most shippers in general) don't watch the anime because they love Pokemon. They watch it for nonexistent romance.

This is exactly why Serena should not go to Kalos! ( Besides being a total jerk and copycat and a FLIPPIN STALKER! ) What's the point of bringing a character back when we should get new ones? If the animie kept re - using characters, people would get bored and stop watching. Pokemon. Would. Shut. Down. And who wants that? ( * Down below is an OC idea of mine. You can check it out if you want ( don't know why you would ) but don't steal it ( very unlikely anyone would since it's probably dumb ) *. ). Drumroll please: dundundundundundundundundundundundundundundundundundundundun. Name : Alicia Sinister. Age : 12 1/2. Size : 5 foot. Looks : Long nose, messy dark " mouse poop " colored hair which is shoulder length, ice blue eyes, pink braces, a white t shirt that says BAKA, blue leggings, a black miniskirt, pink sneakers. Pokemon : Popplio, Litten, Rowlet, Evee, Fennikin, Achino. Backstory : Her parents hate her and are very mean to her but deny it and just tell relatives that ...more

Didn't Misty go to Johto with Ash?

Yeah, nobody likes repetitivity.

21 Serena would not fit the school setting
22 Pokemon will become a drama show

By that you mean the Sun and Moon anime would be a drama show. Then the ratings would be T.V.-PG,T.V.-14 or T.V.-G, whichever it is that the FCC would choose, and then the writers would screw it up and would probably have to cancel the ENTIRE anime.

23 Dawn should return instead

I like Hikari she is beautiful!

So truee serena is a crab so I told shrek to eat her

Dawn is also good

Not dawn...misty should return and travel with ash again..
Because ash showed his feelings only for misty and no one else...

24 She already met Calem, her new neighbor. So no reason to follow Ash in Alola
25 She will lose any respect people still have for her
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