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21 Barisal Polytechnic

On of the best Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Good Polytechnic

Good polytechnic

Best polytechnic of bd...i am proud of it...

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22 Bangladesh Polytechnic Institute Rajshahi

Very good polytechnic in Rajshahi

It's a fantastic Polytechnic Institute

I love this Institute

Best polytechnic institut

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23 Khulna Polytechnic Institute, Khulna

One of the best polytechnic for electric eng


24 Jessore Polytechnic Institute

Best Institute


25 Greenland Polytechnic Institute

Should try for being best polytechnic institute.

Very good institute,one of the best institute

Very nice

very good

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26 Bangladesh Servey Institute
27 Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

Best polytechnic in Bangladesh

Please admit me.I got GPA SSC exam

I am loveing it


28 Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute

Electrical technology

29 Bangladesh Institute of Glass & Ceramic

Best ceramic engineer maker

30 Habigonj Polytechnic Institute

I love HPI campus

I love Habiganj polytechnic institute.

31 Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute


The best

32 Government Graphic Arts Institute

Best polytechnic in Bangladesh...


I'm Arafat ali adnan. I'm a graphic designer.GOV'T GRAPHIC ARTS INSTITUTE is one of the best institute in Bangladesh.

Graphics is one of the Best Option For students. I just love my Institute 💜

33 Sherpur Polytechnic Institute

I love my institute...


34 Bhola Polytechnic Institute, Bhola

This is the best polytechnic in Bangladesh

35 Infra Polytechnic Institute, Barisal
36 Magura Polytechnic Institute
37 Royal Institute of Technology, Gazipur
38 Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute

This is the best institute of Bangladesh...
We have 4department, 3department are diploma in engineering and other one is diploma in textile engineering.
We love our polytechnic

39 Deshari Institute of Science & Engineering
40 Rajshahi Engineering Institute
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