Reasons Why Joe Biden is a Bad President

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1 Border crisis

More undocumented un vetted illegals who could be terroist and murderers have crossed the border under Biden then any other president in history for the time he has been in office. Same with the drugs killing our youth. His border policies are disgusting and anybody that supports it are obviously brainwashed by the mainstream media

2 Made America weak on the world stage

Well, Boris Johnson was happy to not see Trump again, and he wanted him to be impeached, even when he's center-right. Every single normal leader hated Trump a lot, both left and right. Trump is the real disgrace, and he got laughed in his delusional speech.

3 Blocked the Keystone Pipeline
4 Prices of food and gas going up

Did you forget about last year? It's been rising up ever since, even to the world. America is not only suffering, but the world too. China has decreased their growth, and they could as well be far worse than expected.

This is even happening worldwide!

This to being number 1

5 Global supplies shortages

GPUs were unavailable for a year that was under Trump, and It's even worse in Europe. According to your words, it's his fault. Do you also even understand supply and demand if you're a Conservative?

6 Vaccine mandates
7 China calls him "hope"

China's preparing to invade Taiwan and warns Biden administration that they will be targeted if they try to defend Taiwan. So that "hope" is gone.

How was this not on here already?

8 Not physically and mentally fit for office
9 Puppet of the far left
10 He's been in Washington far too long with few accomplishments
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11 Fall of Kabul
12 Disrespecting 13 dead American troops

It's Regean's fault on disrespecting our troops if you think he couldn't predict that a bombing has killed many Americans in Beirut.

Trump has mocked those who died in service before, and even the dead like John McCain. He is a monster of a human being.

13 Does nothing to fix mental health crises
14 Supports abortion

Biden kills babies

15 He has done very little to try and negotiate an end to the Russian war in Ukraine
16 Ineffective sanctions on Russia
17 Refuses to regulate corporations that hike their prices
18 Atrocious foreign policy

Trump killed so many people in the raid on Yakla in comparison to Biden's worst airstrike. Who is the real puppet of Putin, and why does he praise horrible leaders like are like kings? Don't ever forget his love letters from a North Korean dictator.

19 Behaves inappropriately with kids and young girls
20 Doesn't care about the Afghanistan situation
21 He kept America's door shut for refugeesĀ 
22 He has not tried hard enough to fulfill his campaign promise to raise the minimum wage
23 He starved Afghanistan by blocking them from accessing their money
24 He's very easily confused and can't remember people's names or if they're dead or living
25 He listened to the corporate lobby and forced rail workers to work for a contract with only one sick day even though they rejected it
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